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  2. Am interested in trying to get a group going for the raid in division 2, for this we'll need 8 people. Do we have enough people for said matter? I know most of us have been quite inactive on division for a while.
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  4. So don’t know if this will be approved, but I was hoping to get a mega thread together of all the more unique and maybe less mainstream peripherals that may have a place in Star Citizen setups that some of us may not know is an option to us. I’m not going to include every joystick and HOTAS set, but any that may not be mainstream, is welcome. I've tried to post as many weird/helpful things as i could find. If you find any more, please post them so we can all benefit from knowing they exist VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle (as well as their various grips) GameSir GK100 Gaming Keypad MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals Slaw Device also makes pedals, but has no site as he makes them to order. Its all metal construction. Not sure im allowed to post his email here. Logitech/Saitek Heavy Equipment Side Panel Elgato Stream Deck ignitiON Button Box Controller (has various layouts) Home Made Button Box (how to build guide and parts list video as well) Game Glass (as seen on Tactical Advance)
  5. Ok after 3.5.1 its time for some drug running i think. 7pm utc or after a meeting friday, saturday or sunday. Would like if everyone would be in port olisar when we get started. Exact date will be posted as soon as 3.5.1 is live.
  6. That's kinda where im starting to lean. While its, interesting and neat having dual sticks, im finding im not liking having to switch between throttle and left stick constantly, especially in combat and don't want to have to move my hand too much (if at all) if i don't have to. Even switching the throttle to the z-axis on the stick base is alot because you are still 'disabling' some of your movement in order to do it. So yeah, im leaning more towards stick+throttle+pedals. On that note, im now looking into reviews of pedals. So far im looking a Slaw vs MFG (about to watch noobs mfg video).
  7. CitizenCon 2949 On the 23rd of November 2019 CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium annual convention event is coming to the UK! This Event is Star Citizens main event of the year with each year being more action packed, more details of upcoming milestones and genuinely more spectacular than the CitizenCon before it. Each CitizenCon has been held in the city of the studios working on the game with: 2943 CitizenCon held in Austin USA 2944 CitizenCon held in Los Angeles USA 2945 CitizenCon held in Manchester UK 2946 CitizenCon held in Los Angeles USA 2947 CitizenCon held in Frankfurt DE 2948 CitizenCon held Austin USA 2949 CitizenCon about to be held in Manchester Central Convention Complex in the UK Click on any of the links above to see those events but the key thing to take away here is the locations. Obviously with Star Citizen being developed in 2 cities in the US there is more opportunities to to see the event if you live there whereas for people in the UK or DE the frequency is not as much. CitizenCon 2949 looks to be an amazing event with not only the Key note address but panels to visit, developers to question, the game to test and goodies to collect so there has never been a better time to take part in one of these events. Details of the event: 23rd November 2949 (or 2019 if you don't have a Cryo pod) Manchester Central Convention Complex - map With a ton of hotels and parking options available there is no reason not to visit and another good reason to attend.... meeting Org mates! So with the event coming to the UK a number of the Tactical Advance Org members are preparing to meet at the event and put faces to names and hang out and make it a truly great night to remember. So if you want to get involved and meet up for one of Star Citizens biggest days of the year, pop your handle on this thread and lets get a list together more details of the meet up to take place once we are closer to the event... I'm going... are you?
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  9. A good summary on the current situation. Not the hatchet job from Forbes.
  10. Thanks for posting RSL. Very interesting to watch. It's nice to see a positive report on the state of our game.
  11. I found this video and thought some people might like it.
  12. Good to hear they are working on the damage. Also what to see what they do with the harvestable items.
  13. I guess kinda happen when you want to fly in the RIO seat If only SC will have something similar. I remember I did my first big purchase (Connie) in 2013 because it should have had a C² station. Unfortunately everything is different now but I hope that at least the Polaris will have a C²!
  14. We stopped using this link 3 years ago. Check this link
  15. So, I haven't updated this post in a while so here is the latest version (tbh it has been like that for almost a couple months now). I still have to solder the last 4 rotary encoders but their relative functions haven't been implemented yet. As you have probably guessed already, the two new boxes are for the RIO seat of the F-14.
  16. Might be, I don't have NMS. I (used to) fly SC using the same control settings I used in WC and Freespace and both are arcade games so fast-paced, quite intuitive, non-realistic games. You can't, in fact, use the same configuration for, eg, SC and flight simulators: for example the Ka-50 profile for my CH Pro Pedals feels quite similar to the real Robinson R44 pedals in terms of strength and balance but it's totally unusable for SC. In primis the yaw axis is not on the pedals but on the stick (at least in my cfg), in secundis the curves are very hard and not responsive enough for a fast-paced game as SC. I hope that clarifies what I meant. Pedals or not it's up to you. In my opinion HOTAS and Pedals > 2x sticks. With the former you have more axis (6 vs 8+) and since you manoeuvre the most with pedals and stick, you can use your "secondary" hand to reach any possible additional controller you may need. But again, your choice
  17. I still don't really consider SC an "arcade" as far as controls. NMS is more what i think of in that respect. heh. I did forget to mention. My current setup is 2x TM t16000m sticks and the TM TWCS Throttle. I've been debating getting pedals, but have been holding off given my currents setup having 3 Z-axis available. Mainly just looking for user experience. How do they feel, is it worth the price, horror stories, ect..
  18. TeamSpeak is down.. well at least for me for a few weeks, this is what I get when I try: <22:41:32> Trying to resolve hostname tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com <22:41:33> Failed to resolve hostname 'tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope"
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