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  2. anyone looking for trades in pokemon sword/shield? I have a stock of eevee and ponyta's.
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  4. Nice to see you are still with us=) hope everything is all right with you now though
  5. I have been laughing when people have make joke about how long it take to make star citizen and that their children will play the game because they are death of old age. Well for me it got close to be true, not of old age but from heart problem, about a week ago i got a cardiac surgery. And I am still here and more ready than before to experience the game together with my son when it's finished See you in space
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  7. 20 man stealth drop ship and it look amazing. Cant wait until we can use it for bunker missions and boarding the 890 jump mission.
  8. Prowler looks awesome can't wait to see it in game.
  9. Nice welcome even if its like 3 mounth ago you wrote. Go on to ts and intruduce your self there. always glad to talk to new people there
  10. hi all nice people...i hope you all feel well!?


    1. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Glad its the weekend (-:

  11. Always an option to just earn ships in game.... but of course if you buy ships with cash, thanks for supporting the development of Star Citizen.
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