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    3.0 Evocati

    Woot also, Soulcrusher posted that Concierge will be in wave 1 PTU I don't expect wave 1 before CitizenCon my guess is that subscribers will be also
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    Hi guys, I've been think a lot about what ships will be able to assist in what we 'would consider long range hauling' but as of yet without jump points in the game have no idea of how each ship will perform in this aspect. The RSI ship matrix has some ships defined as long range so we can take these as a given, but there maybe be other ships in the pipeline set to come out as concepts and we may find that some of the versatile ships, or ships already in the game operate well over some distances. Below is a lists of ships that I believe as of now are long range capable, from what we know and divided into 3 groups for haulers, potential haulers and escorts: (includes cargo capacities & caveats) Haulers Banu Merchantman (~7500) Hull E (98304) Hull D (20736) Hull C (4608) Hull B (384) Starfarer (3321) Starfarer Gemini (2488) Carrack (1058) - exploration ship as main function Caterpiller (512) - (not ideal for long range hauling) 890 jump (360) Constellation Taurus (243) Constellation Aquila (134) - exploration ship as main function Constellation Androm. (134) Constellation Phoenix (66) - luxury Ship as main function Freelancer Max (123) Freelancer Dur (39) - exploration ship as main function Freelancer Mis (52) Freelancer (52) 600i explorer (36) - exploration ship as main function Genesis (403) - could possibly be to convert into a dedicated hauler with an increased cargo capacity. Potential Haulers (most likely wont be used due to crew/logistics difficulties & costs) Orion (14040) - mining ship as main function Reliant Sen (10) - science/exploration ship Reclaimer (6555) - although great cargo capacity most likely wont be used due to its limited speed. Crucible (300) - repair ship as main function Mustang beta (10) - fighter as main function 315p (6) - fighter as main function 600i luxury (16) - luxury ship as main function endeavor (500) - Science Vessel as main function (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Polaris (216) - Corvette (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1 non-long range escorts to be carried) Idris P (1720) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non long range escorts to be carried) Idris M (860) - frigate (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 3+ non-long range escorts to be carried) Javelin (5400) - destroyer (large crew req. vs cargo) (allows for 1-2 non-long range escorts to be carried) Escorts Banu Defender Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbringer Vanguard Sentinel Vanguard Hoplite Retaliator Base Retaliator bomber Mustang Beta Terrapin 315p Herald (Scout only) Polaris Idris P Idris M *The banu merchantman, Carrack, Constellation, Freelancer, 890 Jump, 600i series, caterpillar and Starfarer could be added as potential escorts due to their long range capabilities but as they are included in the hauling list and may not be ideal escorts have therefore just listed them here as a sub note. Below is a list of ships that may have some long range capabilities, and will be open to debate and divided into 2 groups for haulers and escorts: Haulers Hull A ? Reliant Kore ? Reliant Mako ? Escorts Khartu-Al ? Gladiator ? - when fitted with extra fuel tanks Redeemer ? Hurricane ? Buccaneer ? 300i ? If you think that a ship needs to be added to / moved from one of the lists please feel free to comment, as we find out more about their capabilities, here is a list of all ships not included on any of the above lists: (that could still be used if they fit inside a carrier.) or turn out to have better than expected range. M50 intercepter Mustang Alpha Mustang Gamma Mustang delta Mustang Omega Gladius Gladius Valiant Aurora ES Aurora LX Aurora MR Aurora CL Aurora LN 325a 350r F7c Hornet F7c Hornet wildfire F7c Hornet Ghost F7c-M Super Hornet F7c-R Hornet Tracker Cutlass Black Cutlass Blue Cutlass Red Avenger Stalker Avenger Titan Avenger Titan Renegade Avenger Warlock Vanduul Scythe P52 Merlin P72 Archimedes Reliant Mako Esperia Glaive Sabre Sabre Comet Prospector Esperia Prowler 85X Eclipse Razor
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    Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode that dives into the enhancements coming to cockpits. Plus, catch the first “Burndown” since the Evocati got there hands on 3.0. Highlights Burndown Delta patcher has been getting positive feedback from community Another advantage of patcher is they can downgrade builds as quickly as they can upgrade them in case they missed problem in testing, roll back to an older version until they figure out what went wrong Main focus being performance pushes Hoping to get new builds out everyday if they can to Evocati because of the new Delta patcher Next steps is focusing on shopping/commodities feature to present to Evocati 23 must fix issues Cockpit Experience The Cockpit Experience Sprint was born from Chris' desire to make it more visceral and feel special Jake and John broke Chris' goals into sprints and partnered with Animation, Audio, Visual Effects and Engineering Included G-forces, hit reactions, visual effects and lighting states Started with one cockpit type "HOTAS CL" which is used by 7/8 ships including the Gladius Adjusted the position of the joystick, throttle, seat, main gun Added VFX (sparks, smoke, fire, debris) to indicate incoming damage and damage states (slight, medium, heavy) Hooked the Actor Status System into the G-force system: players consume more oxygen and use different breathing techniques Ensured the UI screens were very consistent and of sufficient size to be easily read without zoom Bringing back the combat visor interface support screens: by default will show player's and target's status Improved and reapplied the control templates to the HOTAS CL ships (with scope for future actions too) One goal is that a player should be able to work out everything a ship does through Interaction Mode Animators are tuning G-force experience so it feels correct, adding idles and fidgets Hit reactions are based on the direction you are getting hit, from all six axes, blended together When the player performs an action there should be physical reaction in the cockpit (and ultimately the character performing it to) Changed the enslavement process between seats and players which massively simplifies setup Cockpits are now being designed with redundancy for future functions that could be added. It was a global effort to make the cockpit redesign happen as it affects the core of the game’s code and without proper coordination, the game would cease to work. Courtesy of Relay
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    WOW! Snow pic.

