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  • Horus System

    Horus System Description

    One of the systems that made up the Perry Line, Horus was once considered a ‘focal-point system’ thanks to its multiple jump points into Xi’An space. assimilated into the UEE once the line was dissolved. Now that the system has been demilitarized, the public have taken up residence on the small planet of Horus I while UEE officials study Horus II for potential terraforming.

    - Horus

    - Horus Belt Alpha
    A light mining presence has emerged to relieve the belt of its scattered resources.

    - Horus Belt Beta
    Initial surveys of the belt revealed only minimal resources.

    Serling - Horus I
    This small tidally-locked planet has a narrow habitable band along the terminator line. Although the weather on the planet is perpetually stormy, the locals have worked out methods to accommodate for the lack of a day/night schedule.

    - Horus II
    A massive planet-wide desert with no surface water bodies. The planet is currently not habitable by Humans, but it’s a condition that UEE surveyors and scientists are reviewing very carefully.

    - Horus III
    One of the few super-Jupiters in UEE space, this high-density planet is on a long orbit around the system’s star.

    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Horus Belt Alpha
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Horus Belt Beta
    SerlingPLANET5187YES2122Horus I
    PLANET7554NO2443Horus II
    PLANET122643NO2444Horus III

    Primary Intrest
    Secondary Intrest
    Planet Surveying
    Divisional Intrest
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