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  1. Today
  2. Pics from the last Org Event

  3. Pics from the last Org Event

    Great pictures. High quality.
  4. Pictures taken by FriendCalledFive during the last ORG Event. Notice the Geycat which was driven into and parked in the back of my Cutlass Black. I then went in and bought some cargo at a terminal and the game calculated the loss of cargo space from the Greycat and gave me at the terminal the reduced amount of cargo space available. https://imgur.com/a/O0rMU
  5. Yesterday
  6. Production Illustrator Jim Martin (Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Matrix & Alien film series and more) stops by to chat his work for Star Citizen.
  7. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    Lots of ships are armed and shielded for going into hot areas but most of them manage to look a bit more interesting than the reclaimer xD And I do hope it will be customizable because the first thing I would do if I had one is get rid of the rubbish color scheme. Its all horses for courses though I suppose
  8. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I don't mind the grimy heavily used look so much as the lack of customization. It looks to me as if every Reclaimer has a puddle of water in the bathroom as well as the exact same objects littering the sink. I fully expect that by the time the game goes live that such details will be customizable, so I hope I won't be disappointed.
  9. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    The ship is armed and shielded as it will be going in to scary places. It isn't going to be painted bright yellow, that will just be suicide. Personally I think it looks stunning, inside and especially out.
  10. I agree - we need to know more about how shards will communicate, and there are tons of possible versions ... but meanwhile not much we could do (the only thing I am sure about is - missiles will be always competitive .. in case missile boat lock some fighter and drop 10 size 3 missiles on it .. this fighter isn't going very far
  11. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    The exterior looks about as bland and dreary as a breeze block wall. And the interior aint much better. I think they are missing the mark with the rugged and industrial theme. Just because its rugged and industrial does not mean it has to be boring and bland. Loads and loads of grey tones does not shout industrial activity to me. Where do you ever see a grey digger or dumper truck on a construction site? I get that going full health and safety with it would be bad but just a little less grey would compliment it I reckon.
  12. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I think most if not all my ships do that if I don't shutdown the power when I land.
  13. Last week
  14. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    That video of the Reclaimer coming in to land is great, though it looks like they still have some floaty issues to resolve. Every time they landed the Reclaimer, as soon as the landing was "done" it seemed to wait to bounce back up in the air.
  15. Solar and I chatted about this on TS last night. If we assume they end up having to go with regional shards instead of a single shard, the question becomes what kind of connections or mirroring exists between the different region shards. On one end of the spectrum you have zero connection, and they are completely distinct shards. This would piss off a bunch of people who had previously been sold on the idea that there will be "one big universe" that everyone is playing in. However, at the other end of the spectrum you have shards that are actually synced together so that actions you take in one shard impact all the other shards. In this case, even though you wouldn't be able to actually see the other players on the other region shards you'd still be able to impact the same universe they are in. The problem with this is that you are then having the universe around you being impacted by people you can't see. You could build an outpost on a moon and sit there guarding it 24 hours a day, and then suddenly it blows up because someone on another shard sent 50 missiles at it. Obviously this would piss off people too. Maybe there's a middle ground where your personal and org reputation is synced, but physical objects are not. In any case it is not at all an ideal situation. One thing that I think might be important to consider, however, is that this is a FAR bigger problem for a place like Australia (sorry Solar!) than it is for the rest of the world. Here's why: Speed of light 299.79 km/ms NY/Sydney distance 15,979.00 km NY/Sydney time 53.30 ms NY/London distance 5,567.00 km NY/London time 18.57 ms NY/Lima distance 5,871.00 km NY/Lima time 19.58 ms London/Sydney distance 16,983 km London/Sydney time 56.65 ms As you can see, the time it takes for light to travel one way between the US and Europe is actually not that huge, about 19ms. Obviously you have the additional time added by routers and such, but if AWS can provide service that is anywhere near the theoretical minimum then it is possible that someone in the UK could play competitively on a US server and vice versa. However, the minimum time for light to travel between Australia and either the US or London is over 50ms. You add in the router delays and you're talking about some serious lag. Without CIG effectively slowing the game down in some way to make it fair, there's simply no way players in Australia will be able to competitively play on US or EU servers. Anyway, yea, it is all up in the air. Erin said they're still planning to TRY to have a single shard for the whole world, even though he also seemed to concede that it very well may not be possible.
  16. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    What an awesome episode! Posted on reddit:
  17. This week sees a new installment of Ship Shape, where Jared gives us a look at the Aegis Reclaimer and the Tumbril Cyclone, with a little help from last week's studio audience.
  18. You bring up very good points Drakin. I have no idea how this will play out in the end because everything is in a state of change right now. Is it possible we won't get to choose who and where we play? Maybe "international" orgs won't be viable. Is anything for sure yet? We are in wait and see mode.
  19. Calling Dibs

    you know i have reserved that Terrapin drakin furthermore i also got access to a Reclaimer when they go live so we will try them out np
  20. Official Vulkan Q&A

  21. ATV: Reclaimer X Cyclone Teaser

    Is a teaser for tonights ATV.
  22. ATV: Reclaimer X Cyclone Teaser

    It says 15th March?
  23. it doesn't make sense its like the multiverse all over again we signed up for 1 world / universe
  24. Calling Dibs

    I have a Terrapin AND a Reclaimer. I'm most likely going to upgrade the Terrapin to something else at some point as I'm not yet convinced that it is worth the $$ for the very limited unique role it will serve... but I'm open to having my mind changed. The Reclaimer is very likely a keeper though That thing is gonna just be a beast. I'm hoping I can wack things with its arm, so just like in the Karate Kid it'll be wack on, wack off. LOL *Snort*
  25. Sorry Solar, but that actually doesn't address what I'm talking about a all. If there are separate shards for each region then presumably the shards would have little to nothing to do with each other. Each shard would be its completely separate own entity, and your personal and org process in one shard would have little to nothing to do with your personal and org process in another shard. Maybe your reputation might translate over or something, but I think that's about it. But if an org takes over a base on a planet it doesn't make sense that the same org then takes over the same base on the other shards (I'm not going to explain why since I think it is obvious). So timezone leadership really has nothing to do with this at all. It would need to be separate shard leadership to deal with completely different strategic situations that the org would find itself in between the various region shards.
  26. Calling Dibs

    Terrapin for the win.
  27. we already have regional admirals for exactly this occasion we have anticipated this kind of setup years back and will have regional or we called it timezone leadership structure with duty officers that will relay info from the shift before and alert the next shift so to speak about any events that occurred in the last timezone. for example i am australian timezone admiral MG is American and Groth was European timezone admiral. we will be able to coordinate our armada between the 3 main time-zones and regions
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