    Saw this on Reddit. Beautiful!
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    WOW! Snow pic.

    Fixed it for ya, so it actually shows the picture
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    EX0 errors corrected

    EX0 errors corrected
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    It has come to my attention that there is a map, in two dimensions, showing the various tracks, in both of those dimensions, I think you will find it helpful, especially in understanding which track is which. Furthermore, I can tell you that even in my excessive practise in an M50, I am not hitting anywhere near those lap times.
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    Ships, Careers, Roles - RSI

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16163-The-Shipyard-Careers-And-Roles# Greetings Citizens! With the upcoming release of the New Ship Matrix, the updated database of stats for every Star Citizen vehicle and ship, and the continuing development of Star Citizen Alpha 3.0.0 we have consolidated and re-aligned every ship in the game to better serve the community in understanding which ships are right for them. Over the next couple weeks, you’ll see new posts detailing the intricacies of our new Ship Matrix, what some of these new stats mean, how we expect them to manifest in game, and our thought process behind some of the changes you’ll see when all is said and done. Of course, even with the release of this New Ship Matrix, our work is not completed. As Star Citizen continues to develop, so to will the classifications and stats for our spacecraft and ground vehicles. With our new baseline established, going forward we intend to keep the matrix as up-to-date as possible with the latest information. It is our hope that the New Ship Matrix will be the starting point for your Star Citizen theorycrafting adventures, as we detail the stock loadouts each ship will begin with. Remember, in the finished game, you’ll be able to customize many aspects of your ship, taking your spacecraft beyond the original intentions of their designers. We eagerly look forward to the loadouts and customization you’ll one day apply to your ships, as you make each Hornet, each Constellation, or each Hull C your own. We hope you’re as excited by the possibilities as we are. To begin this process of updating our New Ship Matrix, we started by sorting each ship into one of our new “Career” groups. These groups will allow us as developers and you as backers to broadly compare various ships with one another using common themes intended to help make the choice regarding what ship is right for you. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16163-The-Shipyard-Careers-And-Roles#
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    Ground vehicles required.

    a DUR and a DF will be a solid combo in 3.0
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    Ground vehicles required.

    I have DUR and Cutlass Black along with DF and Nox to keep in the back. I think the DF is the most flexible as it has a bit of cargo space to keep your sandwiches in. I also have some X1's, but they are mainly LTI tokens.
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    Ground vehicles required.

    They have all this room on places so why not put stuff there. When we start hearing more about space stations, you hear at lot for about things to do in space. Just they put a lot of work in to planets and we are going to see that stuff first so we are hearing about it now. But I think almost everything you can on planets you can do in space. I say if you are only going to have one ground vehicle get a dragonfly. You can put one of them in a cutlass and still have cargo. Take two people wherever you want to go. Or a little cargo.
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    nox rave  

    nox rave
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    ship news

    from the monthly studio report
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    3.0 Evocati

