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  • Hadrian System

    Hadrian System Description

    Known as “No Man’s Land”, Hadrian’s location near Xi’An space made it a militarily strategic system during the cold war. Now it is famous for being a main shipping checkpoint between the UEE and Xi’An Empire. Travelers are advised to stay in the system’s safe space lanes, which are demarcated by buoys. Those who ignore the space lanes are liable to encounter unexploded anti-ship mines left over from the cold war.

    - Hadrian

    - Hadrian I
    A gas planet with a rocky core, Hadrian I’s atmosphere is too volatile to terraform.

    - Hadrian II
    A Class III gas giant, Hadrian II is a featureless blue globe.

    - Hadrian III
    Nicknamed “the Watcher” thanks to the large dark spot in the planet’s otherwise pale color, Hadrian III is a massive ice giant on the fringe of the system.

    - Hadrian Belt Alpha
    Located near a jump point, there are still some undetonated anti-ship mines lurking about in here lingering from the cold war. As such, the asteroids were never mined, so daring miners will risk it. A path between the Terra jump point and the remaining ju

    - Hadrian Flotilla
    On the lagrange point of Hadrian II, there’s a mini-mall cluster of former military stations that have been converted into a massive bazaar. Some newer trade stations have opened in recent years as the site has become a mecca of trade to the Xi’An.

    PLANET28473NO2257Hadrian I
    PLANET45828NO2260Hadrian II
    PLANET21129NO2261Hadrian III
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Hadrian Belt Alpha
    MANMADE0YES0Hadrian Flotilla

    Primary Intrest
    Trading Floatilla
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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