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    Had some fun experimenting with the mining laser with moher4. Not he was doing the firing and his PC was lagging so couldn't see what he was shooting at too well!
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    Q&A: RSI Apollo

    Will there be any interactive ‘doctor’ gameplay to healing in med bays and first aid, or will it be automatic based on the tier of healing? The design for doctor/medical gameplay is not fully signed off, but it currently has interactive elements to it. One of the things that we always want to do with Star Citizen is to make player interactions physical rather than just pressing a button and walking away, an example being the current mining loop that requires a level of constant control instead of automatic extraction. What happens to the player while they’re waiting to be picked up, transported, and healed – are they just sitting there doing nothing the whole time? Currently, the plan is for the player to be physically immobilized during pickup, transportation, and healing. However, during the implementation process, we will review whether this is too much and if we need to provide some level of interaction. During these ‘down’ times, we’ll make sure the player has access to feedback notifying them of their current state and an indicator showing the rough time until the next state. Will NPCs requiring treatment spawn in your ship? We don’t plan on this being a natural occurrence, as having six random NPCs suddenly turn up on your ship requiring treatment without warning would be a pretty unnerving experience. However, NPCs can be collected via drone and treated on your ship as a result of interactions you make, be it specific medical mission participation or as you respond to other relevant beacons. Can the Apollo expel players who refuse to leave after being healed? The Apollo itself provides no specific method for doing this, but we expect owners will find their own unique ways to remove uncooperative patients! ‘Search and rescue’ gameplay involves a lot of looking and finding. How do the scanners on the Apollo compare to scanners on other ships, specifically the Terrapin and Cutlass Red, whose brochures and ship pages advertise that they can also be used as search and rescue craft? The Terrapin and Cutlass Red both have medium scanners, whereas the Apollo has a large one, like the Carrack and some of the other bigger ships. While they both do the same things and can be used for the same purposes, large scanners have a higher range/spread and give more accurate details. What happens to injured players who refuse to pay after being healed? In order to prevent abuse, we expect to require players to pre-pay in aUEC/UEC for treatment. It could be a voluntarily choice for conscious players, and be tied into the pre-accident request to respawn at an Apollo for those more gravely injured. What tier of beds will capital ship med bays have? Will they still rely on medical ship support? It depends on the ship in question, but a ship with a dedicated medical bay will generally have a high tier bed to provide full medical support. Bear in mind that this will be of limited use if the ship itself is critically damaged and the crew is injured. It is unlikely that capital ships will have enough high tier beds to support serious recovery for the entire crew simultaneously (with the exception of those dedicated to the role, like the Endeavor Hope). Are there injuries that the Apollo cannot fix but the Endeavor can? Assuming the Apollo is equipped with the best tier of beds available, then it can fix the same injuries as the Endeavor as the functionality per bed is the same. However, the Endeavor won’t have a loadout as limited as the Apollo, so can heal more people simultaneously. Will there be more variants of the Apollo, for example police/military/fighter/transporter? There are no plans for further RSI Apollo variants outside of the Medivac and Triage. We want this ship to stay focused on its current role. Can we sleep in a hospital bed to log off? This is not something we currently plan on allowing, but we’ll review it as the gameplay comes online. Since the ship only supports two crew members, does it mean we are limited to a pilot and a doctor as crew (it would be helpful if the crew positions/roles could be fleshed out more for us)? We don’t see the roles being as strict as just ‘pilot and doctor’ and envisage both players taking part in recovery and treatment. While landed or docked in space, both crew can safely help. However, there is nothing to stop the pilot leaving their seat to help while the ship is flying (ideally in safe space!). If the Apollo has tier 1 beds to allow respawning, will it also get a beacon for that like the Endeavor? Yes, the beacon described in the Endeavor Q&A is very similar to our current Service Beacons and requests for medical assistance will be done through those. Will there be a cooldown on respawns for an individual player, or will it be limited by the resources carried on the Apollo? There will likely be a cooldown period to promote the concept of death having serious consequences, but it will also be limited by the medical resources carried on the Apollo. While you could respawn multiple times on the same Apollo in the same game session, the overall respawn amount will be limited by the resources that the ship has available. Each spawn or recovery will use an amount of the equipment/consumables required for medical gameplay. How do you envision the balance between