    Star Citizen Patch 3.0.0 Alpha Patch 3.0.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available for Evocati to test! This is our largest content release to date featuring numerous tech and core system updates, and we're excited for you to get your hands on it. You will have access to planetary surfaces for the first time on three moons (Yela, Daymar, and Cellin) along with an asteroid (Delamar). These new surfaces are expansive, with over three million square kilometers to explore, all dotted with surface outposts and derelict ships. Additionally we have added four new ships, our first dedicated ground vehicle (Ursa Explorer), the foundation of our revamped mission system with new missions, a completely new launcher and patcher system, and so much more! Since we have much to test with many features still being worked on, we will be doing focus waves of testing so we can nail down particular features and systems before moving on to the next. Your launcher will show "3.0.0" as the client version. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizen\LIVE. Important: Evocati Focus: New patcher, station traversing, ship spawning, Star Map app, quantum travel, landing, air traffic control (atc) system, quantum fuel usage/balance, hydrogen fuel usage/balance All the ships are flyable, but the following are the ships that have had the most attention and focus specifically for this wave of Evocati release: Gladius, Hornet Series, Sabre, Vanguard, Constellation Series, Freelancer, Cutlass Black, Caterpillar, Nox, Dragonfly, Prospector, Aurora series We would like you to focus on the above for this initial wave of testing and bug reports. NOTE: Other content and features are in and listed in the notes, but currently not the focus of this testing phase as they undergo bug fixes and polish. Additionally, there's content that is not listed in the notes that are intended for live release and will be added iteratively during the testing cycle. Key Game-play How Tos: Show Location: We have added a command that allows you to find your location in coordinates (useful for bug reporting purposes). Enter "/showlocation" in the chat box (make sure you are in a all chat) to get coordinates. Ship Start Up: Approach the entry point of your ship, then press and hold "F" to activate the interaction system. Select from the various inner thought prompts using the cursor or mouse wheel to move between them. Once inside your ship, again press and hold "F" and select the "Flight Ready" prompt to run through complete ship start up. Alternatively, you can press the "F5" key for quick start up. Landing: Landing now takes place through an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system. Request a landing with "N" as before and approach the landing area. You will automatically be assigned a specific landing pad (highlighted green with a vertical landing guide line). Proceed to the landing pad, but avoid flying over other landing pads and take-off pathways. Quantum Travel: To quantum travel to a destination, open your MobiGlas (F1) and select the StarMap App (diamond shaped symbol). From there, use the mouse to select a destination. Whether or not an object can be selected for QT is determined by gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. Once you have a destination selected you can "set destination" on your MobiGlas to bring up a quantum travel target. As before, align with the QT target and press "B" to travel. As before, align with the QT target and press "B" to travel. New Features General Content Breathing, Stamina & Heart Rate Oxygen Supply: Many areas, such as space or the moons of Crusader, do not have breathable atmospheres and are dangerous for characters unless they’re wearing a pressure suit. Most pressure suits are equipped standard with an oxygen tank. As you breathe, you will slowly consume the oxygen inside your tank. Your oxygen tank will automatically begin to refill once you are inside an area, station, ship or outpost with a breathable atmosphere. If your oxygen supply runs out, your pressure suit contains a small buffer of oxygen to provide you with a short amount of time to try to find an oxygen supply. If your suit is not sealed or you’re not wearing a helmet, you will not have this buffer. If you do not have any oxygen available, you will asphyxiate and quickly pass out. Stamina: As you exert more effort by running, jumping, etc., your muscles work harder and begin to consume more oxygen. To keep up with this higher demand, your heart rate and breathing increase to provide your muscles with a steady supply of oxygen. Wearing heavier armor will increase how much effort it takes to do actions and will tire you out sooner. The more you exert yourself, the harder you breathe and the faster your oxygen supply will be depleted. Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate monitor on your helmet’s HUD and in your mobiGlas functions as an exertion/stamina meter. As a character exerts themselves, their heart rate increases. If a character exerts themselves too much, they will enter a Hyperventilated state. This will restrict the actions that you can perform, and things like running, sprinting or vaulting will be blocked until you exit the Hyperventilated state. Heart rate and breathing can also effect recoil handling and aim. As your heart rate increases the character’s aim will begin to sway, ranging from a minor wobble to wild drifting. Once levels reach certain critical thresholds your vision will also begin to be effected, slowly dimming till it goes completely black. Once your heart rate returns to normal, so will your vision and movement. Wound System Injury is now taken into account for status effects to a small degree including movement penalties for limb damage. Interaction System Interaction Mode Holding down the [F] key will activate Interaction Mode - a contextual cursor will appear in the center of the screen, interaction points will be highlighted, even from a distance. The parallax cursor movement allows selection of anything on screen with little head movement, while retaining full input control. Movement is limited to walking speed while in Interaction Mode. Holding the right mouse button enters into 'focus'; the camera rotates and zooms in on the cursor location, putting it in the center of the screen. From here, the cursor behaves normally. Releasing right click returns to standard view. Left click confirms the selection, and the associated action begins. Releasing [F] will always immediately return to natural gameplay. Inner Thought Prompt When near enough to interact, the inner thought prompt will softly appear on the player screen, tilting towards the location of the interaction to help provide context to the inner thought text. The text will inform you of the action that will be performed upon interaction. Moving away, looking away, or having line of sight to the interaction point blocked will remove the inner thought prompt. The inner thought text will display on screen relative to the object of interaction, but will stay at a fixed size so it's guaranteed readable. The ellipse below the text indicates that secondary options are available, and they can be accessed with the cursor or mouse wheel. 6replies View mode: Sort by: Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 06:46 am Hint System Added the foundation of a new "hint system" which will allow players to learn about how to play the game whilst playing it and reduce the burden of having to consult an off-line resource. Party Launch System Added new command /partylaunch. If the party leader enters /partylaunch into the chat window in game, this will send a notification to each party member when the leader enters an instance that they can either accept or ignore. If accepted they will be put into Matchmaking system to join the leader. If the server doesn't have enough space for the full party, all players in the party will be put back into Matchmaking to find another server. Universe New Locations We have implemented the first fully procedurally generated, explorable planetary bodies. These include three moons; Yela, Daymar, and Celin, as well as the mining planetoid Delamar. Each planetary body has unique atmospheric composition, pressure, and gravity as well as a variety of surface outposts and derelict ships to explore, many tied to our new missions system. Levski is a base built into the rock on Delamar, an asteroid hidden deep in an asteroid belt. The base was originally an active mining facility but after being left derelict for a number of years new residents moved in and it became a hotbed for political radicals & criminals. The main areas are controlled by various political groups with a strong anti UEE sentiment, they try to keep order best they can. Levski has the choice of numerous shops spread across multiple floors, many missions will be available (both illegal and legal). You