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    Tactical Advance

    BALLISTA - Star Citizen

    Don't just level the playing field, level the competition. self-propelled air defense system Close Quarters Combat A powerful remotely operated turret outfitted with dual size-2 ballistic Gatling guns keeps all occupants protected should the enemy attempt to get up close and personal. Watch the Skies Packing eight size-5 missiles and two whopping size-7 destroyers, the Ballista is outfitted with a custom artillery system to annihilate targets of nearly any capability in the air and on the ground alike. Mobile Sanctuary The heavily fortified interior of the Ballista keeps operators and personnel safe in the heat of battle. The cabin sports a utilitarian design that's perfectly suited to combat and comfort. Get the Ballista Heaviest Artillery With a firing range of over 2000 meters and a relatively tiny electromagnetic signature, the Ballista is capable of obliterating virtually any ground or air target before it knows what's hit it. Heart of the Defender The utilitarian-yet-roomy cabin allows unfettered access from the driver's seat to the gunner's station and keeps you safe while you monitor the mayhem you've wrought. Ready for Anything A powerful remotely operated turret outfitted with dual size-2 ballistic Gatling guns keeps all occupants protected should enemy ships attempt to get up close and personal. Media Technical Specifications The Ballista packs its massive payload into a relatively slim package and can run with a skeleton crew, allowing you nigh-limitless defensive options. Length 16m Width 7m Height 5m Max crew 2 ARTILLERY SYSTEM MAX CAPACITY 8x S5 Missiles2x S7 Missiles https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17153-Anvil-Ballista
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    No time to game

    Hi guys. I'm here to say good bye. I'm luckily very busy with really great and fun projects. For those that don't know a s**t about me I joined the org in February 8, 2015. I am an architect and a painter, after a long period struggling professionally (here we go rid of truly socialist driven government in march 11 2018 leaded Michelle Bachelet). Since then I'm have a lot of work in both fronts. I even got requests for my pictures internationally. Well so. I'm lending my fleet to a friend that have only an Avenger package. Good luck to everyone from this beautiful corner of the world. VIVA CHILE.
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    Dastardly's Pit

    Case: Anidees Mid-tower PSU: EVGA 650 Motherboard: EVGA X99 Classified CPU: i7 5820k RAM: 32GB DDR4 Quad channel Graphics card: EVGA RTX 2070 Super Hybrid 8GB Sound card: Sound Blaster Recon 3Di Hard Drive(s): 2x WD Black 3TB Optical Drive(s): M2 1TB Samsung 980 Pro (OS)- Plextor 1TB PCiE 8x (Space Sim)- 500GB SSD (Misc.) Monitor: 43" 4K TCL Smart TV (Main)- 28" ASUS HD Speakers: Creative 5.1 Surround Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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    Need Advice on Ship Selection

    Hello Niles, Weather you are waiting for the game to come out before playing it or are playing it right now, it is important to have a ship that you feel at home in. For me, that would be both my Endeavor and my Corsair. For you, on the other hand, and this is really the question that matters, I can't say. The first thing I would put to you is which ship do you really see yourself flying in, or at the very least, spending the majority of your gameplay time in? From what you've said in your above post, you are considering an alternative to the Starfarer. I'd recommend you take a look at the ships listed at this website (all the ships are in one place here) and see which ones you fancy. I'd also ask the while an upgrade isn't a bad idea, you'll have more options open to you if you consider a downgrade as well. You'd have to melt the package down, but you'd get in-store credit as a return, and for the Starfarer Gemeni, you'd have enough store credit from the package to choose from a very large selection of ships. I should add however, that melting down the LTI Package will mean loosing the LTI. Additionally, if the Starfarer Gemeni is part of a game package, you will loose the package upon melting it (if it came with Squadron 42, you will need to purchase it separately from game packages after you do this). It's not a decision to be made lightly, but it's easy enough to get it back. I'm going to assume that you are only interested in the Persistent Universe portion of the game. If you want to change right now: Buy a starter package. It's $45 US for a starter ship and access to Persistent Universe. Your options are the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha. Buy the Anvil Ballistia for the LTI Upgrade the Anvil Ballistia to a ship of your preference. (Bear in mind, ship selection is limited outside of special events) If you want to wait: Wait to melt down until a cheaper LTI option presents itself. Buy a package during the Anniversary Sale. You'll have a lot of options here. If the package doesn't contain the ship you want, upgrade it. (Starter Packages during last years Anniversary Sale were as low as $15 US , this likely will happen again this year) Now of course I can't promise that a cheaper LTI option will turn up at all, however, a new ships will come out, and you might fall in love with one, in which case, that's a likely LTI option right there. This guide isn't 100%. Things will change in the future. At the end of the day Keeping or Upgrading the Starfarer Gemeni is the safest option. That being said however, you do have options. If you want to know how ships feel, hop into the teamspeak and join us in the 'verse. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we'd be more than happy to let you experience a ship first hand and join us for some fun. To answer your second question: I simply don't have an answer. Currently they've reduced the overall cost of ships in the Alpha so that they are more obtainable during the course of the patch. I can guarantee that the current prices do not reflect the prices planned for the ships upon release. In terms of making money, Missions, Mining, Combat, and Trading are currently in the game in a limited capacity (some being more done than others). I can only speculate about the state of the Economy upon release. I hope this helps you make the most informed decision you can. Make sure anything you do is the most fun for you. Weather or not you decide to play today or upon the release, we look forward to seeing you in the 'verse.
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    The part where some parts of this ship go flying and bounce on the ground. Just that detail is wow. I wonder if someone is standing there would they get hurt or killed.
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    BALLISTA - Star Citizen

    The first ship with size 7 missiles is a ground vehicle. Have they changed the way missile sizes work. I thought everything after size 4, so size 5 on was a torpedo. Is anyone thinking of getting one.
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    Thunder Fox 295x4

    Case: NZXT Phantom 820 PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600w T2 Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 CPU: AMD Fx-8350 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3-2400 Graphics card: 2x Sapphire R9 295x2 Hard Drive(s): PNY 240gb SSD 1TB Toshiba HDD 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 3TB Seagat Barracuda HDD Optical Drive(s): None Monitor: Acer SB220Q 1080p 60Hz 4ms Freesync Speakers: Razer Kraken Pro V2 Quartz Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit I've shown this rig off before, but it's spent 2 and a half years collecting dust in storage with a friend because I've been couch hopping due to my disability. It's a bit old now, and has seen some wear and tear on the case, and doesn't look as pretty before, and one of the SSDs in the original RAID 0 died, but the rest of it works fine still.
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    I'm finally back! ^o^

    It's been over 2 and a half years since I last got to play SC because I've been stuck couch hopping due to my disability, and my desktop had to be left behind with a friend. Anyways last year a friend offered to take care of me while I get things sorted out, and I finally got my desktop back a couple of weeks ago. So things are finally stable again, and should be stable through the near future (hopefully). I'm installing star citizen now as I am quite excited to see how much has changed since I last played.


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