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    TL,DR: I'm just going to say, do yourself a favor and watch the video. it's worth it.
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    It is nice that you are open about your concerns. But you should try to analyze the situation a little bit so that urge, doubt, insecurity fades away, because there is no reason to get it, why? Well, look at the price increase of the 890J and ask yourself why that happened. Old backers that pledged the crazy and non-sense amount of 600$ now got like an extra 300$ in-game. The foundation of this project are those who pledge for the game, and yet, this will not be a pay to win, we pledge for the POSSIBILITY of getting a fancy ship as the game we want gets developed while we are engaged in its community, actively shaping that development. And I think that those fancy ships won't be as easy to get in-game as it is for us now to get them, to the point that non-backer players will probably detest us, but they won't be able to say anything because the game itself won't revolve around being the Nr.1 because you have the Nr.1 ship. CIG uses a lot of Marketing strategies, Chris made very nice decisions and approached gamers in a very nice way, and you know what? I hope they keep that up. And I hope they know how to address the issue of backers like you Treello, that ask themselves why, because as time goes on, more people will feel the same way, it is natural in human beings to be impatient when we want something. And I think that increasing the price of the 890J was good not only because it balanced the ships amount pre-game, contrasting such an iconic ship like the 890J to the newly adapted Polaris or the Idrises that were sold in the anniversary sale, but also because it rewarded backers that previously backed the game. As backers, whether you paid 900$ or 600$ for a 890J, you get the same thing, but the time scale is the difference, in the same way when the game goes live, players that were not backers at the moment of playing the game will have to pay with their hours to get the same thing. I look at the amount I pledged, I divide that by what I earn by hour while working and I got the amount of hours I have to enjoy the game in order to justify that purchase xD, and if we get at least a 10% of the scope of the game, man, I bet I will play this game for many hours. For some reason many people think that ships will be easily attained in-game, I don't think so, and things like the price increase of the 890J gently affirms this idea. Oh, and I am not an CIG cheerleader, I do think that we will get the game by 2020. I just see what is done, what is being done, what is about to get done and realize that CIG haven't run out of resources from pledges, in a near future they will, and they will use the cards that they haven't used now because they don't need them, which is to get sponsors of big firms in order to finish the game off. PS: The 890J will get more expensive by the way.
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