can gain access to Levski by; foot, ship or ground vehicle. Planetary Motion Planetary bodies now have rotational motion complete with dynamic day/night cycles. Surface Outposts Planetary surfaces are dotted with surface outposts representing a variety organizations and functions. Each outpost is unique and has its own power system and oxygen supply, many with usable Kiosks and landing pads with associated ASOP terminals. Persistence and Insurance Persistence Ammo and missile persistence. Ship damage state persistence. Spawn location persistence (what location you left your ship at, what location your character was at). Inventory Persistence – items, commodities and ships. Air Traffic Control (ATC) Landing and take off at public facilities is now controled by Air Traffic Ontrol (ATC). The ATC acts as the connection between you and the landing tower using the MFD comm function in every ship. When attempting to land, you will open a communication channel to the tower and ask for permission. The tower then checks if all the requirements are fulfilled and will advise appropriately. Selecting a target location will happen via the MFD Comm System. Shops New items (clothing, armor, weapons, components) added to shop inventory. Added Dumper's Depot to major locations. AI Subsumption We have introduced the basics of subsumption. You should now see NPCs going about their daily lives at all 3 major landing zones (Grim Hex, Port Olisar, and Levski). Quantum Travel System Quantum travel (QT) destinations are now selected via the MobiGlas StarMap app. Whether or not an object can be targeted for QT is determined by the drive's detection range and is based off gravitational values (The larger the object the further away you can detect it, large objects with small objects in orbit drown out their detection capabilities at long ranges). Meaning you will not be able to travel from point A to B at all times, but instead may need to move into orbit of a larger body to detect destinations also in orbit. For example, to get to a station orbiting a moon that orbits a planet, the route is Planet>Moon>Station. There's now a short range quantum travel for moving around different orbital points of moons and small planetary bodies. Quantum travel speeds, spooling and cooldown times are variable based on the size and quality of the drive. Mission System Delivery Missions (Lawful/Unlawful) Missing Person Mission AI Bounty Hunt Mission Derelict investigation Escort Mission Mission Givers Ruto and Eckhart Doors and Airlocks Doors and airlocks have been updated with additional functionality. Item 2.0 First introduction of item 2.0 system for ships, including the following: Power – Includes the ability to control how much power is generated by the power plants and is distributed to all of the other systems to use. Heat – Includes the ability to monitor how much heat, EM, and IR the ship is generating, and the ability to temporarily reduce IR. Shields – Includes the ability to monitor and adjust shield strength and repair behavior, and adjust power usage and performance. Flight HUD – Includes the cockpit lens elements which provide vital feedback to the player during flight and combat. Weapons – Includes the ability to monitor and prioritize gun and missile ammo, and adjust power usage and performance. Thrusters – Includes the ability to monitor and adjust thrusters power usage and performance. Radar – Includes the implementation of 2D and 3D radar. Annunciators – Includes the implementation of annunciator screens and their warning behavior. Screen Switch Behavior – Includes the ability to switch between various screens on the same physical monitor. Cargo and Commodoties Introducing the first implementation of cargo! Salvage Some items are transported in small, portable boxes. They can be bought and sold at vendors. These items are placed in/around the Stanton system’s wreckages and procedurally on planet surfaces. They will be generated when destroying cargo-carrying ships. 0.5m boxes can be lifted and moved using the existing hand-lifting system. 1 SCU cargo cannot be lifted or moved. Storing Small Items in the Cargo Grid Ships will have 'Cargo Grids' set up inside that governs how cargo is placed/secured within it. Placing 0.5m boxes within the Cargo Grid will be considered ‘secured’ in the ship. 0.5m boxes will align within the Cargo Grid. Any loose items placed within the grid will not align to this. Loose Items placed inside the Cargo Grid will be added to the ship’s 'manifest'. Items placed outside of the grid will therefore not be added to the 'manifest'. Items can be taken from one ship’s hold, carried to another ship and stored in its hold instead. Buy/Sell Cargo through Market Vendors 1 SCU crates full of a single commodity can bought and sold at vendors. 0.5m boxes the player discovers, or recovers can be sold at vendors. Commodities can be bought at a vendor in selected spots. Players will walk up to the kiosk and use it to initiate an interaction. Only the stock the vendor buys/sells will be listed and the price they want for each. Transactions takes place entirely in the interface. Ships must be stored before their inventory can be used to buy/sell. Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 06:51 am Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 08:55 am New Ship Multiple Selectable MFD (MFD) featuring Render to Texture (RTT) Heat - System Signals Heat - Total heat generated by items. Heat Capacity - Total heat capacity available to the ship. IR Suppression - This button toggles suppressing the IR signal multiplier (which temporarily reduces your IR signal) at the cost of all items (and thus, the entire ship via the Heat Sink) heating rapidly. When IR Suppression is active, you should see that IR starts to drop down, and Heat starts to creep up toward its overheat value. System IR Suppression - All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. System IR Suppression - All groups are suppressed. This overrides any groups below. IR Levels - Shows the IR levels of each item category. Heat - Items On Button - This denotes the On/Off state of the item. Item Name - Reorder alphabetically by item name (all categories). Item Name - Item Name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type - Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Cooler (no heat, but for health/wear indication) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Power - The current item power usage. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each item has remaining. Wear - How much wear each item has remaining. Power - System On Button - Turns all power plants On/Off. Power Throttle Throttle - This throttles the connected Power Plants' maximum power output. Throttle Max - This is the 100% value for the Power Plants maximum power output. Throttle Stealth - This is an updating bar which denotes the Stealth value that Throttle is set to when the Stealth Button is pressed (see below). Power Usage - Currently generated power. Power Required - Required power by all items. Power Deficiency - Amount of required power minus the currently generated power. Only appears when the power plants aren't able to supply enough required power. Stealth - This button sets the Throttle to the Stealth value, which is the sum "on" Power value of all connected items that are on, plus a small reserve value (10% to start). As individual items will be able to be turned off, this bar will move up and down as the Stealth value changes. Once the Stealth Button has been activated and the Throttle value reduced, you may then readjust the Throttle to suit your needs or adjust the Power Priority Triangle to work with the reduced power output. Power Priority Triangle - Moving the indicator on the Power Priority Triangle adjusts the percentage of power that is distributed to the three major systems (Shields, Weapons, and Thrusters) if total power requested is larger than available power generated. Nudging toward one system should add to it, and take proportionally to the other systems. Groups - Each group (Shields, Weapons, Thrust) are represented by icons. Priority - Percentages for each group. These should total 100%; dead center of the triangle should indicate 33% on each corner of the triangle. Power Deficiency - If any group isn't receiving its requested power, it is indicated by an icon. Signals: Heat - As the point of throttling power to items is to control your ship's signals, they are indicated here. Heat - Total heat generated by items. Heat Capacity - Total heat capacity available to the ship. EM - Current total EMsignature. IR - Current total IR signature. Power - Items On Button - This turns individual power plants On/Off. Please note that the only items that can be turned on and off from this page are power plants. All other items are only observable in their on/off states. Item Name Item Name Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Item Type - Reorder by cycling item type (all categories). This is a list of available types: Power Plant (power in this case is power generated) Shield Generator Gun Main Thruster Maneuvering Thruster Quantum Drive Jump Drive Radar Avionics Power - For power plants, power generation. For all other items, item power usage. