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  2. Greetings Citizens! From Weapons we move onto Turrets, the next logical step on our tour of the New Ship Matrix. You may have recently seen our discussion on Around the Verse about improving the overall Turret Experience, and we’ve been hard at work on what we feel are significant improvements to their usability as part of ongoing advancements planned not just for Alpha 3.0, but beyond. In our next release, the way you control them is entirely refactored with better gyro-stabilization to help keep them on target, and hopefully giving you much more enjoyable and successful time when using them. Turrets can be found on ships of all sizes, from starters to capital ships, and the mounts they attach to can vary as dramatically in size as well. The largest found on some capital ships are as big as the smaller ships flying escort, wielding weapons capable of massive destruction. With this update to the New Ship Matrix, we now divide turrets in to two distinct categories: Manned and Remote. Both of these turret types support player, NPC or AI control via various methods detailed further below. All Turrets Turrets can only be attached to turret hardpoints, they cannot go on weapon or ordnance hardpoints. Turrets themselves have multiple itempoints of their own for attaching armament to. These are traditionally weapon hardpoints, but some turrets can also have ordnance and utility hardpoints as well. Turrets can only be swapped out for the same type of turret, and all turrets are “hull locked.” This means you can only swap a Manned Constellation Turret out for a different variant of a Manned Constellation Turret. You can not swap one out for a Manned Starfarer Turret, as example. Remote Turrets cannot be swapped for Manned Turrets, and vice versa due to hull requirements. As they are now “hull locked” turrets no longer have a size attributed to them. You can only swap out like for like. They no longer have a +2 to the sum size of the weapons calculation. Manned Turrets These turrets are controlled by a player or NPC acting as player within them, usually in a seat that moves from within the ship hull into the turret itself. All manned turrets have a consistent entrance tube diameter which means that upon destruction… they become a viable breach point. Remote Turrets These turrets are controlled from a station or seat elsewhere within the ship by a player or NPC acting as player. Their view is remotely sent back from the turret allowing them to control it and see what it sees while physically being elsewhere in the ship. Remote turrets have no physical path inside them for players to enter, so they’re a great way for us to add defense on ships where space is a premium, but will often pack lower size weapons. AI vs NPC vs Point Defense Turrets Any turret can be controlled via an NPC acting as player, but AI or Autonomous Control is a separate function requiring a blade to be added to your computer item (formerly Avionics Module). For each turret you wish to be AI controlled i.e. it engages and tracks independently of player or NPC input, you need to have a Blade equipped for that. Ships that come with these types of turrets either have these blades already installed or additional computer items to hold them in, as blade space is restricted. This is designed to force players into choosing between adding this feature or other blade features when customizing your ship. Point Defense Turrets are simply AI controlled turrets with the computer and blades necessary, and with a specific weapon loadout intended to make them effective at neutralizing incoming fast threats like missiles or torpedoes. Any turret can be equipped with these particular weapons and computer blades. PDTs just come ready to go out of the box. The Future of Turret Gameplay or: How We Want Turret Gameplay to Feel We’d like everyone who straps themselves into a turret to have a satisfying experience when doing so. To this end, we’ve been making improvements on the most important aspect of turret gameplay — aiming at, and hitting, your intended targets. Controlling the orientation of the turrets has become more responsive and intuitive in Alpha 3.0, and the additional staggered fire mode means that you are able to scatter shots along a line of fire for better total accuracy at the cost of per-instance damage. We think being at the controls of such a powerful arsenal of weapons should be a visceral experience. Camera shake, g-force effects, articulated directional controls, and an improved UI in which crew members can identify important targets to each other are all being worked on and should come in future 3.x patches. When this continuing work is completed, having a crew member manning every turret should prove to be a formidable force, with each turret being capable of firing salvo after salvo at enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy. Gather a squad of teammates, fill those once-empty turret seats, and watch ships like the Retaliator become the flying fortress it was always meant to be. Beware, you pesky Aurora pirates! Frequently Asked Questions or: Questions We Figured You Might Have Q: What ships had “twin-link” or two weapons on a single gimbal and are now converted to remote turrets? Mustang Series (Chin Turret) Hornet Series (Canard and Ball Turret) F8 (Rear Turret) 85X (Belly Turret) Ursa Rover (Top Turret) Reliant (Wing Turret) Terrapin (Nose Turret) Redeemer Hull Series (Nose Turret) Caterpillar (Command Module Turret) Source
