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    This gave me a good laugh when I found it. Was not expecting it at all! Also, how the HELL do I embed YT videos? I can't get it to work!
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    AMD Ryzen

    In case you haven't heard already, there's a new AMD CPU making waves... OCTACORE - 8 CORES, 16 THREADS This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. It's been long known that AMD is preparing to tackle Intel's enthusiast lineup, specifically the i7 5960X/6900K. IPC gains were previously shown off in a not-so trustworthy Blender benchmark but it's clear that it's a good gain from their previous products. How it stacks up to the Blue Team... well, that remains to be seen in reputable and neutral benchmarks. 3.4GHz+ Okay, so here's where it starts to get iffy. Is 3.4GHz is the base clock or the boost clock? If it's the former, obviously it would be better and put it above the i7 6900K I believe when it comes to clockspeeds. That '+' sign just throws everyone off. SMART PREFETCH Sounds like Intel's 'Smart Cache' does it not? It does emphasise elements of 'learning' which remain somewhat ambiguous. 20MB COMBINED L2+L3 CACHE Practically the same as the i7 5960X and i7 6900K. XFR - EXTENDED FREQUENCY RANGE Something new. It seems to work similarly to NVIDIA's GPU Boost in the sense that it will see any temperature overhead and automatically 'boost' or overclock the CPU in accordance with that. It's not quite the same as Intel's Turbo Boost although it's similar. It's a cool feature although irrelevant for enthusiasts or gamers who want to overclock their Zen CPUs themselves. PURE POWER & PRECISION BOOST From what I'm getting, this seems to be some sort of overclocking software? 'Pure Power' seems to target the lowest amount of voltage for a certain level of performance. It seems the 'Distributed Embedded Sensors" monitor temps, voltage and frequency and send that info to what AMD calls "Infinity Control Fabric". 'Precision Boost' on the other hand seems to maintain the highest possible frequencies at a given voltage. Launch dates and, most importantly, prices, remain to be seen. Keep your expectations reasonable and don't get hyped. Source
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    As nice as it would be ... it's not. Our The Director actually made a mistake in his RSI handle (his real handle is T-D for now) .. and even if moniker is shown in Star Marine - it wasn't his ( his is The_Director, not TheDirector ) ... but it would be so nice to see someone from TA in IGN videos for sure


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