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    Yela Images - Image Bucket

    Yela Images - If you have screenshots of Yela that you have taken and want to share them post them here. The second picture is my new desktop background.
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    Why I want a Max.....

    You can keep your Cutlass, I want the extra capacity of a Max
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    Bought a new GPU GTX1080 G1. Not happy with the price but ow my its a massive upgrade for me.
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    concierge pics

    a look at some of the concierge items + glitch
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    TAC video uploaded to Spectrum

    Keep this fun video near the top by voting posting comments. It's honest re- 3.0 and fun https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/having-org-fun-in-3-0-yes-even-with-bugs-slightly-
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    Org Behaviour Guidelines

    It has come to my attention that certain comments have been made in chat of an un ORG nature. I'd like to remind people that this should be a place of safety and a non judgemental environment please. While there will aways be a degree of laisez faire for amusement, some behaviours are clearly not acceptable. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse. Members must respect one another and show understanding, tolerance, and patience. How you present yourself directly affects your reputation and the reputation of the Org. Behaving in a mature and respectful way will allow you to gain the respect of friends, enemies, and strangers. It is important to remember that your decisions and actions reflect not only upon yourself but also upon those around you. Be thoughtful and polite, act professionally. Ownership – Ownership is a concept we hold dearly within Tactical Advance. We take ownership of our actions, our roles, our business relations, our fun and most importantly our mistakes in the highest regard.
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    Hi guys, I've been think a lot about what ships will be able to assist in what we would consider 'long range hauling' but as of yet without jump points in the game have no idea of how each ship will perform in this aspect. The RSI ship matrix has some ships defined as long range so we can take these as a given, but there maybe be other ships in the pipeline set to come out as concepts and we may find that some of the versatile ships, or ships already in the game operate well over some distances. Below is a lists of ships that I believe as of now are long range capable, from what we know and divided into 3 groups for haulers, potential haulers and escorts: (includes cargo capacities & caveats) Haulers JP Size Cargo Capacity Banu Merchantman L (3584) Hull E L (98304) Hull D L (20736) Hull C L (4608) Hull B M (384) Starfarer L (295) Starfarer Gemini L (295) Carrack L (1000) - exploration ship as main function Caterpiller L (576) - (not ideal for long range hauling) 890 jump L (1600) Constellation Taurus L (243) Constellation Aquila L (96) - exploration ship as main function Constellation Androm. L (96) Constellation Phoenix L (66) - luxury Ship as main function Freelancer Max M (122) Freelancer Dur M (28) - exploration ship as main function Freelancer Mis M (28) Freelancer M (66) 600i explorer L (40) - exploration ship as main function Genesis L (300) - could possibly be to convert into a dedicated hauler with an increased cargo capacity. Potential Haulers (most likely wont be used due to crew/logistics difficulties & costs) Orion (384) - mining ship as main function Reclaimer (360) - although great cargo capacity most likely wont be used due to its limited speed. Crucible (230) - repair ship as main function 315p (2) - fighter as main function Reliant Sen (2) - science/exploration ship 600i luxury (16) - luxury ship as main function endeavor (500) - Science Vessel as main function (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Polaris (216) - Corvette (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1 non-long range escorts to be carried) Idris P (995) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non long range escorts to be carried) Idris M (831) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non-long range escorts to be carried) Javelin (5400) - destroyer (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1-2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Escorts Hammerhead Banu Defender Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbringer Vanguard Sentinel Vanguard Hoplite Retaliator Base Retaliator bomber Mustang Beta Terrapin 315p Herald (Scout only) Polaris Idris P Idris M *The banu merchantman, Carrack, Constellation, Freelancer, 890 Jump, 600i series, caterpillar and Starfarer could be added as potential escorts due to their long range capabilities but as they are included in the hauling list and may not be ideal escorts have therefore just listed them here as a sub note. Below is a list of ships that may have some long range capabilities, and will be open to debate and divided into 2 groups for haulers and escorts: Haulers Hull A ? Reliant Kore ? Reliant Mako ? Escorts Khartu-Al ? Gladiator ? - when fitted with extra fuel tanks Redeemer ? Hurricane ? Buccaneer ? 300i ? If you think that a ship needs to be added to / moved from one of the lists please feel free to comment, as we find out more about their capabilities, here is a list of all ships not included on any of the above lists: (that could still be used if they fit inside a carrier.) or turn out to have better than expected range. M50 intercepter Mustang Alpha Mustang Gamma Mustang delta Mustang Omega Gladius Gladius Valiant Aurora ES Aurora LX Aurora MR Aurora CL Aurora LN 325a 350r F7c Hornet F7c Hornet wildfire F7c Hornet Ghost F7c-M Super Hornet F7c-R Hornet Tracker Cutlass Black Cutlass Blue Cutlass Red Avenger Stalker Avenger Titan Avenger Titan Renegade Avenger Warlock Vanduul Scythe P52 Merlin P72 Archimedes Reliant Mako Esperia Glaive Sabre Sabre Comet Prospector Pioneer Esperia Prowler 85X Eclipse Razor
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    Loaner Of The Month - Andromeda

