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    Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2018.11.15 -

    Funny that I dont own one
  4. FriendCalledFive

    Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2018.11.15 -

    Am very jealous of that ship
  5. gave up at the last flight of stairs :(
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  7. Its all good with large ships unless you need to travel through a star system to get to the next jump. Then I would say go ahead and make the trip as long as possible in warp, and give me the maneuvering speed to deal with pirates, obstacles or needed pit-stops. I guess its wormholes that have the fancy maneuvering inside the hole? Then you could really use a smaller ship. And I am assuming the warps done in that spreadsheet started and ended in the same place.
  8. This is interesting. So smaller ships are faster out of quantum, bigger ships are faster in quantum. So this could make ships like the Kraken and Idris help full in moving small ships faster long distances. Not just saving with less fuel stops, it just faster.
  9. I hope mine Star Runner and Carrack is faster or else my fastes ship right now is 12.30
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  11. I wonder if cap ships will beat that starfarer to Hurston.
  12. Last week
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  20. RSLtaken

    Herston Map

    Thanks for the info.
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