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    How Long Will it Take?!

    Hello everyone, Here is a post I found today in SC reddit that shows the Quantum Travel time from PO to Arc corp and Hurston based on your Quantum Drive. Not sure how accurate but it will give you a ballpark of the time. Note as SC is still in development these may change. Fly safe Thul
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    Why guys, With so many of us in the org taking the helm on doing activities with org members, now seems like a good time to get some feedback on a few things surrounding events. To this end I am going to host some polls.
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    Interesting Video

    I found this video and thought some people might like it.
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    UPDATE 02•19: Quick update about the setup, ready for DCS F/A-18 with the 3rd MFD and the 7" LCD. I still hope that SC will support exporting data to a secondary screen. https://karonshome.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/img_20190108_162833010.jpg ORG POST I'm a tenant and I live in a small flat so I don't have much space available: no way to build a proper simpit. I decided therefore to build a modular set of control boxes, each based on an independent Arduino board. My first control box was based on a video I found online (I worked with 8-16 bits PICs before, never with Arduino so that video has opened a new world to me). The following control boxes have little to nothing in common with the first (which is great considering that the first example controls up to ~25 buttons, my latest more than 80). I have recently added a 7" 800x600 MFD and I plan to add a similar one later. The problem is.. that this stuff is totally useless in SC. Besides the fact that the firmwares I wrote are always on/on and I have no idea how they react with SC (I can always change them); the fact is that SC is very arcade and a hotas satisfies its need of controls, killing the need of a simpit right away. Moreover SC has no decent controls management, not to mention the possibility to export avionics status. I remember an old goal about these features, hopefully that will be implemented sooner or later. That being said, this is an old pic of my setup. I had changed many things but I haven't taken any pic yet. This is the 7" LCD I use to export MFDs or other avionics. Hopefully sooner or later they'll work with SC. The little screen on the top is a small TFT. It gets data from DCS and I wrote the firmware that displays different values and icons depending of the values it receives. In this case, it shows info about the Ka-50. One of these boxes can be built with 30€-40€ depending on where you buy (china is cheaper but takes ages, I usually buy from Amazon UK – one day delivery at the lockers!) and if you have the basica material already (wires, soldering iron, etc). You write your own firmware so you can do almost whatever you want and you can change anything anytime. These are a couple pics of what is inside the boxes. The F/A-18 UFC/ Ka-50 PRTz/PVI-800 is the latest I built and is a bit more complex than the others. It doesn't take longer that 4-5 hours to build one.
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    Ship upgrade question

    It up to you. If you have the money, do you plan on melting the other ship to help pay for the new ship. Do you want LTI, do that matter to you. Upgrading, you keep everything in the base package you are just changing the ship. So that all flair and insurance. If you melt it down the road you get all the money, but you can only buy back the base ship. So no good if you ever think you might melt it later and us that money to try a different ship. As you cant get it back, you have to wait until it on sale again. If you buy a new ship, well it a new ship. Warbond is new money only. So if you are planning on melting the ship and putting it to the new ship, you will have it without LTI (if that matters to you). You can always buy back the ship if melted down the road and you change your mind. But it more down to where you are and what you are trying to do. It is no right answer, it more down to you and what you want out of it.
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    Tactical Advance

    My simpit

    The definition of I am going to be climbing into some gaming tonight has taken a whole new meaning
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    Almost finish

    My new build i almost finish. Going to change CPU to AMD 7nm and hope for at better GPU with 7nm too next year But for now it look like this. Case Fractal Design Meshify C Mini - Dark TG PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2L Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Titanium CPU: Ryzen 2600 @4.1GHZ RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX - 3200MHZ, (16GB more on the way) Graphics: R9 390X Hard Drive(s): 250GB Samsung 850 M.2 SSD, Kingston UV500 SSD - 240GB Monitors: LG 29 L 29UM67-P (2560x1080) Keyboard: Steelseries APEX 350 Mouse: Logitech G500 Cooler: CPU DeepCool Castle 240 RGB, : GPU NZXT Kraken G12 with Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performer C
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    avenger in the snow?

