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    Starfarer - Option or necessity?

    Some very useful points made on here. I have one now. Everybody will need fuel and the cost mitigation one offers i'm hoping will be significant. A 'farer will also offer the opportunity to conduct extended missions away from supply lines.
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    Starfarer - Option or necessity?

    I watched a video yesterday where some guys put a Merlin in the bay of a Starfarer and transported it to a space station. I absolutely LOVE that the game is not so rigid as to prevent that sort of creativity and adaptability. That said I see our Org placing requests for fuel on long range missions and possibly some food or other sustaining items for deep space missions. The Starfarer seems to be the perfect answer to that call. Or fleets engaged in battles on the front will also need fuel, again, it's the answer. That's what I love about SC. It's not just different ships for the sake of looking different or pleasing the eye of different people. They actually have different purposes. I suppose it still remains to be seen if they can deliver on all the operational aspects of these ships. I'd love to see my Starfarer pull along side an Endeavor, or an Idris or something and see the fuel lines go out and hook up for refueling. Pretty much what OP said, it's an excellent opportunity.