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    Using VoiceAttack in 3.0 PTU

    video of me using VoiceAttack to wake up in Port Olisar, get a ship, travel to a moon basic commands include loading a profile, adjusting TrackIR, even controlling video capture, as well as loading a ship and controlling movement I use a HOTAS so everything is designed to allow me to not take my hands off the stick - still a long way to go before I release the full profile but here's where we're at
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    Story and Music! Week 1

    *This is a little story I am going to develop. If you want to be included leave a comment and I will add you in happily. You will never be the point of view character. That role is reserved for "YOU", or all of us if you catch my drift. If you have a piece of music you think will compliment a scene as it plays out, please suggest it. If you think it's great, I need the encouragement. If you think it's garbage say so. I'll definitely write you into an Alien Tentacles scene. The idea here is that you read along until you come to a youtube link of music, click it, listen for about a minute and contemplate the scene. Then continue reading. If the music is still playing when you reach the next song (It will be with the first one certainly) Go up and stop the music and start the next one. Enjoy! It's 0230 and you're on patrol of a jump point. Command hasn't told you what exactly is going on but you're pretty sure you overheard the word Valkyr being mentioned. The data link for your mobiglas isn't working, but even if it was working you wouldn't want to use it while sitting in the cockpit of a stealth fighter. That would be just stupid....right? You've been on patrol for two boring hours and the temptation to research what Valkyr means is building, but something in the back of your mind tells you it's something big. You are excited to have been asked to do this mission. Even as new as you are, sometimes being in the right place at the right time pays off, and this is the chance to prove yourself to the Org. Still, you can't get over how lonely it is out here in space in a fighter. So far you have only trained and qualified in fighters. This is your first real patrol. Until now you've been bouncing from turret to turret on different ships. And while that's fun, it's time for you to move up in the org. Training went well, and you proved fairly quickly that you could handle yourself in a fight. That said Hornets were alot different from Mustangs and Gladiators. You almost prefer the light fighter to the medium ones. You felt safer in the smaller faster ships. That seems counter intuitive but for you, speed wins. This old jalopy that you are piloting now? It's for dinosaurs. You were told by Ichi to take one of the Hornet Ghosts from the Organization Motorpool. This one had an odor that you couldn't quite place. Every 30 minutes or so your mind would snap back to trying to pin down exactly what the smell reminded you of. More importantly, but irrationally ignored, one of the thrusters on this old Hornet was sluggish and was clearly in need of maintenance. Still, you knew in a fight it would barely be a hinderance to you and you returned to the attempts to identify the pungent odor that somehow seemed to permeate metal. You even imagined that the smell was likely transferring from the joystick to your hand and would never come out of your glove again. THAT thought might screw you over in a fight. You lift your hand off the throttle controls to wipe away some dirt and examine it. This Hornet was on Daymar, and was likely one of the first Hornets the Org owned. Back in the early days one of the first mass conflicts Tactical Advance got into was on Daymar over some silly business. As I recall our leader, Tactical Advance himself was one of the first explorers in a rover on Daymar. Some scumbag in a fighter ambushed him and was trying to blast him off the planet. Luckily Tac brilliantly outmaneuvered the lousy pilot and saved the day. But once word got out that someone took a shot at the leader of the largest Org in the Universe....well....let's just say things got out of hand quickly. This fighter....this Ghost....suddenly it all comes together and you remember. The smell, the ship....Gigowatt....That guy has a tendency to live in his cockpit, and he eats...pickles...the vinegar smell swirled in your nostrils, and now that it was identified you could taste pickles. All you could envision was Gigowatt standing on the flight deck of his Hammerhead two weeks ago offering you a pickle out of a jar he had sitting next to the Captains chair. When you rejected it he gave you a sour look and told you that if you rejected his pickle it might be seen as treasonous. Luckily one of the female crewman gave him a disapproving glance and he digressed, albeit with a giant grin. This old bird belonged to Gigowatt? You aren't sure whether you appreciate it more or want to pull the eject handle and are mildy amusing yourself with the thought. The patrol arc ran from the jump point to a nearby asteroid field that is dense enough to hide a medium to large size ship. Unless something was hiding in there ahead of time it would never be able to sneak in, but you follow orders anyways and try to refocus so you don't miss anything. Whatever this mission is, it was unexpected. Another pilot, CeruleanEmpyrean is running the opposite end of the same arc. "He should be getting close to the Jump Point by now" you think to yourself. As the hours drone on you continue to rotate between your HUD, and the various bits of dust and the occasional axis correction, probably due to the sticking thruster. You again entertain the ejection notion when the radio comes blaring to life, nearly startling you so bad that your fingers just touching the ejection handle are now precariously too close to danger. Your hand snaps back to the throttle control as you listen to controlled but emphatic voice. "Wing Commander, this is Echo 1, I repeat Echo 1, please COME IN!" Cerulean announced. "A massive fleet is jumping into the system even as we speak!" "ALL ELEMENTS, Break silence......We have an unknown number of bogeys inbound". You recognize the voice as Akanoes. That's damned odd, what the hell is he doing all the way out here? Ichi's voice calmly came across the radio next. "A little premature to break silence but it's ok. I have just been notified that she's under her own power and we have two Squadrons of medium fighters on location. Why don't you tell us what you see out there Echo 1?" A moment passed, then another and you are starting to think about turning your ship for the Jump Point and kicking the after burner when Cerulean replys. "Sir, we have two Capital Ships, Idris class, 4 Polaris Corvettes, and what looks like at least 10 other large craft, Hammerheads, Connies, Retaliators and more. I don't have an accurate count of fighters yet Sir, and I don't think that they've launched all they got." Ceruleans report sent shivers down your spine. You don't know where Ichi, Akanoes and the others are, you know that the only way in or out of this system is blocked by a fleet you won't be sneaking past, and the only other person you KNOW is in the system, Cerulean is in worse shape than you. Ichi's voice came across calmly, "Echo 1, have you been detected yet?" "Absolutely Sir, they started jumping in damn near on top of me and there is no cover out here!" Cerulean exclaimed. "Echo 1, you are to make for the asteroid belt. I want you to try and lure them after you, make it look like your running" Ichi ordered. "I AM RUNNING!" Cerulean said loudly, but not shouting. He was definitely in control of his faculties. It was a stressful situation that you were honestly glad you hadn't encountered on your arc. But what now? Ichi continued "You will lure them to the asteroid belt, where you and your wingman, Echo 2, will play hide and seek until otherwise notifed, or until you are unable to do so any longer. You are not to go to the rendezvous under any circumstances". You decided to risk asking the question, "What about fuel Sir?" Somberly Ichi replied "You run until your dry. Shut down and conserve your oxygen in the asteroid belt for as long as you can. Play hide and seek. I promise you that we will be coming for you, but for right now we need a little more time to evacuate personnel." "What personnel need evacuating?" you think to yourself. Ichi continued "Trust me when I say that this is a turning point in the Universe, and Tactical Advance will come out victorious."he said, with a mild hint of pride as if from an old Hollywood Movie. "One last question Cerulean, do you know what Org it is?" "It's the Russians....РОДНОЙ КАНАЛ (Rodnoy Kanal) is here". Ceruleans voice broke. You imagined their Red ships coming through the Jump Point. Just then you realized that Cerulean was speeding towards you. s**t...in all this you had made it nearly half way back to the midpoint of the mission arc. "Get your ass in gear rookie! Lets get our tails to the asteroid field before those Russkies turn you into a hood ornament for one of those Idris'". You crank the stick to the left and throw the switch to the afterburners. The chase is on now.....and you're the bait! Just then over the civilian radio you hear a thick Russian accent in a maniacal laugh. "Hornet, Hornet, little Hornet, why you run from me? I want to make diplomatic relations...." You realize he's tracking Cerulean, and hasn't spotted your Ghost yet. Without question you identified your first kill, and you are confident he will die without ever knowing you were there. End of Week 1
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    Q&A Land Claims Part II

