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  2. Hello everybody. I want to start of by thanking you all, both current members and the ones that have left throughout the time that I have had the pleasure of talking to. You are a fantastic bunch and I want to thank you for two and a half years of great discussions and conversations. I have been lucky and haven't had to deal with a lot of controversial stuff, due to them generally happening while I have been away, so I am not burned out on the org, but rather, Star Citizen. I have gotten my account refunded, due to both being in quite some financial hardship and having lost faith in the project. I still wish it releases and blows everyone away, but I don't think it will anymore. I want to wish you all good luck in the future, and I hope you are all going to be happy with the game when it releases and that the organisations stays strong. I may jump on as a guest every now and then if I am allowed. Farewell and good luck in the future, Alpha.
  3. If anything, they should thank the people who find these holes now.
  4. It might very well be a different person or someone may have faked their name or maybe even stolen the account. Innocent until proven guilty, so let us not start any witch hunts yet.
  5. This was something that was made a while ago. The person who made this added the flags that he could see at that moment in the Teamspeak to the image. At the time there was no members from Russia on the Teamspeak, so it did not get added. Hope that answers your question. : )
  6. Ah, I did not see that part. I guess it might be the member needing help that would either ask someone if they could protect them, or ask the military if they could provide escorts through the system I mentioned in the previous post. As far as I know we do not have a system. for this yet. At the moment the wording is an "active officer" if I have not forgotten anything, which I think is a military officer (I have been staring into a C# program all day, so not completely clear in my head) . For the planning question, as far as I know we do not yet have a system or plan for this and for the website and security part I do not think I would be able to answer you. I think that someone higher up would be the only ones who could answer that question. But you do bring up an interesting idea. - Alpha
  7. The way we are thinking of doing it currently is that when you come online, you report to an active officer who will tell you were you are needed. This may change in the future, but it is our current plan. - Alpha
  8. They do not do it manually, it would be a simple enough program that just subtracts and adds members onto the list when they switch or join or leave orgs. So it is not a challenge at all to count all of the members of all organisations and all affiliates in maybe 5 seconds.
  9. It is Esperia and CIG charges inordinate amounts of cash to make it seem more exclusive.
  10. This is Bethesda wanting to control the message and all information about their games to a complete degree. This is nothing ore than executives being scared that word about a game that isn't solid gets out there too quickly. Nothing else. This is cold, cynical calculation. They know that their fanbase is solid and unwavering so they can do this and sit back while the fanbase protects them from all accusations .
  11. The smartest thing is to just avoid the Star Citizen forums, unless you really enjoy being burned alive on a stake if you say something that can be twisted into being even mildly negative towards Star Citizen. I learned that pretty quick.
  12. It has the exact same weapon load out as the other Hornets (Except for the F7A of course) but it supposedly has higher end internal components than the other civilian models.
  13. I dearly hope that the camera they are talking about is a photo mode and not the player camera. The game is nauseating enough a it is with the headbob and camera shake.
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