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    AdmiralSloth | CIG@TylerN-CIG Today at 06:16 pm The Origin X1 will go on sale Friday, September 29, 2017. There will be three variants with prices ranging from $40 to $50.
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    It would be very nice for that speculation to comes true. I know Elite Dangerous you lower your ram scoop and sit by the sun, but I have always been under the impression, refuelling in Star Citizen was going to have a little more to it. I wouldn't mind hanging around with the solar panels out or whatever format the internal power requirements of a Carrack take. If we are speculating, I would think the Endeavor (Research Unbound) would have a similar sorta power setup, so it can go deep space for long periods. I mean if the explorers are covered by their own internal systems, the only concerns are the escort party. If we wanted to shrink down the fleet to explorers and escorts, there is bound to be a few places we can shove cargo on our vessels for fuel/ammo, because both the Endeavor and Carrack are by no means tiny. I think your raider group idea would also work Foggy, almost on an indefinite basis. The bonus side is, you could run the Hull-C off for a resupply if necessary or drop off interesting finds back at civilisation. Haha that said, all we need is an engineer, some good quality duct-tape and I am sure we will make the round trip.
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    Hello al i am back finely. It's been a long road. i miss all of you
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    SquidofLuv Exploration Ships Review Vid

    Carrack has an ion power generator and solar panels.. Word around the verse is running out of fuel will likely not be an issue for the carrack. speculation of course
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    IMO best Carrack raider group gonna be: 1 Carrack 1 Gerald - to keep HQ informed about path 1 HULL-B - for resupply 1 Starfarer for refuel If it'll be possible to transporting fuel for Carrack by HULL-C, we'll need the Starfarer in base system just to refine fuel for HULL-C to transporting it to the raider group and transporting the found artifacts to the base system for research in Endeavor, so we can keep fuel harvesting and research ship in the safe place
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