    for some odd reason the link is https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16319-Q-A-Aegis-Hammerhead (LOL CIG!) but its another Q&A about land claims Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted questions in our Land Claim Licenses Q&A thread posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit and vote. In case you missed our initial Land Claim Licenses Q&A, you can find it here. Also, special thanks to Tony Zurovec and Erin Roberts for their help in answering your questions. Are there any passive expenses to owning property? (land tax, maintenance, insurance) If so, how costly will they be? The passive expenses associated with the ownership of property are controlled by the goods and services you purchase to protect, operate, and maintain your land and also the equipment and structures you place upon it. If your land is rich in precious metals and you’re concerned about theft, for example, you might procure your own fleet of security drones to keep close watch over your real estate, which will in turn require routine maintenance that you may elect to outsource. Alternatively, you might elect to hire mercenaries or contract with an organization to safeguard your burgeoning empire, either of which will cost you a recurring fee. Automated mining equipment, refineries, power plants, and other modules that you may construct will require ongoing capital investments for new parts and supplies to remain in working order. So passive costs will ultimately be dictated by player choices. Can you move a land claim, e.g. “unclaim” a piece of land you have and claim another piece instead? You can’t unclaim a property and switch it for another, but you can sell your property back to the UEE, a property broker or another player at an agreed or present market value. If you bought a dry patch of desert and struck gold but don’t want to bother with the excavation – or the security hassles of guarding it – you could likely sell it for a profit. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to dump a worthless plot of land back on the original seller you’re likely going to take a pretty good hit. Can I kill trespassers without becoming an outlaw? No. Trespassing is a minor offense and will not elevate a player’s criminal status. Only players that have committed a serious transgression – such as damaging or stealing private property, including any resources that may reside beneath or upon your land – may be legally assaulted within UEE space without the attacker committing a criminal act themselves. Can you extend a land claim to make it bigger? You may add as many parcels to your estate as you wish, provided that the neighboring lots are available to claim or are for sale from another player. Will it be limited or controlled how much land a person or org can claim? There is no limit to how much land an individual player or organization can claim. However, there are enormous quantities of land available and players wanting to maximize the likelihood of earning a return on their investment will need to be selective. Further, the difficulty and expense of procuring, exploiting, and protecting that land increases with the area, meaning that most organizations will reach a natural limit as to how much property they can effectively control based upon their size. What if a pirate buys a land claim. Will the UEEnow be bound to protect the unlawful player? UEE security will engage any criminals that they encounter, regardless of whether or not they own property. They’ll also, however, act to protect the property of any private citizen, regardless of whether they are a criminal. If a property owner is a felon and in the vicinity when a UEE force arrives to deal with another player committing a crime upon their property, both the owner and the other party would be considered targets. Can a land claim be revoked by UEE? Do land claims ever expire if the owner has not interacted with it in a certain amount of time? At present, once you own a parcel of land it’s yours until you sell it. How far above and below the ground is considered part of our claimed land? A land claim gives you rights to everything on and below the surface of your parcel. The skies are community property. Can you Claim Part of Water ? or Just all Land? The oceans and other major bodies of water are considered a public resource, and as such are not available for sale. However parcels that include ponds or lakes or other liquefied resources – can be harvested for profit and belong to the land owner. What kind of protection against attack is covered by the license? (if any) The natural resources embedded upon or within your property and the objects and structures you place upon it are considered an extension of yourself. Thus, anyone attempting to steal from or attack those assets is committing a criminal act, which UEE security will deal with as they would any other transgression of a similar magnitude. Can we charge other players and organizations (or NPCs) rent for using our land? We do intend to allow players to license access to their property to other players and NPCs for a recurring fee. Can you place landing pads and hangars in the land you have claimed? We are planning to allow for the construction of landing pads – along with a variety of other modules – when building an outpost. Hangars may follow at a later date but it’s not currently on the drawing board. What role does insurance have in land claims? Your property claim is on file with the UEE and cannot be seized by another without your permission. You will be able to insure structures you build on your land. Will I be warned when entering land claimed by others? Yes. Your mobiGlas can patch into the UEE’s property network to inform you when you’re on or near private property. Since some players will want to entice others to visit their outposts, these signals can be set to either generate a warning or extend a customized welcome. Can I alter the terrain within my land claim, such as creating a lake? We don’t have any current plans to allow players to dramatically alter the topography of their land. We may, however, allow the composition of soil on the surface to be subtly altered through various processes so as to allow for more effective farming. Longer term we may support some level of localized atmospheric modification to allow further control and refinement of this endeavor.
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    How to install PTU 3.0

    Hi Everyone, We are ready for more stress testing on the latest Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 version, so we’d like to open up the PTU to more players. We will be publishing Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 to the PTU in stages for the following three groups — 1st Wave testers, Subscribers, and Concierge Members. Tonight we are granting access to 1st Wave testers and going from one stage to the next will depend on server stability. You can follow the status of your group below. To play Alpha 3.0, you must download and install the new PTU Launcher: https://install.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/RSI-Setup-1.0.0-ptu.25.exe. It features the Delta Patcher, which will drastically reduce the size of incremental game updates. You will also need to copy your account to the PTU. Here’s a refresher on how to do that: 1) Log on to the RSI website using your normal credentials. 2) Copy your account to the PTU by visiting the Settings section of your RSI account or going directly here https://robertsspaceindustries.com/account/copy/ptu. Following this step, you should receive an email with your PTU-specific password. 3) Download the PTU Launcher. 4) Launch the installer exe and follow the instructions on screen. 5) Log in to the PTU Launcher using your login ID and the PTU-specific password received in the email. 6) Make sure the “Live” channel is selected under the Star Citizen logo and download the latest build. 7) Enjoy Alpha 3.0! The goal of this initial PTU release is to increase our total player count in an effort test concurrency. We also need you to focus on testing the traversal system by quantum traveling, landing on moons, locating and visiting Levski, and just exploring the great expanse of space around Crusader. Please note that the complete Alpha 3.0 experience is not in this build, as some features are still being implemented and refined. These features will be added to future builds when ready for wider testing. PTU 1st Wave: Access to PTU open! Subscribers: Access to PTU open! Concierge: Access to PTU open! Lastly, you are allowed to create content/stream with this patch. Source
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    SC Ship Concept

    Hey everyone! I've been working on another side project, which i am calling the Anvil Lance - a short range ship with a long firing range weapons. Simply attached to the side is a Railgun with an extending barrel, for distance engagement with static/near static targets. I still have things left to do, such as actual rear engines, maneuvering thrusters as well as the interior, but i hope to hear come feedback if y'all interested. First Round: Shown when the UV unwrap was completed: And now the completed first pass, with the barrel retracted: First pass, barrel extended: And a zoom in on the cockpit (incomplete) Hope you injoy, feedback welcomed! T_D
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    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    My List so far. https://www.roccat.org/en-GB/Products/Gaming-Software/Power-Grid/Home/ For mobile phone and tablet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.hardpanda.sccompanion&hl=en_GB For mobile phone and tablet http://u-tec.yefec.com UEE Tactical Communications Interface - [ from ichi ] Please let us know if you find any sim based ones for multi screen use with windows.
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    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    I just use a Cougar MFD, similar functionality and a lot less faffing about.
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    Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The terrapin was originally a fleet scout with the tools for long duration/range missions. Since then the dev's have dumbed down what it can do to be simply a fleet scout (no long range) So yes it can still travel large distances, but not nearly as long as what was once thought, making it truly a military scout ship, with no exploration in mind at all. The issues... Max crew 2, max beds... 1. Yep, one can sleep while the other pilots. ( i think all other ships with beds have enough beds for all crew members) Zero cargo. you can bring along food, some armor suits (maybe) and your gun, but you cannot bring back anything larger than a cup or spoon. The Freelancer Dur is better in almost every way. It has more computing power, it has the same radar size, it has Medium range/fuel tanks/quantum/jump drive. It also has actual cargo to bring back that statue of a rare alien species. The Freelancer is also better armed, it can hold the same guns as the terrapin AND hold some missiles. it has double the shield generators as well. Oh, and its a mere $125 compared to $195 thats $75 you can spend on a 315P, which costs $65, you have $10 spare! (hint get credits) The advantages of a Terrapin in comparison? Ok. There are a few here, the first is that it is still in production and subject to change, also the Freelancer Dur is due for a update pass, but with almost every ship, once in game it can only go up or stay the same specs. The terrapin can turtle, which is a questionable defence tactic as its actualy not very good at hiding from radar. Also the radar dish while the Dur has the same thing is most likely much better tuned to find items than the Dur's 'bolted to the side of the ship'. Same with its computing power, better at scanning for ships. Most likely not better at scanning for precious materials, the Dur would win that i think. Basicly i picked the best comparison in the price range and there is a ship that can match the Terrapin. for way less. When something is cheaper that means you can: A. get better modules B. buy more ships to round up the weakness of that particular ship. C. with that spare cash spend it on actual tools you need to complete the mission. (food weapons fuel paycheck bonuses) ---------------------------------------------------------- To round this all off, what IS it good at? Well, it is a FLEET scout ship. That means it flies ahead, turtles up and reads the stars for any enemy ships that might be flanking. It can also look for asteroids for the fleets miner to collect more fuel to fund the fleets needs. The terrapin will have to come back to the fleet to refuel eventually, so you will need 2 terrapins to keep a lookout. From what i can gather the radar dish is tuned to find other ships, the terrapin is what you need to beat the enemy at their own game. Or, spend your credits on a few extra fighters... you could get 2 Gladius and again, some change left over for upgrades... I own the terrapin. i hope the development cycle fixes its shortcomings. its such a expensive ship that i think its turtle mode and anti ship radar just might be better than expected. (also i can be totally wrong on everything i just said) T_D
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    TAKE YOUR PLACE HOLD THE LINE ENLIST TODAY! The Militia Mobilization Initiative needs heroes to do their part in making the Empire more secure. In these dangerous times, a strong sense of community is more important than ever. The UEE is working with local militias to empower civilians and citizens like yourselves to help provide an additional security presence in support of local law enforcement. With the ongoing military operations to reclaim Vanduul space and a rising tide of criminal activity, the Empire needs you more than ever to help take a stand for justice and safety for every family. Go to the concept page or to the ship page
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    2 hrs and 14 minutes on the clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any last takers. My final temptation was a couple of days ago, I bumped my cutlass black into a 600I - touring. So I am now concierged and 3.0.
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    PTU 3.0 Pictures & Videos

