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  3. There are six or so of us that co-op Mechwarrior 5 on a pretty regular basis, some having played games in the Battletech universe back to the late 80's. Give me a shout if anyone has a giant stompy robot itch. When in doubt, just add machine guns! Excuse the quality, I'm limited to 40kb for attachments.
  4. A few updates since my last post, mostly just quality of life stuff and a few control setup changes. My current control(s) map: https://imgur.com/cs2AKjO Granted, much of this will change when my Constellation Alphas arrive in a few weeks.
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  6. Hey Gigowatt, As a player keenly interested in the MISC Endeavor for it's medical purposes, I generally keep tabs on all news related to the ship. Bursar, the Director of Industry also shares a keen interest in this endeavor (no pun intended). As of late, there has been no news of late regarding the MISC Capital Platform. The last update we got was sometime back in 2018, just after Citizen Con. At that point, we were informed that they wanted to make the Endeavor larger to better accommodate some of the modules that will be available for the ship. While I don't have the source handy to cite, you may have noticed that the Endeavors Price continues to raise as the years go by. As for just how much larger the ship is getting, there is no officially stated size, but the ballpark figure that's been thrown around is roughly 100m which would bring the total size of the MISC Endeavor to 300m. Now anything beyond this is pure speculation, but this potentially could mean a variety of things from more Modules, to a redesign of the concept we saw back in 2016. Either way, that's pretty much the latest on the MISC Endeavor for now. For certain it will be one of the last ships to come out of the pipeline, so I wouldn't expect anything on it until after Squadron 42 is released to us backers to play. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask anyone on the Forums, Teamspeak, or Discord. We're always happy to answer them to the best of our knowledge.
  7. Does anyone have any solid Endeavor news to share?
  8. We are opening a special PTU with the player cap increased to 60 from 50. This is an experimental setup and the build is identical to live, just with 10 more players. Our goal is to collect performance and stability data while making additional cap adjustments, but any oddities that you see would be helpful to know about as well. Please reply with any issues, new performance bottlenecks, or negative impacts that are new to PTU and not currently on live. Please include screenshots and videos where appropriate. It's important to note that this is merely a test, and is not representative of any definitive incoming changes. Your help would be much appreciated! -Baior Lead Player Experience Analyst
  9. Each quarter, a new Buy Back Token will be distributed to your account, providing you with an opportunity to reclaim a ship that you had melted previously using store credit. 2020 Schedule: Q1: January 8 Q2: April 6 Q3: July 6 Q4: October 5
  10. Hello Everyone! I hope 2020 has been treating you well. Later in the week, I'm going to make a forum post about medical, and in it I'd like to take the opportunity to answer some questions you might have in regards. Send over a DM on the forum and I'll do my best to respond when I make the posting. 

  11. I haven't personally tried it, but FreeSync is reportedly working (in most cases) with the Nvidia GSync functionality/drivers, yes. I highly recommend that you read up on any requirements I might have missed though.
  12. It look ok. I have a PG278Q at this time, had it for years and it is working fine. Free sync work with Nvidia GPU now right?
  13. Check the review first, please. Affordable means (to most people) having a good price tag that's not too far-fetched. Of course, this is highly personal depending on your point of view and frame of reference. This monitor sits, while having some decent specifications, right between the utter trash and the high-end.
  14. What do you call affordable? because that can means different things to different people.
  15. Just thought I'd do a drive-by recommendation for a new monitor from Viewsonic. Affordable while still having decent stats.
  16. New generations of both new AMD CPUs/GPUS and Nvidia GPUs are to be released at CES (a couple of weeks away) and July at the latest. A motion that new hardware always comes out and you should buy whenever could be made, but this release of AMD CPUs is the one where they are expected to be at least as quick (frequency-wise) as Intel's desktop flagships. Nvidia will also update their lineups and this time not expected to release cr*p-cards (incremental performance) as they switch to the Ampere architecture. Even if you are on a slightly limited budget this is also good news as most e-tailers will scramble to dump the prices on the former generation hardware. Personally I'm going to force myself to wait to July/August before I drop the hammer on a completely new gaming rig.
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