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  • Eealus System

    Eealus System Description

    Eealus is best known as the home to the Xi’An Empire’s prime nature preserve, Koli (Eealus III). It was deemed an ideal conservation system since the other planets were unfit for habitation and offer little in the way of resources. Fear of smugglers and invasive species finding its way onto Koli means that customs enforcement is especially strict when entering or leaving Eealus.

    - Eealus

    Koli - Eealus III
    A small planet that has been carefully terraformed as a nature preserve. It contains a diverse number of biospheres that can support almost every single plant and animal species in the Xi’An Empire. Visitors to the planet are restricted to a secure landin

    - Eealus I
    This puffy planet has a low mass, a diffuse atmosphere, and is located close to the system’s star.

    - Eealus II
    A smog planet with an induced magnetosphere that does little to protect it from cosmic radiation, leading to increased electrical storm activity in the atmosphere.

    - Eealus IV
    A gas dwarf that is believed to be losing atmospheric mass slowly due to hydrodynamic escape.

    - Eealus V
    A gas giant with an atmosphere composed mainly of hydrogen and methane.

    - Eealus Belt Alpha
    This belt contains only trace resources.

    KoliPLANET7958YES2433Eealus III
    PLANET28493NO2432Eealus I
    PLANET6083NO1914Eealus II
    PLANET24219NO1916Eealus IV
    PLANET56012NO1917Eealus V
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Eealus Belt Alpha

    Primary Intrest
    Conservation System
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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