    avenger in the snow?
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    Thunder Fox 295x4

    Case: NZXT Phantom 820 PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600w T2 Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 CPU: AMD Fx-8350 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws Z DDR3-2400 Graphics card: 2x Sapphire R9 295x2 Hard Drive(s): PNY 240gb SSD 1TB Toshiba HDD 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 3TB Seagat Barracuda HDD Optical Drive(s): None Monitor: Acer SB220Q 1080p 60Hz 4ms Freesync Speakers: Razer Kraken Pro V2 Quartz Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64bit I've shown this rig off before, but it's spent 2 and a half years collecting dust in storage with a friend because I've been couch hopping due to my disability. It's a bit old now, and has seen some wear and tear on the case, and doesn't look as pretty before, and one of the SSDs in the original RAID 0 died, but the rest of it works fine still.
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    I'm finally back! ^o^

    It's been over 2 and a half years since I last got to play SC because I've been stuck couch hopping due to my disability, and my desktop had to be left behind with a friend. Anyways last year a friend offered to take care of me while I get things sorted out, and I finally got my desktop back a couple of weeks ago. So things are finally stable again, and should be stable through the near future (hopefully). I'm installing star citizen now as I am quite excited to see how much has changed since I last played.
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    apology to my mates

    I would like to apologize to all my clan mates for yesterday gameplay on Teamspeak. Looking back and reviewing the gameplay video from Tactical Advances(TAC’s) Twitch stream I found myself kinda (no definitely ) annoying to say the least . I had the mic open and didn't know it was picking everything up. I personally hate that for I was spamming the voice channel and it surely annoyed other people. For that I am apologizing . It will not happen again. I am new to teamspeak basically so, please be forgiving. Thanks for you time, Klaypigeon
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    We will be holding an event on June 8th at 7PM UTC tonight. The aim will be to do a large drug run, we will need lots of people to help load the ships. Make sure you have updated your game to 3.5.1 and set your spawn point a PO Look Forward to seeing you all there TeamSpeak: teamspeak.tacticaladvance.co.uk Password: tac1
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    Joysticks. Is there a place for handling a spaceship sim outside of using the traditional keyboard & mouse? Or is it just a fancy way of d**k sizing? Often times I look into players gaming rigs and I find a bejeweled PC, where the RAM has RGB lighting, wireless mice with removable weights, or PC cases so large they use the case as their desk. So when I informed Tac that I had just purchased and received a set of Joysticks, he scoffed! (rough quote) I flared my nostrils, increased my heart rate! How could he offend me in such a manner!?!? The very idea that anything I bought could have the very slight chance of being a total waste of my good american cash offended my ears! So I hotly replied: (a perfect quote( (no really!) So began my quest, a perfect review of a system I still haven't used for a week. Lets go. So firstly, why did I want a Joystick? Every once in a while ill look around on youtube and check out videos on joysticks. So this week I finally thought, "hmmm that looks cool". So I went out to amazon and bought two Thrustmaster 16000M joysticks. So the case: 1. More buttons This is the most common and I believe weakest argument. You have (or you should) a full sized keyboard. On the typical keyboard there is 104 buttons. With modifiers such as ALT and CTRL, you can double or triple the number of buttons on a keyboard with the push of a keystroke. Also, if you have a typical mouse, you have 2 buttons, and a scroll wheel. More on this later. For joysticks, you can have 10-40 buttons depending on make & model. Clearly, at this stage the keyboard and mouse have a advantage. So what can we do to balance the fact? 2. How many keystrokes you can push. Old models used to limit you to 3-4 keystrokes before you would max out the bandwidth. ( I only just upgraded from one of these a few months ago!) Now adays you can push many keys at once, allowing for a smoother experience flying in the universe. Joysticks operate differently, instead of seeing moment as keystrokes the joystick is streaming a set of coordinates of how far the stick is being pushed, and in which direction. 3. Now I don't really know how to write a review, so please bear with me. Lets talk about what is better and worst about the two sets of controls. Lets say you need the ship to turn right, point the nose of the spacecraft up, drift north-west, rise vertically, and do a right barrel roll all at the same time. Not too hard right? Just push the mouse to the right and up, hold W and A to drift, hold E to barrel roll and hold R as well to rise vertically. Never mind the fact that doing this all at the same time is pointless, but how are you going to use a mouse to operate 2 axes, and then use your left hand to operate the remaining 4 axes? Plus, how many fingers do you have to do this command? With a duel joystick set up I can, and easily. Push the right joystick to the North-East, twist the stick to barrel roll, and then use the left joystick to drift, and twist to rise up. Easy right? and we can still shoot with the triggers. So thats the "technical" case for joysticks. With just one joystick all you are doing is replacing a mouse for another bigger mouse with a few more buttons. With duel sticks I am simplifying a 104 key keyboard for a cleaner 10-40 button stick. By dividing the number of buttons that need to be pressed equally between two hands, there is a better balance and agility then what there was before. -------------------------- That all being said, thats just the technical case. Practicality is the real test. (To make this part of the review clear, I am right handed, and thrust movement is made with the left hand/stick and rotation is made with the right hand/stick) The first issue is that I am only used to giving a few commands to my right hand, while my left hand is off happy doing 30 things at once. Which leads to funny issues where I am "rubber banding" my focus from my left hand to my right. At the time of this writing, I improved from 2:30 per lap on racing in SC down to 1:35. Note that the top score is 50-52 seconds per lap, and I don't know how fast I was with keyboard\mouse layout. While racing my hands do get tired, but I was able to handle 10+ laps (single player) and with a minutes rest I would be good to go for another 10 rounds. Dog fighting is harder for me to measure, I am better at drifting away from incoming fire, and hitting targets isn't hard. However it would take 8-10 minutes per kill attacking a size 1 ship. I only played up to round 3 before I quit from boredom as my landed shots seemed to do next to zero damage. Also while dog fighting I never had the sense that I was "on their back". It could just be the nature of space, I never used match speed and its hard to say if this is the design intention of the SC devs or if I was just using under powered weapons. I also had this issue with a keyboard/mouse layout. -------------------------- To sum up this 48-72 hour rating: The joysticks are fun! Its too early to say that they are truly useful, and its novelty could wear off, but we will know that better in a week or two. I will provide another review of the Thrustmaster 16000M's that I am using, but for now I just want the review to be about joysticks and SC more than the sticks themselves. Now I am off to go race! I would like to see 1:10 laps today, wish me luck! T_D
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    3.5 Live on PU NOW!

