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    Do you even DCS bro?

    I don't mean to necro, but you shouldn't control the throttles in the Ka-50 manually. They are fully automatic, put it that position before turning on the AC generator and after turning on the engines. You don't want to touch them unless you have an emergency situation. The Ka-50 is a joke to fly after a few weeks spent on it. It flies automatically between waypoints, avoid obstacles, doesn't suffer much from VRS and the coaxial configuration is the most stable for a RW. It's avionics are great (is a great AFAC platform, for instance) but has one, massive, problem: it's a single seater. When you are managing comms on two radios, scanning for targets and threats and flying NOE.. well, you'll want a co-pilot The Mi-24P and the AH-1S are being developed, unfortunately they are both obsolete avionics-wise and will see the light in 20-o-never.
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    What Is Changing In Your Hanger?

    Just got a ccu from my 325A to a Reliant Sen, not sure if i use it yet My fleet look like this if i use the ccu
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    Hi SpaceGod, or should I just call you God for short. As you love the idea of the Starlifter that a given to have in your fleet. Starfarer will be a great ship to make money early game. Or at least I think so, but as the game play not in who knows. As you have no out lay to get cargo. Other than the fuel and time to get where you can harvest gasses. The Andromeda is a great ship. But here the big one should you swop the Aquila for the Carrack. Are the willing to use NPC's when you cant get the people?. How much do you think you use it, what % of your play time exploring? Carrack will be a great ship, not for me and I think some people on spectrum have over hyped it. But it will be a great ship. But it might be more limited in what jump point it can use, because of size. So that might mean take the long route to get where you want to be. But it have everything you need to explore in one ship, a one stop shop. Aquila will also be a great ship as well for exploring and could use shorter routes (smaller jump points). But will not have some of the stuff the Carrack has. But will need a smaller crew and be a lot cheaper to run. Just thought of it so put it here. The Carrack will cost more in game, so buying it now will save you that grind later in game. I think if you are going to use the Carrack a lot or you just really like the ship and have the money to spare, go for it. Wait until the ship is in game then use the CCU. If you find out you don't like it. You can just melt and get the Aquila back.
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    Sleepy hurting my head

    Ah I forgot that the caterpillar had a turret down under :P


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