medical gameplay and time to kill (TTK)? Turning players into the kind of bullet sponges that facilitate the different stages of injuries and healing doesn’t make for a fun FPS experience, while having a shorter TTK results in players dying too quickly to use anything other than tier 1 recovery. TTK will be increased as we bring more features online. However, we’ll be constantly reviewing and amending the features that contribute to it to ensure all related gameplay feels as fun and immersive as possible. In previous releases, our TTK was quite high, but the UI gave very little feedback to the players about what was going on. This gave a poor feeling to both parties, but there are lots of systems due to be implemented that will prevent this from happening again. What’s the advantage of the Apollo in comparison to a medical bay you can find on ships like the Carrack? The Apollo’s medical bay can hold more people than a non-medical focused ship (outside some of the capital ships mentioned above) and its modularity allows it to heal in ways the vast majority of ships can’t. Will tier 1 medical bays support everything the lower tiers do? Superior tiers will include all the functionality of lesser tiers. An interesting decision for the player will come in how they configure their bays – having higher tier beds limits the number of people you can heal and using them to provide lower tier healing could be a waste of time, space, and resources. Does removing the medical modules increase the amount of SCU that can be used for cargo? The medical bays can’t be removed, so the maximum cargo capacity will still be 28 SCU. Can bounty hunters and slavers use the drones to retrieve unconscious hostile players? The drones simply require the patient to be immobilized/unconscious, what you do with them after that is up to you! The Apollo does not lock people into the medical beds, so unless you constantly monitor them they will either die from their injuries or wake up and become mobile again and require further restraining. Will the Apollo have outlaw applications, such as harvesting organs and limbs of PCs and NPCs captured, to further add depth/profit to bounty hunting/assassination missions? Organ harvesting is not something we currently plan to support in medical gameplay! Will pulling high g-forces affect patients on board? If so, how are they affected? We want the patients to stay in a state as stable as possible and the medical beds are designed to avoid this kind of thing (outside of catastrophic events, obviously). Long-term plans are for all players onboard all ships to be subject to g-force relevant to how the ship is being flown. Being restrained in either a seat or bed will mitigate this somewhat. Can Apollo owners set their ship to not be an active spawn point when they don’t want people arriving on their ship? For patients who are not in your friend list/party, retrieving them is an active process using the drone. You will have to actively accept missions or go to beacons to recover non-party members, so there’s no need to switch your ship off as a spawn point. However, when playing in a party (and the requirements to respawn are met, such as distance and capacity), players will automatically be given the option to respawn aboard your ship. Are medical consumables (hoses, sterilized needles, drugs, tools, blood/plasma, etc.) stored in the med bay, or do they take up space in the cargo hold? Medical consumables must be stored in the cargo hold, but the plan is to balance it so that even on an intensive medical mission, you’ll still have room for regular cargo if you wish. On the flipside, you may want to run with minimal medical supplies to just offer a couple of healing sessions and instead attempt cargo missions to generate additional income that way.
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    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    Cutlass has been described as an ambulance, So i'd expect it's options for heavier casualties are stabilising folk and hauling ass to a more capable facility. Apollo on the other hand can be described as a "Clinic" with the option to do more with up to six T3 tables, or at MOST two T1 beds. -So you can either have an ambulence that hauls ass with 6 people at a time, Or if in a more remote area with engagements being few and far between, go for a more dedicated doctor playstyle. The point I've seen here, entailing the notion that the cutlass seems more like a dedicated ambulance, compared to the 'Polly which can be a little more versatile in it's medical role. Polly also has two variants as of yet, although the cutlass red -Is- a variant itself which may lead me to believe it is more of a one trick pony than it's counterpart. I've already seen discussions of a Polly variant which would take samples of flora and fauna for research, replacing the beds with stasis tanks or something of the sort on spectrum. Here are the current variants of Polly, Listing Physical differences. Apollo Triage: Apollo Medivac: Length: 43 Length: 43M Width: 30 Width: 30 Height: 10 Height: 10 Max Crew: 2 Max Crew: 2 Armour: Medium Armour: Heavy Speed: 205 M/s Speed: 195 M/S Cargo: 28 SCU Cargo: 28 SCU Turrets: 1 Remote w/ 2X Laser cannons. Turrets: 1 remote w/ 2 Balistic Gatling's. Missiles: 2x S3 Missile Racks. Red Stats Indicts Stats that differ from the other variant. Sources: -The Video this thread is about, -Medical Gameplay article, Rsi https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16671-The-Shipyard-Medical-Gameplay -RSI Apollo Brochure.