    3.5 is now live on the PU - Just in time for the arrival of my new screen https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017EVR2VM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    $0 CCU's

    As of 1st of May, all $0 CCU will be removed from your account. Thought this might be helpful for some people to know. Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG $0 CCU Update pinned discussion Today at 15:56 Hi everyone, Way back in May of 2017, we mentioned that we planned on expiring all unused $0 CCUs from our system before Alpha 3.0 hit the live servers. Obviously, we’re far beyond the release of 3.0, which we feel has provided an ample amount of time for the community to utilize these CCUs. The original messaging is attached as an image for reference. We’re now ready to move forward and will be rolling this change out in two phases: One week from today, on April 3rd, we will be removing the ability to obtain any additional $0 CCUs. Then, on May 1st, we will be removing all unused $0 CCUs from our system. Ultimately, this is another step in our ongoing efforts to optimize all aspects of the Star Citizen experience. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/0-ccu-update-1/2016768 Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG Today at 18:23 It means that if you obtained $0 CCUs and they remain unused on your account, they will become expired/removed on May 1st.
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    So....what ship do you have?

    This will definitely change, but this is how it looks today.
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    Tactical Advance

    3.5 Patch SOON

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    from https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16987-Q-A-ARGO-SRV The ARGO SRV depicted in the image is carrying an unknown-sized cargo container. Please elaborate more on this cargo-carrying function. Is the SRV envisioned as one of the tools used to load/unload the larger HULL series ships? One of the key design goals for this ship was to enable it to carry cargo around. Unloading larger cargo ships, such as the Hull series, is a perfect use of the SRV. This is not explicitly stated in the documentation, but the ARGO SRV has a Quantum Drive and a Jump Drive. Can the SRV tow a ship in Quantum Travel? Can the SRV use a Jump Point when towing another ship? The ARGO SRV can Quantum Travel while towing. Whilst the details of Jump Travel are being ironed out, the original design never accounted for this scenario and requires revisiting. However, our current stance is that it will not be able to tow ships through a Jump Point. If such travel is needed, we recommend towing the vehicle to a nearby repair station first or putting it inside another jump-capable vehicle. Can the SRV move ground vehicles like a Nova Tank? There is nothing to stop you moving damaged or stuck ground vehicles, such as the Nova Tank. It will work the same way as moving and transporting damaged spaceships. Can the SRV move outpost modules? No, outpost modules are physically drilled into the ground surface. The moving of player-made outposts is restricted to the Pioneer and other dedicated ships as the SRV’s tractor beam is not strong enough to wrench them from the surface. Outposts that exist already on moons/planets cannot be moved. Can the SRV tow asteroids? Physicalized items in the world can be manipulated if they’re within the mass range of the tractor beam. Currently, the only dynamic asteroids in the game are the mineable variety, though it will be possible to tow these asteroids around if desired. Can a person in a space suit be towed? Capturing an item requires it to be relatively immobile and of a certain size so that the beam can focus on it. While we don’t have the exact details of these limits yet, we foresee that active players will not be easily trapped by tractor beams to prevent griefing. Is the number of SRVs needed to tow something based on total mass or size/architecture? It is primarily mass based, though there are some size and volume requirements. There are no arbitrary design restrictions in terms of ‘ship X can specifically not tractor ship Y’. How will theft using tractor beams be guarded against? Can anyone just fly up to you and start abducting ships? The current means to limit theft and griefing is that shields will actively block or severely dampen the tractor beam strength. If you wish to have your vehicle moved, you will be required to power down your shields (which also puts you in a vulnerable position). If you wish to guard against theft, just leave your shields up when outside your ship for reassurance that it will still be there when you get back. Does the tractor beam only pull or can it push as well? The tractors beam is primarily designed to pull, though it can push to an extent. Moving from side to side, rolling, and pitching are accomplished by the range of motion available to the tractor beam’s mount. Does towing affect the SRV’s top speed and fuel economy? Tractor beams consume massive amounts of power, so while the ship’s top speed is still attainable, acceleration and fuel economy are negatively impacted. Will vehicles being towed