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  5. hears a vid of the setup we should get ready and launched one and a half hours in advanced x)
  6. I like the ship, I have one (not for sale). I think it be a great ship in game. Not only for combat, but support ship for mining, salvage or most things. Them medium landing pads and two repair bays will give a lot more flexibility than the Idris. What ships you thinking of putting on it? You do know people probably have their own ships they can take. So you don't have to fill it.
  7. i do it was a very very weird sale ... you had to write them why you wanted one and be selected .... and even then there where only 3 waves of sales where the last wave was one for all and for store credits possible. and that sale made me furious at the time and and got me to quit. but since then my life went to s**t as i stopped gaming all together , and now im revising my life and i know that i need to do what makes me happy. MMO gaming makes me happy so going for it. though not 16 ships with a 4500 dollar ... but just one ship i want .. the kraken... and some fighters to fill up the decks of course . i'm going to think about it the next 2 weeks. seller i found told me its no hurry. but of course it is not a easy decision .... he asks 1997 euro for it...... and is not little money.
  8. I have a couple questions about the event. 


    Why do you have to have a Valkyrie? Can we have a Hoplite or cutlass as they have seats in the back. 


    As the Valkyrie slow and for the crew size not much fire power per person. 


    Do you have to take the ground vehicle with you. Or can you pull it at the closest outpost. As I cant think of any ships that can hold the Ballista at this time.


    What if the ship holding the box get destroyed?


    I don't know about other people but I cant post on that message.  

    1. Corbin_Jones


      you should be able to post on there bud. i will see if others can.


      and the reasons you say is why the valkyre.... want it to be more a ground combat than anything else. also, its up to you and your team the way you use.... everything! and if the box is destoyed then the game will switch, but not saying what that is until that time

  9. 2 price tag might succeed 2000 euro (yes i live in europe where on some strange way the ships are higher up in euro then dollar while dollar is a few cents under euro value so somewhere we get screwed by sandy) I think like in the UK you have a pay tax. Unless it had more work on it I don't think it go up in price. If it do will not be by much. As they keep it close to the Idris price.
  10. thanks for that , was talking to some trader already ... can buy one for 1997 euro's. currently i'm wondering if id wait for anniversary there are several outcomes. 1 ship does not go on sale 2 price tag might succeed 2000 euro (yes i live in europe where on some strange way the ships are higher up in euro then dollar while dollar is a few cents under euro value so somewhere we get screwed by sandy) the last role out sale wave the ship was 1650 euro and that price goes up every time , i'm guessing for a next sale it will go atleast 1850 euro. (is that 150 difference worth all the waiting hassle) 3 only a very few ships might get sold and i miss out (again) or ill buy the one i found for offer pay 2000 eurie and have it done ... and who knows the account where the kraken is on has some privileges. my account that i have now is disposable as i have totally nada zero nop nothing in the account not even a starter pack or whatever. 2 good reasons though 1 my own account and no problems 2 the ship goes on sale for much less than i anticipated and ill be able to haul one in.
  11. It over $1k so it will have LTI. Any ship over 1k has LTI. No matter when you get it.
  12. Welcome back Mark, There is a distinct likelyhood that these vessels and many more shall become available once again during Star Citizen's Anniversary where they have a massive unvault on ships. While you will not be able to achieve lifetime insurance, this would be your best bet for attaining the ship. As I've explained in a previous post, here, there are optimized ways of attaining figuratively "more" in Star Citizen for the same price, through careful planning and patience. While Ebay is certainly a valid avenue which (with enough digging) could yield better results, the Above methods remain tried and tested. Additionally with November now less than 2 months away, the Anniversary Sale is upon us. Whichever avenue you pursue, I wish you luck in your enveavor(s). See you in the 'verse.
  13. Welcome back. That going to be a hard ship to find. It have not been out long so only been sold once I think (might be wrong).
  14. I am still dreaming about alien 2 Probably not going to happen but I can dream and hope 😁
  15. Ive bought from E-bay in the past - using Pay Pal - 2 forms of protection. 1 was a Prospector, one was a code for a Sabre Raven. This should give you an idea of current prices. http://mrfats.mobiglas.com/search?&q=Origin X1
  16. I'm looking to find me the KRAKEN. I'm aware that if i'd buy off grid i'd have to buy the account with the ship. non the less i want to get one ship and one ship only this time, if any has a kraken where he or she wants to get rid of ... ill buy for direct cash.
  17. hello i have been here quite some time. and i left the verse for quite some time as well.... about a year or so. had a lot of ships , but decided to cancel the whole thing (gaming) but now i'm getting and having my life back on track again ... its time to come back. this time id like to get one ship .. yes just one ship. I'm looking for the DRAKE KRAKEN. does anyone know some one that has one for sale somewhere ? please send me a mail if you do. can/will pay in cash ... no problemo best regards , M van der Decken
  18. I was talking about the leak the other day about Citizencon. Where it was said that the Pisces scout can hold the rover. I was saying giving the size of the hangar the Pisces is not going to be that big. And probably will not be able to hold it.
  19. If the Carrack can fit an Ursa Rover, it should be able to fit most vehicles. The cargo section is quite sizable which means leeway when it comes to these things. In terms of loading the cargo bay, look to classical designs such as the Constellation and 890 Jump. Elevators would appear to be the popular avenue for CIG's Cargo Loading solutions. Nothing wrong with that either, since larger ships such as the Carrack and the Hammerhead honestly need all the clearance they can get. It wont do you too good to be unable to land when you get your destination of choice, now will it? Edit: And after revisiting that video I am reminded that they've still opted for a lower Carrack with ramps. We're still getting a massive cargo hold on her though.
  20. It might have a tractor beam on the back to lift it. But how do you get the rover off and back on the front of the Carrack. Yes you can drive it off but how can you get it back on. Also tractor beams to lift a vehicle of that size in gravity is probably going to be big and need a lot of power. Meaning could take up a lot of the pisces. If they was going to give it a vehicle I would of bet on the new bike. Much smaller and much lighter. But who knows what they are doing.
  21. I don't think it will be able to lift the rover. It just to small. Look at the size of the hangar with the merlin in it. The rover is 1.3 meter taller than the merlin.
  22. I just fallen over some leaks. The Pisces Scout is not what I thought it would be, if the leak is right it`s way better I can post link if it`is allowed, but beware there is also spoiler from CitizenCon 2949
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