    Well this month we get an Andromeda. I'm a relatively recent backer and the larger ships are something ive been very curious about. The Constellation sits at a particularly sensitive point in the size range too. One step down and you have the Freelancer which even in its current base form is already an exceptional ship. The Freelancer offers pretty good handling, amazing acceleration and a very adequate 66 SCU. Not to mention four rather large guns at the front and a turret at the rear. First impressions of the Andromeda are favourable. The modeling is amazing, its a seriously good looking ship from all angles and its big. No, I mean really big. So, what do you get for your money? You get 96 SCU in a very pretty package. Yes, that's it. You appear to get 4 bunks for a potential crew of 5. I did check and I couldnt find a 5th anywhere. You get two lifts, one for crew and the other drops a major portion of the cargo hold to the ground or as a vehicle carrier. What dont you get? Handling, in any way shape or form. It isnt as bad as the Starfarer - nothing is quite so bad - yet. But its really not good. Acceleration is pretty mediocre, especially with a load of cargo on board. Top speed is also lacking. Maybe it is me, but I had some serious expectations. This is one of the flagships we see in all the videos of the game. I expected some sparkle, some pazaz, or possibly even a twinkle. Unfortunately I just didnt feel it. This is a very big ship outside but get inside and its actually not very big at all. As a side issue, push the right pedal down for a while and watch the needle experience a lot of gravity. This thing needs to be nursed to be economical on its fuel consumption. The smaller ships (even the Starfarer) dont seem to even twitch the fuel gauge. My Andromeda managed to drop to 94% with what I would consider reasonable maneuvering. The others didnt. In fact the others havent ever moved, despite some pretty heavy handling on occasion. Maybe it's a game mechanic, but the others arent affected in the same way. In all honesty I am both a bit sad and slightly disappointed. I really wanted to like this ship. I really wanted to be thinking about what I could juggle to get one. In the end however, I am back to my original plan. A Freelancer Max & DUR will offer me a significant percentage of a Constellation, but without the drawbacks - and importantly - at a big cost saving. They will also offer me significant benefits in handling and performance, while not being such a huge target that spends a lot of time at the filling station............ I'm keen to see how other people rate the Andromeda from what we have seen and specifically how they feel it compares to the Freelancer please
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    3.01 You Have Been Warned