have to turn off components for it to be towable, such as shields and power plants? Yes, the target needs to be relatively immobile with shields powered down for the tractor beam to ‘capture’ it. If the target is actively jinking or maneuvering to avoid it, the SRV pilot will require significant skill and time to capture it. If an SRV is immobile but still has a working tractor beam, can it use its tractor beam to lock onto another ship and then be towed by that ship? Theoretically, it is possible for this to work. However, the non-tractor ship would have to maneuver very cautiously and gently to prevent it from breaking away. Does the tractor beam only work in space? Or, is it possible to tow a ship from a landing pad, take off, go into space, Quantum Travel, enter a planet’s atmosphere, and finally land while towing another ship? The Tractor Beam can be used in any location, however the environment will affect the difficulty of maintaining a capture of the target item. Another one of the original design aims was for the SRV to act as a tug ship to help larger ships get from a planet’s surface back out into space. Will it be possible to extend the Argo SRV’s shields around the ship that’s being towed to offer extra protection when extracting disabled ships from the battlefield? No, the shields from the ARGO SRV and all other ships in the game are currently just for the ship itself and do not cover nearby objects. Towing a ship or vehicle puts it at risk, so the environment and flightpath should be considered carefully by the SRV pilot. There is mention of it being heavily shielded and armored. How can we expect it to hold up under combat zone conditions? The SRV carries no offensive weaponry so relies on its shields and armor to survive in combat, so if it’s being directly attacked, the best course of action is to break away and come back later. If you’re entering a known hot zone, I’d recommend bringing an escort along for support. Does the roof dish provide scanning abilities for search and rescue? The dish on the roof is simply a visual styling cue and has no specific gameplay attached to it. As mentioned on RTV, we went back and forth over the name during development. At the time ATV was recorded, it was known as the ‘Search and Recovery Vehicle’. However, we have now settled on ‘Standard Recovery Vehicle’.
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    The Public Test Universe, or PTU, is a replica environment of all servers needed to operate the game and the platform. This environment exists to allow public testing phases of unreleased patches of the game and platform. This environment will be publicly available to players, but under tight access control. Access to the PTU requires an invitation, handled in waves, to control the amount of players in the environment based on testing needs. The PTU also includes the Evocati Test Flight group, an advance team of player testers. HOW DOES THE PTU WORK? The PTU will be started up when a patch is nearing task implementation lock. Development Operations (Opds) will select the best working build and deploy it to the PTU servers. Then players and internal staff (QA, Development, Ops) will access the environment for testing. The PTU is managed by testing “phases”. A testing phase includes a date range for testing, set features per release and build, and wave invites for required account badges. The PTU is not always available. We only open the PTU servers when we have release candidate builds to test for an upcoming release. PTU INVITES AND WAVES The PTU is designed to be a staging environment where we can deploy builds for external players to test before it goes to the Live servers and general availability to all alpha players. These early release candidates are builds with new features, new ships, bug fixes, and in-progress updates to existing features. Be advised of the following: These early builds are not complete and require extensive testing. To help with player feedback and aid in stress-testing performance, features, and fixes, we push the builds to the Public Test Universe servers and open invite waves as needed for that testing. These builds are not ready for prime time, Live access. They require multiple rounds of code revisions, internal tests, and bench marking to find the right mix of difficulty, performance, stability, and play-ability. We may push builds to the PTU daily to weekly. Depending on updates from design, development, and QA verification, we may update the PTU servers and game code as needed. When you run the Launcher, it will check for updates. Updates may require wipes of PTU accounts. If you push your account to the PTU, you will not lose credit for your reports to Issue Council. These may not be in your report links. Don't worry, we still see them linked to you internally. As part of this process, we learned that the signal-to-noise ratio for the early iterations of a build was far too low. Sifting through the mountains of data on our forums that thousands of players would provide in order to find information that would help us make the build better was a logistical nightmare. This led us to create the Evocati Test Flight organization and test group. We then schedule waves of