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    Tactical Advance

    My simpit

    The definition of I am going to be climbing into some gaming tonight has taken a whole new meaning
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    There is no chat in game for Orgs. We have TeamSpeak server check the link below
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    TS will be back at soon working on it
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas fellow space travelers. And all the best in the New Year.
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    My simpit

    I kinda envy people who have the creativity, resources and dedication to put this kind of thing through. Sadly I consider myself to play too big of a variance in games to pull stuff like this off. looks great though.
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    Freelancer Variants

    Freelancer Dur - stated scu 28 - actual 36! Just added a very capable explorer that can double up for light cargo runs. Freelancer Max - stated scu 122 - actual 120 An excellent cargo hauler that can cope in a more hostile environment.
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    Later I realized my 9900k heat issues were strictly voltage regular module (VRM) related, and the blowup I had was actually caused by a faulty component (although I blamed myself for walking away while on Prime95, it would have happened regardless). I purchased an Aorus Gaming Master with a more robust VRM for the 9900k, and that resolved my problem. I still kept the Aorus Gaming 7 with the 8700k and am now using it as my streaming rig over the network via OBS/NDI. The 9900k is running a custom loop at 5.2 Ghz on all eight cores, the 8700k is running at 5.0 Ghz on six both with low thermals. I could push them further, I just do not see any real difference on benchmarking/gaming on either rig. I'm running two extreme overclocked 1080tis on the 9900k so the only thing that could pass these benchmarks on the GPU side are two 2080tis and I just do not feel that is reasonable considering pricing. Summarized: In having both, I really do not see a difference in gaming between the 9900k and 8700k. If I set them to the same frequency, they are pretty much identical in performance in most gaming titles. Productivity-wise the 9900k takes the cake with those two extra cores and runs a little cooler with solder. The 9900k also seems to be more stable at high frequencies as well, acting more like a bin product (8086k). I almost get the feeling intel's design brief for the 9900k was taking the 8086k material and production process and squeezing in two extra cores with solder. In BFV multiplayer, I'm at the limit of my 165 refresh 99% of the time with medium settings (droops when V-1s land near me).
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    New PC

    Case: AsusPSU: 700WMotherboard: Asus mATX (Z370)CPU: Intel i7 8700kRAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHzGraphics card: NVIDEA GeForce GTX1070 8GD5Sound card: Realtek ALC1150Hard Drive(s): Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD (Hot Swap Gaming), 1GB 3.5" 7200RPM (Data Storage), Micron 250GB SSD (OS)Optical Drive(s): DVD DriveMonitor: BenQ EX3501RSpeakers: Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless (Dolby Atmos Software Added)Operating System: Windows 10 Home
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    Tactical Advance

    New PC

    Looks good Later on down the line might be worth getting a 2k screen.
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    I found this on YouTube.
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    Freelancer Variants

    Having now flown the Max, I think it needs the following comments:- 1) The top speed is 210 - not the 205 of the other models. 2) Rear Door still has no lock on it. 3) Controls are a pain to use in the cockpit - Using the F key it's stupidly hard to click anything. I have to use shortcuts on the keyboard mostly.
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    I am using the 8086k 5.4ghz and a GTX1080. I get 70fps in 2k. The CPU is at 35-40% when playing. I don't think is going to make a huge difference between the two but if you have the money go for the Intel.
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    Must watch for new starters

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    Current State of Pu

    I've not found many issues with stability, to be honest. I play on US servers (I'm in the US) and rarely have trouble.
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    How to make easy money - NOT

    He is right. It been a war zone there. Unless you are willing to fight and take the risk don't go.
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    How to make easy money - NOT

    Widow has the biggest value and margin in the game. Here's why it isnt a good idea to go anywhere near it.
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    The Sennheiser Game One are sold as a rock this is why I like them also the boom is solid unline some headset with the stupid wire boom.
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    Carrack is back on track!!!

    A detailed interior plan: https://picload.org/view/dclpdggr/vergleich.png.html
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    My simpit

    Fatie89, that looks great. Now you just have to make me one.
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    How to Join Tactical Advance: 1. Go to the Tactical Advance Organisation page on RSI and join https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TADVANCE and wait to be accepted. 2. Register on our website http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/ 3. Follow the steps in out registration wizard http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/corefunctions/?Function=UserStatusCheck TeamSpeak: teamspeak.tacticaladvance.co.uk Password: tac1 Log in to our TeamSpeak anytime as a guest and talk to the members and ask questions. It is important that everyone understands that TACTICAL ADVANCE must be selected as your MAIN ORGANIZATION on your RSI account. We do not allow members to carry an affiliate status with Tactical Advance. You must be 18 years of age or older to join We do not condone piracy or griefing. Please, if there are any questions about this, please contact any Director, Assistant Director or Academy officer or pop on TeamSpeak and ask.