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    Interesting Video

    I found this video and thought some people might like it.
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    Calling all agents!

    Am interested in trying to get a group going for the raid in division 2, for this we'll need 8 people. Do we have enough people for said matter? I know most of us have been quite inactive on division for a while.
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    I've just ordered one of those amazing Paddles, once i receive and tested them i will try to give an good explanation and info about them out in our Forum. (may take upon 1 Month from manufacturing and delivery) Manufacturer Link: http://mfg.simundza.com/mfgcrosswind.php Youtube Links:
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    Drug run.

    Ok after 3.5.1 its time for some drug running i think. 7pm utc or after a meeting friday, saturday or sunday. Would like if everyone would be in port olisar when we get started. Exact date will be posted as soon as 3.5.1 is live.
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    UPDATE 02•19: Quick update about the setup, ready for DCS F/A-18 with the 3rd MFD and the 7" LCD. I still hope that SC will support exporting data to a secondary screen. https://karonshome.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/img_20190108_162833010.jpg ORG POST I'm a tenant and I live in a small flat so I don't have much space available: no way to build a proper simpit. I decided therefore to build a modular set of control boxes, each based on an independent Arduino board. My first control box was based on a video I found online (I worked with 8-16 bits PICs before, never with Arduino so that video has opened a new world to me). The following control boxes have little to nothing in common with the first (which is great considering that the first example controls up to ~25 buttons, my latest more than 80). I have recently added a 7" 800x600 MFD and I plan to add a similar one later. The problem is.. that this stuff is totally useless in SC. Besides the fact that the firmwares I wrote are always on/on and I have no idea how they react with SC (I can always change them); the fact is that SC is very arcade and a hotas satisfies its need of controls, killing the need of a simpit right away. Moreover SC has no decent controls management, not to mention the possibility to export avionics status. I remember an old goal about these features, hopefully that will be implemented sooner or later. That being said, this is an old pic of my setup. I had changed many things but I haven't taken any pic yet. This is the 7" LCD I use to export MFDs or other avionics. Hopefully sooner or later they'll work with SC. The little screen on the top is a small TFT. It gets data from DCS and I wrote the firmware that displays different values and icons depending of the values it receives. In this case, it shows info about the Ka-50. One of these boxes can be built with 30€-40€ depending on where you buy (china is cheaper but takes ages, I usually buy from Amazon UK – one day delivery at the lockers!) and if you have the basica material already (wires, soldering iron, etc). You write your own firmware so you can do almost whatever you want and you can change anything anytime. These are a couple pics of what is inside the boxes. The F/A-18 UFC/ Ka-50 PRTz/PVI-800 is the latest I built and is a bit more complex than the others. It doesn't take longer that 4-5 hours to build one.
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    Tactical Advance

    TeamSpeak is down

    We stopped using this link 3 years ago. Check this link
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    New tumbril

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    Arrow flying around Hurston's atmosphere.
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    Hope CIG do and I think they will, as Chris will want it running as good as he can get it on everything. From what I under stand a lot of game are optimized for both but one a little more than the other. But that could because a lot of reasons. They had more one type of card because X reason so just got optimized because more people at the company was using it. They had backing from one of the companies so spent just that little long working on that company cards or got a little more help from that company on the best ways of optimizing for their cards. Better driver support for that game. What engine the game is based off might help one card or the other a little. But in the real word it probably a little of everything. I do think everyone should be ok AMD or Nvidia, RTX or Vega. Unless the new cards come out next year and have a 100% jump in performance and CIG want to use all that again, then I think we all need to buy new card. But that not going to happen.


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