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    Using VoiceAttack in 3.0 PTU

    video of me using VoiceAttack to wake up in Port Olisar, get a ship, travel to a moon basic commands include loading a profile, adjusting TrackIR, even controlling video capture, as well as loading a ship and controlling movement I use a HOTAS so everything is designed to allow me to not take my hands off the stick - still a long way to go before I release the full profile but here's where we're at
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    Q&A Land Claims Part II

    for some odd reason the link is https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16319-Q-A-Aegis-Hammerhead (LOL CIG!) but its another Q&A about land claims Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted questions in our Land Claim Licenses Q&A thread posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit and vote. In case you missed our initial Land Claim Licenses Q&A, you can find it here. Also, special thanks to Tony Zurovec and Erin Roberts for their help in answering your questions. Are there any passive expenses to owning property? (land tax, maintenance, insurance) If so, how costly will they be? The passive expenses associated with the ownership of property are controlled by the goods and services you purchase to protect, operate, and maintain your land and also the equipment and structures you place upon it. If your land is rich in precious metals and you’re concerned about theft, for example, you might procure your own fleet of security drones to keep close watch over your real estate, which will in turn require routine maintenance that you may elect to outsource. Alternatively, you might elect to hire mercenaries or contract with an organization to safeguard your burgeoning empire, either of which will cost you a recurring fee. Automated mining equipment, refineries, power plants, and other modules that you may construct will require ongoing capital investments for new parts and supplies to remain in working order. So passive costs will ultimately be dictated by player choices. Can you move a land claim, e.g. “unclaim” a piece of land you have and claim another piece instead? You can’t unclaim a property and switch it for another, but you can sell your property back to the UEE, a property broker or another player at an agreed or present market value. If you bought a dry patch of desert and struck gold but don’t want to bother with the excavation – or the security hassles of guarding it – you could likely sell it for a profit. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to dump a worthless plot of land back on the original seller you’re likely going to take a pretty good hit. Can I kill trespassers without becoming an outlaw? No. Trespassing is a minor offense and will not elevate a player’s criminal status. Only players that have committed a serious transgression – such as damaging or stealing private property, including any resources that may reside beneath or upon your land – may be legally assaulted within UEE space without the attacker committing a criminal act themselves. Can you extend a land claim to make it bigger? You may add as many parcels to your estate as you wish, provided that the neighboring lots are available to claim or are for sale from another player. Will it be limited or controlled how much land a person or org can claim? There is no limit to how much land an individual player or organization can claim. However, there are enormous quantities of land available and players wanting to maximize the likelihood of earning a return on their investment will need to be selective. Further, the difficulty and expense of procuring, exploiting, and protecting that land increases with the area, meaning that most organizations will reach a natural limit as to how much property they can effectively control based upon their size. What if a pirate buys a land claim. Will the UEEnow be bound to protect the unlawful player? UEE security will engage any criminals that they encounter, regardless of whether or not they own property. They’ll also, however, act to protect the property of any private citizen, regardless of whether they are a criminal. If a property owner is a felon and in the vicinity when a UEE force arrives to deal with another player committing a crime upon their property, both the owner and the other party would be considered targets. Can a land claim be revoked by UEE? Do land claims ever expire if the owner has not interacted with it in a certain amount of time? At present, once you own a parcel of land it’s yours until you sell it. How far above and below the ground is considered part of our claimed land? A land claim gives you rights to everything on and below the surface of your parcel. The skies are community property. Can you Claim Part of Water ? or Just all Land? The oceans and other major bodies of water are considered a public resource, and as such are not available for sale. However parcels that include ponds or lakes or other liquefied resources – can be harvested for profit and belong to the land owner. What kind of protection against attack is covered by the license? (if any) The natural resources embedded upon or within your property and the objects and structures you place upon it are considered an extension of yourself. Thus, anyone attempting to steal from or attack those assets is committing a criminal act, which UEE security will deal with as they would any other transgression of a similar magnitude. Can we charge other players and organizations (or NPCs) rent for using our land? We do intend to allow players to license access to their property to other players and NPCs for a recurring fee. Can you place landing pads and hangars in the land you have claimed? We are planning to allow for the construction of landing pads – along with a variety of other modules – when building an outpost. Hangars may follow at a later date but it’s not currently on the drawing board. What role does insurance have in land claims? Your property claim is on file with the UEE and cannot be seized by another without your permission. You will be able to insure structures you build on your land. Will I be warned when entering land claimed by others? Yes. Your mobiGlas can patch into the UEE’s property network to inform you when you’re on or near private property. Since some players will want to entice others to visit their outposts, these signals can be set to either generate a warning or extend a customized welcome. Can I alter the terrain within my land claim, such as creating a lake? We don’t have any current plans to allow players to dramatically alter the topography of their land. We may, however, allow the composition of soil on the surface to be subtly altered through various processes so as to allow for more effective farming. Longer term we may support some level of localized atmospheric modification to allow further control and refinement of this endeavor.
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    Story and Music! Week 1

