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    3d view

    taken from https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/11240-StarShip42-FleetView-A-3D-Fleet-Viewer
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    This week on Around the Verse, we check in with LA Studio Director Eric Kieron Davis for a Star Citizen project update, and get a detailed look at how sound factors into the immersion and storytelling of the Persistent Universe.
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    Upgrades keep the insurance from the ship you are upgrading from. To get LTI you need to buy the warbond 100 series with real money.
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    Refueling Official Detail

    I think we're going to find that refueling is going to be critical to most things. Quantum fuel ONLY available from Cry Astro and the like? Think about how that puts a crimp in Exploration. As for the rest - we're going to need to look very closely at operations and availability.
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    Refueling Official Detail

    I found this page both enlightening and informative. Thankyou Bursa.
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    Er no, I dont think Exploration has a monopoly on the ability to go to a mining planet and start digging lol
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    Cheers for finding that. Ironically I sealed my fate yesterday and bought a Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7 Z370 1151 socket motherboard, so I am stuck to an i7-8700k unless intel surprise us on that socket set. To be fair I am not gonna complain the i7 is $490 which is a lot healthier for the pocket book than $1300^, it also is not a bad processor at all. Still a few months yet before 3.2 and that is my target goal to have this rig built by. If Intel do bring out something new I may be very interested. Other than that. I just have a Samsung 960 pro 512gb ssd, 32gb of probably corsair ram, probably a Noctua N-D15 cpu cooler, windows, internet security and I'm in business.
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    Whats up? To pretty for you coal mining Industry folk?
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    Ships going on sale means they are available to buy, not at a reduced price. Occasionally there are starter packages at reduced sale prices. Concept ships go on sale with a cheaper warbond variant which means you can only buy it with real money, not store credit.
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    Scavenger hunt on 1st of April

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/Star-Citizen-Scavenger-Hunt-Rules hopefully it will not be a joke .. GL everyone
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    Scavenger hunt on 1st of April

    You have to re-copy your PTU account
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    Dang the alien tech animations is sick!
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    The age old question. AMD or Intel.

    Oh ..just in case anyone is interested - due to some discussion I measured fps for my processor ( 1800x ) limited to 2.4 Ghz (no turbo allowed) instead of standard 3.6 Ghz ( turbo up to 4.0 Ghz allowed ) ... in Alpha 3.0.1 there was no substantial difference in average and/or top fps ( 1440p with Nvidia 1080 as videocard )
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    Tactical Advance

    New Video on the Reclaimer

    New Video on the Reclaimer
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    It seems a very narrow tasked ship. Most likely more than capable, but highly defined and limited in flexibility - A very tough scout that cant run away easily. 1 bunk and possibly 2 crew. No cargo, no vehicle althogh the scanner looks promising, it'll have to be a LOT better than a DUR or Carrack to compete.
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    I went for the DUR because of its legs. Long range tanks, long range scanners, up to 4 crew and a bit of space for a vehicle. The Terrapin I just saw as somewhat limited compared to the DUR
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    Alpha 3.1 - Aegis Reclaimer

    I'm so overwhelming ecstatic The Reclaimer is in Alpha to be tested and to test other things with its presence. <<<<<>>>>>
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    My simpit (not finished)

    So, it's finished. I'm pleased with how it turned out, it does look like furniture and not just some toy that I feel embarrased to show to others. There are still those parts about it that I want to change but I can set aside an hour or two when I can to modify and adjust those problems. Hope you like the design and if you do decide to use this design with a few ideas of your own, please upload images here so that I can se what you did differently. /Fatie89 http://