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each item has remaining. Wear - How much wear each item has remaining. Item Group Power Shields Weapons Thrusters Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:03 am Shields - System On Button - Turns all shield emitters and shield generators On/Off. Shield Generator Throttle - This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for the shield generators. Shield Status - As before, a top-down (for front, back, left, and right) and side (top and bottom) shield health is displayed. Face repair is represented by the highlighted bar, and each face's health is indicated by the value next to it. Top - Represents the health to front, back, left, and right. Side - Represents the health to top and bottom. Face Priority - Dragging the pip toward a face moves priority toward that face. Increasing face priority both increases the rate at which it is repaired when damaged, and also redistributes health toward it when the shields are healthy. Top - Represents the face priority to front, back, left, and right. Side - Represents to the face priority to top and bottom. Face Hardening - Selecting a face temporarily gives it extra resistance, allowing you to brace for damage to a particular face. Standby - This button turns off the actual shield temporarily to allow it to repair more quickly at the cost of not having the shields on while this is happening. Shields - Items On Button - This turns individual shield generators On/Off. Item Name - Reorder alphabetically by shield generator name. Item Name - Shield Generator name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Type - Item Type Icon Power - Shield generator power usage. Heat - The current heat the shield generator is generating. Health - How much health each shield generator has remaining. Wear - How much wear each shield generator has remaining. Weapons - System On Button - Turns all weapons and missiles On/Off. Weapon Group On Button- This turns all weapons in the weapon group On/Off. Weapon Group Number - Weapon Group 1 or 2. Weapon Group Throttle - This works exactly like the Power Throttle in all other MFDs and throttles Power for that Weapon Group. Weapons Number - Number of weapons in that Weapon Group. Missiles On Button - This turns all missiles On/Off. Missiles Icon Missiles Number - Number of missiles left. Weapons - Items On Button - This turns individual weapons On/Off. Item Name. Item Name - Weapon Name. Distortion Damage - Appears when distortion damage is received, and disappears when there is none. Weapon Group - The Weapon Group number (there are two). Clicking this specific element switches the fire group to the other fire group (there are currently two fire groups). Ammo Type Ammo Remaining Ammo - Ammo remaining in current reload. Reloads - Ammo reloads remaining. Power - Gun power usage. This will be useful for showing you how much power each gun requires to use. Heat - The current heat the item is generating. Health - How much health each gun has remaining. Wear - How much wear each gun has remain Technical Menu Added FOV Scale to menu Audio New Low Ammo Audio New Ship Weapon Audio New Ship Engine Audio Graphical New "Fog" VFX New Quantum Travel VFX New Ship Destruction VFX New Ship "trails" VFX New layered ship weapon impacts Optimizations Added additional serialization Improved emitter update performance Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:21 am Feature Updates Universe ASOP Terminals Added ship selector with more ship specific information Shops Adding Magazines and Grenades to Cubby Blast Added new clothing to various stores Crime Stat Reworked, but still basic implementation of crimes and criminality Split "wanted" and "criminality" reputations Only players at wanted level 3 should appear hostile Missions Many new job contracts available via the Contract Manager App Grim Hex Additional Props Updated art assets Moved ASOP terminals to main railing Ships & Vehicles General Updated with new hit reactions Updated ship entry and interaction animations Drake Cutlass Black: Complete Rework RSI Aurora Series: Complete Rework Aegis Avenger Updated dashboard Aegis Vanguard Cockpit rework Aegis Sabre Cockpit display rework Aegis Gladius Cockpit display rework HUD update Anvil Gladiator Separated art for pilot/copilot geometry Drake Herald Rescaled self-destruct timer Vanduul series Updated lighting Merlin Updated lighting MISC Reliant Updated lighting Drake Caterpillar Added airlock hole for EVA hatch Ship Weapons Updated animations Knightbridge Arms series: Complete Rework Klaus and Werner Repeater Series: Complete Rework Star Marine Armors Armor and equipment weight now alters run speed and stamina drain Light/Medium/Heavy armor piece damage reduction balancing Weapons New P8-SC SMG available Tweaks and balance changes across all weapons Arena Commander Scoring Rework First Person Animations Updated jumping Updated pistol animations Gear Equipment Weight Equipment weight now influences actor state and run speed Weapons Complete art rework: Devastator 12 Shotgun Complete art rework: Arrowhead Sniper Rifle Complete art rework: Arclight Pistol Complete art rework: P4-AR Assault Rifle Complete art rework: Gallant Rifle Complete art rework: Gemini L86 Baior Of Red@Baior-CIG September 28th at 09:26 am Technical Menu Reskinned "Contacts" page Keybindings and Controls Tweaked controls for turrets for an improved experience Added joystick mappings for EVA and FPS Added joystick mappings for interaction mode Added gamepad mappings for interaction mode Added ADS zoom in and out for gamepad Audio Updated internal ship audio Updated quantum travel audio Updated shopping UI audio Updated collision audio Graphical Exposure Improvements Specular Improvements Fixes Bug Fixes Universe Fixed LOD issues on Olisar Fixed delayed/missing music in Crusader Fixed missing purchasable items form ArcCorp Added proper collision to GrimHex shop window Fixed an issue where hangar spawning a Freelancer in front of a Scythe would cause them to collide Fixed missing collision in Aeroview hangar Vehicles Suspension should now work properly Ships EMP Charges no longer have a chance to kill players Fixed some audio feedback issues Khartu-Al Corrected several backward or missing decals Gladiator Fixed exterior lighting Mustang Series Corrected several backward or missing decals Fixed cracked glass appearance on cockpit from a distance Caterpillar Fixed an issue with shadow flicker in cockpit 300 Series Corrected several backward or missing decals Fixed some clipping geometry Fixed texture normals Vanguard series Fixed a bug with Hoplite destruction VFX Vanduul Fixed collision issues with Scythe and Glaive landing gear Starfarer Player no longer t-poses when entering/exiting turret Constellation series Reduced the interaction point size of ladders Resolved missing or quiet audio for fly by FPS Fixed some issues with grenade markers Fixed players momentarily in aim pose during jump Projectiles should now spawn in correct zone Fixed issue where players could use MediPen without reducing supply or without HUD updating Arena Commander Fixed LOD issue on Dying Star central spire Fixed LOD issues for landing pads Star Marine Visual clean-ups for Star Marine: Demien Cleaned up issues with player lighting Fixed issue where all players were marked hostile for spectator Players no longer slide into hacking animation when interacting with terminals from side or back Removed grenade damage through barrier into spawn room General Fixed issue where players were unable to join on friends if different regions are selected Fixed issue where if both players add each other to contacts they both appear as permanently offline Fixed an issue where only the first PTU account copy would get added to friends system Fixed an issue where loading into the universe would present no destinations after finishing a match of Arena Commander Fixed an issue where input recognition would fail when overlapping inputs Balance Ships Boost and afterburner are additive rather than multiplicative Quantum fuel tanks and consumption have been updated for new planetary distances Hydrogen fuel tanks and consumption have been rebalanced and tweaked FPS Increased hip fire recoil Damage and spread balancing across all weapons Reduced procedural breathing sway effects in ADS Added damage reduction component to armor items Increased damage reduction of medium and heavy armors Increased movement speed difference between light and medium
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    WOW! Snow pic.