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  4. another installment of the shipyard series on RSI https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16181-The-Shipyard-Weapon-Hardpoints Weapon Hardpoints A Guide to the New Ship Matrix Greetings Citizens! Weapons and their hardpoints. The next several topics of discussion focused on the new Ship Matrix are possibly some of the most important areas we’ll cover, and relevant to everyone who’s concerned with how their ships perform in combat. Since the start of the project we’ve gone through many iterations of design on our ship hardpoints and with SC Alpha 3.0 we’ll complete another small iteration to them in our continuing effort to address much of the confusion regarding their sizing, what can be done with them, and more. To begin, every item on a ship is attached to a hardpoint, or “itemport” as we sometimes refer to them by their in-engine designation, and each one has restrictions on what type of items can be attached to it. This system prevents people from putting power plants where turrets should go, fuel tanks where the radar is supposed to be, and other similar examples of undesirable customization. In this article’s topic, for the specific itemports we classify as “weapon” hardpoints, they have some restrictions of their own: They are restricted to a single size item, no more ranges of item size such as Size 1-3. They can only take a weapon directly attached of that size or a gimbal mount of that size attached to it. Some specific instances may have additional restrictions to limit them to individual items or types, such as the Vanguard nose weapon array. Fixed Weapon Mounts Attaching a weapon of matching size to the itemport directly is what we call a Fixed weapon mount, and has the inherent benefit of being capable of using the largest weapon made possible by that hardpoint while contending with limited aiming and a requirement to land their shots more accurately. Gimbal Weapon Mounts As an alternative to attaching the maximum sized weapon to your itemport, you may choose to use a Gimbal Mount. Gimbals allow players to attach a smaller sized weapon that will enable the user to line their shots up with more ease than a fixed on it’s own. The Gimbal Mount must be the same size as the hardpoint, but can only support a weapon at least one size smaller due to the space it occupies. These are the only two types of items that can be attached to weapon hardpoints and gimbal mounts can only contain a single weapon hardpoint. Other Weapon Types or: What Happened to Twin-Link, Tri-Link, Quad-Link, Barrage and More? Aside from twin-link weapons, many of the items described by various designers over time have not made the transition from drawing board to implementation. These include things like “tri-link,” “quad-link,” “barrage” and others. Most of these had problems at various stages, including the sizing penalty applied to them which soon became very unwieldy to manage. For twin-link weapons specifically, these are now as turrets, specifically remote ones, and will be discussed in that article. There are a fair amount of ships with these sort of items attached so we encourage you not worry if you see their “weapon” count drop down, as they more than likely now have an extra turret to account for this. The primary driving factor in this was physical size. Simply put, by the time we had two weapons on a mount this was often significantly larger than the base weapon that could go on that mount and caused visual or physical clipping and often resulted in the firing arc having to be limited to such an extent that it became virtually useless. This change from twin-link to remote turret is designed to give the player as much functionality from the item as possible. Ships that now have these Remote Turrets will find that in the majority of cases these bespoke items will only be swappable with other custom tailored turrets made for that ship. An example of this can be found in the Mustangs current Chin Turret (with 2x S1 hardpoints) that will be swapable with a new Mustang Chin Turret containing a 1xS2 hardpoint. This system will be covered further in the dedicated articles on turrets. How Ship Items are Displayed or: You Changed Things and Now I Can’t Read Any of This The Ship Stats Update has been a long time coming. In addition to refining our own internal policies and metrics, work was needed in order to display that information to you in as comprehensive, yet understandable a manner as possible. To that end, in addition to the changes to the Technical Information panel discussed in Part 3, we have made significant alterations to how default loadouts are presented to the backer. To the right you will see the legend that guides all items found in the Technical Overview. For the purposes of this section, we will be focused on weapons, but the information here will apply to reading all items found in the Technical Overview. Things That Go Boom To the right of the Technical Overview, you will find the weapons pane, where the various armaments for a ship are found. This section is