    Got some job at Olisar .. here is my new uniform
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    Very happy bunny!

    Just did my first flight from Olisar to Delamar and sucessfully landed on the planet. Magical moment
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    3.0 PTU patch notes

    Alpha Patch 3.0.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Alpha 3.0.0 is our largest content release to date featuring numerous tech and core system updates. Players will have access to planetary surfaces for the first time on 3 moons (Yela, Daymar, and Cellin) along with an asteroid (Delamar). These new surfaces are expansive, with over 3 million square kilometers to explored, and dotted with surface outposts and derelict ships. Additionally we have added 4 new ships, our first dedicated ground vehicle (Ursa Explorer), the foundation of our revamped mission system with new missions, a completely new launcher and patcher system, and so much more! Since we have much to test with many features still being worked on, we will be doing focus waves of testing so we can nail down particular features and systems before moving on to the next. Your launcher should should show “3.0.0-672282” as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. Focus: New patcher, station traversing, ship spawning, StarMap app, quantum travel, landing, air traffic control (ATC) system, quantum fuel usage/balance, hydrogen fuel usage/balance, afterburner, shopping, ship MFDs, missions, core combat (mission focus). %{color:lightblue}We would like you to focus on the above for this initial wave of testing and bug reports. NOTE: Other content and features are in and listed in the notes, but currently not the focus of this testing phase. Additionally, there’s content that is not listed in the notes that are intended for live release and will be added iteratively during the testing cycle.% All the ships are flyable, but the following are the ships that have had the most attention and focus: Gladius, Hornet Series, Sabre, Vanguard, Constellation Series, Cutlass Black, Caterpillar, Nox, Dragonfly, Prospector, Freelancer, Aurora series, Argo series, Buccaneer, Greycat, Starfarer series, Khartu-AL, Avenger series, Gladiator, Mustang series, Herald, Merlin, 300 series, and the Ursa. Key Game-play How Tos Afterburner: There is now a single afterburner with the ability to achieve higher top velocity under certain conditions, giving us AB SCM and AB Cruise with the only distinction being two different speeds. You can only enter AB Cruise if your flight path is a straight, forward line. Otherwise you’re limited to AB SCM, i.e. while maneuvering/strafing. Once in AB Cruise you can release the afterburner key and go into an AB idle mode to maintain your current speed. Throttle setting and y-axis strafe level allows incremental speeds, but you will decelerate if you change your vector. If you continue to hold AB and maneuver, you drop to AB SCM speed until you return to straight-line flight. AB Idle holds your current velocity as long as you’re not maneuvering and decoupled rotation is allowed while in AB idle. Ship Start Up: Approach the entry point of your ship, then press and hold “F” to activate the interaction system. Select from the various inner thought prompts using the cursor or mouse wheel to move between them. Once inside your ship, again press and hold “F” and select the “Flight Ready” prompt to run through complete ship start up. Alternatively, you can press the “F5” key for quick start up. Landing: Landing now takes place through an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. When close to a landing location, request a landing by navigating to your “Comms” menu on the MobiGlas (note: this is incorrectly displayed as a ship icon) and pushing the hail button (wifi symbol). Wait a moment, and ATC should assign you a landing location. Note, you may need to request take off to leave Levski (trigger opening of bay doors). Quantum Travel: To quantum travel to a destination, open your MobiGlas (F1) and select the StarMap App (diamond shaped symbol). From there, use the mouse to select a destination. Whether or not an object can be selected for QT is determined by gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. Once you have a destination selected you can “set destination” on your MobiGlas to bring up a quantum travel target. As before, align with the QT target and press “B” to travel. KNOWN ISSUES Content missing key elements User Interface Insurance and Persistence Internal Ship Docking Comm System Bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A) Texture streaming can sometimes halt, causing surfaces and features to look lower quality than intended. Ship weapons lack convergence. Items and ships placed in hangars are not persisting between sessions. Hotkeys for power and shield allocation are currently not functioning correctly. Ballistics leave “replace me” textures in Star Marine. You can make claims on ships that are not lost, destroyed, or damaged. Vehicle customizer app on wrong MobiGlas button and not yet functioning. Repaired wings don’t always restore weapons. New Features General Content Breathing, Stamina & Heart Rate Oxygen Supply: Many areas, such as space or the moons of Crusader, do not have breathable atmospheres and are dangerous for characters unless they’re wearing a pressure suit. Most pressure suits are equipped standard with an oxygen tank. As you breathe, you will slowly consume the oxygen inside your tank. Your oxygen tank will automatically begin to refill once you are inside an area, station, ship or outpost with a breathable atmosphere. If your oxygen supply runs out, your pressure suit contains a small buffer of oxygen to provide you with a short amount of time to try to find an oxygen supply. If your suit is not sealed or you’re not wearing a helmet, you will not have this buffer. If you do not have any oxygen available, you will asphyxiate and quickly pass out. Stamina: As you exert more effort by running, jumping, etc., your muscles work harder and begin to consume more oxygen. To keep up with this higher demand, your heart rate and breathing increase to provide your muscles with a steady supply of oxygen. Wearing heavier armor will increase how much effort it takes to do actions and will tire you out sooner. The more you exert yourself, the harder you breathe and the faster your oxygen supply will be depleted. Breathing: As you exert more effort by running, jumping, etc., your muscles work harder and begin to consume more oxygen. To keep up with this increased demand on your body, your heart rate and breathing increase to provide your muscles with a steady supply of oxygen. Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate monitor on your helmet’s HUD and in your mobiGlas functions as an exertion/stamina meter. As a character exerts themselves, their heart rate increases. If a character exerts themselves too much, they will enter a Hyperventilated state. This will restrict the actions that you can perform, and things like running, sprinting or vaulting will be blocked until you exit the Hyperventilated state. Heart rate and breathing can also effect recoil handling and aim. As your heart rate increases the character’s aim will begin to sway, ranging from a minor wobble to wild drifting. Once levels reach certain critical thresholds your vision will also begin to be effected, slowly dimming till it goes completely black. Once your heart rate returns to normal, so will your vision and movement. Wound System: , Injury is now taken into account for status effects to a small degree including movement penalties for limb damage. Hint System Added the foundation of a new “hint system” which will allow players to learn about how to play the game whilst playing it and reduce the burden of having to consult an off-line resource. Interaction System Interaction Mode Holding down the [F] key will activate Interaction Mode – a contextual cursor will appear in the center of the screen, interaction points will highlighted, even from a distance. The parallax cursor movement allows selection of anything on screen with little head movement, while retaining full input control. Movement is limited to walking speed while in Interaction Mode. Holding the right mouse button enters into ‘focus’; the camera rotates and zooms in on the cursor location, putting it in the center of the screen. From here, the cursor behaves normally. Releasing right click returns to standard view. Left click confirms the selection, and the associated action begins. Releasing [F] will always immediately return to natural gameplay. Inner Thought Prompt When near enough to interact, the inner thought prompt will softly appear on the player screen, tilting towards the location of the interaction to help provide context to the