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    Half-Way Back

    Half-Way Back
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    Drake Vulture Q&A

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    As CIG are scrapping the Voyager Direct nonsense, you can now exchange any Voyager Direct items in your hangar for UEC.
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    3.5 on roadmap

    Locations Refineries CommArray Revision gameplay Liquid/Gas Exploration - This feature includes all the tech and gameplay work required to allow players to search for, identify, and extract deposits of liquids or gases on planets as well as in space. Expanded Cargo - This feature will increase the sizes and types of cargo containers that the players will use to transport commodities and goods. The current size is a single SCU, these crates will cover larger sizes and shapes. Data Running - The ability to transfer data between locations, but this system also includes the creation of data packets/tags to points of interest in the universe that allow it to be tracked. For example, a prospector identifies a vein of nickel. The location of that discovery becomes a piece of data that the prospector can transfer or sell. Long Range Scanning - The system required to allow a ship to scan wider areas of space, find points of interest and travel to them. This will feature heavily with prospecting and exploration ships. AI [FPS Combat] AI Combat Styles [Flight] Combat Styles Ships and Vehicles Origin 890 Jump Banu Defender weapons an items Gemini S71 - Designing and creating Gemini's S71 assault rifle for use by characters in-game. Gallenson Tactical Systems GT-870 Tarantula Revision - Covers all the tasks associated with updating Gallenson Tactical Systems' GT-870 Tarantula series of ballistic cannons (S1-3) and implementing the revised versions in-game. Kastak Arms Coda - Designing and creating Kastak Arms' Coda ballistic pistol for use by characters in-game. Kastak Arms Firestorm - Designing and creating Kastak Arms' microwave cannon for use by characters in-game. Core Tech Performance Optimization
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    link to ptu org https://ptu.cloudimperiumgames.com/orgs/TAPTU
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    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    Because im always in discord no matter what computer im on i utilize the chat functionality of discord almost exclusively... Opening the RSI website and using chat in there is cumbersome and annoying so i dont join that. However, discord is much easier for text based chat and would utilize it as such.
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    Do we have a Discord Channel?

    No we decided to fully go for teamspeak, we got a bot going for it and everything
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    Me and Elford went to rest my crime stat and I die at the terminal. If only I had a gun on my second visit