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  • Trise System

    Trise System Description

    The Trise System is the religious center of the Banu Protectorate and home to “The Council”, which establishes the dictums of Banu society. Located on the edge of Xi’An space, the Council intentionally isolates itself from the rest of Banu society and even prefers not to trade with it, making the destination desirable for Human and Xi’An traders.

    - Trise

    - Trise I
    A super-Earth with a hot atmosphere due to its close proximity to the system’s star. The Banu’s religious leaders cloister themselves from the rest of their society here. Their main religious facilities are off-limits but trading stalls have sprung up aro

    - Banu Station
    Orbiting Trise I is a station intended to be the intermediary between the Banu and their religious leaders. Any Banu intending to directly do business with “The Council” must do it here.

    PLANET8866YES2392Trise I
    MANMADE0YES1678Banu Station

    Primary Intrest
    Religious Centre
    Secondary Intrest
    Trading Hub, Banu Station
    Divisional Intrest
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