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  • Pallas System

    Pallas System Description

    Site of Humanity’s first contact with the Xi’An. In 2530 a greedy Human company attempted to terraform Pallas III without doing the proper due diligence. Xi’An were already occupying the system and using it for research purposes. The situation was resolved, but the meeting set the tone for relations between the two species for centuries. Pallas became a part of the Perry Line that reverted to complete Xi’An control following the end of the Messers.

    - Pallas

    - Pallas Belt Alpha
    A mineral rich belt that the Xi’An have deemed illegal to mine. Some still try at great risk.

    - Pallas I
    An iron planet that the Xi’An have partially mined for scientific purposes. Commercial mining of the planet is believed to be outlawed.

    - Pallas II
    A smog planet that Xi’An research teams appear to be leaving alone.

    - Pallas III
    A terrestrial world that the Xi’An have long used as a testbed for geohacking and terraforming technologies. Several parts of this planet are consumed in smoke, the result of an ongoing massive underground fire. An attempt to terraform this planet by a sh

    - Pallas IV
    The Xi’An have built a pressurized research station within the atmosphere of this gas giant, featuring technology far beyond what the UEE has. Human scientists would love to know how this was achieved but the Xi’An refuse to say.

    - Pallas V
    A small, lonely dwarf planet that lacks an atmosphere.

    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Pallas Belt Alpha
    PLANET4180NO2294Pallas I
    PLANET6751NO2042Pallas II
    PLANET4337YES2135Pallas III
    PLANET72457YES2137Pallas IV
    PLANET1455NO2063Pallas V
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