itself broken down into four sub-sections. Weapons. The hardpoints we’ve been discussing in this article, where you can attach a variety of ballistic and energy-based armament. Turrets. Covered in more detail in our next part. You will find both manned and remote turrets here. Missiles. The things that go in the Missile Racks used to blow stuff up. Torpedoes or missiles can be shown here. Utility Items. This is where you will find things like the Stor-All box on the Hornet F7C. While this article is specifically about weapons, we’re not ignoring Turrets, Ordnance and Other Hardpoints. We’ll be covering each one individually in the next few articles, so stay tuned. Frequently Asked Questions or: Questions We Figured You Might Have Q: Can I put missiles on weapon hardpoints? A: No, these are counted as Ordnance hardpoints and will have their own post in the next few days dedicated to all things Ordnance. Q: Why can I only put a S2 weapon on a S3 Gimbal? A: This is primarily due to game balance. Gimbal weapons provide a natural advantage due to their independence from the ships movement when aiming. By reducing the maximum size they can take by 1 from the itemport, their damage output is naturally reduced and should keep fixed weapons competitive in terms of DPS. Q: Why have you removed the range of sizes on a hardpoint? A: When we looked at it, there were very few ships that actually had this set up. It was primarily the Aurora line and upon examination, we found it not particularly useful long term and an easy cause of various inconsistencies. For example, having a range of S1-S2 gave you the option of having Fixed S2, Gimbal S1 or Fixed S1 and nobody ever would pick Fixed S1 as an option when you can Gimbal Lock to achieve the same result. Removing this option cleans up the design rules and overall setup significantly across the board and does so with virtually no impact on players.
  5. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    No one knows sorry to say. Until we know more about the ship we just don't know. Until we have everything in game and we try it out we don't know. I thinking of getting one. But I melt some ships like you. But I loss my Redeemer and I like that ship.
  6. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    I wanna CCU the Terrapin to BMM, because CIG nerfed Terrapin's range The question still is: will the "Pioneer" be in demand in our organization?
  7. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    That a nice little group of ships. Wish I had a Idris. Only thing you need now is a BMM.
  8. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    I definitely will not melt my Armada-Pack. I said about my others ships
  9. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Don't melt all your ships. I don't think you want this as your only ship. This is not something I think we be using everyday. Remember when the game started we wont have the UEC to set base's up straightway. So keep your ships. Other people in the Org will get one. What the link I cant see it.
  10. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Based on the arguments about renting places for ships in the hangar, ( http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/7133-monthly-parking-fees/ ) I can melt my 4 present ships and try to buy one "Pioneer". The question is: will this "Pioneer" be in demand in our organization?
  11. IF this is a base ship and has the ability to set up shop, then that is the hook. It has the ability to self create all the facilities that "In Game NPC" facilities can offer you that we'll have to pay for. If in addition it has the ability to make you a base underground perhaps, how secure do your operations then become? It's called a Game Changer for a reason. Yes a Carrack can act as a hub, but thats it - grounded and done. What if the Pioneer can do this THEN lift off and repeat the process? What does that become worth to an Org? We'll need a base of operations at some point. We'll need facilities we dont have to go somewhere for. What if TA has a base of operations somewhere off the beaten track and we become a jumping off point for other players too? Ever heard of the company store? So yes Game changer is apt and potentially deserved. $850? Lets get one in game once we have a game to play! I'm inclined to say it isnt an initial priority. As for Mrs Ichi's taste in men....... Be careful what you wish for "Current Mr Ichi"
  12. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Man.... getting a little frustrated with CIG. Its cool and not cool at the same time. I've heard there are ships that wont even be ready for 4.0 and we don't even have 3.0 yet... and here comes not only a new ship, but a new game mechanic. When it be ready 5.0 2020? I feel like out of frustration I might just melt all but one or two of my fleet and get this thing. Then I am going to find some super far away moon build a base and just mine space boogers. I agree with Lord this thing is going to have to be some sort of factory or production type facility otherwise how it 3 times more expensive than a Carrack or Merchantman which is nearly a base in itself. But one thing is for sure, I have about 8 ships at last count. I can't fly them all at once. So maybe I should just melt most of them and get something like this.
