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  2. Gamescom code

    We were talking about the cutlass black, which was already on sale so the code doesnt give you much. No discount, no extra insurance and no early access to a cheaper ship because it was already on sale and flyable the entire time. Though it seems the revamp will up the price in 3.0 but the code doesn't add any benefit at this time
  3. Gamescom code

    The discount is that you can buy the ship at it's introductory price before the ship is released. Usually, once the ship is "Flight Ready" it'll increase in price then released to the public as a flyable ship.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Gamescom code

    I've been eyeing off the Cutlass Black for over a year and no $100 USD is definitely the going price. I decided to snag one just before streaming began because I thought the price would go up. The only thing that is new I believe is the starter pack variant of it for an additional $15 USD.
  6. Aha. Thanks again. I've always liked the Cutlass since a free fly last year. So maybe...
  7. Gamescom code

    Acording to Bored Gamer they will unlock 2 ships for sale each day, Today its the Cutlass Black and Nox
  8. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    I think you mean CEST Which is 7-9PM UTC. I sure hope it is going to be a decent sized ship because $400 is a lot for a niche ship.
  9. Gamescom code

    I googled it to be sure, but no it's the same old price. Maybe they took it off the shop for a while but as far as I remember it has always been available (to be fair though, I haven't checked up on it in while) . It does however get more expensive when 3.0 releases.
  10. They didn't post about this on the site, normally at the events they give attendees a goodie bag with the code in it and people then put it on reddit
  11. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    615G not J
  12. There are some teasers on the RSI twitter feed, the Origin 600I and the 615G are going on sale on the 25th of august, during the Star Citizen gamescon presentation: So between 9 and 11 PM cest. The 600I will be awailible from 400 dollars and the 615G 435 dollars, though I do suspect there will be warbond discounts. The 600I is a luxuary ship probably a smaller version of the 890 jump, that should compete with the constallation phoenix most likely The 615G is likely to be a exploration variant, but that is unconfirmed If you are looking for a touring yacht then the 600 series is likely for you. "All info brought to us by (Bored Gamer) directly from the gamescom floor booth"
  13. Meet the New Drake Cutlass Black

    There is something "Alien" about the cockpit shape now isn´t it. First it drew my mind towards the Cylons but then just the head shape of Alien. Would have wanted to see the new inside of it. Didnt get the nox so i cant get it with LTI, so its a pass
  14. Gamescom code

    wait so it doesn't give any discount?
  15. Many thanks for the link Akanoes. Where the hell do you find this (gamescom promo) on the RSI site?? I can never figure out where these things are.
  16. Gamescom code

    With the code GAMESCOM2017 you can unlock the nox and a nox/aurora bundle for purchase here. It won't come with LTI this time around though, "just" 6 months. You can also use it to buy a Cutlass or a Cutlass package here, but I'm pretty sure you could already buy it before and it doesn't provide a discount or higher insurance, so it doesn't really matter.
  17. A preview of the Cutlass black revamp. Get it now before it goes up in price for 3.0!
  18. Gamescom 2947 Details

  19. My goodness. The price of the 600 aye yai yai.
  20. Next Concept Ship - August 25th

    Bottom right corner 615g the 600 is a gound speeder?
  21. Gamescom 2947 Details

    nox sale page https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/promogamescom2017nox https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/promocutlassblack2017 coupon code GAMESCOM2017
  22. Gamescom 2947 Details

    IDK if I need to put a spoiler alert in but, have a: *Slight spoiler warning* It's pretty damn awesome! Look at that 3.0 glory and the new Cutlass Black (Wooh, in before the price rise). The atmospheric flight is beautiful. Shame it's getting late here and there is work tomorrow.
  23. Nyx's & Delamer: A dense asteroid belt circles Nyx’s star at roughly 12 AU. While the asteroid field has seen some mining, it is mostly known as a very good place to avoid unwanted attention. An unknown number of small settlements have been established on asteroids in the area and are home to a variety of fringe colonists seeking anything from life outside the UEE to a platform from which to operate outside the law. Outlaw raids in the system, typically conducted against the trans-Synthworld shipping lanes, are believed to operate out of larger bases in the field. The highlight of these settlements is Delamar, the largest of the asteroids. The size of a small planetoid, Delamar is hidden deep in the Glaciem Ring. Home to an old mining facility that was abandoned by the original prospectors when they couldn’t turn a profit, the People’s Alliance moved in and dubbed it Levski after an old Earth revolutionary. Dissenters of the UEE’s Messer Era, the People’s Alliance transformed Delamar into a hotbed for political radicals and anti-UEE sentiment. While the People Alliance has taken on a more passive role in recent history, Levski still attracts a bunch of politically-minded groups that are similar enough to live together, but different enough in their goals so they never get anything accomplished. Star Citizen: Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Nyx System
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