    I hope we get deep snow like that. But I don't think we will
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    Origin X1 Q&A

    https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16155-Q-A-Origin-X1 How does X1 Base/Force/Velocity compare against the Nox and Dragonfly in speed, durability, and overall performance? The X1 Baseline is the all-rounder of the three. Compared to the Dragonfly, the X1 will provide more speed/agility without the rugged terrain handling and additional passenger seat that serves as 1SCU of cargo holding in the Drake offering. Versus the Nox, it may not be as fast or as well armed (one gun vs two) but is more durable (hull and pilot-wise) while providing better visibility for the occupant. The X1 Velocity is more agile than the X1 Baseline due to reduced weight (hull and equipment loadout choice) and can reach higher top speeds than the stock X1. With the X1 Force variant, Infinity Customs has extended the hull section between the tail fins which houses an additional shield generator slot providing more resistance against incoming weapon fire than any other bike currently on the market, including the Dragonfly and Nox. This allows you to shrug off those extra hits in combat should you be discovered during reconnaissance. A scout’s usefulness in recon often depends greatly on being able to bring that information home. Will the X1 Force have special features such as increased scanning or stealth capability? If so, what kind? The X1 Force differs from the rest of the X1 lineup and the other snubs by having a second shield generator providing increased defensive capability. With Industrial C-Grade components installed standard, items such as the radar and scanner are of a higher grade than the other X1’s but do not offer any new abilities, simply providing better baseline performance for the same tasks. Under the “exploration” category think of it more as an advanced scout, able to sneak close to enemy forces and observe them and should they be discovered, make successful escape more likely due to an additional shield generator. With only the single S1 gun it may not have the offensive capabilities of the Dragonfly or Nox, but the second shield should offset any advantage Origin’s competitors may possess. How does a person get into and out of the X1? The side of the X1 opens up allowing the user to enter/exit and interact with the internal components for repair. Here’s an animation from the early blockout exploring how it works. How do the three X1 differ? Are they physical hull variants, the same hull but with different loadouts, or just skin swaps? The three X1’s are designer-customized variants with different physical hulls, courtesy of Alberto Vara. The Velocity contains a Competition C-Grade loadout and lightweight hull optimized for performance, removing unnecessary drag like the weapon hardpoint while the Force has its slightly wider hull designed to house the extra shield generator hardpoint. Due to these special modifications unique to each X1 variant, they cannot be recreated completely by swapping components on the X1 Baseline. Additionally, we’re looking to address the visibility/readability of what ships are hull variants, paint & loadout swaps, or utilize the module system in the upcoming rework of the ship stats matrix, but it’s worth considering that a space bike, being a very small and tightly constructed vehicle, is a little more limited than larger vehicles in general when it comes to supporting pervasive modularity. Is there an advantage to having the Origin X1 Baseline over a Velocity or Force? Why would anyone want to use the base model? It very much depends on what you want to use your X1 for. For the most part, we expect the Velocity to be preferred largely by specialist or dedicated racers, as the lack of weapon hardpoints limit its options for day to day use compared to its variants. With the X1 Force, you can get extra defensive shielding and improved scanning but at the cost of weight and an increase in price; just as the Velocity sheds mass to become a better racer, the Force trades a bit in that department for taking on extra gear. The X1 Baseline may be the most well-rounded of the three at a more comfortable price. The X1 Force has a S1 Laser Repeater while the Baseline has an S1 Laser Cannon. What’s the difference, and why is one more suitable to fulfill the Force’s role? Laser repeaters put a more continuous stream of fire down and are better suited for target saturation, while cannons (Ballistic and Laser) require a more precise sense of marksmanship due to their lower rate of fire. Your mileage may vary, but many people generally find repeaters easier to get used to. Also worth noting: default loadouts are exactly that. You may swap out for any S1 weapon that suits your personal preferences. What advantage does the second shield generator of the FORCE provide? Will it provide life support (atmospheric shielding keeping oxygen in/non-breathable atmosphere out) to the pilot? The shield generators on the X1 Force are defensive in nature and aren’t a Tevarin-style “air shield” you might find on larger spacecraft. All of the X1 Variants and current spacebikes from Drake and Aopoa are “open-canopy” craft and therefore lack integrated life support. You’re going to want to wear an appropriate suit for the environment you expect to be riding through. How long until we can expect to see the X1 in game? The X1 is not scheduled for Alpha 3.0 and is intended for a future 3.x patch; we hope to have a better idea the cadence for additional ships coming online once work on 3.0 is finished. What are the differences between the variants? Right now all the stats say TBD. Aside from the aforementioned hardpoint changes there will be differences between the default equipped items such as coolers, power plants, shield generators, radars, etc. If you drill down to the default equipment options that are currently visible, you will see the Baseline has Civilian C components, while the Velocity has Competition C and the Force comes standard with Industrial C-Grade fittings. At present, these individual items are currently awaiting names from the Lore Team so are displayed as TBD. Will there be no-fly-zones in space where small vehicles like spacebikes will be necessary? (ex: minefields, dense asteroid and debris fields, derelict space stations) Absolutely, spacebikes like the X1 are perfect for short distance exploration in space from parent ships like the examples listed. Asteroids and Debris Fields limit larger ships entry and the distance of the fields make personal EVA quite lengthy so the bikes fill the gap in space. Many of you have already experienced in Arena Commander how different (and perilous!) it can be to navigate larger ships through asteroid clutter. How does the X1 Velocity compare to the NOX Kue or Dragonfly for racing purposes? It depends on where you decide to race. Out of the three listed the Dragonfly can find itself at significant disadvantage in clear terrain and would rely on the other two to make a error to be competitive against them. In more rugged terrain the Dragonfly can find itself taking “short cuts” over geography that would hamper the performance of its competitors. A contest between the Nox Kue and X1 Velocity could be closer, with the Nox having a possible advantage with its fixed thrusters and the ability to start turning more quickly. If the X1 Force is an exploration variant – will it be able to drop Nav Beacons like the Cyclone Recon? This is not currently planned as there is nowhere to store the Nav Beacons on the X1. Is uh… this apartment in the background going to be for sale sometime, too? Because that is a REALLY nice place. Love that ultra-minimalist furniture scheme. No announcement on this just yet! We’re pleased you like it, though! How well will the X1 fare in Pizza Delivery? Ah Citizen, my old friend. Do you know the Vanduul proverb that tells us pizza is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold in space. Can it hold any cargo? There is no space for any cargo to be carried on any X1 variant and no plans at present to do an X1 cargo variant. We figured someone would ask, but all vehicles engage in a little give-and-take in design order to do the things that they do. The X1 is a sleek little speedster designed with pilot preservation in mind, while the Dragonfly with its limited 1SCU cargo ability has a more utility focus. Why is the X1 twice as heavy, as the other similarly sized bikes (1000 vs 2000 kg). Does it have larger components, like a bigger powerplant or bigger main thruster? With the updated ship stats matrix coming soon all ships will be getting revised mass values and it looks like these values started to sneak out a little early! The website was incorrect to list all three variants with the same weight; they do all weigh different amounts. The Velocity is much closer to the Nox’s weight, the base slightly more and then the Force at the upper end of the scale near to the Dragonfly. Can the base X1 be upgraded through components to any of the other two superior models? As mentioned above: not completely due to them being actual variants with fundamental structural differences. You could remove the weapon and swap the internal components out to configure a base X1 similarly to a Velocity but it won’t be as light or nimble as the dedicated variant. Additionally, you could swap the Laser Cannon for the Laser Repeater (or other weapon of choice) and upgrade the internal components to Industrial components like the Force variant, but there still wouldn’t be a structural hardpoint for the second shield generator, so you’d end up with a heavier X1 Baseline. Often, variants represent a design tradeoff where we push a given design to perform even better at certain edges of the envelope, and that makes them special – but we expect overall customization to be part of the fun also, and look forward to the type of X1 you can make for yourself.
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    Origin X1 Q&A

