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  • Kabal System

    Kabal System Description

    Kabal is a three-planet system recently discovered by a UEE surveying team. At first, the system was believed to be empty until uninhabited Tevarin cities were discovered on Kabal III. The system seems to have been abandoned around the time of the first Tevarin War, but UEE surveyors and military are still investigating.

    - Kabal

    - Kabal I
    A small protoplanet on a quick orbit around the star.

    - Kabal II
    Terrestrial Mars-like desert planet. Strong candidate for terraforming.

    - Kabal III
    A naturally occurring oxygen-atmosphere terrestrial Earth analogue. UEE surveyors were stunned to find abandoned Tevarin cities on the planet. A further investigation of the planet by UEE Marines revealed a cache of Tevarin weapons and war machines. Rumor

    - Kabal Cluster Alpha
    Cluster of asteroids. Rich in minerals. Tapped by Tevarin and abandoned.

    PLANET4027NO1329Kabal I
    PLANET4565NO1413Kabal II
    PLANET7344YES2519Kabal III
    ASTEROID_FIELD0NO0Kabal Cluster Alpha
    Jump Points

    Primary Intrest
    Planet Surveying
    Secondary Intrest
    Divisional Intrest
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