    *This is a little story I am going to develop. If you want to be included leave a comment and I will add you in happily. You will never be the point of view character. That role is reserved for "YOU", or all of us if you catch my drift. If you have a piece of music you think will compliment a scene as it plays out, please suggest it. If you think it's great, I need the encouragement. If you think it's garbage say so. I'll definitely write you into an Alien Tentacles scene. The idea here is that you read along until you come to a youtube link of music, click it, listen for about a minute and contemplate the scene. Then continue reading. If the music is still playing when you reach the next song (It will be with the first one certainly) Go up and stop the music and start the next one. Enjoy! It's 0230 and you're on patrol of a jump point. Command hasn't told you what exactly is going on but you're pretty sure you overheard the word Valkyr being mentioned. The data link for your mobiglas isn't working, but even if it was working you wouldn't want to use it while sitting in the cockpit of a stealth fighter. That would be just stupid....right? You've been on patrol for two boring hours and the temptation to research what Valkyr means is building, but something in the back of your mind tells you it's something big. You are excited to have been asked to do this mission. Even as new as you are, sometimes being in the right place at the right time pays off, and this is the chance to prove yourself to the Org. Still, you can't get over how lonely it is out here in space in a fighter. So far you have only trained and qualified in fighters. This is your first real patrol. Until now you've been bouncing from turret to turret on different ships. And while that's fun, it's time for you to move up in the org. Training went well, and you proved fairly quickly that you could handle yourself in a fight. That said Hornets were alot different from Mustangs and Gladiators. You almost prefer the light fighter to the medium ones. You felt safer in the smaller faster ships. That seems counter intuitive but for you, speed wins. This old jalopy that you are piloting now? It's for dinosaurs. You were told by Ichi to take one of the Hornet Ghosts from the Organization Motorpool. This one had an odor that you couldn't quite place. Every 30 minutes or so your mind would snap back to trying to pin down exactly what the smell reminded you of. More importantly, but irrationally ignored, one of the thrusters on this old Hornet was sluggish and was clearly in need of maintenance. Still, you knew in a fight it would barely be a hinderance to you and you returned to the attempts to identify the pungent odor that somehow seemed to permeate metal. You even imagined that the smell was likely transferring from the joystick to your hand and would never come out of your glove again. THAT thought might screw you over in a fight. You lift your hand off the throttle controls to wipe away some dirt and examine it. This Hornet was on Daymar, and was likely one of the first Hornets the Org owned. Back in the early days one of the first mass conflicts Tactical Advance got into was on Daymar over some silly business. As I recall our leader, Tactical Advance himself was one of the first explorers in a rover on Daymar. Some scumbag in a fighter ambushed him and was trying to blast him off the planet. Luckily Tac brilliantly outmaneuvered the lousy pilot and saved the day. But once word got out that someone took a shot at the leader of the largest Org in the Universe....well....let's just say things got out of hand quickly. This fighter....this Ghost....suddenly it all comes together and you remember. The smell, the ship....Gigowatt....That guy has a tendency to live in his cockpit, and he eats...pickles...the vinegar smell swirled in your nostrils, and now that it was identified you could taste pickles. All you could envision was Gigowatt standing on the flight deck of his Hammerhead two weeks ago offering you a pickle out of a jar he had sitting next to the Captains chair. When you rejected it he gave you a sour look and told you that if you rejected his pickle it might be seen as treasonous. Luckily one of the female crewman gave him a disapproving glance and he digressed, albeit with a giant grin. This old bird belonged to Gigowatt? You aren't sure whether you appreciate it more or want to pull the eject handle and are mildy amusing yourself with the thought. The patrol arc ran from the jump point to a nearby asteroid field that is dense enough to hide a medium to large size ship. Unless something was hiding in there ahead of time it would never be able to sneak in, but you follow orders anyways and try to refocus so you don't miss anything. Whatever this mission is, it was unexpected. Another pilot, CeruleanEmpyrean