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    Hey everyone I have been on a four day working stint and am so happy to see the interest. I know there have been a lot of people looking to join the wing that do not already have a tag. Once we have created the first Masters this weekend things will progress faster. The following couple of weeks will have those masters assign the first Leading hands and Journeymen. At this stage we can add more people to the group and build upon the foundations I have laid out for you all. Please understand if you want to join us it will happen in due time. I have been a little vague on the details of the how's and whys for the application of the group we have made and can expand on some things for you now. I have mentioned a militia capability or Civil defence that is a possible way we can act in PU. It is not the intention or even a focus. It is more that if Tactical Advance is actively holding a PVP node such as a space station or a choice resource node and Malagos is needing more ships temporarily we could help him. Because we have a group of friendly casual industry/exploration players. We would look like the Irish conscripts rolling into battle for England in the brave heart movie. Messy and just a huge number to bolster numbers. Joining Phoenix wing does not mean you cannot join any formal elements within Tactical Advance. In phoenix wing you are joining a group of players with similar ideas and fun in game. Some back story on the ranks is that these are the traditional levels for tradespersons in European history. They are still used in some countries and the Stone Masons not so secret society still uses these trades levels to identify ranks. As such to give some illusion of the exclusive and close bond we can have I stole the theme. It also has a little dig at Mark as his original idea for the wing was a group of bored wealthy playboys using there 300 series ships as a weekend warrior vigilante squadron. The details will grow as the leadership is built and our numbers are increased. I was deliberate to lay a foundation in the personality and depth that was planned skipping the details that need to be fleshed out by us the Phoenix wing. The fun and power of the wing is that we can do as we please it is a common an fun idea for us to cooperate and help each other yet still maintain the freedom and casual gameplay many of us want. I would encourage any member to make there own groups and squadrons if they wish to have fun. It could be Optix's idris crew for example. Or Venn's Red squadron. If you like the ideas behind our little wing and wish to help us make it fun and engaging in the PU please read the stories and this post and get on the band wagon.
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    It's a true privilege to be accepted is a member of Phoenix Wing. What a great idea, kudos to Mark, Status and Calien. When my other responsibilities permit I will be thrilled to join my fellow members in combat, exploration and other endeavors as an apprentice.
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    Star Citizen Comic

    Maybe we shouldn't post the images directly since it takes away the author's credit
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    Alien Species in Star Citizen

    Known aliens: BanuTradersNeutral/friendly with everyone, so they can tradeHave little inter-system authority in their space (lots of pirates and outlaws hang out there)Vanduuluniversally hostile to humansmade up of independent clans that raid to build their own kingshipstill neutral-ish with Banu, so maybe get Vanduul stuff via Banu?Xi'anwere in a cold war with humans for a long timenow kind of friendly and starting to work togetherTevarinHumans conquered them -- now part of UEEKr'thakEnemies of the Xi'an, so humans haven't contacted them (but know they exist)ancient relicsancient civilization that disappeared. Explorers can solve this mystery.Don't expect anything other than that group for a long, long time. Creating an entire new race is a tremendous undertaking, and CIG will need to spend their time elsewhere.
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    Phoenix wing all you wanted to know

