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  • Bacchus System

    Bacchus System Description

    Many in the UEE believe that Bacchus, a binary star system, contains the Banu’s homeworld, though, to date, the Banu themselves have not been able to or have chosen not to confirm one way or another. Like with most Banu systems, the trade lanes are always packed with travellers from Banu, Human and Xi’An space. A large permanent flotilla in the system’s outer reaches is a popular destination for haulers and traders.

    - Bacchus A

    - Bacchus Belt Alpha
    Heavily mined by generations of Banu, this asteroid belt has become a junkyard over time.

    - Bacchus B

    - Bacchus Flotilla
    A large cluster of ships that has become a permanent floating marketplace. Conveniently located near a jump point, it attracts a wide variety of travelers and traders entering and leaving the system.

    - Bacchus I
    A Super-Earth located close to the system’s binary stars resulting in its rocky surface boiling away and the formation of an incredibly hot and smoggy atmosphere.

    - Bacchus II
    An ocean planet dotted by many populated islands and archipelagos featuring a wide variety of climates and biodiversity. Though the Banu have so far not confirmed if Bacchus II is their home-world like some in the UEE theorize, it is known that the planet

    - Bacchus III
    A gas giant featuring dynamic swirling clouds and frequent electrical storms.

    STAR775655NO0Bacchus A
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Bacchus Belt Alpha
    STAR646365NO0Bacchus B
    MANMADE0YES2377Bacchus Flotilla
    PLANET11237NO2329Bacchus I
    PLANET6512YES2326Bacchus II
    PLANET67863NO2327Bacchus III
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Trading Floatilla
    Secondary Intrest
    Biodiversity, Climate Diversity
    Divisional Intrest
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