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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome home, members from the USA!  Sometimes it's hard to find US players in this org. This is your place to touch base and get to know each other.  Introduce yourselves and create topics to discuss!


I'll start:

I am from NW Florida and try to get on relatively regularly.  I'm not sure what facet of the game excites me the most. Trading, FPS, repair...everything else. I've been a backer since 2014.  The pride and joy of my fleet is my 890 Jump but I've got an assortment of ships.  My favorite ship has got to be the Cutlass for it's ability to do so much with so little.  I am an aircraft mechanic and general tech nerd.  I have active hobbies as well, but hat's not really relevant here.  I have a wife, two kids and two puppies.  Yup, that's about it.  Look forward to seeing more posts here in the future!

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