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  • Leir System

    Leir System Description

    Although Leir is home to three mineral-rich planets, it’s primarily known for the isolationist group, the Outsiders. When the social movement took over Leir II, the UEE realized the situation could only be resolved through military intervention. Not willing to risk bloodshed, the UEE cut off support to the system. Mining operations on the system’s other two planets continue unimpeded. The discovery of the jump point to Kabal has many wondering if the UEE will take a second look at Leir.

    - Leir

    - Leir I
    This small, mineral rich world is not terraformed, but has a paltry mining population, who are willing to trade with haulers.

    Mya - Leir II
    Originally known for its majestic mountain ranges, the beauty of this terraformed terrestrial planet was overshadowed by a political group known as the Outsiders coming to power. The radical government long refused to import anything out of fear of “infec

    - Leir III
    A rocky planet full of graphite and crystals. Though it has resources, there are no permanent settlements.

    PLANET4869YES1996Leir I
    MyaPLANET6474YES1997Leir II
    PLANET6620NO1991Leir III

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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