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  • Cano System

    Cano System Description

    Cano is a four-planet UEE star system discovered in 2463. The largest population in the system is located on the the planet Carteyna (Cano II), an ocean world that geoengineers were attempting to terraform until developing life was discovered in the deep oceans. Since then, protective laws have been put into place and the current inhabitants are restricted to living in arcologies under the northern ice cap.

    - Cano

    - Cano I
    This tidally locked mesoplanet rapidly orbits the central star.

    Carteyna - Cano II
    For centuries, geoengineers had tried to terraform this ocean planet with little success due to the difficulty in converting it’s relatively thick atmosphere, however all attempts were halted when microscopic organism were discovered deep in the water and

    - Cano III
    Home to a small research station looking into terraforming smog planets.

    - Cano IV
    A large gas giant comprised of multiple bands of reds and browns. Surveys indicate that the planet suffers from massive storms, some as large as a thousand kilometers in diameter.

    - Cano Belt Alpha
    An asteroid belt that saw a significant amount of mining activity while terraforming companies were active on Carteyna.

    PLANET1595NO947Cano I
    CarteynaPLANET3606YES2485Cano II
    PLANET8641NO2423Cano III
    PLANET64311NO2486Cano IV
    ASTEROID_BELT0NO0Cano Belt Alpha
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Indigenous Life Research
    Secondary Intrest
    Smog Planet Research
    Divisional Intrest
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