inner thought text. The text will inform you of the action that will be performed upon interaction. Moving away, looking away, or having line of sight to the interaction point blocked will remove the inner thought prompt. The inner thought text will display on screen relative to the object of interaction, but will stay at a fixed size so it’s guaranteed readable. The ellipse below the text indicates that secondary options are available, and they can be accessed with the cursor or mouse wheel. Party Launch System Added new command /partylaunch. If the party leader enters /partylaunch into the chat window in game, this will send a notification to each party member when the leader enters an instance that they can either accept or ignore. If accepted they will be put into Matchmaking system to join the leader. If the server doesn’t have enough space for the full party, all players in the party will be put back into Matchmaking to find another server. Universe New Locations We have implemented the first fully modeled, explorable planetary surfaces. These include three moons; Yela, Daymar, and Celin, as well as the mining planetoid Delamar. Each planetary body has unique atmospheric composition, pressure, and gravity as well as a variety of surface outposts and derelict ships to explore, many tied to our new missions system. Levski is a base built into the rock on Delamar, an asteroid hidden deep in an asteroid belt. The base was originally an active mining facility but after being left derelict for a number of years new residents moved in and it became a hotbed for political radicals & criminals. The main areas are controlled by various political groups with a strong anti UEE sentiment, they try to keep order best they can. Levski has the choice of numerous shops spread across multiple floors, many missions will be available (both illegal and legal) you can access Levski by; foot, ship or ground vehicle. We have implemented the first fully modeled, explorable planetary surfaces. These include three moons; Yela, Daymar, and Celin, as well as the mining planetoid Delamar. Each planetary body has unique atmospheric composition, pressure, and gravity as well as a variety of surface outposts and derelict ships to explore, many tied to our new missions system. Planetary Motion Planetary bodies now have rotational motion complete with dynamic day/night cycles. Surface Outposts Planetary surfaces are dotted with surface outposts representing a variety organizations and functions. Each outpost is unique and has its own power system and oxygen supply, many with usable Kiosks and landing pads with associated ASOP terminals. Persistence and Insurance Persistence Ammo and missile persistence. Ship damage state persistence. Spawn location persistence (what location you left your ship at, what location your character was at). Inventory Persistence – items, commodities and ships. Insurance At any point you are able to claim a replacement ship through the ship selection screen. When you make a claim you will pay an initial % cost of the ship’s price as a deductible. There will be additional multiplier of the deductible for each previous claim in the past 24 hours (real time). Once deductible is paid, the ship will be processed and delivered to the station where the claim was made. Processing time will vary depending on the size of the ship. You can pay an additional fee to fast-track the processing. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Landing and take off at public facilities is now controled by Air Traffic Ontrol (ATC). The ATC acts as the connection between you and the landing tower using the MFD comm function in every ship. When attempting to land, you will open a communication channel to the tower and ask for permission. The tower then checks if all the requirements are fulfilled and will advise appropriately. Selecting a target location will happen via the MFD Comm System. Shops New items (clothing, armor, weapons, components) added to shop inventory. Added Dumper’s Depot to major locations. AI Subsumption We have introduced the basics of subsumption. You should now see NPCs going about their daily lives at all 3 major landing zones (Grim Hex, Port Olisar, and Levski). Kiosks We have introduced shop Kiosks. The main variants of the Kiosk will be used for Buying/Selling General Items, Buying/Selling Commodities, and for General Landing Pad Services (Repair/Refuel/Restocking). The intention is that you will have separate inventories at each Station and Major Landing Zone. Kiosks will only be able to interact with items that are local to the shop’s location. The kiosk will be able to interrogate, and manipulate, any cargo, loadout, or the inventory of these local elements. By default, the kiosk will show everything you have access to in that location, but will be able to drill down to facilitate any specific ship, cargo manifest, or station storage. Afterburner There is now a single afterburner with the ability to achieve higher top velocity under certain conditions, giving us AB SCM and AB Cruise with the only distinction being two different speeds. You can only enter AB Cruise if your flight path is a straight, forward line. Otherwise you’re limited to AB SCM, i.e. while maneuvering/strafing. Once in AB Cruise you can release the afterburner key and go into an AB idle mode to maintain your current speed. Throttle setting and y-axis strafe level allows incremental speeds, but you will decelerate if you change your vector. If you continue to hold AB and maneuver, you drop to AB SCM speed until you return to straight-line flight. AB Idle holds your current velocity as long as you’re not maneuvering and decoupled rotation is allowed while in AB idle. Quantum Travel System Quantum travel (QT) destinations are now selected via the MobiGlas Starmap app. Whether or not an object can be targeted for QT is determined by the drive’s detection range and is based off gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. There’s now a short range quantum travel for moving around different orbital points of moons and small planetary bodies. Quantum travel speeds, spooling, and cooldown times are variable based on the size and quality of the drive. Mission System The missions system has been revamped with new missions, mission givers, and greater variety. Each of the below missions has many variants and types, including lawful/unlawful, and many can be done in cooperation with other players. Some variants will require the player to gain a certain kind of reputation. Delivery Deploy Recovery AI Bounty Hunt AI Assassination Collection Waste disposal Patrol Derelict investigation Escort Mission Givers Ruto and Eckhart Doors and Airlocks Doors and airlocks have been updated with additional functionality. Introduced basic ship security. Item 2.0 First introduction of item 2.0 system for ships, including the following: Power – Includes the ability to control how much power is generated by the power plants and is distributed to all of the other systems to use. Heat – Includes the ability to monitor how much heat, EM, and IR the ship is generating, and the ability to temporarily reduce IR. Shields – Includes the ability to monitor and adjust shield strength and repair behavior, and adjust power usage and performance. Screen Switch Behavior – Includes the ability to switch between various screens on the same physical monitor. Distortion Damage Distortion damage has been completely revamped, reworked, and given a basic implementation with more to come later. Distortion points Offensive distortion points – this is a value on each distortion item that determines how many points it applies per use. (Each 3.0 distortion item is listed below) Defensive distortion points – This is the number of points every powered item has to counter distortion damage. (Each 3.0 item that has distortion defence is listed below). All defensive points are blockers, meaning each point will completely stop one offensive point, if the item has a larger defense pool than the attack there is no effect, if it is smaller the power is removed. Distortion damage types Distortion fields: These will have fixed damage only, meaning each field has a static number of offensive distortion points is applies to any item within its radius. The number of points per field and the radius will be defined on the record of the item that generates the field. Distortion projectiles: These will have fixed damage only, meaning each projectile will carry a static number of offensive distortion points and will apply them to the item that they hit. The number of points per projectile will be defined on the record of the item that fires the projectile. Distortion items Offense items: Any ship: JOKR Distortion Cannon S1 (distortion projectiles) Sabre Raven: 2x S4 MXOX TroMag EMP Pods (distortion fields) Avenger Warlock: 1x Warlock EMP Module (distortion fields) Defensive items All power plants: The only item that can deal with distortion damage is a ship’s power plant, it has a pool of distortion blockers and any damage that is delivered to the ship will be piped straight to the power plant. The power plant either has a higher number of distortion blockers and nothing happens, or it has less and power is removed from all ship items. Cargo and Commodities Introduced the first implementation of cargo Moving Small Items Some items are transported in small, portable boxes. They can be bought and sold at vendors. These items are placed in/around the Stanton system’s wreckages and procedurally on planet surfaces. They will be generated when destroying cargo-carrying ships. 