invites to the PTU for Evocati and players-at-large, increasing access as needed by development, designers, QA, and operations to test all aspects of the release candidate builds. Example PTU post EVOCATI TEST FLIGHT We determined having a small group of technically-minded players hammering away on the early builds would provide far more accurate data to focus development and testing efforts. This group became Evocati Test Flight, lovingly called Avocados. The Evocati are a small group of testers we’ve selected from the top players participating in Star Citizen: contributing to Issue Council, racing, running missions, and more. When joining the Evocati, we require a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and work through the process to add members to the Evocati Organization. They can access the in-progress builds deemed “not quite ready for normal PTU” either due to issues in-progress, features being considered for release, and verifying updates before general release that might be removed depending on how the testing goes. PTU INVITE WAVES Once a build is stabilized and features are completed, we then roll that build out to a wider audience. The current PTU release format is as follows (numbers will change per PTU): Evocati (800-2,000 invites): Our smallest group of testers who help us get our releases ready for a proper public viewing more quickly! Picked from Issue Council posters with multiple submissions or contributions and from our most active PTU testers. Wave One (6,000 invites): Approximately 1,000 accounts from participating on Issue Council with one New Report and one Contribution, plus 5,000 accounts who have played more than five PTU builds in the last three months. Wave Two (12,000 additional invites, 18,000 total): 12,000 accounts who have played three to five PTU builds in the last three months. Wave Three (16,000 additional invites, 34,000 total): 16,000 accounts who have played two PTU builds. Wave Four (80,000 additional invites, 114,000 total): 80,000 accounts who have played one PTU build in the last three months. Wave Five: Open to all. THE PTU IS LIVE AND I GOT AN INVITE! WHAT DO I DO? When a PTU is live, we post to a new forum in Spectrum. This post will provide information on the play test, links and instructions for any special Launcher and game installation, and any special information you need on the play test. Copy your account to the PTU environment. Visit our site and login to Account. In your account page, click Public Test Universe. Click Copy account to PTU to copy your current account information. If you add ships or make changes to your Live account, or you have issues in PTU, you may need to erase and recopy your account to the PTU. When you do, any Issue Council entries on the PTU Issue Council won't show up on your account. Don't worry, we still see them associated to your account. We provide a PTU RSI site for: PTU account access if you need to change your password through Account Recovery PTU Issue Council PTU Spectrum for chat When you copy over your account to the PTU, your ships, equipment, and account information transfers from your Live account. The following items do not carry over to PTU: Authenticator settings, rentals, REC, UEC, and flair items. Anything you earn on the PTU does not carry back over to Live. RECOPYING YOUR ACCOUNT! During the course of PTU testing, you may need to recopy over your account from Live. You can do this anytime through the Live RSI site. This will send a different password. Your entered Issue Council reports may not be linked to your account anymore, but don't worry! We still see you as the reporter in our systems. I WANT TO TEST, HOW DO I GET INVOLVED? These are the best ways to get involved to receive invites: We accept testing reports on Live and PTU. As you find bugs, issues, and crashes with the RSI Launcher and game, you can use the Issue Council to report them! Watch for Spectrum posts requesting help and information on specific issues from CIG. Play the game, extensively, deeply, for enjoyment but also to provide insight back to CIG on gameplay. We track all involvement to determine our invitation lists for Evocati and PTU waves! HOW DO I GET A PTU INVITE? When the PTU is up, we will create a forum and post information in Spectrum. We keep a forum post updated on PTU invites and waves. Please check that post for updates on the PTU! We also post known issues, test requests for the community, and Issue Council links we may need for specific player involvement. https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013195927-Public-Test-Universe-PTU-FAQ?utm_source=Star+Citizen+Supporters&utm_campaign=14e1c9641a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_01_22_04_01_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_607785b0c2-14e1c9641a-32705429
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    Hi all, A few of the S&E leads and team are meeting up on the 24th of this month starting between 7-8 GMT for a few hours looking at ships, general chat, mess around in the verse etc all welcome come and join us. Slaine. ps we will be on ts if anyone want to chat
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    What Is Changing In Your Hanger?