    I bought the 3 pack. As a new player my aim was to use the stock and racer as LTi trade-ins for later ships. Ive already dropped the stock model for a Cutlass Red. Super write up and very informative - thanks.
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    Origin X1 Q&A

    Dam you ichi, I lasted all the way up to reading that, now I have two. Almost made it with out getting one.
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    Points of interest for exploration.

    Hi guys, I thought id make a list of things that have caught my eye in the star citizen lore that maybe of interest to explortation/industry or military but may also be outside the UEE remit... either way please feel free to discuss. Hr'Thak homeworld (Krell) - trading partners / missing link to why x'ian keep UEE from visiting them. Tevarin Homeworld - (Elysium system) Tevarin abandoned planet - (Kabal system) Oretani System - lost human expedition Hadesian Artifact - (Hades system) Osoian - most advanced primate race (oso system) etos ape - developing species (osiris system) there's probably a lot more but these were just off the top of my head. Osi
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    When we sat down to begin work on the X1, we began with an exercise taught to me by the legendary ship designer I am pleased to call my mentor, Akira Yedomos. He believed that “only by attempting to reach beyond, could one build for the real world," so the entire team was encouraged to unshackle their imagination and build a vehicle that adhered to as many or as few 'established' rules as they wished. The result was a fast, maneuverable open-canopy racer that's as much of a work of art while at rest as it is in motion. With thrusters seemlessly integrated into the sleek hull, the X1 organically fuses function with form and continues Origin's proud legacy of luxury perfection If you’d like to add one to your fleet, they’re available in the pledge store until 20:00 UTC October 6, 2017. You can also view a detailed schematic of the X1 in the Holo Viewer in the Tech Overview of the ship page, and be sure to enjoy Origin Jumpworks' X1 brochure. As with every Concept Sale, we will also be doing a Q&A post. There will be a forum thread on Spectrum to take your questions. Make sure to vote for the questions you most want to see answered and we will be posting the dev’s responses next week. Look for the Comm-Link Schedule next week to find out when that post will go up. For the full post go here X1 BASELINE EDITION Built in collaboration with famed astroengineer Alberto Vara, Origin’s new X1 is a high-performance open-canopy ship designed for anyone who’s ever asked “can I go faster?” Normal <-> Warbond X1 VELOCITY EDITION Origin Jumpworks’ X1 VELOCITY takes speed to a whole new level. Constructed under the direction of Alberto Vara, the Velocity offers a lighter chassis to decrease overall ship weight, making the Velocity a dangerous new addition to the open-canopy racer lineup. Normal <-> Warbond X1 FORCE EDITION Travel in confidence with the X1 FORCE. Featuring additional defensive capabilities, this new open canopy ship from Origin Jumpworks is equally suited for ground-based exploration or even reconaissance and security operations. Normal <-> Warbond
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    Haha all you need to go with that Origin Force is a HP Spectre 13' http://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/offer.aspx?p=spectre-13 Matches the colour scheme and everything!
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    this is an open cockpit/snub; it should be flyable in space or on the ground, but cannot go from space to ground or ground to space you should be able to CCU this to your dream spaceship its like a Dragonfly or Nox
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    Cool, well done!
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    Open cockpit ships (AKA hoverbikes) can work in space or slightly above a planetary body, but they cannot go from space to planet (burn up) or planet to space (lack the power). So this Origin X1 should work in space or in hover. No word on if the Coreolis Effect will affect the direction the water rotates. It could be one of those eco-friendly waterless toilet designs. Ground vehicles can't hover (at least up until now) and won't be able to navigate in space. So far this only includes the Greycat, Cyclones, and Rovers, but I look forrward to a hovertank being released. They may or may not have a toilet. I don't like the term space bike. Bike derives from bicycle which is literally bi - cycle (two wheels) and these don't have wheels. They're scooters, or speeders (copyright issues?), open cockpit racers (lawls), or boomyzoomyzippyzipsters. I propose we call them Spagthorpes (google it).
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    So the 3 variants are race, luxury and toilet
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    Yet again A FREE GAME Outlast

