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    What Is Changing In Your Hanger?

    If you're asking along the terms of requiring a ship to haul cargo or people between ships, then this function will not be limited to the Argo MPUV line of ships. Multiple ships will be able to transport cargo/personnel between platforms. I imagine that capital ships will have an easier time with this since they either come equipped with hangars or have the option to equip hangars, allowing ships to land and interact with them as if they were a stationary port. The next bit is speculation on my part, but docking might allow smaller ships such as a Freelancer and an Argo MPUV to interact with one another. This ideally would allow us to facilitate cargo/personnel transfers with any ship that comes standard with a docking port, and like I said, this wouldn't just be limited to the Argo MPUV either. You could do a Cutlass to Starfarer transfer via docking. The reason I got an Argo MPUV was so that I might have a shuttlecraft of sorts for short range missions (think Star Trek TOS's Galileo shuttlecraft). In that case, the question becomes weather or not we will need smaller ships to facilitate cargo/personnel transfer between larger ships, and I'd argue yes. Not all platforms will be equipped to deal with large spacecraft, in which case it would be easier to rent out something like an Argo MPUV to get the cargo onto the station. I can already imagine requesting this ship to move cargo to and from a Starfarer to Loreville. You can always request the Valiant if you need some cargo assistance
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    Congratulations to Saal promoted to Exploration and science Medical Officer! Well done matey !!


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