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  1. i'm defiantly going to get at least 2 large ones after you can buy them in game since there kidna cheep
  2. that is kind similar to the ships i have except i got two banu mm (one as a spare and for personal use and one for group/org use) instead of the Polaris and then i got an banu defender instead of the cutlass staying with the theme of banu ships but also a endeavour hope since that is very useful for org related activities ( mobile respwan station if that's how the game mechanics work) which means i basically have two main ships (banu mm and endeavour) and one spare ship (defender) which keep things simple and easy to manage as i feel having too many ships will not be efficient when playing with others as they will also have different ships
  3. updated the original post to add more detail, still working on more stuff
  4. hey yeh I've got more info about exactly what this is for and how's it going to work, i'll either update this post or just do a new one when i'm happy with it as for the helping out i want to setup some much needed rules/principals and a description and then i'll be looking for a couple of people to help manage/admin the club and set something more detailed up in short this is like a mini thing with not much structure for everyone aimed towards new and casual members but then has extra benefits for the loyal club members as well
  5. The Lodge The Lodge of Relaxation and Acquisition Location: Currently Classified Overview The Lodge is a meeting place available to all Tactical Advance members where they can relax, talk, share stories and trade with fellow lodge members. The lodge is also a place for members to acquire unique missions/contracts assigned or highlighted by other members of the Lodge and partake in special lodge events such as raids and other group activities. The lodge is also a place for members to meet and form groups and parties to go out and make money or just explore in the star citizen universe. Everyone is welcome to join, have a look around, talk to members and relax without any entry requirements or pacts to agree to, although if you wish to become an honoured member you must follow the Lodge code of ethics and be backed by a sponsor. Lodge Operations The lodge will offer many simple services to its members for their enjoyment Trading - market - market suppliers Transport - passenger transport drop-off/pickup - cargo transport drop-off/pickup Entertainment - Lounge/Bar - Casino Security - bodyguard services - mercenaries for hire Code of Ethics (WIP) 1. Respect each other. If you find an individual annoying, infuriating or impossible to work with/talk to then stay away from them the lodge was made so you can relax, you will never be forced to work, especially not with anyone you don’t want to. 2. Relax, no fighting. The lodge is a place to relax and talk, there is zero tolerance of violence inside the lodge. If you have a score to settle or feel insulted enough to engage in physical violence take it outside. 3. 4. 5. Milestones I. Member Welcome to the Lodge, get to know other members maybe go on some missions. Time to relax and have some fun. II. Honoured Member Well done you either impressed someone important or have made friends in the Lodge. You now have a variety of perks to use as you see fit. Join in on some raids or just chill and have a drink. III. VIP Member Money, you have a lot and the lodge needs to be maintained. Enjoy the added perks and make sure to use them however you want. Also enjoy the complimentary drinks on the house. IV. Staff/Security Welcome to the family. V. Bookkeeper . Perks I. Member Access to Lodge Entertainment and Market services. II. Honoured Member Access to Lodge Trading, Transport and Entertainment services and Lodge apartments. III. VIP Member Access to all Lodge services and Lodge VIP suites and VIP lounge. IV. Staff/Security . V. Bookkeeper .
  6. i would be playing so much more if my game looked anything like this, right now it's either way to laggy or the game will just crash every 10-30mins :/
  7. why would they make this exclusive, that just makes people use stupid names when everything is already taken
  8. oh god i'm just realising that with how big start citizen the bugs are going to be amazing like the possibilities are endless, imagine falling through a planet and coming out the other side...
  9. yeh I already spent some money, just can't resist the 75% off deals
  10. yeh this wouldn't be posted on the forums or anywhere it would be more of a trust thing to tell members where all your stuff is, although we will have org bases and such where members will hang out and store org resources although if your just looking for fellow members the best place would be to go on teamspeak
  11. was just about to ask the same thing, I do like this new clock tho its great to have on the forums
  12. thanks for the idea, I added some new roles for what you suggested " Base/station Commander base/station supervisor/commander base/station head of security base/station security base/station medic/doctor Base/station vault/storage manager (aka cargo and equipment manager) "
  13. yes i but i was putting money in to support the game i would be fine starting the game with my 1 banu mm and 1 banu defender (which i plan on doing, i'll donate/loan the rest of my the ships to our military), the rest of it was because I wanted to support the game, the two Polaris's and hull e and endeavour I have I will most likely never use... I was just voicing my opinion that cig are overpricing new ships which is unfair for people buying them (also i wasn't trying to sound condescending), and will turn away new players that will assume the game is pay to win when they one of the smallest ships selling for $275 (even though its not pay to win) but if you looked on the forums/spectrum you will find a lot of people who agree with me, I saw a vote asking the question if the ship was over priced/worth the price and it was like 30 no and 50 yes, i just don't want this to become the new standard price for a fighter encase there is a new fighter that is very appealing especially since one of the upcoming ships is the 600i and it'd be nice if it wasn't overpriced.
  14. yeh i don't exactly have the money to buy into first gen although me and my friend said we were defiantly going to get one if they brought out a second gen version, do you think that would happen soon or not for a couple more years?(the seconds gen vr)
  15. Just thought i'd share this also i'm doubling down on my original statement that this ship is insanely overpriced.
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