    A quick summary of the new 3.01 patch..... OMFG what a total pile of steaming cr*p 1) Frame Rate :- Varies, regardless of server between 2 & 52, but there is a reason. 2) Pirates :- If the real universe has this many NPC pirates there simply wont be enough room for the rest of us. Go to quantum, get dropped out. Burn past, count to 15 Quantum, get dropped out. Burn past, count to 15, go to quantum, get dropped out. I am averaging 7-9 interdictions per run. Not quite sure where the fun in that is. Oh, if you want to deal with pirates, one question. How do you like dealing with them at 2 FPS? Because that's what you get any time an event happens. 3) There appears to be a pirate Caterpillar stuffed with cargo that you can meet quite regularly. Now I am sure it was meant as a fun interlude designed to give joy and smiles to all the family. However, When you destroy aforementioned ship it spews cargo everywhere, go back to 1) see FPS issues!! So far one step forward but at least 4 backwards. Time of play right now seems immaterial, most likely just because its the new & shiny thing everybody wants to try again. Good Luck, you're really going to need it. PS, your bank is back to 5k Yes, YOURS - Mine is already back to 50k lol - last one to a million gets the drinks in
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    New Road Map for 2018

    Enjoy............. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen IF we are really lucky, by the end of the year there will be jam and not just the promise of jam Many new ships and features on the way. Fingers crossed they come through, although on past form, dont expect it all.
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    Alpha 3.0 Feature Trailer

    Step into a first-person universe and experience boundless exploration, awe-inspiring ships, weapons and gear, and intense combat in space and on the ground. Whether you're immersed in Star Citizen's Persistent Universe, engaged on the battlegrounds of Arena Commander and Star Marine, or racing at break-neck speeds in the Murray Cup, your adventure awaits.
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    GPU Patience.

    As I surmised, waiting a bit of the next new NVidia could well be worth it. Coming to a store near you in the not too distant future....... https://www.pcgamesn.com/nvidia/nvidia-volta-gpu-specifications
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    3.0 ooops

    I've had a few amusing moments in 3.0 due to various bugs, but so far this was the funniest. As many of you will know, when you turn on your ship engines the ship will often lurch forward suddenly in an uncontrollable matter. Usually moving the throttle full forward and then back to zero fixes it in time before anything terrible happens. However in this case, while trying to take off from Levski, the Retaliator I was flying ended up like this: It was rather dark at the time I was taking off, so initially I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble piloting the ship up and out. I finally abandoned ship and soon figured it out...
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    PvP with other orgs Feb 2nd

    Greetings Citizens, Our multi-PvP events continue to be a success, so we’ll keep organising them. However, attendance is very variable at times, so we would like you to fill in this survey to see if we can come up with a different time or day to get an even bigger crowd. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Q6X573C We’ll be playing a mix of Star Marine and Arena Commander. Date: February 2 Times: 20:45 Australian Eastern Time zone 20:45 Central European Time Zone 20:45 Eastern Time Zone Communication: We’ve opened dedicated channels on our teamspeak server Teamspeak address: the-bwc.com No password required for the dedicated channels You can download the teamspeak client for free at http://www.teamspeak.com/downloads Be aware that we require users to set up a push-to-talk-button. Commander comms will be set up. We will have a common room and separate rooms per org. Please be on TS ten minutes before the start of the event. Streaming/twitch. Feel free to stream to your heart's desire. We would appreciate it if you would add following message to your stream: “If your organisation would like to participate in these PvP events, please leave a message for DrZombie at www.the-bwc.com.” DrZombie. Black Widow Company.
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    pic of the terrapin

    pic of the terrapin
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    new Clan Battles Season

    we need 7 players for the clan battles soo get on warships and lets have some fun !!!
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    new Clan Battles Season

    Why is that the French ships go faster in reverse than forward? *snicker* Hey, I'm up for some World of Warships. Let me know when.
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    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    As others on Montoya's video have already said, he was wrong in saying there will be a decision tomorrow. Instead the hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled, and the judge will, at some point in the next 90 days, make a decision on the dismissal without the hearing.
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    Game breaking issue lads

    Intel to release patch for chip security issues: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/08/intel-spectre-cpu-patch/?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#864285827056238593-tw#1518104627404
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    I just noticed your avatar ...... It's great
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    Lord of Admirals

    Saber Raven

    It is actually my handle I just forgot to add the underscores I will edit that. Lord_of_Admirals
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    Lord of Admirals

