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  1. I love this thing. It's everything that I felt was missing rom the Prowler and more. For a dropship to be worth the specialisation I think it really needs to be able to put numbers on the ground. The Valkyrie does that! Definitely one I will strongly consider purchasing in game.
  2. Casually emerging from hibernation to update my fleet here: RSI Orion Crusader Mercury Star Runner Origin 315p
  3. Some big changes for me. The release of the Hull series got me thinking about practicality. As much as I loved the look of the Gladius and Retaliator in my hangar, I realised that for what I want to do in SC (exploration and trade) there are much better options for me. So! much melting and swapping later, here is my new roster - Aegis Avenger - MISC Hull B - MISC Hull C
  4. ​As a new owner of the Hull C this made me feel rather.... Flaccid.
  5. I don't see the Tali working well as a cargo hauler. With this Org I think dedicated haulers will have enough escort on ops to render the Tali's turrets moot. However! On the other hand, explorers won't be enjoying the same protection as they explore deep space for treasure. I reckon that extra defensive firepower and a larger crew will make the Tali a serious competitor for the Connie with an explorer variant. Swap out the torpedo bays for a long range scanner suite and a cargo bay with a small rover... I can see it anyway.
  6. My Tali makes my Gladius look like a gnat. In other news, exploring the exterior and interior of my Retaliator makes my c**k hard as diamonds.
  7. ​I reached 154912 before falling asleep.
  8. Definitely one I want to own. Will have to earn my way there in the PU.
  9. Can't really judge what ships will be most useful in PU yet. There's uncertainty in every area of the game. We don't know how multicrew ships will change dogfighting as we know it, for example. Will bigger ships be more vulnerable to missiles? What will be the highest priority target in a big battle? So as people have said already, choose with your heart, because there isn't enough info to choose with your head. That's why I got the Gladius and the Retaliator ;)
  10. Okay then that's settled. Sunday the 8th at 20:00 GMT we shall play Smite!
  11. I have PS2. Been a long time since I played though, and I think I spent money on TR faction (don't remember which server) so it'd be a shame to play VS but it's no biggie. Get a decent group and I can join.
  12. What are the best times for you Venn? I can be around 20:00 - 00:00 GMT on Saturday and Sunday. Can also play in the afternoon on Sunday.
  13. Resurrecting this thread due to some renewed interest expressed in the "How to increase activity" thread. My handle in Smite is Moroseth, just like here. I play on the EU server which can be accessed by anybody from the game launcher window.
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