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  • Kiel System

    Kiel System Description

    Another point on the border with the Xi’An, Kiel’s primary use was to serve as a staging area for military forces during the cold war. Out of the system’s six planets only Severus (Kiel III) was terraformed to act as the military’s center of operations. Since tensions with the Xi’An have diminished and the military presence has retracted, Kiel has struggled to redefine itself as a non-military system.

    - Kiel

    - Kiel I
    A small mesoplanet in a tidally-locked orbit around the star.

    - Kiel II
    A vacant rocky planet with a thin atmosphere. Even though it’s unsuitable for terraforming, the UEE has prohibited corporations from mining the planet.

    Severus - Kiel III
    A terraformed terrestrial planet that served as the hub of operations for the system, though the planet’s military status was downgraded when tensions were eased after the Messer Era. Severus had difficulty attracting settlers and businesses to this forme

    - Kiel IV
    This strikingly blue subgiant has an incredibly fast rotation, taking only 16 SEH to make a rotation.

    - Kiel V
    A large gas giant composed mostly of hydrogen and helium.

    - Kiel VI
    This tiny protoplanet has an incredibly long orbital period around the star.

    - Kiel Belt Alpha
    Though the UEE military did stage mining operations here for decades, there are still resources to be found here.

    Aemilia - Kiel 3a
    This small crater-filled moon was named after a cousin of Livia Messer III.

    - Rings of Kiel V

    PLANET1809NO1369Kiel I
    PLANET3377NO1366Kiel II
    SeverusPLANET8345YES2523Kiel III
    PLANET25223NO1372Kiel IV
    PLANET57851NO2579Kiel V
    PLANET5662NO1375Kiel VI
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Kiel Belt Alpha
    AemiliaSATELLITE1NO2578Kiel 3a
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Rings of Kiel V

    Primary Intrest
    Gas Mining
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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