    Saber Raven

    Hello everyone, This is my first ever post even though ive been in the Org for close to 3 or 4 years now. But I was able to snag a Intel Optane (PS, its just a really expensive SSD). But was wondering if anyone else has one and had any ideas on what to kit it out with since it is going for the low IR build.
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    Loaner Of The Month - Andromeda

    After spending a lot of time flying the Andromeda I have to agree. The manoeuvrability and acceleration/top speed are somewhat underwhelming. I'm certainly hoping for a few tweaks.
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    Just found out that the centre booster crashed.... I was joking about it falling over. Not my fault.
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    Apologise to all, Really sorry I've not ben active on the forum or TS the last couple of weeks gentlemen. I got rushed into hospital with a burst appendix with severe infection. I am slowly recovering and I will try to be back ASAP!
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    3.0.1 PTU access

    If you want to try out the 3.0.1 PTU, you can do it using your old 3.0 PTU login if you still have it. Instructions for accessing the PTU: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/star-citizen-alpha-3-0-1-ptu-706028-patch-notes
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    Interesting Bored info.

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    Director of Technical Content Sean Tracy is joined by CG Supervisor Forest Stephan and Tech Artist Gaige Hallman as they discuss the recent advancements that help our developers bring Star Citizen to life.
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    Supposed patch notes: Players should no longer be sorted into races that have already started, causing an error code. Speculative fix for ships missing items. Reputation should now persist between player sessions. Fix for ship EMP weapons charging much faster than intended. Fix for certain weapon families starting at max spread and recovering significantly slower than expected. When trying on/inspecting clothes your face should no longer be illuminated by helmet lights that aren't there. Fix for ships duplicating if changes were made to the pledge while an insurance claim was being made. Admin NPCs should now accept boxes and allow players to complete related missions. Boxes placed on admin counters should no longer fall through to the floor. REC rented items should no longer invalidate prior rentals and rentals with time remaining from the prior patch should now be available. Carryable crates dropped from vehicle destruction in excess of SCU crates in Cargo Grids will now spawn on positions of Cargo Grids instead of near world origin. Players should no longer be able to break their character and be stuck spawning as a white sphere
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    The fine folks at CIG have fixed the chat issue. Now if only they could fix the spawning useless ships problem...
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    Amen to that.
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    Story and Music! Week 1