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    Join Lead Vehicle Artist Elwin Bachiller Jr as we explore the current progress of all five variants LIVE in engine and have your questions answered LIVE.
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    No Man's Sky

    I have now bought it. 40 hours in so far. Quite good apart from the lurid colours. Having said that the grind is pretty harsh.
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    Filthy Rovers on Daymar, improving Group system UI, and turret fever drives us crazy in this week’s update.
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    StratoCrewzr has put a post up on spectrum, i would advise anyone who sees this to go read it, it's pretty long but it is well worth the read. go upvote his post if you agree with him too. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/65299/thread/a-personal-plea-to-cig-origin-890-jump-developers/102744
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    It's the end of the week, so we're going to kick back, hang out and play Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 with the Lore Team.
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    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    But also on the notion of a polly making the endeavour redundant.... I dont think it will. If I had a duo like that the Polly would immediately have t3 / t2 beds, for speedy evac of multiples and i'd put the two to rescue missions during org combats. Now that I think about it in more depth, the apollo is either that "Two man space clinic on the fringes" or that large ambulence. Consider the case scenarios... 1- You want something to go about in, land in places and do yo' clinic thing. You want to be small, mobile, and profitable. You wouldnt bring an endeavour to cure a small town. So Bam. Apollo. 2- You've got an endeavour and want an ambulence during combat. -Well. If you want something fast, zippy, and able to hit back, Get the cutlass. I doubt many ships would go down fast enough for one or two cutlasses to not keep up. Sure, the appollo can carry more. But you have to remember that this is a bigger ship, hauling more ass, and having to grab folks one or two at a time move to the next guy, pick him up, and so on. It's space combat, These fellows will be in the great black covering entire KM in their manuvuers. -If you've got a good load of folks who cover eachother and dont drop off often, Cutlass here is supreme.in some aspects. 100%. 3- On the flip, If you're expecting ALOT of casulties in space, maybe an apollo, as it can carry more and if the air is thick enough with folk, you wont have far to travel to fill up with almost dead people. Assuming you've got 6 T3 Beds. Sustain, drag to an endeavour, Bam, repeat. 4- Just had a unit of fellows on the ground, a small squad etc, going up and down in atmousphere would be a pain for a cutlass, but bring in a polly, maybe with a t2x2 + t1x1 setup, you have a reasonable medic respawn that can handle saving some folks from moderate damage, or even sustain folks with major damage, if you already have a major damaged guy being healed. Throw it in rotation with the other guys in the unit, you have a stream of folks frogleaping forwards. These arnt every eventuality, but a good jist of how to setup and think about these things. Long story short, In many ways the cutlass can be trumped by an apollo, but at the same time, in others a cutlass can trump one in situations where numerics dont matter, only speed, and armament. It seems the polly is more niched into the medical feild, but as a result, alot of the eventualities / scenario's that I can come up with for comparability suggest that it's also more versatile in that specific niche feild - As you'd expect. and can handle more than a cutlass. Sidenote. Medical gameplay is an enigma right now... Or rather, the notion of character death / respawn. I mean... How can they keep the game realistic and justify respawning in this game? All I can think about is that agent smith concept we heard about. The concept of a ship, Lets say a polly in this case, picking up a body / Npc, and treating them. A player somewhere has an unfortunate stroke of luck somewhere and dies, Then has the option to agent smith INTO that NPC you've just treated. He's both himself, and "the dude you just treated." Upside: -Free respawn. -No real break in immersion. -You've just switched out an NPC for an actual interaction with another player on your ship. Downside: -You have to ofcourse get an npc, or recover -a- body to treat, to get someone to agent smith into it. So if you go into a situation with an empty ship, How would someone spawn into it? this means that people respawning may not have the option to respawn at your ship, until you've actually done your job. So perhaps in this instance, have two or so free respawns, to be able to have bodies / folks to treat, to continue that realistic vibe of "I found a guy, healed him, Now he is here."immersion, whilst providing that: "I just respawned in this ship" convenience.