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    Luxury with basic black leather, middle with rare animal hide, epic with gold everywhere.
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    AdmiralSloth | CIG@TylerN-CIG Today at 06:16 pm The Origin X1 will go on sale Friday, September 29, 2017. There will be three variants with prices ranging from $40 to $50.
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    It would be very nice for that speculation to comes true. I know Elite Dangerous you lower your ram scoop and sit by the sun, but I have always been under the impression, refuelling in Star Citizen was going to have a little more to it. I wouldn't mind hanging around with the solar panels out or whatever format the internal power requirements of a Carrack take. If we are speculating, I would think the Endeavor (Research Unbound) would have a similar sorta power setup, so it can go deep space for long periods. I mean if the explorers are covered by their own internal systems, the only concerns are the escort party. If we wanted to shrink down the fleet to explorers and escorts, there is bound to be a few places we can shove cargo on our vessels for fuel/ammo, because both the Endeavor and Carrack are by no means tiny. I think your raider group idea would also work Foggy, almost on an indefinite basis. The bonus side is, you could run the Hull-C off for a resupply if necessary or drop off interesting finds back at civilisation. Haha that said, all we need is an engineer, some good quality duct-tape and I am sure we will make the round trip.
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    SquidofLuv Exploration Ships Review Vid

    interesting review of the Aquila, 600i, Carrack and the Squid reviews starter Exploration ships
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    Hello al i am back finely. It's been a long road. i miss all of you
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    SquidofLuv Exploration Ships Review Vid

    Carrack has an ion power generator and solar panels.. Word around the verse is running out of fuel will likely not be an issue for the carrack. speculation of course
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    IMO best Carrack raider group gonna be: 1 Carrack 1 Gerald - to keep HQ informed about path 1 HULL-B - for resupply 1 Starfarer for refuel If it'll be possible to transporting fuel for Carrack by HULL-C, we'll need the Starfarer in base system just to refine fuel for HULL-C to transporting it to the raider group and transporting the found artifacts to the base system for research in Endeavor, so we can keep fuel harvesting and research ship in the safe place
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    SquidofLuv Exploration Ships Review Vid

    No regrets on my Carrack! Albeit getting caught short in the void would not be fun. Could imagine be out in the deep void, far from known space and seeing the fuel gauge needle bouncing on the empty. Then slowly have to start turning off non essential systems and attempting to limp home. Lights WHO NEEDS THEM :D Crew you have torches! Albeit if it has solar panels, we probably can keep the lights on. Probably the best way to go for a journey in the void would be to form up a fleet of 1x Endeavor 1x Carrack 1x Starfarer and maybe try to shove an escort in the endeavours hangar. Anyway! Waffle waffle waffle. Definitely a video for thought.
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    IDEAS!!! CANT WAIT....!!!

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    Star Marine TA Team

    I'm here to announce a Star Marine Team for Tactical Advance members and friends that will be inclusive to all divisions. The team will conduct practice and training on FPS fundamentals. The team will be competition driven and will seek matches with other organizations and within tournaments and ladders. My responsibilities and commitments to you are as follows: I will organize scheduling for the team I will organize and conduct training for the team I will manage personnel and communications with tournaments/ladders/matches for your convenience If you're interested in the project please post on this thread.
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    Why its important

    In a conversation last weekend a member asked me what the Academy was, and as a followup question wondered why it was important for us to be spending time and effort now to build up an organizational structure. Basically why can't we just log on and play together? why do we need to have divisions, policies, and things like military ranks and roles? ... and those are valid questions, gaming isn't a job, it shouldn't be like work or too overloaded with rules and requirements. Today's SCStats provides a good start to answering those questions Tactical Advance is the 9th largest Org by straight membership, and 6th largest by AMMAS (basically Mains minus Affiliates). Its easy to fall into the trap that the merry little band of folks who have been active over the last few months, while SC goes through a prolonged content drought, represents who and what we'll look like when 3.0, 4.0 or live drops. I believe that as time goes by some orgs will grow, some will shrink, and some will collapse or explode dramatically. Our efforts now are simply to provide Tac and the Org leadership with the ability to handle the large numbers of members that we expect. May turn out to be overkill, but its better to be prepared to be a large, active Org than to sleep on it and accept the chaos that is bound to ensue if we do not take the steps to be prepared. Fortunately the systems, principles, and guidelines are in place, they make sense, they're minimal, and they're designed to provide the maximum freedom and support for us to enjoy this game in our own individual ways, while giving us the structure necessary to reduce drama and XSBS when this place is packed.
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    You must be a lot younger than me, this was what got me into sci-fi:

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