0.5m boxes can be lifted and moved using the existing hand-lifting system. 1 SCU cargo cannot be lifted or moved. Storing Small Items in the Cargo GridShips will have ‘Cargo Grids’ set up inside that governs how cargo is placed/secured within it. Placing 0.5m boxes within the Cargo Grid will be considered ‘secured’ in the ship. 0.5m boxes will align within the Cargo Grid. Any loose items placed within the grid will not align to this. Loose Items placed inside the Cargo Grid will be added to the ship’s ‘manifest’. Items placed outside of the grid will therefore not be added to the ‘manifest’. Items can be taken from one ship’s hold, carried to another ship and stored in its hold instead. Buy/Sell Cargo through Market Vendors1 SCU crates full of a single commodity can bought and sold at vendors. 0.5m boxes the player discovers, or recovers can be sold at vendors. Commodities can be bought at a vendor in selected spots. Players will walk up to the kiosk and use it to initiate an interaction. Only the stock the vendor buys/sells will be listed and the price they want for each. Transactions takes place entirely in the interface. Star Marine Armors Added: Heavy outlaw (slaver). Added: Heavy marine. Weapons Added: Behring P8-SC SMG. Ships & Vehicles Ships General Added hit reactions. Added damaged and emergency interior states. Added compresAdded compressed landing gear. New RSI Constellation Aquila MISC Prospector Aopoa Nox Drake Dragonfly Vehicles New RSI Ursa Rover Components Gravlev System. Shield Emitters, Coolers, and Power Plants have returned with new functionality. First Person Animations Greatly expanded the number of usable items (benches, stools, ect) that can be interacted with by both players and NPCs. Appearance Clothing New clothing and clothing variants have been added. Gear Armor Armor now consists of modular pieces. Added: Heavy Marine Armor. Added: Heavy Slaver Armor. Added: RSI Explorer Flight Suit. Weapons Added: Apocalypse Arms Scourge Railgun. Added: Behring P8-SC. User Interface New Mobiglas Interface Personal Manager App Using this app, you are able to select individual areas of clothing, armor, and items to change, add or remove from the players character. To do this select one of the options by double clicking “LMB” to open up the list of items the user has collected for that area. Once the area has been selected, the model with zoom in on the area to show the items in detail. By double-clicking “LMB” on the individual item, the amount displayed from the inventory will go down and add to the equipped value on the left. Equipping an item may open up further ports for the user to equip more items such as Grenades, Gadgets and Magazines. Once the item is equipped the you can Save and Apply these changes to your character. In order for changes to be seen in game you must select the ‘Apply Changes’ button. By selecting ‘Inventory’ along the top you can also see a list of items collected on your adventures for use i.e. Medipens, Pistols etc. These items can be attached to various parts of armour to stock up. StarMap App You will be able to navigate the various rings in the Starmap which display the orbital rotations of the areas to explore. You can use the right mouse button to move the Starmap around, and the left to rotate and select areas. Use the mousewheel to zoom in and out and double-click on planets to center and zoom into them. Once zoomed in on a planet or moon you will see x, y and z positions mapped out to quantum travel to, making it easier to decide which side of the planet to go to. Contract Manager App Use this app to check available missions, track/untrack accepted missions, and view your mission history. New Ship Multiple Selectable MFD featuring Render to Texture (RTT) Heat – System – Signals The same signals readout as the Power MFD. IR Suppression – This button toggles suppressing the IR signal multiplier (which temporarily reduces your IR signal) at the cost of all items (and thus, the entire ship via the Heat Sink) heating rapidly. When IR Suppression is active, you should see that IR starts to drop down, and Heat starts to creep up toward its overheat value.System System IR Suppression – All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. System IR Suppression – All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. IR Levels – Shows the IR levels of each item category. Heat – Items On Button – This denotes the on/Off state of the item. Item Name – Reorder alphabetically by item name (all categories). Item Name – Item Name. Distortion Damage – Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type – Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Cooler (no heat, but for health/wear indication) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Power – The current item power usage. Heat – The current heat the item is generating. Health – How much health each item has remaining. Wear – How much wear each item has remaining. Power – System On Button – Turns all power plants on/Off. Power Throttle Throttle – This throttles the connected Power Plants’ maximum power output. Throttle Max – This is the 100% value for the Power Plants maximum power output. Throttle Stealth – This is an updating bar which denotes the Stealth value that Throttle is set to when the Stealth Button is pressed (see below). Power Usage – Currently generated power. Power Required – Required power by all items. Power Deficiency – Amount of required power minus the currently generated power. Only appears when the power plants aren’t able to supply enough required power. Stealth – This button sets the Throttle to the Stealth value, which is the sum on Power value of all connected items that are on, plus a small reserve value (10% to start). As individual items will be able to be turned off, this bar will move up and down as the Stealth value changes. Once the Stealth Button has been activated and the Throttle value reduced, you may then readjust the Throttle to suit your needs or adjust the Power Priority Triangle to work with the reduced power output. Power Priority Triangle – Moving the indicator on the Power Priority Triangle adjusts the percentage of power that is distributed to the three major systems (Shields, Weapons, and Thrusters) if total power requested is larger than available power generated. Nudging toward one system should add to it, and take proportionally to the other systems. Groups – Each group (Shields, Weapons, Thrust) are represented by icons. Priority – Percentages for each group. These should total 100%; dead center of the triangle should indicate 33% on each corner of the triangle. Power Deficiency – If any group isn’t receiving its requested power, it is indicated by an icon. Signals: Heat – As the point of throttling power to items is to control your ship’s signals, they are indicated here. Heat – Total heat generated by items. Heat Capacity – Total heat capacity available to the ship. EM – Current total EMsignature. IR – Current total IR signature. *Power – Items On Button – This turns individual power plants on/Off. Please note that the only items that can be turned on and off from this page are power plants. All other items are only observable in their on/off states. Item Name Item Name Distortion Damage – Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type – Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Avionics Power – For power plants, power generation. For all other items, item power usage. Heat – The current heat the item is generating. Health – How much health each item has remaining. Wear – How much wear each item has remaining. Item Group Power Shields Weapons Thrusters Shields – Systems On Button – Turns all shield emitters and shield generators on/Off. Shield Generator Throttle – This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for the shield generators. Shield Status – As before, a top-down (for front, back, left, and right) and side (top and bottom) shield health is displayed. Face repair is represented by the highlighted bar, and each face’s health is indicated by the value next to