is running the opposite end of the same arc. "He should be getting close to the Jump Point by now" you think to yourself. As the hours drone on you continue to rotate between your HUD, and the various bits of dust and the occasional axis correction, probably due to the sticking thruster. You again entertain the ejection notion when the radio comes blaring to life, nearly startling you so bad that your fingers just touching the ejection handle are now precariously too close to danger. Your hand snaps back to the throttle control as you listen to controlled but emphatic voice. "Wing Commander, this is Echo 1, I repeat Echo 1, please COME IN!" Cerulean announced. "A massive fleet is jumping into the system even as we speak!" "ALL ELEMENTS, Break silence......We have an unknown number of bogeys inbound". You recognize the voice as Akanoes. That's damned odd, what the hell is he doing all the way out here? Ichi's voice calmly came across the radio next. "A little premature to break silence but it's ok. I have just been notified that she's under her own power and we have two Squadrons of medium fighters on location. Why don't you tell us what you see out there Echo 1?" A moment passed, then another and you are starting to think about turning your ship for the Jump Point and kicking the after burner when Cerulean replys. "Sir, we have two Capital Ships, Idris class, 4 Polaris Corvettes, and what looks like at least 10 other large craft, Hammerheads, Connies, Retaliators and more. I don't have an accurate count of fighters yet Sir, and I don't think that they've launched all they got." Ceruleans report sent shivers down your spine. You don't know where Ichi, Akanoes and the others are, you know that the only way in or out of this system is blocked by a fleet you won't be sneaking past, and the only other person you KNOW is in the system, Cerulean is in worse shape than you. Ichi's voice came across calmly, "Echo 1, have you been detected yet?" "Absolutely Sir, they started jumping in damn near on top of me and there is no cover out here!" Cerulean exclaimed. "Echo 1, you are to make for the asteroid belt. I want you to try and lure them after you, make it look like your running" Ichi ordered. "I AM RUNNING!" Cerulean said loudly, but not shouting. He was definitely in control of his faculties. It was a stressful situation that you were honestly glad you hadn't encountered on your arc. But what now? Ichi continued "You will lure them to the asteroid belt, where you and your wingman, Echo 2, will play hide and seek until otherwise notifed, or until you are unable to do so any longer. You are not to go to the rendezvous under any circumstances". You decided to risk asking the question, "What about fuel Sir?" Somberly Ichi replied "You run until your dry. Shut down and conserve your oxygen in the asteroid belt for as long as you can. Play hide and seek. I promise you that we will be coming for you, but for right now we need a little more time to evacuate personnel." "What personnel need evacuating?" you think to yourself. Ichi continued "Trust me when I say that this is a turning point in the Universe, and Tactical Advance will come out victorious."he said, with a mild hint of pride as if from an old Hollywood Movie. "One last question Cerulean, do you know what Org it is?" "It's the Russians....РОДНОЙ КАНАЛ (Rodnoy Kanal) is here". Ceruleans voice broke. You imagined their Red ships coming through the Jump Point. Just then you realized that Cerulean was speeding towards you. s**t...in all this you had made it nearly half way back to the midpoint of the mission arc. "Get your ass in gear rookie! Lets get our tails to the asteroid field before those Russkies turn you into a hood ornament for one of those Idris'". You crank the stick to the left and throw the switch to the afterburners. The chase is on now.....and you're the bait! Just then over the civilian radio you hear a thick Russian accent in a maniacal laugh. "Hornet, Hornet, little Hornet, why you run from me? I want to make diplomatic relations...." You realize he's tracking Cerulean, and hasn't spotted your Ghost yet. Without question you identified your first kill, and you are confident he will die without ever knowing you were there. End of Week 1
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    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    My List so far. https://www.roccat.org/en-GB/Products/Gaming-Software/Power-Grid/Home/ For mobile phone and tablet https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.hardpanda.sccompanion&hl=en_GB For mobile phone and tablet http://u-tec.yefec.com UEE Tactical Communications Interface - [ from ichi ] Please let us know if you find any sim based ones for multi screen use with windows.
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    SC Ship Concept