    Phoenix Wing What is Phoenix wing? Phoenix wing is a privately run Mutual support union. The idea that we can rise again from near disaster by supporting each other is a powerful one. In order to enjoy the benefits of this union we have selective membership of like minded individuals. We agree to support each other in times of peace and war alike. How to rise again. Any member of Tactical Advance may apply to be a member of the Phoenix wing. Membership is predicated upon a mutual agenda and game aspirations. As such not everyone will be accepted. The traditions of the membership are steeped in the traditions handed down from the earliest space explorers. Applications can be made verbally in Team speak to any full member of the Phoenix wing. If you can get two members to sponsor your application it can be raised with the Keepers of the Light for revue. The Keepers reserve the right to refuse membership. This can be for many reasons, mostly due to the early stage of the wing it comes down to the right combination of attitudes to set a foundation we need. Where does everyone fit? There are 4 ranks and the Council of Flames. They have been passed on from the secret societies that pioneered and funded some of the human races greatest intergalactic achievements. They are as follows. NomineeAs a new member you will be supported most directly by your sponsors. They will assist you to understand how we as Phoenix wing can support each other and those in Tactical Advance that need our aid. The transition to Apprentice is a natural progression. Apprentice The first membership level and the most common is the apprentice. As an apprentice you are an accepted member of the wing. You gain access to the group and its network of ships and tasks. In return you will be required to co operate with your fellow members to the mutual benefit of all. Journeyman The journeyman has a well established history of Phoenix wing involvement they have merged most of there in-game activities with the wing and act as a guide and mentor to those around them. They are appointed this level of responsibility by the Keepers of the Light and hold it so long as their actions reflect the wings best interests. Leading Hand The Leading Hand has a well established history of Phoenix wing involvement they have merged all of there in-game activities with the wing and act as a guide and mentor to those around them. Further to this they have shown an ability to organise things on a higher level. To be appointed to this position you will be chosen due to having demonstrated solid leadership and administrative skills. They are appointed this level of responsibility by the Keepers of the Light and hold it so long as their actions reflect the wings best interests. Master A Master is a member of the Keepers of the Light. They are members that have displayed an unusual and deep passion for the support and defence of their mates. It is this that has gotten them selected by the Council of Flame to represent the members at large. They are charged with building the policies and practices of the Phoenix Wing. Council of Flame The Council of Flame are the ruling and founders of the Phoenix wing. They have built the foundations of the Union and act as leaders and administrators’. All meetings of the Masters and the policy they make require at least one Council member present as Chair. Any decision the Masters fail to find a majority vote can be voted by the Council. The Ruling Council are as Follows: The Phoenix- Methos (Chairman and Founder) The Flame- Status Zero (Chief Advisor) The Ashes- Calien (Enforcer) How the idea began Throughout human history people have proven capable of amazing ingenuity and resolve when faced with insurmountable odds. In a verse occupied by the Vanduul, Pirates and Corporate rivals we definitely face huge opposition every time we venture into the black. It was when faced with the real problem of taking an 890 jump into a dangerous space that the first ideas for cooperation were born. Methos together with Status zero and Calien along with many others developed what is now known as Phoenix wing. What do we do in the verse? Although membership of the wing is voluntary and no job is mandatory we can and should take advantage of our numbers. By combining the UEE job boards and Phoenix wing members we can more readily organise to occupy crew stations and escorts for our industry and exploration tasks. These tasks are those very casual and very far from centre space. It is possible to not only to complete industry tasks together; we can come together to explore distant and risky locations due to the safety of numbers we can gather so easily. We will or course be ready to defend and if need be avenge a fallen member. As such the true power of the Phoenix becomes ours. The Cost of Combat Combat is a real and necessary function of a Mutual Defence union. Where possible we will utilise the UEE job boards for tasks that we conduct together. In order to fund the costs of defence actions that we will conduct it is asked that you offer 5% of your net profits. Funds will be collected by the Master of Coin a member of the Keepers of the Flame. These funds will be returned as insurance, armaments and repairs needed as a result of protecting each other. They can if a surplus is achieved be utilised to organise large scale industrial or exploration activities wholly organised as Phoenix Wing endeavours. Phoenix wing and Security Force We are not an organised military unit. We are a union of industry and exploration players. We have or are willing to crew on a combat ship not only in the defence of each other but also may be called upon to support the Security force as a Civil Defence. Whilst not formally trained we can offer ships and numbers if a conflict should require more ships than the formal military units can cover. Such action would be requested of Methos by Security force and would only be in an extreme need. As we would not be formalised or trained for large scale formation combat we will be used as the Security force directs. Summary If you wish to know more or be part of the best and most exclusive union in the verse come and speak to our members today. Together we can achieve the true aim of Phoenix for the benefit and profit of all of Tactical Advance.
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    My Rig

    Hey guys. Proud of this little beast! Here is my 3DMark Benchmark result http://www.3dmark.com/fs/4712456
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    Starfarer Q&A

    I Will put all three Q&A here, so come back on Friday for more! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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    My Rig

    I'm still trying to figure out how you managed to get a Titan X. Think I'll be working part time over summer to pay my way through between graduating and a proper job, but there you are with your fancy Titan and your two SSDs and your 4GHz processor, you b***h. :P
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    Phoenix wing all you wanted to know

    Great Intro. I would like to apply for Leading Hand position. To Mentor new recruits, I would take them aboard my 890 Jump, I get in the runabout and I let them get in the M50. I can show them around some flying skills and go on planet sides to explore, do some FPS training and head back home after explaining what phoenix wing is all about in detail. After that I take him on another round in my phoenix to hunt some wanted criminals. Phoenix for life!


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