it. Top – Represents the health to front, back, left, and right. Side – Represents the health to top and bottom. Face Priority – Dragging the pip toward a face moves priority toward that face. Increasing face priority both increases the rate at which it is repaired when damaged, and also redistributes health toward it when the shields are healthy. Top – Represents the face priority to front, back, left, and right. Side – Represents to the face priority to top and bottom. Face Hardening – Selecting a face temporarily gives it extra resistance, allowing you to brace for damage to a particular face. Standby – This button turns off the actual shield temporarily to allow it to repair more quickly at the cost of not having the shields on while this is happening. Shields – Items On Button – This turns individual shield generators on/Off. Item Name – Reorder alphabetically by shield generator name. Item Name – Shield Generator name. Distortion Damage – Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Type – Item Type Icon Power – Shield generator power usage. Heat – The current heat the shield generator is generating. Health – How much health each shield generator has remaining. Wear – How much wear each shield generator has remaining. Weapons – System On Button – Turns all weapons and missiles on/Off. Weapon Group On Button- This turns all weapons in the weapon group on/Off. Weapon Group Number – Weapon Group 1 or 2. Weapon Group Throttle – This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for that Weapon Group. Weapons Number – Number of weapons in that Weapon Group. Missiles On Button – This turns all missiles on/Off. Missiles Icon Missiles Number – Number of missiles left. Weapons – Items On Button – This turns individual weapons on/Off. Item Name. Item Name – Weapon Name Distortion Damage – Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Weapon Group – The Weapon Group number (there are two). Clicking this specific element switches the fire group to the other fire group (there are currently two fire groups). Ammo Type Ammo Remaining Ammo – Ammo remaining in current reload. Reloads – Ammo reloads remaining. Power – Gun power usage. This will be useful for showing you how much power each gun requires to use. Heat – The current heat the item is generating. Health – How much health each gun has remaining. Wear – How much wear each gun has remaining. Technical Universe Increased player-cap to 50. Menu Added FOV scale to menu. Audio New low ammo audio. New ship weapon audio. New ship engine audio. Graphical New “Fog” VFX. New Debris Motion. New Quantum Travel VFX. New Ship Destruction VFX. New Ship “trails” VFX. New layered ship weapon impacts. Optimizations Added additional serialization. Improved emitter update performance. Feature Updates Universe ASOP Terminals Added ship selector with more information. Shops Adding Magazines and Grenades to Cubby Blast. Added new armors/weapons to Garrity Defense. Added new clothing to various stores. Missions Many new job contracts available via the Mission Manager App. Split “wanted” and “criminality” reputations. Only players at wanted level 3 should appear hostile. CrimeStat Reworked, but still basic implementation of crimes and criminality. Split “wanted” and “criminality” reputations. Only players at wanted level 3 should appear hostile. Grim Hex Additional props. Updated art assets. Moved ASOP terminals to main railing. Ships & Vehicles General Updated with new hit reactions. Updated ship entry and interaction animations. Drake Cutlass Black: Complete Rework. RSI Aurora Series: Complete Rework. Aegis Avenger Updated dashboard. Aegis Vanguard Cockpit rework. Aegis Sabre Cockpit display rework. Aegis Gladius Cockpit display rework. HUD update. Anvil Gladiator Separated art for pilot/copilot geometry. Drake Herald Rescaled self-destruct timer. Vanduul series Updated lighting. Merlin Updated lighting. MISC Reliant Updated lighting. Drake Caterpillar Added airlock hole for EVA hatch. Ship Weapons Updated animations. Knightbridge Arms series: Complete Rework. Klaus and Werner Repeater Series: Complete Rework. Star Marine Armors Armor and equipment weight now alters run speed and stamina drain. Light/Medium/Heavy armor piece damage reduction balancing. Weapons New P8-SC SMG available. Tweaks and balance changes across all weapons. Arena Commander Scoring rework. First Person Animations Updated jumping. Updated pistol animations. Gear Equipment Weight Equipment weight now influences actor state and run speed. Weapons Complete art rework: Devastator 12 Shotgun. Complete art rework: Arrowhead Sniper Rifle. Complete art rework: P4-AR Assault Rifle. Complete art rework: Arclight Pistol. Complete art rework: Gallant Rifle. Complete art rework: Gemini L86. Technical Menu Reskinned “Contacts” page. Keybindings and Controls Tweaked controls for turrets for improved experience. Added joystick mappings for EVA and FPS. Added joystick mappings for interaction mode. Added gamepad mappings for interaction mode. Added ADS zoom in and out for gamepad. Audio Updated internal ship audio. Updated quantum travel audio. Updated shopping UI audio. Updated collision audio. Graphical Exposure Improvements. Specular Improvements. Fixes Bug Fixes Universe Fixed LOD issues on Olisar. Fixed delayed/missing music in Crusader. Fixed missing purchasable items form ArcCorp. Added proper collision to GrimHex shop window. Fixed an issue where spawning a Freelancer in front of a Scythe would cause them to collide. Fixed missing collision in Aeroview hangar. Vehicles Suspension should now work properly. Ships EMP Charges no longer have a chance to kill players. Fixed some audio feedback issues. Khartu-Al Corrected several backward or missing decals. Gladiator Fixed exterior lighting. Mustang Series Corrected several backward or missing decals. Fixed cracked glass appearance on cockpit from a distance. Caterpillar Fixed an issue with shadow flicker in cockpit. 300 Seires Corrected several backward or missing decals. Fixed some clipping geometry. Fixed texture normals. Vanguard series Fixed a bug with Hoplite destruction VFX. Vanduul Fixed collision issues with Scythe and Glaive landing gear. Starfarer Player no longer t-poses when entering/exiting turret. Constellation series Reduced the interaction point size of ladders. Resolved missing or quiet audio for fly by. FPS Fixed some issues with grenade markers. Fixed players momentarily in aim pose during jump. Projectiles sh ould now spawn in correct zone. Fixed issue where players could use MediPen without reducing supply or without HUD updating. Arena Commander Fixed LOD issue on Dying Star central spire. Fixed LOD issues for landing pads. Star Marine Visual Clean-ups for Star Marine: Demien. Cleaned up issues with player lighting. Fixed issue where all players were marked hostile for spectator. Players no longer slide into hacking animation when interacting with terminals from side or back. Removed grenade damage through barrier into spawn room. General Fixed issue where players were unable to join on friends if different regions are selected. Fixed issue where if both players add each other to contacts they both appear as permanently offline. Fixed an issue where only the first PTU account copy would get added to friends system. Fixed an issue where loading into the universe would present no destinations after finishing a match of Arena Commander. Fixed an issue where input recognition would fail when overlapping inputs. Balance Ships Boost and afterner are additive rather than multiplicative Quantum fuel tanks and consumption have been updated for new planet.ary distances. Shield regen now has a “set-back” value rather than a static interupt. FPS Increased hip fire recoil. Damage and spread balancing across all weapons. Reduced procedural breathing sway effects in ADS. Added damage reduction component to armor items. Increased damage reduction of medium and heavy armors. Increased movement speed difference between light and medium.
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    I had to pull back 2 years ago. I have continued my subscription, and occasionally wince when it automatically gets drawn out of my account but I am in this for the long haul. I WILL see it through. I don't game like I used to but maintain my PC to a reasonable standard for gaming. I don't have time, and intentionally stopped reading every single thing that popped up on the feed. I forced myself to stop buying ships, despite how awesome some of them look and will likely perform. I figure 10 ships is more that I can feasibly pilot anyways. In the end I understand what OP is talking about, and agree that burnout can be achieved, but I refuse to relent. Good luck to you, I hope some dirtbag doesn't end up with your account.
  17. 1 point
    Grab your copy while you can!
  18. 1 point