    Hey everyone! I've been working on another side project, which i am calling the Anvil Lance - a short range ship with a long firing range weapons. Simply attached to the side is a Railgun with an extending barrel, for distance engagement with static/near static targets. I still have things left to do, such as actual rear engines, maneuvering thrusters as well as the interior, but i hope to hear come feedback if y'all interested. First Round: Shown when the UV unwrap was completed: And now the completed first pass, with the barrel retracted: First pass, barrel extended: And a zoom in on the cockpit (incomplete) Hope you injoy, feedback welcomed! T_D
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    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    I just use a Cougar MFD, similar functionality and a lot less faffing about.
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    Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The terrapin was originally a fleet scout with the tools for long duration/range missions. Since then the dev's have dumbed down what it can do to be simply a fleet scout (no long range) So yes it can still travel large distances, but not nearly as long as what was once thought, making it truly a military scout ship, with no exploration in mind at all. The issues... Max crew 2, max beds... 1. Yep, one can sleep while the other pilots. ( i think all other ships with beds have enough beds for all crew members) Zero cargo. you can bring along food, some armor suits (maybe) and your gun, but you cannot bring back anything larger than a cup or spoon. The Freelancer Dur is better in almost every way. It has more computing power, it has the same radar size, it has Medium range/fuel tanks/quantum/jump drive. It also has actual cargo to bring back that statue of a rare alien species. The Freelancer is also better armed, it can hold the same guns as the terrapin AND hold some missiles. it has double the shield generators as well. Oh, and its a mere $125 compared to $195 thats $75 you can spend on a 315P, which costs $65, you have $10 spare! (hint get credits) The advantages of a Terrapin in comparison? Ok. There are a few here, the first is that it is still in production and subject to change, also the Freelancer Dur is due for a update pass, but with almost every ship, once in game it can only go up or stay the same specs. The terrapin can turtle, which is a questionable defence tactic as its actualy not very good at hiding from radar. Also the radar dish while the Dur has the same thing is most likely much better tuned to find items than the Dur's 'bolted to the side of the ship'. Same with its computing power, better at scanning for ships. Most likely not better at scanning for precious materials, the Dur would win that i think. Basicly i picked the best comparison in the price range and there is a ship that can match the Terrapin. for way less. When something is cheaper that means you can: A. get better modules B. buy more ships to round up the weakness of that particular ship. C. with that spare cash spend it on actual tools you need to complete the mission. (food weapons fuel paycheck bonuses) ---------------------------------------------------------- To round this all off, what IS it good at? Well, it is a FLEET scout ship. That means it flies ahead, turtles up and reads the stars for any enemy ships that might be flanking. It can also look for asteroids for the fleets miner to collect more fuel to fund the fleets needs. The terrapin will have to come back to the fleet to refuel eventually, so you will need 2 terrapins to keep a lookout. From what i can gather the radar dish is tuned to find other ships, the terrapin is what you need to beat the enemy at their own game. Or, spend your credits on a few extra fighters... you could get 2 Gladius and again, some change left over for upgrades... I own the terrapin. i hope the development cycle fixes its shortcomings. its such a expensive ship that i think its turtle mode and anti ship radar just might be better than expected. (also i can be totally wrong on everything i just said) T_D
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    2 hrs and 14 minutes on the clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any last takers. My final temptation was a couple of days ago, I bumped my cutlass black into a 600I - touring. So I am now concierged and 3.0.
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    HUD add-ons and interface apps

