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  4. Definitely need to start hopping onto TS more, and of course testing out new SC patches. Just as soon as finish passing these darn CPA exams . Looking forward to being a crewmate on a warship or doing huge trade runs with the group!
  5. Ok ship line up change, I now have an Arrow, an Ares, a Perseus and a Gladius.
  6. The Perseus will become a premier medical ship should I pick it up

  7. All those scalpers we have been hearing about may actually turn out to be crypto miners hoarding the new RTX 3000 cards for Ethereum mining farms. Analysts somehow discovered that Nvidia has already sold $175 million worth of RTX 3000 cards and most of these sales were made directly to crypto miners. Cryptocurrency Gaming Geforce GPU 85% Medion Erazer Beast X10 (Tongfang GM7MPHP) in review: Stable, slim, compact gaming laptop with good battery life Yakuza: Like a Dragon Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks 86% HP EliteBook 855 G7 Laptop Review - Stylish office laptop for
  8. New change to my fleet, hope nothing better is coming
  9. I have all 3 in my buy backs, I might get them back at some point. But melted them to get ships. As I see vehicle as being easier to get in game, giving the in game price we see now. Yes I know they change over time as the economy get balanced, but still see them as lot cheaper.
  10. Make the assumption we have 100's of each. Leter on down the line we will be able to see all ships owned by the org. We are waiting for RSI to add this option.
  11. Hey as it stands right now we have 4 tanks, 2 ballista's and 2 Ursa Rovers for ground combat, who else has some ground vehicles they are letting the org use?
  12. Just wanted to put this out there in this days when ship buying is at its peak. If you buy a ship in star citizen you are the owner and captain of that ship or whatever title you wanna have. When you join the org you are a recruit, apprentice maybe trainee. Owning a ship doesn't give you any form of advance in this org. So if you want to rank up in Tactical Advance you should be active. By active I mean hanging on Teamspeak, create events, share information and help people in the org. This doesn't have to be in just star citizen, you can create events in other games
  13. I have an Anvil Arrow, an Ares Inferno and the Aegis Nautilus.
  14. Almost finish with my new build Stil need to change CPU and GPU, using the old one, but nothing new on stock here in denmark Not sure if I take a 5600x or a 5900x, as GPU I thinking 6800xt/RTX 3080 Case: Thermaltake Core P3 TG Curve Motherboard: MSI MAG-X570-TOMAHAWK-WIFI CPU: AMD Ryzen 2600 GFX: Saphire Nitro+ Vega64 RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3600MHz Boot Disk: Samsung 980 PRO 500GB SSD M.2 Storage: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD M.
  15. November 13, 2020 Dear Citizen, Manufacturers across the 'verse are getting ready for the biggest event of the year: the 2950 Intergalactic Aerospace Exposition. This year promises to be an exhilarating event centered on the most sought-after ships. Can't wait for the expo to start? Whitley's Guide host Jax McCleary has a sneak peek into what's in store. Also this week: a moving war story covered up for decades, Subscriber Flair that's sure to be a blast, and an extra-refined episode of Inside Star Citizen. Thank you for your continued support,
  16. 3 weeks and we get 2 new ships in game...


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