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    citcon pics

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    FINALLY got the PU to run again!

    Hey all. I know ive been kinda radio silent for a while. My PU wasn't loading up at all. The game would crash every time i attempted. Even a new video card didnt help. I finally figured out that something i did a LONG time ago was the issue. Back when i built my computer, and made an SSD my boot drive, i disabled the windows page file. Because i figured 16gig was Plenty enough that it shouldn't ever need to touch the page file. Which as been true for every other program & game, and even SC.. until this version of it anyway lol. I got the page file back on, and the PU (after a time) did finally load up. Woot!
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    Gatlings on the turrets!

    I don't own a Hammerhead but I'm very much looking forward to firing the guns on a turret of a Hammerhead fully decked with Gatling guns :-DDD
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    Ship Potential.

    Another person commenting on the Freelancer being the biggest ship through the smallest jump point. Also the potential of the Max to be upgraded to a "Semi - Dur".
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    So....what ship do you have?

    Casually emerging from hibernation to update my fleet here: RSI Orion Crusader Mercury Star Runner Origin 315p
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    Mining A Rock

    Thats really good going, well done. My best is 4,500. A fraction lol.
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    Mining A Rock

    beat that lol
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    keeping sharp :)

    This is now my go to excuse whenever I am told gaming is rubbish and a waste of tim :D It's keeping my brain younger lol.
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    keeping sharp :)

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    Problem is, I can carry more with a Hull C As an Industry Base of Operations, the Kraken could be very useful indeed, especially with repair facilities. But I anticipate is costing a lot to run and maintain too. Not convinced i'll need one any time soon, same as Pioneer AND I expect the price to be steep! So it's out of my budget It's also about the crew requirements. To much for me to handle in that regard.
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    Tactical Advance

    A dark theme for TeamSpeak 3

    Dark style and icon pack which looks surprisingly similar to another popular voice communication software. https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/134169-Release-Dark-A-dark-theme-for-TeamSpeak-3 I use this as well, download the icons as well.
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    citcon pics

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    133FPS in Evocati test on planet!:
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    No Man's Sky

    Well I'm approx. 160 hrs in and still having fun. The updates are coming fairly regular and they are adding enough new stuff to keep me busy. Base building, land vehicles, exploring etc. It was worth buying.
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    Gatlings on the turrets!

    Your probably right , but the thrill of firing 4 size 4 Gatling guns ....even for 1 second will be a thing of pure exhilaration 😬 working on a club badge for the forums and motto . ”To Protect and Serve “
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    beyond the stars

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    Mercury Q&A

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    FINALLY got the PU to run again!

    lol more like 16gb just for the game and another 2-4 for your OS and background programs.