    I didn't know that existed. That might be the perfect "tool" for someone like me who doesn't type and can't memorize all the key bindings. Thanks for info. P.S.. tried Roccat Power Grid several times. My tablet just refused to communicate with my pc.
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    Help make TA visible to potential recruits - go to https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tactical-advance-dedicated-gaming-community/752030 and bump the thread by posting something about the Org; upvote the original post too please
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    Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted for questions in our Spectrum Q&A Thread we posted last week. Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions and voting for the ones you care about most. Also, special thanks to Calix Reneau, Kirk Tome, and Steven Kam for their help in answering your questions. Can we swap the holding cell for other equipment? No, the holding cell in the Hawk is integrated specifically into its design. The Hawk is a small, focused ship. In general, modularity in engineering implies a bunch of things, including piping and plumbing, structural loadbearing, and bunch of other considerations designed to handle different equipment of varied capabilities. That stuff doesn’t come free in terms of weight, cost, or complexity, hence why not every internal space is just automatically modular by nature. How many total weapons, types and sizes, is the Hawk supposed to have? The Hawk has 4 S2 and 2 S1 Weapon hardpoints with 1 small EMP device. Is the EMP from the Hawk as strong as the EMP from the Raven? At present, we expect the EMP on the Hawk to be in the same neighborhood of effectiveness as one of the Raven’s. A balance pass is scheduled for 2018 and this information may change. When will the variants become available that are mentioned in the brochure? The variants described in the brochure are ships that exist in the fiction of Star Citizen’s universe. Currently, there are no plans to implement these variants. Let’s see how much you all like the original Hawk, for starters :). Will the Hawk fit inside a Carrack? Considering that both ships are in production at the moment, we do not have the final dimensions of each ship and can’t definitively answer this yet. That said, it is unlikely as the Carrack’s hangar is designed to field a ship the size of a snub craft. Brochure mentions gun rack. Where is it located? It’s behind the deployable pilot seat. It was mentioned in the ATV that the prisoner transport pod could be used as a bed for the pilot. Is this the case? Yes, it is possible that the pilot could use this as a bed, although probably a bit claustrophobic How do the defensive features (e.g. shields, armor, countermeasures) of the Hawk compare to other light fighters such as the Gladius, Mustang Delta, and Defender? Anvil designed the Hawk, so as you’d expect it’s reasonably durable, at least as light fighters go. In this respect we plan for it to have tougher armor than the Gladius, Mustang Delta, and the Defender. Its shield generators are presently intended to be similar in performance to those of a Gladius. While the Hawk carries on more armor, the Mustang Delta’s defenses include a larger store of countermeasures. What’s the heaviest armor a player can wear while operating the Anvil Hawk? As is standard for most single-seat fighters, this is a flight suit. The player will be able to store a small personal loadout in the ship (the aforementioned gun rack), so they can quickly gear up for FPS action. Is the Hawk going to be fast-tracked in development or is this going to be further down the road for getting in-game? Generally speaking, smaller ships are simply easier to make, and ships without interior spaces are easier still. From a development perspective, the Hawk has fewer obstacles to production than larger ships with traversable interiors, and is therefore likely to be in game sooner. Which loaner will be available until the anvil hawk is flight ready? The Cutlass Black is the selected loaner ship for the Anvil Hawk. Is the stated 500 m/s afterburner speed correct? If so, how will the Hawk stop prospective bounties from simply running away? The Hawk is viewed as an entry level ship that focuses on being cheap, reliable, and versatile, and may not be able to handle every bounty – or at the least, may require a little extra tactical prowess to pull it off. As flight balance is an endeavor that will continue throughout the development process, the 200;500 stats should remain as a good comparison point for how the Hawk will perform relative to other ships as stated on the Ship Matrix according to the characteristics of the flight model point in time that it was introduced into the ship pipeline. Remember that as we experiment with the overall flight model to provide a better game experience over time, so too does ship performance adjust alongside it. Is the prisoner stowage in the aft of the Hawk being designed for just a single seat, or will it be able to hold multiple bounties as the cells in the Avenger Stalker do? The Hawk’s containment pod accommodates one prisoner. This is an Anvil Ship, but it is still a light fighter. This class of ship relies on speed to survive and win fights. Since it’s already stated to be slower than the Gladius, what other points make this ship a viable choice over it, since the Gladius got the S3 buff? Every ship has its purpose. The Hawk is a light fighter with bounty hunting features. There are some missions for which a Hawk is suited that a Gladius isn’t. Even considering their different mission profiles, however, the Hawk has an EMP device, which will play better in certain situations than a limited loadout of missiles (perhaps especially in bounty hunting), and it also has comparable shielding to and better armor protection than the Gladius. Remember too, the benefits of armor protection versus shielding against different types of weapons; although of course one prefers not to get hit, when you do get hit, sometimes you really want that armor. What is the (in-atmo) air speed velocity of an unladen Hawk? African or European? In all seriousness, having the prisoner in the holding pod will not noticeably impact the air speed velocity. Under the latest flight model in testing, at 1 atmosphere and neutral conditions, the flight speed would be around 165 m/s with max safe air speed be around 339 m/s. Why make a bounty hunter ship with no interior? Traversable interiors in general make a ship considerably larger – something you’ve had the opportunity to witness in the development histories of some of our other ships. Larger surface area and internal volume can in turn translate to higher mass (see https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16170-The-Shipyard-Ship-Mass for info on how this affects our ship mass derivations), which quickly runs counter the Hawk’s design aim of a light fighter with a small landing footprint. Without an interior, the Hawk can run lighter, cheaper, and be more nimble. Instead of supports and reinforcements to shore up against the structural weakness of large empty spaces (relative to the size of the ship), those materials are more uniformly dedicated to keeping components and resource pipes firmly in place, making them more dense. This also benefits to the lone wolf nature of a player who only wants to pilot a single-seater bounty hunter ship. What are the correct dimensions for the Hawk? The current stats are: 17m long, 22m wide, 6.5m tall – It’s important to note that the ship is in whitebox and these dimensions may change as it moves through the production pipeline. Source
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    Time to wake up?