  13. Schedule Report  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/schedule-report


    20 bugs listed but looks likethere are still some serious issues to overcome

  14. Consumables from CureLife


  15. Engineering - Shipyard Post

    I concur, not that it matters what we think or whether these are categorized as Capital, but yeah, it was a surprise
  16. Logically I think it is a matter of permanence. Carrack or x y z ship would eventually run out of supplies and have to run back home. Having a base it makes sense that bases would be able to be permanent and independent. Probably able to make supplies, do some sort of factory/ processing role, facilitate repairs, farming or specialist mining, oxygen supply etc etc etc. There are also bound to be places that are better to have locked down and fortified, which you would think a base would be able to build heavier defences to drive off aggressors. There are a lot of potential with the economy being supply chain based e.g. get minerals to processor, refined goods to manufactory, get components to a shipyard, on to a point of sale etc. Found a huge mineral deposit, build a processor. Got lots of resources, build the entire supply chain on site, cut your costs down immensely. You know what would be cool. Having player or org built shipyards, we could put in all the resources and cut costs on the bigger ships.
  17. Last week
  18. It's all speculation at this point, but I guess I would ask just what that would gain for you? So now you've got a base on some distant planet or moon. What does that actually get you that you didn't already have by parking your Carrack there? Are you then allowed to set up some sophisticated defenses, special mining facilities, a shop that other players can visit? Presumably we'll learn more next week, but for now I remain skeptical.
  19. $850 USD + Goods and Services Tax 10%... $935 and then well exchange rate $1215.5........ Not happening for me :D. I could fly to Japan for a holiday for that haha. But how amazing would an enormous construction ship be! Pair it with an Endeavour or Carrack and you can go exploring distant worlds, then get yourself setup on a planet a million light years from home. It would be like us going to Mars having to be self-sustainable from the get go, then just keep on going from there! It would probably best, be kept as an org ship or had the burden of price be shared amongst multiple people. It would have a lot of applications for our industrial arm, I imagine, from the point of view of creating bases for fuel stops or cheap factories and resource gathering along the supply chain. Beyond that the org could probably make a killing from building bases for other people or orgs and probably AI tasked contracts. Jeez what an exciting ship! In the mean time I think I shall keep my eye out for the Endeavour Hope to come back on sale.
  20. If it's a base builder then perhaps we "obtain" one when they are for sale in game for the Org. Assuming we want to put a facility into a fixed location. It's then something that can maybe be rented out.
  21. Engineering - Shipyard Post

    They day I first read this was the day I realized I had three capital ships instead of just one... I'm not particularly a fan of the way they've redefined "capital ship", though I'm not sure what word they should have used instead. "Gargantuan"? "Giant"? "X-Large"? A more traditional definition of a capital ship comes courtesy of William S. Lind, in the book America Can Win (p. 90): But we may be stuck with SC using the term capital ship to indicate a ship is bigger than large. ADDENDUM: Having given this some thought, I've now decided that a better term to use would be Massive. Yes? Everyone like that one? I'm going to suggest it on the RSI forums.
  22. Greetings Citizens! Todays topic of discussion on the New Ship Matrix is all about thrusters and how we reflect their stats on the web page. Thrusters are obviously a key part of a spaceships and critical for getting you around and also a key area to manage in both fuel consumption and emissions. Thrusters come in a huge range of sizes and types from the smallest fixed maneuvering thruster on a Nox, the huge pivoting VTOL thrusters found on the Idris, and all the way to the humongous fixed main thrusters found on the Bengal. The first and most dramatic thing to notice with thrusters on the new matrix is the removal of TR values or Thrust Rating from the stats page and we’ve done this for a few reasons: With how ships are setup and tuned now we do not currently dictate independant thruster outputs, instead we allow thrust to be shunted around the thrusters as needed from a pool but within a total capped amount per thruster. With this its meant we have no “desired” or minimum thrust output values to generate TR values from or against. The value itself was always very confusing to explain and often did not match the art of the thrusters created by the talented art team which caused further confusion. How could a TR1 thruster on ship X be as powerful as a TR1 thruster on ship Y when its 1/10 the size? It was a un-intuitive and uninformative value to compare ships with given how complicated the flight model is, knowing that a ship had three TR2’s versus another with 2 TR3’s gave no useful information that couldn’t be better presented elsewhere, such as the values on the Technical Information panel we discussed yesterday. The second change to