    Ive been waiting for a while now. I have just upgraded my Cutlass Red to the Apollo. Unfortunately lost a Cutlass from my hanger as its a small ship I like a lot. The loaner for the Apollo is a Connie. Yes, I will probably just ignore it My medical needs have now been met though. The Cutlass was never going to offer the best facilities, while I plan on equipping the Apollo with 1 x Tier 3 and 2 x Tier 2 beds.
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    Anvil Carrack in patch 3.8 this YEAR https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen
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    This week’s update looks at VFX updates in the new flight model, current work on upcoming ships, and some deadly new weapons.
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    My simpit

    During my summer vacation of last year I started working on my simpit. I've yet to complete it but I'm planning on doing that this spring/summer. What I wanted with this build was to be able to just sit at it and browse the web and the next moment be playing SC without moving and connecting my HOTAS and rudder pedals. The thing with SC is that it's an FPS and flight game which means if you are playing with a HOTAS for flying and mouse and keyboard for FPS, something's always in the way. My design of this simpit makes it so I have everything ready for when I want to use it. My HOTAS is always connected and it's not in the way on my mouse and keyboard and vice versa. As I also play driving games from time to time I also wanted to make it easy to get into driving mode. After using the simpit for a few months I have things that I need to change that are driving me crazy sometimes but the main design is done.
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    There is no chat in game for Orgs. We have TeamSpeak server check the link below
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    TS will be back at soon working on it
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas fellow space travelers. And all the best in the New Year.
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    Aegis Idris Interior (Spoilers!)

