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    Dear Concierge Member, The Chairman's Club is pleased to announce VIP Early Bird special access to Aegis Dynamics' Vulcan. As a Concierge member you can add the latest concept ship to your fleet before anyone else. This versatile utility ship will let you become a one-person support crew, supplying aid to pilots on the fly. Whether pinned down under heavy fire and in need of ammunition, low on quantum fuel after an ill-planned jump, or stranded in unknown space with a busted thruster, a pilot in distress can always count on a Vulcan and its quartet of BARD drones to lend speedy, efficient assistance. You also get early access to the Aegis Dynamics Wrecking Crew ship pack. Providing the Vulcan with an elite cadre of Aegis ships to repair, refuel and rearm, this intimidating assemblage is designed to work in formidable harmony. These Early Bird pledges include LTI, two alternate Vulcan ship skins, as well as a wearable United Wayfarers Club service uniform exclusive to Concierge. On February 22nd, VIP special access will end and the offers will no longer include the exclusive outfit, so grab yours here today. For more details on the Vulcan, tune into today's episode of Around the Verse, where the latest edition of Ship Shape features a segment on the ship's design and functions. Fideles Quoad Decedemus, Board of Trustees
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    pic of the terrapin

    pic of the terrapin
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    Ship Upgrades Already Available.

    I am already upgrading my ships in game. But here is a useful video on what is where for B Grade components..... Both my Cutlass & Freelancer are now running upgraded systems. Not overly expensive if you can put in a few cargo runs and build some money.
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    new Clan Battles Season

    we need 7 players for the clan battles soo get on warships and lets have some fun !!!
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    new Clan Battles Season

    EU or NA? I've got 6 Tier 10's on EU.. NA I'm only at Tier 7
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    new Clan Battles Season

    Why is that the French ships go faster in reverse than forward? *snicker* Hey, I'm up for some World of Warships. Let me know when.
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    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    As others on Montoya's video have already said, he was wrong in saying there will be a decision tomorrow. Instead the hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled, and the judge will, at some point in the next 90 days, make a decision on the dismissal without the hearing.
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    Game breaking issue lads

    Intel to release patch for chip security issues: https://www.engadget.com/2018/02/08/intel-spectre-cpu-patch/?utm_campaign=crowdfire&utm_content=crowdfire&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter#864285827056238593-tw#1518104627404
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    Bought a new GPU GTX1080 G1. Not happy with the price but ow my its a massive upgrade for me.
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    3.01 You Have Been Warned

    If it was only tanking the server i'd be happy. Seeing the server vanish on a repeated basis is a bit of a giveaway. I'd like to know who is receiving the stress. While they may be doing it to the server, its really not doing me any good either....... I am now back to 700k with a full military systems spec Freelancer, although who knows if this gear does anything yet
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    Game breaking issue lads

    Seems it might be blown a bit out of proportion..
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    Game breaking issue lads

    Just wait until Tuesday when we start to get an idea of the impact, if any. Not worth speculating without data.

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