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  1. Dan added a post in a topic Go home Olisar, you're drunk   

    oh god i'm just realising that with how big start citizen the bugs are going to be amazing like the possibilities are endless,
    imagine falling through a planet and coming out the other side...
  2. Dan added a post in a topic TAC Full Member List and Full Ship Roster   

    yeh thanks fro the reminder adding now 
  3. Dan added a post in a topic Alert! Steam summer sale incoming!   

    yeh I already spent some money, just can't resist the 75% off deals
  4. Dan added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    yeh this wouldn't be posted on the forums or anywhere it would be more of a trust thing to tell members where all your stuff is, although we will have org bases and such where members will hang out and store org resources
    although if your just looking for fellow members the best place would be to go on teamspeak 
  5. Dan added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    thanks for the idea, I added some new roles for what you suggested 
    " Base/station Commander
    base/station supervisor/commander
    base/station head of security
    base/station security
    base/station medic/doctor
    Base/station vault/storage manager (aka cargo and equipment manager) "
  6. Dan added a post in a topic Concierge can now buy the Eclipse (warbond only)   

    yes i but i was putting money in to support the game i would be fine starting the game with my 1 banu mm and 1 banu defender (which i plan on doing, i'll donate/loan the rest of my the ships to our military), the rest of it was because I wanted to support the game, the two Polaris's and hull e and endeavour I have I will most likely never use...

    I was just voicing my opinion that cig are overpricing new ships which is unfair for people buying them (also i wasn't trying to sound condescending), and will turn away new players that will assume the game is pay to win when they one of the smallest ships selling for $275  (even though its not pay to win)

    but if you looked on the forums/spectrum you will find a lot of people who agree with me, I saw a vote asking the question if the ship was over priced/worth the price and it was like 30 no and 50 yes, i just don't want this to become the new standard price for a fighter encase there is a new fighter that is very appealing especially since one of the upcoming ships is the 600i and it'd be nice if it wasn't overpriced.
  7. Dan added a post in a topic Star Trek Bridge Crew   

    yeh i don't exactly have the money to buy into first gen although me and my friend said we were defiantly going to get one if they brought out a second gen version, do you think that would happen soon or not for a couple more years?(the seconds gen vr)
  8. Dan added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    Just thought i'd share this also i'm doubling down on my original statement that this ship is insanely overpriced.
  9. Dan added a post in a topic Star Trek Bridge Crew   

    i think this was already posted but yeh it does look like it would be fun for a while, side note how many of you own a vr headset I've heard they are quite expensive
  10. Dan added a post in a topic CIG Matt Sherman on Beds and Logging of in Space   

    if you've ever played rust it would work similar that where you body stays where you logged out but if someone finds you body they can kill you and that would force you to re spawn when you login again
  11. Dan added a post in a topic Concierge can now buy the Eclipse (warbond only)   

    wouldn't it be a lot better if you could just buy it in game you know play the game and earn it instead of wasting $250 for what would be take around 10 hours of game time to get, like I understand collectors and people that want to own everything but for a normal player you shouldn't have to spend $250 just to get a small ship like that. i kinda feel like they are now overpricing everything and no one is standing up and questioning them but mindlessly accepting it and this is just for the concept sale wait until they up the price at the Christmas or anniversary sale where it will cost 275-300

    edit - looks like i didn't read my facts right the price is already 275 for a fighter... looks like the resale will be around 300-325 possibly even more
  12. Dan added a post in a topic Concierge can now buy the Eclipse (warbond only)   

    as great as this looks it's not worth buying for that price lol, by the time this gets released we will probs be able to buy ships in game...
  13. Dan added a post in a topic PU roles Ideas   

    Yeh that would just fall under the pilot category, it would be taken care of in the mission briefing on what type of pilots we need for the mission e.g. 4 fighter pilots , 2 troop transport pilots and a capital(large) ship pilot for a raid mission on a pilot moon base. (there would be lots of more roles to be filled but that's just the pilot's) 
  14. Dan added a post in a topic Capital Ship Idris   

    remember you can still use AI for turret gunners 
  15. Dan added a post in a topic New Merchandise is Now Available!   

    yeh most places have average-bad shipping but this is a whole new level of bad shipping