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  1. Yesterday
  2. Star Trek: Discovery

    I think it will be a very good show and I recommend it to all.
  3. Star Trek: Discovery

    Ive yet to see this show myself, but from what i can see its like every other TV show. The pilot is just to introduce the names of the characters, the basic lore backbone and a little excitement. The actual episodes from here on should properly define how the show will go.
  4. Star Trek: Discovery

    I watched it as well. I knew I wasn't the only one who despises the revamped Klingon look! Ever since they introduced it in the JJ Abrams movies I've hated the change. They all look generic now and they've got so much prosthetics on that it's almost impossible to recognize any expressions or individuality they try to portray. Overall I thought it was great, though it was missing something crucial to a star trek series: humor and crew development. That being said I think both of those elements will develop as the series gets going, I mean we know next to nothing about Discovery's crew and its already 3 episodes in. Also if I remember correctly I don't think TNG or Voyager were all that humorous in their pilots either. I like the groundwork that's been laid down so far; how the story takes place before the original series (yet they still chose to bring it up to date), perspectives/emphasis from both the Klingons and a first officer - not solely from a captain, and lastly the show's producers seem to have an appreciation for the small details. The only thing that concerns me is that Discovery's crew from the previews, aside from the captain, doesn't look all that "memorable/iconic" : you could mix and match any actor into their roles and it wouldn't change a thing. Maybe that will change once they're given a chance to develop.
  5. With the face shield being exposed (in space you would have to have a space suit) i would guess this is a space bike. Can anyone confirm the difference between space bike's and ground vehicles? Currently: Space LTI (cannot work with ground) Ground LTI (cannot work with space) And Space Bike's (???)
  6. Star Trek: Discovery

    My recording cut off at the end, but honestly I really did enjoy it. I thought it was a great episode and I'm ready for the season ahead.
  7. Star Trek: Discovery

    I have yet to start watching it yet but judging what you say and my pal (he didn't think much of it either), i'll not bother.
  8. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    Aye! an awesome ship indeed, I heard a rumour around the time B5 was on tv that NASA was interested in the design for use as a loader or something. Don't know if true or not.
  9. I just watched it and I'm curious what others think. Personally I didn't like it. While I didn't like the new look of the Klingons (why did they need to change yet again??), it was the look of their armor that bothered me more. It was far too garish. Why did the lead Klingon have rubies on his armor?? But more than just visual things, it just failed to inspire overall. At no point (including the insipid intro) did I think "wow, I really look forward to seeing where this series will take us!" In fact, by the end of the second episode my primary thought was "Well, that's that..." I thought the best scene was when the Captain and First Officer go to the bridge of the enemy ship, but that didn't last very long. I figure it has to get better from here, as it can't get much worse. So I guess I'll have to look forward to that, though I may just wait for the next few episodes to come out before I get around to watching it again. The critics seem to like it though. So what do you guys think?
  10. Which side of the fence will this sit. It is a space bike?
  11. Last week
  12. Starting an event to play a casual game of Battlefield every Sunday, timing will be discussed later. Message me if interested or just hop on TeamSpeak.
  13. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    @Rend AsunderThe Starfury is one of my favourite ever Sci-Fi ships, I would love one of those in SC
  14. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    Yep I will certainly agree with you there pal, my favourite being the story line concerning B4, very clever. Another one of my favourite's from the series.
  15. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    Oh Just remembered, Buky o'hear @Benjamin_Smaridge you would possibly like it ^_^
  16. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    While a lot of B5 has aged badly, and didn't look amazing the first time around, it still has the best overarching Sci-Fi storyline ever IMO, and is worth watching just for that.
  17. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    "Lost in space" Good grief Drakin, that was a long time ago lol, funny you should mention that though, I saw an advert on UK tv the other day for a re-run of the series. Do you remember Time Tunnel? Battlestar Galactica (New one) Awesome finale Babylon 5 (You must watch standalone movie first) "In the beginning" Warning only watch if you like cheese-hasn't aged well ^^ SG1, Star Trek, Farscape, Fringe. Doctor who were all good in their day.
  18. So the 3 variants are race, luxury and toilet
  19. They are changing things up. If its a ground vehicle, then its a ground LTI (meaning you cannot upgrade to a higher ship) If its an space vehicle then its an space LTI, and can only can be traded with space vehicles.
  20. EX0 errors corrected

    1. Rend Asunder

      Rend Asunder

               Top man +1

  21. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/outlast-deluxe
  22. Got an error code EX0 trying to read Ichis post about the X1 racer

    1. SleeppingWolf


      same, can read other posts but not about the x1.,

  23. Already got a Nox and a DF, I can't see myself getting one of these unless it does something very unique.
  24. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition $4.99

    That is the exact reason for the low price.... Trying to get more people hyped for 2nd
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