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    Hey all. I know ive been kinda radio silent for a while. My PU wasn't loading up at all. The game would crash every time i attempted. Even a new video card didnt help. I finally figured out that something i did a LONG time ago was the issue. Back when i built my computer, and made an SSD my boot drive, i disabled the windows page file. Because i figured 16gig was Plenty enough that it shouldn't ever need to touch the page file. Which as been true for every other program & game, and even SC.. until this version of it anyway lol. I got the page file back on, and the PU (after a time) did finally load up. Woot!
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    Ship Specifications have been updated to match game client
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    Mercury Q&A

    Clears up some things but leaves others opaque - nothing new there! Hasnt dented my decision to purchase one.......
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    Lighting habs, a first look at ArcCorp’s moons, lockers, ships, and Con42 in this week’s update.
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    Rhyming With the Prose

    We'll be the best company, we'll build the best one In this, the best space sim, we'll be second to none We are looking for players, not pirates nor greifers Star caliber citizens, good players, great leaders Who'll bolster our ranks, and charge into the fray When friends are in need, we shall not shy away Our deeds will be legend, for our cause will be just With unyielding resolve, from fresh paint to rust To defend our freedom, to trade and explore We'll fly and we'll fight, we will thrive and endure To lay claim to a home, in this big wide expanse And reach for the stars.... Join Tactical Advance! Uhh...I don't know. Its been 46 hours since I've slept. I used to be good at this lol.
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    hears the skin if you did the mini game.
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    So....what ship do you have?

    I have just melted all my ships and the brought the UEE Exploration 2948 Pack instead. Then ccu some of them. Freelancer DUR to a Star Runner Cyclone to a Herald Drakenfly to a Avanger So my fleet looks like this now. Carrack Terrapin Star Runner Herald Avanger And end up with a good packet for exploration, data running and cargo some running.