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    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    With the Cutlass being modular, I will work on getting the best bed in it I can. Even if it's a single bed. In my case, it's a fallback position for an emergency and not a direct route for gameplay.
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    No Man's Sky

    Actually no, the bad reviews were from people who were lied to by the head of the studio. The trailers showed things that weren't in the game and he made huge (and false) promises about multiplayer and other stuff It was a bare game at launch and seems like they've improved on it a bit but yea, people were mad they were lied to and paid full price for what was basically an early access game.
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    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    I got the Medivac version. The red version of triage I won't lie looks cool, but to me the Medivac feels more ambulance coloured. It might be a bit slower, but considering my combat skills having the better armour is more up my alley (Haha I managed to kill an interdicting cutlass with my 85X, but I don't imagine the AI will always be as silly and me as very very lucky). That the Apollo fits in my Hope is also a tick in my box of why I bought it. What has got me a bit stumped is what I am going to do with Apollo V.S Hope flying. If all that is going to happen is a T.1 bed does everything it makes a hospital sized Hope quite a bit redundant and this also is made worse by the fact if players can respawn at other med ships. I think that respawning really should be a luxury left up to an Endeavor Hope as it makes it special and well also has a damn hangar. The only consolation is if the respawning is taken away from being a Hope exclusive I might buy more components for the Endeavor and rejig it to being more science focused with the Apollo in the hangar. I think that an Endeavor and Apollo will still be an amazing team, whether shuttling to the hospital or having your clinic ship working alongside a science ship. You can either way still treat the wounded and if it came to a fire fight you can get the Apollo into the Endeavor as fast as you can and rely on the Endeavor's shields, whilst you get the hell out of there. Cutlass Red got replaced by Apollo for me because of the medical drones, size and ability to treat more people. I would be lying if it wasn't also an aesthetic reason haha it looks a bit USS Voyager ish. How many of us have medical craft in Tactical Advance? Maybe if there is a lot of uptake for new medical craft we should make a medical wing. If we are all lucky just like the Terrapin, the Apollo will get fast tracked because I think squadron 42 will have great need for them.
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    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    Goody, a ship I dont want at last Have a Cutlass red which would appear to have 1/3rd of the capacity of the new one. Cant see any benefit for me here yet. Nice to see things moving along though
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    Immersion up the wazoo

    that's why push to take and push to mute are a thing, Push to talk in teamspeak and set the same key as a push to mute in voice attack so that it won't be listening when the button is pushed.
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    2.1.2 is LIVE

    Alpha Patch 2.1.2 has been released to Live, and is now available for players! This patch is a targeted bug fix patch for Crusader and Arena Commander. Your launcher should should show “2.1.2-315233” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public. Please review our list of 2.1.2 Known Issues, and take full advantage of our Issue Council area of the Community site to report any bugs you encounter, as well as contribute to other players submissions. Some important call-outs A jet-pack looking item has re-appeared on the back of characters in Crusader, that will occasionally flicker in or out of reality.We are aware that ArcCorp is still suffering from some texture problems and level of detail popping. Arena Commander Module Fixes Gameplay Fixed an issue where destroying the turret of a ship would render it unable to be targeted by other players.User Interface Fixed an issue where a ships HUD could be (accidentally) interacted with outside of free-mouse or HUD interaction mode. Persistent Universe Fixes Environment Made several changes to potentially resolve the extreme audio corruption that could be experienced during extended gameplay sessions.If you find this is still occurring in 2.1.2, we are collecting reports and data for this issue in a single Issue Council report.