notice is the removal of Size attributes for the thrusters, these have been removed for much the same reason as TR was removed. As thrusters are unique to the ship and swappable in complete sets the size loses all meaning. Instead of the old Thrust Rating and Size values we now display the amount and more information on the type of thruster equipped to your ship between the two categories of thruster: Main Thrusters Main {M} The primary thrusters on the ship that are responsible for making it go forwards, these are the most important ones on traditionally constructed ships and provide the bulk of forward momentum. Retro {R} Having moved from the maneuvering section of the old matrix these are now counted in the Main Thruster category as they are a critical thruster set on the ship. There is little point having the biggest thruster around if you cant stop in time! Generally found in pairs some ships may have more or less depending on their roles and having a damage one can cause serious issues when trying to stop. VTOL {V} These thrusters provide lift in the Z+ axis and can either be fixed in one position to provide continuous upward thrust or can pivot when needed to provide that thrust. Cargo or particularly ships tend to have fixed VTOL thrusters on the underside if they are required to enter/exit planets or moons with gravity to aid them in leaving the atmosphere and to also slow their decent. If a ship does not have any dedicated VTOL thrusters it is not the end of the world, it just requires more forethought under those circumstances mentioned before. Maneuvering Thrusters Fixed {F} Fixed Maneuvering thrusters provide instant thrust output as they do not need to align to the desired vector first, this gives a quicker response leading to more agility. The downside is you need to have more of them, a minimum of 12 on a ship to provide the ability to move in any direction with 6DOF. Gimbal {G} Gimbal Maneuvering thrusters provide thrust on one or more axis as they pivot or rotate to align themselves to the desired vector before providing thrust. This allows less thrusters to be needed but at the cost of a slower response rate and a small amount of power required to move them into position, making them vulnerable to power management problems. The best way to theorycraft ship performance using these stats is to consider the types of thrusters in conjunction with the maneuvering stats on the Technical Information panel that we detailed in the last post. Frequently Asked Questions or: Questions We Figured You Might Have If Thrust Ratings (TR) are not displayed, will they ever come back? In some form yes, whilst we’ve removed them from the Ship Matrix for now due to the above reasons we have plans to bring back a more useful form of them with ongoing thruster and flight model updates in future patches, in part to deal with the somewhat overpowered maneuvering thrusters that have become commonplace with the changes to the flight model in 2.6. Can we swap out thrusters for ones with increased performance/other abilities? That is the goal but not possible in SC Alpha 3.0 and will be included in a future update. We plan to allow players to swap out their thrusters in sets, main and maneuvering together, for ones of alternate type such as Racing or Stealth styled ones. These would come with a visual difference to differentiate them from the stock loadout alongside adjusted stats in various systems to provide a different flight experience from normal. For example swapping out a Hornets default thruster set for a Stealth thruster set would seriously reduce its IR emissions over standard at the expense of performance and wear rate. Source
  23. mrs ichi is pretty sharp and has great taste in men
  24. For people too lazy to click on the link above, here's the same info from Tyler: I'm fairly certain I will *not* be buying one. I can't think of what I'd need a base-builder/construction ship for, if that is indeed what it is. Seems like a nice thing for an org to have, though. With my Orion, Endeavor Hope, Reclaimer, Carrack, and Polaris (not to mention my Terrapin, Sabre, Freelancer Max, and various snubs) I think I'm good. More than good. In fact, I have far too many damn snubs now. I may melt some and then unmelt my Prospector when they get mining to work. At this point if the Pioneer is anything other than a base-builder/construction ship it will come as a very big surprise to most of us. That's really the only thing that seems to fit the clues we've been given.
  25. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Bored gamer says 850 dollars and the size of an idriz acording to Bens day show
  26. What is this?!

    They should have time as it part of the presentations. So I hope they take a hour or more and just go over everything they know about this ship.
  27. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    It say it is "limited quantities" so are they only going to sell a couple thousand. But hell that a lot of money think I might have to melt a couple ships. But I want a lot of info about the ships and game play if they want that money out of me there and then. After watching Bensday with batgirl I think it bigger than a Idris. Just because of the look on his face when she ask if it bigger than a Idris.
  28. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    $975... If its really what we think it is...
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