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  1. Nametags, picture above: Methos(Mark) - Huniken - Dropship (Ryker) - JohnnySky - Gavin - Ashers107 - Lefty - Decendius - Oscar - Akanoes - Absurd Racoon 22: Pics are blurry because of shitty lightning and mob-cams.. http://i.imgur.com/7SnZRBd.jpg Thats Delogic and Spyds, on the right. No story, just..I can neither confirm or deny..
  2. Pictures form the trip: http://imgur.com/a/3iIdd If anyone else got some, plz share share the love
  3. Ahh you beat me too it Tac Yes its a good read, even if one skimms through, but really take the time, there are lots of interesting facts there.. CR: Secondly, the company uses additional sources of funding such as tax incentives, marketing and product partnerships, but we do not discuss these issues in public for obvious reasons. We always keep a healthy cash reserve and operate our business prudently based on the incoming revenue. (Pretty much what we expected and discussed, now confirmed)
  4. Mark(Methos) and Absurd Racoon and Ashers and Lefty .. Yaay!
  5. You buy one account for 8usd and then its the download-patience-simulator .. for a while, and then its updating and then ist smooth sailing
  6. Alright, I would seriously like to make a recommendation for a really epic movie I saw this weekend, its called "Wild Tales" and is so far my top pic for this year! Its a collection of short stories, where one thing is for sure, things will take a unexpected turn of events.. Seriously just watch it, you can find it on the "internet" via your favorite download services For a short preview a trailer is included below, but the best way to enjoy it is to just watch it without any peek on the trailer since it shows part of the plot.. Ya'll welcome!
  7. yea that must have been a time-issue.. there was def peeps there during the earning and night ( EU timezone )
  8. Ahh yeee, Mass effect was one of my faavorite games, epic story .. ending was kinda s**t and pissed me off really bad, so no pre-order on this one for me
  9. Haha yea i got a big smile too, when the music in the car started playing.. I can really relate to the intro story, yea.. Im def gonna play this game.. Thnx for the tip!
  10. Yeeahaaa ! Yes im quite exited about that, and apparently they stated that about 750 tickets in total, so everybody interested - get in on the ticket release early!
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