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  • Genesis System

    Genesis System Description

    Soon after its discovery, to the disappointment of terraforming companies vying for the rights, surveyors identified a sentient species on Genesis II. The Fair Chance Act was invoked and scientist began to observe its evolution with great interest. Recent hostilities between two of the planet’s species have made some question whether the FCA’s strict non-intervention policy should be amended.

    - Genesis

    - Genesis Belt Alpha
    Due to the location of a Fair Chance Act planet nearby, mining of this belt has been closely regulated, leaving what resources it has relatively untapped.

    - Genesis I
    With no atmosphere to protect it, the surface of this mesoplanet is covered in craters from frequent asteroid bombardment.

    - Genesis II
    A terrestrial world featuring continents interspersed with oceans. Teeming with sentient species, Genesis II has been placed under protection by the Fair Chance Act and heavily studied by scientists. Recently, a cephalopod-like ocean creature has begun to

    - Genesis III
    A massive ice giant in the far reaches of the system.

    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Genesis Belt Alpha
    PLANET2559NO2332Genesis I
    PLANET7173YES2335Genesis II
    PLANET26469NO2330Genesis III

    Primary Intrest
    Sentient Life Research
    Secondary Intrest
    Interspecies Conflict
    Divisional Intrest
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