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  • Yulin System

    Yulin System Description

    A popular destination for vacationing Banu and Humans. The Banu have turned Yulin’s unique mix of planets into an entertainment mecca that provide a variety of options for vice and entertainment, but there is still plenty of trade and business for those who want it.

    - Yulin

    - Yulin Cluster Alpha
    The residents of the system have been known to organize ship races among the asteroids of this dense cluster.

    - Yulin I
    An iron planet that has been mined of anything worthwhile. Now its best known features are small impact craters and mining scars that cover the planetside.

    - Yulin II
    An uninhabitable prismatic smog world with a particularly colorful atmosphere.

    - Yulin III
    Considered a relaxing resort world by the Banu, this planet’s atmosphere is lethal to Humans. The Banu have built a sealed arcology in a picturesque location to encourage Human vacationers to experience this world’s strange beauty of ammonia oceans and bl

    - Yulin IV
    An arid desert world that the Banu have left uninhabitable. Instead, the Banu utilize the planet’s bizarre rock formations, some of which reach the cloudline, as natural obstacles in a race track.

    - Yulin V
    A large ice giant with extremely strong equatorial winds.

    - Yulin VI
    A gas giant whose outer atmosphere is composed of almost pure hydrogen.

    - Buloi Sataball Arena
    Sitting high in orbit, Yulin II’s atmosphere provides a stunning kaleidoscopic backdrop to this popular arena where Banu gather to watch one of their favorite Human sports.

    - Yulin Flotilla
    This cluster of stations and ships near the system’s star is Yulin’s most populous area. Bustling markets cater in trade and vice of all sorts, making it a popular destination for Humans and Banu alike.

    ASTEROID_FIELD0NO0Yulin Cluster Alpha
    PLANET7983NO2291Yulin I
    PLANET5274NO2334Yulin II
    PLANET6873YES1654Yulin III
    PLANET7822NO1658Yulin IV
    PLANET34358NO1688Yulin V
    PLANET75785NO2405Yulin VI
    MANMADE0YES2373Buloi Sataball Arena
    MANMADE0YES2057Yulin Flotilla
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Trade Floatilla, Racing
    Divisional Intrest
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