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  • Kyuk’ya (Indra) System

    Kyuk’ya (Indra) System Description

    A binary star system on the border of Human and Xi'An space, Kyuk’ya (once called Indra) is a former Perry Line system that the Xi’An have designated as a vibrant and diverse shipping hub where capital ships dock to unload cargo for transport deeper into Xi’An space. This free flow of trade has led to more relaxed security protocols than other Xi’An systems. It has also become a popular destination among Xi’An youth looking to experience Human culture without fully venturing into UEE territory.

    - Kyuk’ya (Indra) A

    - Kyuk’ya (Indra) B

    - Kyuk’ya (Indra) Belt Alpha
    Xi’An are actively surveying this belt for mining operations.

    - Kyuk’ya (Indra) I
    A ringed gas giant whose atmosphere of hydrogen and helium produces churning storms visible from space.

    - Kyuk’ya (Indra) II
    An ice planet with extreme seasons due to the planet’s tilted axis.

    - Pue’nu (Kyuk’ya/Indra) 1a
    In orbit above Kyuk’ya (Indra) I’s rings. This moon has a large scaffolding array specially built to allow large cargo ships to easily unload. The base on the moon’s surface is more populated than you would expect for a shipping hub due to its emergence a

    - Rings of Kyuk’ya I

    STAR1056238NO0Kyuk’ya (Indra) A
    STAR8546NO0Kyuk’ya (Indra) B
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Kyuk’ya (Indra) Belt Alpha
    PLANET71494NO2102Kyuk’ya (Indra) I
    PLANET3323NO2103Kyuk’ya (Indra) II
    SATELLITE1YES2413Pue’nu (Kyuk’ya/Indra) 1a
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Rings of Kyuk’ya I

    Primary Intrest
    Shipping Hub
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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