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  • Tal System

    Tal System Description

    Tal is one of the most iconic Xi’An systems. Designed to act as a Production System, each planet has been meticulously zoned to handle a different type of business. The intricate planning even includes assigning a specific color for each planet to use in its architecture. Four of Tal’s seven-planets are habitable and open to Human visitors. The Xi’An strongly discourage Humans from venturing past Rhiorr (Tal V), the last inhabited planet in the system.

    - Tal

    - Tal I
    A mesoplanet with a surface pockmarked by craters from mining probes. Though attempts have been made, no resources have yet been discovered.

    Oli'Sha - Tal II
    Oli’Sha is the system’s technology hub. Its factories produce some of the most advanced ship parts in the universe. This terraformed terrestrial world has earned the nickname “The Hive” by Human visitors due to all the buildings being accented in yellow.

    Luk'Shi - Tal III
    Luk’Shi is the Tal System’s cultural heart. Considered the most Human-friendly planet in the system, its vibrant culinary scene and textile industry draws a steady stream of visitors and traders to the planet. The Xi’An also use this naturally habitable w

    Lishahvu - Tal IV
    This naturally habitable terrestrial planet has trace amounts of acid in its atmosphere. For that reason, the Xi’An decided to limit the number of visitors to the planet and place large hydrogen and antimatter processing plants here, making Lishahvu an ap

    Rhiorr - Tal V
    Rhiorr is a terraformed terrestrial world with factories churning out advanced weapons for personal and ship armament. Even though it is technically a weapons planet, a strong military presence keeps crime to a minimum.

    - Tal VI
    This super-Earth is too far away from the system’s star to sustain life, so since habitation was not an option, the planet’s vast resources reportedly have been mined clean by the Xi’An. Over the previous centuries its mineral deposits have provided resou

    - Tal VII
    A prismatic gas giant with four thick, colored bands of rolling clouds. The colors assigned to each of Tal’s inhabited planets come from the colors of these clouds.

    PLANET1135NO2404Tal I
    Oli'ShaPLANET6051YES2196Tal II
    Luk'ShiPLANET7044YES2389Tal III
    LishahvuPLANET5884YES2532Tal IV
    RhiorrPLANET7920YES2188Tal V
    PLANET11048NO2393Tal VI
    PLANET59887NO2336Tal VII

    Primary Intrest
    Production System
    Secondary Intrest
    Technology, Agriculture, Mining, Weapons Manafacturing
    Divisional Intrest
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