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  1. Constellation was my choice, but as someone mentioned earlier, every ship has a role/feature unique to it. I enjoy a wider group play, have a few friends or corp guuys jump in, run around, explore the galaxy :) :ugeek:
  2. This is excellent! I was thinking of it like what I'd done previously, in the original Planetside. We would get a group of Prowlers up, (big tanks), and just hit a zone, Either it was aggressive and we attacked, defended, or would find something we knew would be critical in taking a planet, sit and kite people into over running, into a group of tanks. Always a fun night, for sure. This also means, guys who do not have the cash to splurge, still get to experience the greater part of the game (not saying Constellation is the be all, just simply that group play is better than solo, in most cases)
  3. Hey guys, just figure that posting here might help people do the same. I bought the Constellation recently, as a Christmas present to myself (yeah, sad :P ) and figured that I would see who else got one. Its by no means a matcho thing, just purely a fact finding, see how people like it, or not. Would be cool to get a group of people together and fly out as a swarm of Constellations, or any other big ships we can get from now until then. :ugeek: So, lets talk! :)
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