    So I was browsing my YouTube video feed when this precious gem popped up. It's more or less a full tour of the current iteration of the Aegis Idris. Due to the nature of the ship, this is a massive spoiler for Squadron 42, but I'm sure most of you are itching to see what she looks like. Here you guys go!
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    If the data is right the is going to be a good year for gamers Ryzen 3000, Radeon 3000 Series LEAKS - It's Game On!
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    Cooling on my gfx finish

    Now my cooling on my R9 390X i finish. Only problem is, now i can hear my tinnitus when gaming When I get a new gfx next year then this one wil run in my son`s computer, together with a I7 6700k and 16GB 2400Mhz mem, should be enough for 1080p in star citizen
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    first time at lorville

    I waited until the PU, then gave it a few more days befor checking out Lorville. A quiet Sunday afternoon quickly disappeared as I spent 3 hours flying there, wandering around - on all 3 metro lines - and then flying back to Olisar. Very impressive, just make sure the ship you use has a good power / weight ratio to pull out of the atmosphere. I was very pleasantly surprised with a Connie.
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    Hi SpaceGod, or should I just call you God for short. As you love the idea of the Starlifter that a given to have in your fleet. Starfarer will be a great ship to make money early game. Or at least I think so, but as the game play not in who knows. As you have no out lay to get cargo. Other than the fuel and time to get where you can harvest gasses. The Andromeda is a great ship. But here the big one should you swop the Aquila for the Carrack. Are the willing to use NPC's when you cant get the people?. How much do you think you use it, what % of your play time exploring? Carrack will be a great ship, not for me and I think some people on spectrum have over hyped it. But it will be a great ship. But it might be more limited in what jump point it can use, because of size. So that might mean take the long route to get where you want to be. But it have everything you need to explore in one ship, a one stop shop. Aquila will also be a great ship as well for exploring and could use shorter routes (smaller jump points). But will not have some of the stuff the Carrack has. But will need a smaller crew and be a lot cheaper to run. Just thought of it so put it here. The Carrack will cost more in game, so buying it now will save you that grind later in game. I think if you are going to use the Carrack a lot or you just really like the ship and have the money to spare, go for it. Wait until the ship is in game then use the CCU. If you find out you don't like it. You can just melt and get the Aquila back.
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    This is how you fly.

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    Crappy setup

    Case: Fractal Design R9 WhitePSU: Corsair VS650Motherboard: Gigabyte AB350 - Gaming 3CPU: Ryzen7 2700X, cooled with Corsair H100iRAM: 24 GB Ballistix Elite DDR4 3200Graphics card: Asus GTX 1060 3GBSound card: ROG Centurion 7.1Hard Drive(s): Intenso SSD 120gb, Kingston SV300 120gb, ST2000D 2TB, WDC-WDSSD 120gbOptical Drive(s): Do they still exist?Monitor: Center: MSI G32c, Top: Philips 273V5LHAB Right: Acer G246HL Speakers: Logitech z806Operating System: W10 Peripherals: Mouse: Logitech G903 + Powerplay mousemat Razer Naga Epic - Primarily used for MMORPGs Keyboard: Corsair K70 Lux Headset: RoG Centurion 7.1 Gaming Headset Microphone: Blue Yeti Blackout WIP: Joystick of some sort, GFX-card upgrade. M2-drive
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    My simpit

    I kinda envy people who have the creativity, resources and dedication to put this kind of thing through. Sadly I consider myself to play too big of a variance in games to pull stuff like this off. looks great though.
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    This is how you fly.