    My New Stream

    I am starting a stream tonight at about 5 pm central standard time. If you can just pop in and show your support it would be very helpful! I will be playing a variety of games including Call of Duty Total War and a few others. Test stream for setting up video settings and correct audio, comment on how it sounds etc. https://www.twitch.tv/airborn4life Steam Link^ Twitter- Airborn_Twitch
  19. 1 point

    My New Stream

    So that about 11pm GMT. Good luck with the stream.
  20. 1 point

    Questions for Guild Meeting

    We was doing a ship list forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/3964-tac-full-member-list-and-full-ship-roster/ but we are hoping people CIG do it for us on Spectrum. As everyone changes their ships so often and most people would add their ships and almost never update the list. If we would have a member/officer to do this it would be a fulltime job. Even then it take people updating the list. Also somethings like military capital ship we might not want on the list for everyone to see. Also some people might not want other people to see what ship they have. On TS we do have illustrates next to the name say if the are a officer, director or even if they are just a member of a division. We even had it on the forums for a little time but after the update I don't think they are working or they been turned off to be worked on.
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    Help make TA visible to potential recruits - go to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tactical-advance-dedicated-gaming-community/752030 and bump the thread by posting something about the Org; upvote the original post too please
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    Time to wake up?

    Hi chaps - considering 3.0 is out and we have many people in it, would it be worth looking at several actions now? :-- 1) An update to find out who is active and either in 3.0 or 2.6**** 2) An update on the ship roster. As we have recently finished a Sale period with new items & ships, we could probably benefit from knowing who has what. With the cargo mechanic now enabled and Mining in the nearer future, maybe we now need to see what & who we have available, possibly set some goals.
  23. 1 point

    Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The Hawk is still up on sale - those stats will drop soon™
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    I upgraded my Freelancer DUR to a Prospector last night, I couldn't stand the crappy cockpit view on the Freelancer any more. The prospector is just a nice touring ship whether I want to get involved with mining or not. I also have a 315p for exploration. I picked up a Super Hornet as well! Am getting scary close to Concierge now!
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    Story and Music! Week 1

    Well done Gigowatt, very well done! I vote you the "official TA keeper of the lore and story teller". Thanks for the post.
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    Medical Condition

    Game development supporter. I guess? .... I hope? 11 ships, buying a herald today lots of CCU, on top of that crazy plans for buybacks in the future. Yep is a condition.
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    I upgraded my Freelancer DUR to a Prospector last night, I couldn't stand the crappy cockpit view on the Freelancer any more. The prospector is just a nice touring ship whether I want to get involved with mining or not. I also have a 315p for exploration.
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    Officially am the proud owner of an Endeavor. We shall never speak of the cost again. I also picked up the hangar and hospital modules, as all the modules are on sale under add ons. My Terrapin was sacrified to the great beast, but in comparison I could earn a Terrapin a hell of a lot faster than an Endeavor. :O damn 55 USD off of concierge.
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    Thinking of ending the game

    While I am broadly happy with the game (3.0 PTU is stunning!), it was advertised as the BDSSE. There is a lot more handwavium game mechanics for my liking.
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    So nothing on the Polaris . But the Orion is now 340 meters so not all bad.
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    Twisty, i think you are over thinking what a land claim actually does. ALL a claim does, is tell the UEE "hey, i own this" and they will be like "gotcha, you own that" Thats it. IT wont stop people from doing anything to it they want, only flag them as outlaw if they do. It wont stop them from destroying your equipment or buildings... only flag them as outlaw if they do. It wont stop them from setting up a blockade to keep you going to/from that land. The only thing this claim seems to do, is flag people who violate it, but will not actually STOP them from doing so, and more than a RL person bringing a shovel, and starting to dig into your property. Someone on Reddit made a good post about the value in land claims. Land claims will generally be important for explorers to find, prospect, and claim, then sell to miners or other resource gatherers. Anyone wanting to make a home wont need to be in a race or get a very specific spot in the verse.
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    The Pioneer is now on sale! ($850)

    The salt stings. I get what you're saying, though. But no one is forcing anyone to buy the land claims. Personally I think doing so for any other reason than simply wanting to donate to CIG is quite silly.
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    Sorry I did not answer if you should upgrade the freelancer Max to a MIS. I say if you get the Constellation no, you will not need it. The MIS is a missile boat. If you get the Constellation you have even more missiles than what the Freelance MIS has.
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    1 to 3 people I say the Starfarer is to big, I go Constellation. But you have to pick between having the two turrets or using the snub fighter. If you don't mind staying in safe space or using NPC I think you could make more money with the Starfarer. Redeemer or Retaliator, I go Redeemer. The Redeemer will work better with 1 to 3 people. But the Redeemer is going to have a rework so we know more after that. I know the Retaliator has 5 turret but it not that much fire power. As they only have size 2 guns. The Hull C is the best ship for cargo transport in safe space or if you have escorts not so safe space. If you don't want your cargo outside the ship have you thought about the BMM. Little less cargo and costs a little more/ lot more. But it still up to you. We cant tell you what the best for you, just want we like.
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    Aegis Hammerhead Concept Sale ($550-650)

    I think it just missing a 0. I think it should be 1,950,000, or it made out of cardboard.
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    Good luck using Auto-Land in the middle of nowhere, on rough terrain at night with marginal conditions Fun doing that already on the dark side of the planets / moons we now have in 3.0
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    Head count

    I put a lot of money into this game oh and I'm in the PTU too
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    Aegis Hammerhead Concept Sale ($550-650)

    the Polaris is a capital ship that is built to kill big ships, it is offensive by design the Hammerhead is a large ship designed to kill little ships, it is defensive by design I think we'll be doing more defense than offence, defending convoys and points the Polaris will clearly be better for the largest fleet-scale battles, but even there the Hammerhead will have a role - defending caps and even second line support ships from fighter harassment both ships will do well at mid to small scale battles, but the Hammerhead will be more effective (and efficient) at killing fighters I think, and this is all rampant speculation, that we will find ourselves in small to mid scale fights against fighter frequently, and so the Hammerhead seems like a reasonable purchase, but the Polaris will come in very handy for the (more rare) fleet-scale actions
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    Aegis Hammerhead Concept Sale ($550-650)

    Sounds like you need one to keep me safe while doing cargo runs!
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    If I'm reading it correctly (which I probably am not since the new stats stuff is a fucking mess) it looks like the guns are size 4, in which case its 16 size 4 guns.. aint no one gonna survive that xD
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    EMP works in a blast radius. For example, using near a door opening to gain entry or taking out a small part of a ship.
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host this week’s episode, which features another installment of “Burndown.” Highlights Review of physical shops, focus on missions and getting Item 2.0 ships set up from tech design standpoint felt to be feature complete except one minor bug Working on Item 2.0 HUD and combat indicators for those ships Review of commodities felt to be feature complete and turning focus to stability and performance Review of shop locations with directors, went well with a few bugs to be fixed but ready to release Going through each commodity to set each profit margin range, so there isn’t just one lucrative tradeable commodity Miles Eckhart in QA’s hands for testing Ships out to Evocati for testing now Headlights working now as well as ship bed logout functionality with persistence in that location First pass of Item 2.0 items balance Created a new light group so players can control their ships headlights/spotlights Lead engineers have been working on performance related issues to improve the traversal experience Working on the quantum travel VFX: switched from a state based system to a velocity driven system Implemented dynamic nav points so inner nav points around a planet are created dynamically when it's targeted Closed a lot of control and stability issues relating to grav lev vehicles and ensured they played nice with the atmospheric flight fixes Fixed an issue where the streaming system stopped updating by switching from absolute server time to frame delta time Working on displaying radar and scanning gameplay to provide information, control and feedback via the UI Starmap is PTU-ready. 1 fix will go in after PTU is launched to be done before 3.0 Live. Mission Manager has been PTU-ready for 2-3 weeks. A few more fixes will go in between PTU and 3.0 Live. Successful evocati tests with 60 players in a server. Successful internal tests with 128 players in a server. Most of the crashes and disconnects have been fixed. The remaining ones are rare and very difficult to reproduce - more players will help track these down. A lot of optimization work has been done - for instance limiting which ships were being updated at any given time to ships in your vicinity or mission-critical ships. IFCS updates are large and taxing. Ripped out net serialize from two of the last three systems that used this old CryEngine tech. Replaced with CIG’s serialized variables. Last system is being worked on and then net serialize can be discarded entirely. Performance is much better recently with essentially all areas having at least a steady 30 FPS. Most areas higher, into the 40s and 50s. 179 issues last Friday, now on initial PTU push. Courtesy of Relay
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    Claiming Space: The Race For Land