    *This is a little story I am going to develop. If you want to be included leave a comment and I will add you in happily. You will never be the point of view character. That role is reserved for "YOU", or all of us if you catch my drift. If you have a piece of music you think will compliment a scene as it plays out, please suggest it. If you think it's great, I need the encouragement. If you think it's garbage say so. I'll definitely write you into an Alien Tentacles scene. The idea here is that you read along until you come to a youtube link of music, click it, listen for about a minute and contemplate the scene. Then continue reading. If the music is still playing when you reach the next song (It will be with the first one certainly) Go up and stop the music and start the next one. Enjoy! It's 0230 and you're on patrol of a jump point. Command hasn't told you what exactly is going on but you're pretty sure you overheard the word Valkyr being mentioned. The data link for your mobiglas isn't working, but even if it was working you wouldn't want to use it while sitting in the cockpit of a stealth fighter. That would be just stupid....right? You've been on patrol for two boring hours and the temptation to research what Valkyr means is building, but something in the back of your mind tells you it's something big. You are excited to have been asked to do this mission. Even as new as you are, sometimes being in the right place at the right time pays off, and this is the chance to prove yourself to the Org. Still, you can't get over how lonely it is out here in space in a fighter. So far you have only trained and qualified in fighters. This is your first real patrol. Until now you've been bouncing from turret to turret on different ships. And while that's fun, it's time for you to move up in the org. Training went well, and you proved fairly quickly that you could handle yourself in a fight. That said Hornets were alot different from Mustangs and Gladiators. You almost prefer the light fighter to the medium ones. You felt safer in the smaller faster ships. That seems counter intuitive but for you, speed wins. This old jalopy that you are piloting now? It's for dinosaurs. You were told by Ichi to take one of the Hornet Ghosts from the Organization Motorpool. This one had an odor that you couldn't quite place. Every 30 minutes or so your mind would snap back to trying to pin down exactly what the smell reminded you of. More importantly, but irrationally ignored, one of the thrusters on this old Hornet was sluggish and was clearly in need of maintenance. Still, you knew in a fight it would barely be a hinderance to you and you returned to the attempts to identify the pungent odor that somehow seemed to permeate metal. You even imagined that the smell was likely transferring from the joystick to your hand and would never come out of your glove again. THAT thought might screw you over in a fight. You lift your hand off the throttle controls to wipe away some dirt and examine it. This Hornet was on Daymar, and was likely one of the first Hornets the Org owned. Back in the early days one of the first mass conflicts Tactical Advance got into was on Daymar over some silly business. As I recall our leader, Tactical Advance himself was one of the first explorers in a rover on Daymar. Some scumbag in a fighter ambushed him and was trying to blast him off the planet. Luckily Tac brilliantly outmaneuvered the lousy pilot and saved the day. But once word got out that someone took a shot at the leader of the largest Org in the Universe....well....let's just say things got out of hand quickly. This fighter....this Ghost....suddenly it all comes together and you remember. The smell, the ship....Gigowatt....That guy has a tendency to live in his cockpit, and he eats...pickles...the vinegar smell swirled in your nostrils, and now that it was identified you could taste pickles. All you could envision was Gigowatt standing on the flight deck of his Hammerhead two weeks ago offering you a pickle out of a jar he had sitting next to the Captains chair. When you rejected it he gave you a sour look and told you that if you rejected his pickle it might be seen as treasonous. Luckily one of the female crewman gave him a disapproving glance and he digressed, albeit with a giant grin. This old bird belonged to Gigowatt? You aren't sure whether you appreciate it more or want to pull the eject handle and are mildy amusing yourself with the thought. The patrol arc ran from the jump point to a nearby asteroid field that is dense enough to hide a medium to large size ship. Unless something was hiding in there ahead of time it would never be able to sneak in, but you follow orders anyways and try to refocus so you don't miss anything. Whatever this mission is, it was unexpected. Another pilot, CeruleanEmpyrean is running the opposite end of the same arc. "He should be getting close to the Jump Point by now" you think to yourself. As the hours drone on you continue to rotate between your HUD, and the various bits of dust and the occasional axis correction, probably due to the sticking thruster. You again entertain the ejection notion when the radio comes blaring to life, nearly startling you so bad that your fingers just touching the ejection handle are now precariously too close to danger. Your hand snaps back to the throttle control as you listen to controlled but emphatic voice. "Wing Commander, this is Echo 1, I repeat Echo 1, please COME IN!" Cerulean announced. "A massive fleet is jumping into the system even as we speak!" "ALL ELEMENTS, Break silence......We have an unknown number of bogeys inbound". You recognize the voice as Akanoes. That's damned odd, what the hell is he doing all the way