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  • Ayr'ka System

    Ayr'ka System Description

    Primarily a military system focused on supporting, housing, and training Xi’An ground troops. Its close proximity to the Perry Line made it strategically important during the Human / Xi’An cold war. Once relations normalized, Xi’An forces from the Perry Line systems withdrew to here.

    - Ayr'ka

    - Ayr'Ka Belt Alpha
    Home to many Xi’An wargames for their fighter academies.

    - Ayr'Ka Belt Beta
    This valuable resources in this belt are reserved for Xi’An military purposes.

    - Ayr'Ka I
    A protoplanet separated from the rest of the system by an asteroid belt.

    - Ayr'Ka II
    A rocky terrestrial world believed to be used for Xi’An military exercises.

    - Ayr'Ka III
    A terrestrial planet the Xi’An terraformed for the express purpose of agricultural production. Xi’An precision has turned almost every landmass into arable land. To reduce the chance of travellers bringing contaminants or invasive species onto the planet

    - Ayr'Ka IV
    Many parts of Ayr’Ka IV are highly restricted as the planet serves as the system’s central military world. It is believed that certain sectors house and train soldiers while others are dedicated to building ships and weapons. Xi’An military ship manufactu

    - Ayr'Ka V
    A gas dwarf with a thick atmosphere of hydrogen and helium used almost exclusively to refuel military ships.

    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Ayr'Ka Belt Alpha
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Ayr'Ka Belt Beta
    PLANET546NO0Ayr'Ka I
    PLANET6987NO1902Ayr'Ka II
    PLANET4893YES2440Ayr'Ka III
    PLANET4365YES2187Ayr'Ka IV
    PLANET22163NO1911Ayr'Ka V
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Xi'an Military Support
    Secondary Intrest
    Refueling, Agriculture, AopoA HQ
    Divisional Intrest