    Lore post, no gameplay info really Freeman Act > Office of Land Development (OLD) > Messer eminent domain > new OLD > Planetary Development Bureau (PDB) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch/16270-Claiming-Space-The-Race-For-Land THIS DAY IN HISTORY November 21, 2862 SET Claiming Space: The Race for Land For over eighty years, the Planetary Development Bureau (PDB) has been working with local authorities to not only oversee the zoning of building plots, but to mediate and supervise the sale of land claims for commercial and private use. This vital agency has become such a commonplace part of our lives that its importance is often overlooked today. Rather than tallying up all of the Bureau’s accomplishments in regulating this important aspect of the Empire’s growth, the best way to demonstrate the agency’s past legacy and current significance is to look back at the turbulent history of what land claims were like before the PDB’s founding. As Humans first began to spread throughout the Sol system in the early 22nd century, disputes over land claims were common and would frequently escalate into physical altercations. Earth had become severely overcrowded and people were desperate to escape its confines. The disparate nations that governed the planet had begun to work together on solutions, but could not agree on a land use policy. Each was wary of the others trying to gain disproportionate control over the unclaimed territory, and fear over the amassing of political power left Humanity’s expansion largely unregulated. Not only were there multiple incidents of asteroid miners waging sabotage campaigns against their rivals’ outposts, but with the terraformation of Mars underway, speculators were eagerly trying to grab as much of the valuable land as they could. Historian Dr. Kailanni Boden dubbed the era the ‘Red Diaspora,’ “not only because the red planet was the focus of the settlement, but because of the violence commonly associated with the Martian territorial disputes.” Determined not to repeat those mistakes when Humans began settling their first extrasolar system, Croshaw, the governing committee established the Freeman Act to help regulate the dispersal of land rights. Under the act, settlers would be guaranteed a place to homestead. Disputes could be filed with the Freeman Office and settled through official means, rather than the parties taking matters into their own hands as they had so often before. The Freeman Act was deemed such a success that when the United Nations of Earth was formed a short time later in 2380, included in its original statutes was the creation the Office of Land Development to continue regulating land claim registration. Despite the improvements the office brought with it, many at the time chose to operate outside of the law since the fees associated with illegal land development were often considered less cumbersome than following the proper protocols. With the land rush in full swing, waiting for paperwork to clear could cost a developer a massive amount of funds. Such was the case in 2530 when Gaia Planet Services decided to go ahead and begin illegally terraforming what would reveal itself to be an alien-occupied world. That incident in the Pallas system not only nearly kicked off an interspecies war between Humanity and the Xi’an, but it showed that time for greater regulation had arrived. When Ivar Messer became Imperator a few years later in 2546, one of his first policies was to declare eminent domain over the newly forged empire. To legally develop or settle any parcel of land, irrespective of who discovered it, one would first have to apply to the Office of Land Development for permission. It soon became obvious that those who had cultivated the Messers’ favor were significantly more likely to be granted valuable land rights. By the 27th century, the Directorship of the Office of Land Development had become one of the most coveted positions within the Empire, thanks to ever more blatant practice of corporations offering generous kickbacks to have regulatory decisions go their way. Company records uncovered after the dissolution of the Hathor Group revealed that they had allocated a large slush fund specifically for donations to the then-Director’s personal charity fund. With the fall of the Messers in 2792, the newly formed government attempted to reform the Office of Land Development, but it would continue to be plagued by accusations of corruption and cronyism. In a 2861 Wightman Award-winning piece, the Terra Gazette exposed how the office continued to favor large corporations and wealthy individuals, often illegally granting them preferential treatment over the rightful claims of average Citizens. Many government officials were forced to resign as their questionable behavior came to light, and in one instance Shubin Interstellar was required to return a sizeable parcel of land they had been developing for mining. In the wake of the scandal, the Senate decided that the best approach to the problem would be to start with a clean slate. On November 21, 2862, the Office of Land Development was officially shut down and the Planetary Development Bureau was launched to oversee all land regulation. From its very foundation, the Bureau was designed to bring transparency and fairness to every step of the process. Even the landmark sale of the Stanton system to private corporations was handled with an unexpected amount of openness when compared to the Bureau’s predecessor. With a streamlined claims process in place, it has become easier for licenses to be acquired, leading to a sharp rise in territory being registered legally. These transactions generate more tax revenue as well as ensure that landowners actually receive the rights and protections accorded to them under the law. Recently, there has been a major push to encourage the settlement and development of the Empire’s frontier. As part of this initiative, the PDB has been making additional parcels of land accessible to the public for purchase. It is believed by policymakers that as sectors become more developed, they likewise become more secure. Statistics from recent studies show that it is significantly harder for outlaws and Vanduul raiding parties to gain purchase in UEE-controlled systems when there are settlers and companies with vested interests in ensuring the protection of that territory. Combine this with Consolidated Outland’s recent introduction of a self-contained colonization platform, and many are expecting to see a new golden age of land development in the second half of the 30th century.
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    I think the best value for real world money is ships at this time. Aurora MR stock weapon load out. Behring MSD-221 "Marsden" Missile Rack 2,000 uec Behring Marksman I 1,000 uec each x2 M3A Laser Cannon 4,000 uec each x2 as we don't know the other parts price I take prices of other power plants and shield then half the price. SEAL INK-Mark Shields - INK-Mark 104-ID 8,000 - half that 4,000 uec Wen/Cassel Endo Cooler 7,000 - 3,500 uec Amon & Reese Co. Overdrive Power Plant 16,000 - 8,000 uec So that 27,500 uec just for some of the parts on the MR. That works out to be the same price as the ship. But it up to you what you do with your money. We have to see how pricing works later as more things come on line. Remember everything can change at this time.
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    Starfarer - Option or necessity?

    Some very useful points made on here. I have one now. Everybody will need fuel and the cost mitigation one offers i'm hoping will be significant. A 'farer will also offer the opportunity to conduct extended missions away from supply lines.
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    Starfarer - Option or necessity?

    I watched a video yesterday where some guys put a Merlin in the bay of a Starfarer and transported it to a space station. I absolutely LOVE that the game is not so rigid as to prevent that sort of creativity and adaptability. That said I see our Org placing requests for fuel on long range missions and possibly some food or other sustaining items for deep space missions. The Starfarer seems to be the perfect answer to that call. Or fleets engaged in battles on the front will also need fuel, again, it's the answer. That's what I love about SC. It's not just different ships for the sake of looking different or pleasing the eye of different people. They actually have different purposes. I suppose it still remains to be seen if they can deliver on all the operational aspects of these ships. I'd love to see my Starfarer pull along side an Endeavor, or an Idris or something and see the fuel lines go out and hook up for refueling. Pretty much what OP said, it's an excellent opportunity.
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    Nothing Special

    Case NZXT Source 530 (4 14mm fans, got one more to add maybe) PSU: EVGA 1000 G2 Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270F CPU: i7 7700 4.2Ghz with Corsair H110i cooler RAM: 32GB GSkillz 3600 DDR4 Graphics card: Asus Strix GTX 1080 Sound card: On Board Hard Drive(s): Optane 280; Samsung 1TB HDD; Seagate 4TB External backup Optical Drive(s): Blu Ray (cup holder) Monitors: Vizio 32, HP 23 in Keyboard: Logitech G710+ Mouse: Logitech 620 wireless HOTAS: Saitek (MadCatz) X-55 Sennheiser headset TrackIR, VoiceAttack nothing special, but it runs good, can build on it if I want
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    Nothing Special

    Nice system. I did a mod on my X-55 throttle based on this video as it was very stiff: I was going through that process, but then I realised you can just remove that plastic bit screwed to the base and it makes the throttle way more responsive. That said since then I have moved to using a TM FCS throttle which is a lot better for SC IMO.
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    Ok drum roll! I have gotten me a monitor. I ended up going with the Samsung LC32F397FWEXXY. I spent about a week or so playing off different shops against each other till I managed to get a ripper deal to the tune of $145 discount I think it was. So I bought the 32" screen and carried the damn thing 2.5KM back home from the shops. You can just imagine how much fun it was walking over an unshielded bridge when the wind picked up :D Anyway purchase story aside, I am loving it. Image is crystal clear and I haven't experienced any ghosting, but that might be because I have an AMD graphics card. So it is doing its Freesync thing. Tested it out on Star Citizen and I suddenly realised how little justice my laptop was doing the game. It also made games like Cities Skylines and Stellaris look pretty awesome too. I was wondering if I would end up getting tired as Bursar mentioned, but I have found my eyes are doing the work and I don't have to turn my neck. Probably because it is curved making it easier for the eyes to see everything. I'd say don't get a curved TV as it looks gimmicky, but it seems to give a more of a 3Dish feel that absorbs you into the game when you get a curved monitor. I do tend to sit back in my chair because the screen is so damn big, but most of the time I am standing (Sit/Stand desk) and find I am at my usual position which isn't hugging the desk. Monitor itself when you first turn it on has its brightness at a 100 percent and jeeeez was that bright. Like dealing with a 32" floodlight. Naturally it came with no speakers so I went and also bought a Corsair RGB Surround Sound headset Complaints? No real complaints thus far. I tried its eyecare mode, but kind of found it odd. It jacks up the brightness real high and dulls the colours. So I won't say its a complaint, just something I am not used to and not sure I will use. @FriendCalledFive I think the monitor might be 1 or 2 generations newer than the one on Amazon which you had issue. I ran around ArcCorp without the issue you described. ArcCorp looked pretty damn speccy. I am glad I made the right decision though and didn't go with the Amazon variant, if it has issues. I did consider it at one stage. If anyone wants to see pics here is a link to my waffly blog post on it. It is choccas with pics https://sebthewriter.com/2017/11/15/samsung-32-monitor-lc32f397fwexxy/ I can't really be bothered digging up a picture hosting site. Anyway have a good one everyone, the prowl is over. Thanks for everyone's contributions and thoughts.
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    Thinking of ending the game

    Sorry to see you go. Shame you are not going to wait the extra 2 months to at least see 3.0 before leaving. After waiting all this time. But you been waiting for this game a lot longer than me and the scope and scale of the game has changed a lot from then. If this game is not what you was hoping for. Then you can leave I wish you all the best. Shame I cant buy the Idris off you.

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