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    Well spotted and totally agree on this point!
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    Gift Card Value in Game lower than Cash.

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    4 years with the ORG!

    Saturday will mark my four year anniversary with the org, I appreciate everyone that I have met throughout this time period. See you in the skies boys!
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    Tactical Advance

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congrats AirBorn
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    Missing Gaps

    Where's my god damn Milkfloat ? I want to deliver milk to the verse.
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    The entire Hercules family excels in numerous military, civilian, and humanitarian aid applications. Get yours here!
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    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    Yes, I think people need to remember that there are reasons why ships have grown in size in the past. The main reason is that before they would design the exterior of the ship first, and then later try to fit the interior spaces inside. Now they lay out the interior of the ship and then design the exterior around that. So at least in theory, if they're doing their job right, concept ships should no longer be growing well beyond their original size specifications. To be fair, there was a secondary reason why some ships have grown in the past, and that is because they realized later on that they needed additional interior spaces that they had not at all planned for originally. The biggest example of this is the Idris, where they discovered while building the story line for Squadron 42 that they needed several additional areas added (armory, brig, extra crew quarters, etc). This could still possibly be an issue in some cases (I think they recently said they had to add a level to the Bengal carrier so they could add a tram system?), but I think this is also less likely for newer concepts. Basically, don't count on new concept ships growing significantly during the development process.
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    Got mine already :)
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    Designer Rob Reininger and Engineers Chad McKinney and Michael Dillon discuss the continuing development of the Service Beacon system, integral to bringing players together in the Star Citizen persistent universe.
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    Hercules CCU Available..

    I just got the c2 version 😅
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    This week, Ricky Jutley returns with another PU project update, and Jared serves up a double helping of Ship Shape, with looks at the Anvil Hurricane and the reveal of a new series of concept ships.
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    Do you like exotic developing star systems and strange alien species? Then Oso might be for you. Let Cherie Heiberg take you on a tour, in a new episode of Loremaker's.
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    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Thinking about getting a 100i LTI and upgrading it to another 315p and changing my starter pack ship to something
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    my Build is finished

    I play gta 5 a lot and works fine in sli, 4k everything ultra/high settings. Indeed, sometimes it take a lot of time to let sli work.