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    On a very special episode, Sandi Gardiner and Sean Tracy welcome a live studio audience to the ATV set for the first time ever. Our guests are treated to this month's Star Citizen Project Update, an in-depth look into the ongoing optimization process, and a few choice "jokes".
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    The patch notes are here: https://pastebin.com/vXmzmWs0
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    The age old question. AMD or Intel.

    If youre unhappy with Spectre & Meltdown, i'm not sure where you go. Intel and AMD are both affected along with pretty much everything else out there, more or less. I still lean towards Intel because if the patches and fixes cost some of the performance, you have more to start with if youre an Intel owner. It's a shame. Intel needs decent competition just to keep it from stagnating and giving us cr*p. AMD is the only other horse in town. Or more accurately - pony compared to Intel.


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