    this or this
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    So here we have my new computer I built back in August. I am finally getting around to posting pictures etc... I haven't built a computer for a very long time so its nice to know the skills not dead and I think I came out the other end with a great gaming rig. So far I have been playing Star Citizen without any hitches and loving it. The PC is scarily silent in operation even under load and I haven't heard that Noctua cooler break a sweat or strain. I mean I went looking to see if it was spinning or dead, but sure enough round and round the fan blades go. It did naturally lead me to checking though to see if the temps were fine, but nothing wrong there just a great machine cooled on air. I have tried throwing all the games I own at it and its done everything in its stride, overall there is plenty of juice left to upgrade down the track. That graphics card is second hand from a mate, but no hitches and I think I will hold off until something absolutely amazing comes out because at present there is nothing that says wow or real advancement and well nothing that I feel needs it. Visually, I think I nailed a bit of Origin feeling to my build. I was looking at cases and then of all the cases I went through, WOW! Noctis 450. It's sleek, a little different,versatile with room to upgrade and some nice case lighting. I think I really liked the Noctis 450 case because it reminded me straight away, of the origin 600i. I wasn't originally going to build a PC with that in mind, but hey why not. So out the other end, I have a smart looking build. I guess that factor is a bit important because its sitting in the main area of the apartment. Has there been any issues? Well only complaint is my Killer E2500 network cards a little temperamental, it will disconnect in total assembly games or games hosted by steam if I am hosting, but that's fine because there is a second intel network card onboard and it has no such hitch. In that same sort of vein I guess, the central M.2 port with the heatsink cover on is a bit temperamental and sometimes doesn't recognise if it has an M.2 SSD in it. That's easy fixed by using one of the other 3 M.2 ports. SO I think probably the motherboard whilst amazing, might just be a little bit rough coming either out of the factor or in the post. Overall though I think everything else works fine and I love this build. Nothing I would send back and nothing even quirky to report other than the motherboard. I can play Star Citizen on its high settings, record and get good frames. So my main box is ticked. Can I do all my other games, yep box ticked. Were to in the future? 1-5 years time, I may consider buying a second SSD probably a 2TB 970 pro, as by then it will be a lot cheaper. 5-10 years time I may consider upgrading the graphics card. Hehe yes there is still part of me that wishes to have dropped a threadripper 2 in a gaming PC. But that's neither here nor there Anyway, that's all folks! Have a great afternoon and without further adieu here is the specs and some piccies! Specifications Case: NZXT Noctis 450 PSU: EVGA Supernova 850 Watt P2 (Platinum grade efficiency) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 CPU: Intel I7 -8700k CPU Cooler: Noctua NH D-15 RAM: 32G G.Skill Trident Z Graphics Card: 4G Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 Hard Drive: 512G Samsung 960 pro SSD M.2 Monitor: Samsung LC32F397WEXXY Operating System: Windows 10 Pro Network Cards: Killer E2500 and Intel Gigabit LAN - Both are onboard network cards. Peripherals: Saitek X52 Hotas, Corsair Void RGB headset.
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    from https://imgur.com/a/wYXKAEv
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    My desk is pulled out because I'm currently using the streaming box. I wanted to see how far I could push the 9900k and I pushed a little too far, I'll get it fixed up soon enough. Main: Case Thermaltake View 71, a few Thermaltake Riing sets w/rads PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 850 RGB Motherboard: AORUS Gaming 7 CPU: 9900k, custom loop RAM: 16GB GSkillz TridentZ RGB 3200 Graphics: 2x MSI 1080ti GamingX Water: XSPC main components, Phanteks GPU blocks Sound: 7.1 to Klipsch, Yamaha MG-10XU to Rode NT1 Hard Drive(s): Optane 280; 512GB Samsung 960 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, Few Samsung Pro SSDs Home Cloud: Synology 10TB NAS Monitors: 3x ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q IPS 165Hz Keyboard: Corsair K63 Wireless Mouse: Logitech Trackball 570 Wireless Cam: Logitech 4k Pro HOTAS: X-56, Clamps NextDesk Standing Desk Sennheiser heads, TrackIR, VoiceAttack, Sputnik lighting Dedicated Streaming/Encoding Box: A toned down Thermaltake build - 8700k, SSDs, and Elgato 4k and two Streamdecks... input from main.
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