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  • Rihlah System

    Rihlah System Description

    During the cold war, the Xi’An used Rihlah as one of their main military hubs. Now it is being converted into an industrial and commercial powerhouse that is open for business with the UEE. Humans are more welcome in this six-planet system than just about anywhere else in the Xi’An Empire, though there are still very clear restrictions on exactly where Humans can go.

    - Rihlah

    - Rihlah I
    A rocky protoplanet that lacks an atmosphere.

    - Rihlah II
    A gas giant whose close proximity to the system’s star results in high surface temperatures. Classified as a puffy planet, its atmosphere has a large radius and very low density.

    - Rihlah III
    A terrestrial world unlikely to be terraformed due to its surface of dense, jagged rocks. The planet also has a thin atmosphere and very rapid rotation.

    Shorvu - Rihlah IV
    This terraformed terrestrial world is covered in former military barracks and factories. When the cold war ended the Xi’An began converting Shorvu into an industrial hub. Human businesses are encouraged to establish offices here among the many business pa

    Xi - Rihlah V
    Xi is a heavily populated super-Earth that is home to an estimated 50-100 billion Xi’An. Visitors and traders are welcome, but restricted to a landing zone in the city of Corilla. Foreigners are forbidden from leaving the landing zone as the surrounding a

    - Rihlah VI
    This dwarf planet has no atmosphere. Its orbit is so distant that light from the system’s star is barely visible.

    PLANET1118NO1923Rihlah I
    PLANET49179NO1925Rihlah II
    PLANET6285NO1927Rihlah III
    ShorvuPLANET6601YES2403Rihlah IV
    XiPLANET9663YES2399Rihlah V
    PLANET1241NO1932Rihlah VI

    Primary Intrest
    Industrial Hub
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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