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  1. I have upgraded my free lancer to a prospector . thanks for the offer RSLtaken same here if i ever got any thing you need
  2. I fly my freelancer every day i would be left with my Aurora to fly I will have to think about this Thanks guys
  3. I will be getting one. But not until after the 15 may this year when i will be getting married .
  4. ​He should have bought a "Freelancer Max"
  5. Can i play just got the game my self so not to clever at it yet , I,m on UK time Get touch i can meet on team speak
  6. Hi all i see you are talking Arma 3 here ! Well i have an Arma 3 problem. went to play arma 3 hit the short cut on my desk top, box appears saying loading arma 3 gets to 99% soon as it hits 100% my McAfee virus protection kicks in tells me it,s quarantine a arma 3 file it has virus, ( Virus Profile: W32/NGVCK ). Deleted Arma 3 from pc then reloaded it again same thing again. Download is via my steam account Please advise Many thanks .
  7. When i tell my friends about star citizen one question that comes up is do i have to buy a ship with a hanger, can i just join the game.
  8. Here,s my pc nothing special but its doing its job http://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c04102691
  9. Just had a look now works great on my nokia lumbia 730
  10. Well ah ah ah Well ah ah thank you sir ! You are a Gentleman and a scholar and there,s not many of us left thankfully they all appear to be here in the TACTICAL ADVANCE Org sign me up.
  11. Hi there . I think i am correct to say that when the game goes live there will be a mechanics in the game that ages your ship. So don,t expect it to stay looking new.
  12. TA org and all its members has my full support with pact agreement. " If your in the pact your a good guy if your not approach with caution" . Just another thought are the not so friendly orgs going to have there own sort of pact ?
  13. Well ! just looking at that Drake Herald I like it alot but i,m not a tech guy i have trouble switching me computer on some days it would wasted on me, I suppose i could learn ( on ! off ye i,m gettig it ) Ooop,s May be not
  14. Hi Sleepingwolf Have you checked out http://www.overclockers.co.uk/ found this site helpfull
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