    Hi chaps - considering 3.0 is out and we have many people in it, would it be worth looking at several actions now? :-- 1) An update to find out who is active and either in 3.0 or 2.6**** 2) An update on the ship roster. As we have recently finished a Sale period with new items & ships, we could probably benefit from knowing who has what. With the cargo mechanic now enabled and Mining in the nearer future, maybe we now need to see what & who we have available, possibly set some goals.
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    Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The Hawk is still up on sale - those stats will drop soon™
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    Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead

    "What is the ideal counter for a Hammerhead in terms of rock/paper/scissors and vice versa to what threat is the Hammerhead an ideal counter? ... and the Eclipse too; what is the ideal escort for a Hammerhead?" This might be looking through the telescope backwards. The Hammerhead is by nature an escort ship - eg. other ships don't escort it, but the other way around. By nature it is accompanied by smaller ships, or both larger and smaller ships. It will be a matter of scaling operations from squadrons, to wings, to multi-hull battle groups and patrols, to fleets. For example, if just a couple squadrons and a Hammerhead were the designated solution in a case, the squadrons should be fast (as I think all squadrons should be, a "fleet standard" navy ship) to be able to defend the Hammerhead from bombers (hate the term "bombers" used in space hehe, rather "missile ships"), but otherwise sticking close to the Hammerhead for its superiority against fighters. If someone brings a Polaris or larger in that scenario... exit stage left. Does the Hammerhead come with military spec components or civilian ones since it is a military ship being sold to civilians? It comes with Military Grade C items stock, although once these are worn out people may find it more efficient to replace with other types for durability given the expense/rarity of replacing these. that answer should get a lot of people thinking, this game will be very complicated I tried, difficult as it is, to stick with a single manufacturer for combat ships, for uniformity of cockpits, knowledge of capabilities (strengths, weaknesses, etc.), and the aforementioned belief that max. speed, missiles, and superior numbers will matter (over considerations like refueling.) For similar reasons, I believe that we would be best served to have standard "role" ships that we acquire once in the game (not with real backer dollars). So for example, when we form a squadron, train as squadrons (refined in final stages of game development), we use the same equipment, including the "recommended load outs" and "upgraded/modded ship gear" provided by Research and Engineers. So when we say, "Blue Squadron, take Target A", Blue Squadron uses their training and gear to fly effectively, same max speed to intercept, formations, tactics, familiarity with victory considerations related to all the preceding, and we win. We can't do that all entirely yet with our various backer ships, but we can get started on all fronts and training mentioned. I'm a huge fan of AI gunners ... took a lot of heat from some for suggesting we should have them in Star Citizen years ago. Which is all NPC gunners are anyway; its all AI run by the game and processors. The question remains to be seen is, how effective will CIG let them be? Maybe it will depend on cost and quality of AI module purchased, just like quality of NPC escorts. In theory, AI should be much better than humans; essentially the PC processor just lets them hit everything they shoot at within range - which is completely realistic; unlike Star Wars with troopers standing at turrets missing all their shots back in the '70s, when the first movie was made before we even had personal computers, but today in RL we have automated turrets on Navy ships that can already shoot missiles and jets out of the sky. Star Wars never evolved with the times and they still have troopers standing there in turrets missing shots plus about 40 serious plot holes. But I digress. I don't think its saying exactly that we have to have 2 gunners, for example that's based on standard equipment and energy weapons. So there's some trade offs that can make them all AI, and again, NPC gunners are Ai anyways. I don't know how many we have of what, absent a fleet sheet to refer to even among active posters. I came really close to hitting the button on the Hammerhead, even have it still sitting in my Cart. But assuming we have all the ships we need with this many members?
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    Hi MJ Welcome to exploration. If you need anything just Inbox me or one of the other guys for help Sweet Boo
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    Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead

    Are the ship computers powerful enough to run all turrets by AI Blades? their answer is "almost", which is a fair deal. The issue, of course, is finding people to man turrets, but they are enforcing group gameplay. So the questions about turret start to flow - how should the turrets be organized? which turrets get AI blades, which get NPCs, where would you assign your two human gunners? Are the large Power Plants sufficient to run 24x S4 Laser Cannons or is the Hammerhead designed to use ballistic cannons? how would you best arrange energy/ballistic weapons? What’s with the big hole in the middle? Could it not have been filled with something like cargo or living quarters or was it just a design choice? meh, didn't expect them to give on this, leaves long corridors on either side and would add a lot of value, but ... oh well How will the Hammerhead’s speed and maneuvering compare to similar ships like the Polaris? we need people specifically to pilot these, we got a few in the last sale and putting pro pilots in the seat will be crucial. There seems to be some inconsistencies in the ship stats we have been given (mass, length, manned/unmanned turrets). Can you clarify these for us please? What does Chris say "no s**t, we already knew that?" In the concept images with all turrets firing forward, the rear turrets are nearly hitting the front turrets. Is the Hammerhead not intended to fire all turrets forward? What are the intended firing arcs and convergence? Might be more than one way to fly these, perhaps situational - the difference between a small group anti-fighter action and as an escort, but it will not be fighter style - appropriately more like a shark cruising through It seems like there are a lot of quality-of-life features missing, like a kitchen/meeting area/mess hall/etc. Are there plans to introduce any of these? I like this, RL ships are sometimes minimal, and if it helps performance that's good Does the Hammerhead come with military spec components or civilian ones since it is a military ship being sold to civilians? It comes with Military Grade C items stock, although once these are worn out people may find it more efficient to replace with other types for durability given the expense/rarity of replacing these. that answer should get a lot of people thinking, this game will be very complicated What is the ideal counter for a Hammerhead in terms of rock/paper/scissors and vice versa to what threat is the Hammerhead an ideal counter? ... and the Eclipse too; what is the ideal escort for a Hammerhead? It seems to have a short range due to its M-size quantum fuel tank in relation to its L-size quantum drive. Can it be refueled in space by a Starfarer? for small group ops in one system this is no issue, but for inter-system ops this is an issue
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    Redid my fleet, grabbed the Hull Series minus the A.
  18. 1 point
    I truly hope for a better view when the DUR is finally ready
  19. 1 point
    I upgraded my Freelancer DUR to a Prospector last night, I couldn't stand the crappy cockpit view on the Freelancer any more. The prospector is just a nice touring ship whether I want to get involved with mining or not. I also have a 315p for exploration. I picked up a Super Hornet as well! Am getting scary close to Concierge now!
  20. 1 point

    Story and Music! Week 1

    Well done Gigowatt, very well done! I vote you the "official TA keeper of the lore and story teller". Thanks for the post.
  21. 1 point

    YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    I voted for the Vulture just so they won't block up the large ships currently in the pipeline with new large ships. I don't want them to have any excuse for delaying the Carrack.
  22. 1 point
    Officially am the proud owner of an Endeavor. We shall never speak of the cost again. I also picked up the hangar and hospital modules, as all the modules are on sale under add ons. My Terrapin was sacrified to the great beast, but in comparison I could earn a Terrapin a hell of a lot faster than an Endeavor. :O damn 55 USD off of concierge.
  23. 1 point

    Thinking of ending the game

    While I am broadly happy with the game (3.0 PTU is stunning!), it was advertised as the BDSSE. There is a lot more handwavium game mechanics for my liking.

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