out here? Ichi's voice calmly came across the radio next. "A little premature to break silence but it's ok. I have just been notified that she's under her own power and we have two Squadrons of medium fighters on location. Why don't you tell us what you see out there Echo 1?" A moment passed, then another and you are starting to think about turning your ship for the Jump Point and kicking the after burner when Cerulean replys. "Sir, we have two Capital Ships, Idris class, 4 Polaris Corvettes, and what looks like at least 10 other large craft, Hammerheads, Connies, Retaliators and more. I don't have an accurate count of fighters yet Sir, and I don't think that they've launched all they got." Ceruleans report sent shivers down your spine. You don't know where Ichi, Akanoes and the others are, you know that the only way in or out of this system is blocked by a fleet you won't be sneaking past, and the only other person you KNOW is in the system, Cerulean is in worse shape than you. Ichi's voice came across calmly, "Echo 1, have you been detected yet?" "Absolutely Sir, they started jumping in damn near on top of me and there is no cover out here!" Cerulean exclaimed. "Echo 1, you are to make for the asteroid belt. I want you to try and lure them after you, make it look like your running" Ichi ordered. "I AM RUNNING!" Cerulean said loudly, but not shouting. He was definitely in control of his faculties. It was a stressful situation that you were honestly glad you hadn't encountered on your arc. But what now? Ichi continued "You will lure them to the asteroid belt, where you and your wingman, Echo 2, will play hide and seek until otherwise notifed, or until you are unable to do so any longer. You are not to go to the rendezvous under any circumstances". You decided to risk asking the question, "What about fuel Sir?" Somberly Ichi replied "You run until your dry. Shut down and conserve your oxygen in the asteroid belt for as long as you can. Play hide and seek. I promise you that we will be coming for you, but for right now we need a little more time to evacuate personnel." "What personnel need evacuating?" you think to yourself. Ichi continued "Trust me when I say that this is a turning point in the Universe, and Tactical Advance will come out victorious."he said, with a mild hint of pride as if from an old Hollywood Movie. "One last question Cerulean, do you know what Org it is?" "It's the Russians....РОДНОЙ КАНАЛ (Rodnoy Kanal) is here". Ceruleans voice broke. You imagined their Red ships coming through the Jump Point. Just then you realized that Cerulean was speeding towards you. s**t...in all this you had made it nearly half way back to the midpoint of the mission arc. "Get your ass in gear rookie! Lets get our tails to the asteroid field before those Russkies turn you into a hood ornament for one of those Idris'". You crank the stick to the left and throw the switch to the afterburners. The chase is on now.....and you're the bait! Just then over the civilian radio you hear a thick Russian accent in a maniacal laugh. "Hornet, Hornet, little Hornet, why you run from me? I want to make diplomatic relations...." You realize he's tracking Cerulean, and hasn't spotted your Ghost yet. Without question you identified your first kill, and you are confident he will die without ever knowing you were there. End of Week 1
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    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    It's terrible of me, but I actually hope the suit is not dismissed. An evil part of me wants to see Cryrtek and their lawyers humiliated in court.
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    Game Director Chris Roberts joins Jared Huckaby as they answer questions LIVE related to the continuing development of Squadron 42, the single-player campaign set within the Star Citizen universe.
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    I run with a 970 and the game runs fine at 1920×1200 resolution. Doesn't even come close to stressing the GPU. When I eventually get a 4K gaming monitor I'll have to upgrade, but not planning to do that for a while.
  39. 1 point
    yep .. but those are "intentions of the patch" ... one just doesn't expect intentions to realise
  40. 1 point
    TL;DR - in case you are NOT a concierge you'd need to play through squadron 42 and get a token that will allow you to purchase F8C .. and remember F8C is not F8A
  41. 1 point

    GPU Patience.

    If you look at the numbers, it has a 50% increase on bandwidth, 25% more ram over a Titan V, smaller die size and this could well make a significant difference to your bank balance
  42. 1 point

    Spectrum website update

    ATV at the end i believe
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    TAC video uploaded to Spectrum

    Ive been hassled to add my vote so I did
  45. 1 point

    Crytek v CIG Continues.

    And further insight here:
  46. 1 point

    3.0 ooops

    back in time I had most of my money in a freelancer that spawned upside down ... was barely able to get into and fly out .. but I did it and I'm proud
  47. 1 point

    3.0 ooops

    I tried to get out of the room 5 times before giving up (there was no cargo in my pigamas )
  48. 1 point
    I'm Back. Logging in for the first time since buying an M50 Interceptor back around 2014. Keen to explore and meet some of the members in [TAC]. See ya around. -Munrai
  49. 1 point

    Game breaking issue lads

    Seems it might be blown a bit out of proportion..
  50. 1 point

    Game breaking issue lads

    Just wait until Tuesday when we start to get an idea of the impact, if any. Not worth speculating without data.

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