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  1. Calien added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    I am leaving Tactical Advance
    I joined Tactical Advance in October of 2014 and have worked hard to help build a community poised for success at game launch.  I have made friends that I am saddened to leave behind but it is time.  Having been involved in the organisation in a leadership role for so long I have seen the best and worse of our community. 
    However we are repeating the mistakes of old.  Promotions for the sake of promotions, divisions that fail reborn again to again cripple the player base.  Leaders that are crippled by limited access and a severe lack of trust.  And promotions of the wrong people just to desperately fill a perceived vacancy without the numbers to fill those roles. 
    I have moved along to an active and engaged community that despite being smaller in members is actually larger in active players.  Their in game goals match those of TA so we can still remain friends.   
    Good luck and I hope you all enjoy Star Citizen as much as I do.
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  2. Calien added a post in a topic Conan Exile (early access)   

    I am wondering how much interest there is in this game.  I am prepared to get us a private server if the interest in there.  I propose I set it up at the minimum  and link a link in usd so users can contribute to the server.  As the numbers increase the money increases and we can enlarge the server. 
    What does everyone think? 
  3. Calien added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Enjoy the ride of open development
    Many new fans and curious gamers venture towards Star Citizen.  They come especially now at the end of the calendar year when Star citizen has so many demonstrations and sales.  We also encounter many that are concerned that development is too slow and that the costs are too high.  Some simple truths might help to calm those fears and offer gamers a slice of reality.
    Star Citizen was not the original goal of the 2012 Kickstarter.  The soon to be realised Squadron 42 was.  It is the deeply scripted and beautifully crafted single player space epic.  We have seen several demonstrations and know some of the capture cast.  It is an epic and will be with us soon.  It was penned for a 2016 release and as we know that time has come and gone.  Roberts space industries are sadly not being very forth coming on the new estimated release.  It was not delayed for feature creep as many media outlets would like us to believe it simply needed more refinement.  Tyler aka Zyloh-CIG mentioned in a RTV soon after he took on his current role in the community team that he had played all SQ42 missions as a QA tester.  So we are waiting on those tools added over 2016 that effect both games.  Content like the sound and lighting tools.   There was also the updated ship textures and new motion capture for FPS and ship entry and exit.   The delays will be slight in the scheme of things and will ensure the single player experience is all the better for it. 
    Star Citizen is the distinctly separate and larger more ambitious project.  It is the persistent survival MMO set in a first person space mission.  This is not the game the kick starter was founded on but a huge demand of the community for more.  In 2014 we could never have envisioned the scale that is being strived for today.  The graphical demands of placing hundreds of highly detailed scale ships in a huge single instance is staggering.  It is several shifts in gaming computers that has allowed RSI to grow the scope of the PU during its development.  It has been the increased amount of multicore CPU’s and the greater GPU power offered by both the current and previous generations from AMD and Nvidia.  Linked with the wide adoption of 64 Bit operating systems and we see the ability to create the most detailed and epic experience ever envisioned.  We are seeing the development of a game capable of creating a space simulation involving EVE scale and truly amazing detail more like a cut scene that previously seen.   That ambition would be a tall order for any establish game development company let alone a startup. 
    Can we promise that RSI will complete Star Citizen.  No we cannot.  But as successful MMO can make unmatched levels of income post release it is highly unlikely that the project will fail.  If the crowd funding should stall a game developer or some other group will undoubtedly see the opportunity of continuing a MMO that already has well over the million players. Commonly listed as required numbers for success.  The time to create a fully featured MMO of this scale will not be fast.  As gamers are used to not getting details of an upcoming new release games so early.  SWTOR was in development for nearly 7 years.  However we did not know anything unitl much closer to the release.  It is traditionally not until a company begins testing that the public begins to know anything.  I do not believe Star Citizen will take 7 years to release.  However like most MMO and as RSI have said anything is possible however we will not have all intended features and game play mechanics at the first release. 
    This game has unprecedented entertainment and immersive capabilities.  We must first enjoy the meta game.  What meta game why early access.  We have so much content it is unbelievable.  We have the endless discussions on the theoretical game mechanics.  We have the ever so enjoyable and always creative mini game I call Bug Citizen.  It has many great features like disconnect, crash to desktop and the endless loading screen as the main events. 
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  4. Calien added a post in a topic Polaris Corvette Sale? at CitizenCon   

    Lets be honest buying a starter package with squadron 42 is great value for two titles one a hugely detailed free to play MMO. 
    The rest we buy for various insane reasons that have nothing to do with value for money.
    But they are so very pretty
  5. Calien added a post in a topic Saitek is now Logiteh G   

    I have a broken Saitek x55.  The software was never quite finished and the hardware specs are amazing but the quality control sucks.  As is evident by the joystick death after only 15 months.  At the price it should have been reliable for much longer.  If nothing else the introduction of Logitech quality control and customer service is a huge win going forward.
  6. Calien added a topic in Star Citizen News   

    Saitek is now Logiteh G
    Well today Logitech G has acquired Saitek from Madcats.  It is too early to say what that means for the upcoming Star Citizen hotas many are awaiting.
    Here is a link to Logitech announcement.
    Creating a More Immersive Gaming Experience – Logitech Acquires Saitek
    Posted on September 15, 2016 by Ujesh Desai in PC Gaming with No Comments on Creating a More Immersive Gaming Experience – Logitech Acquires SaitekIt’s an exciting day for Logitech G. We just acquired the Saitek brand and the Saitek line of flight, farm and space simulation game controllers. They’re the go-to products for anyone into games like Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Farm Simulator.
    There’s a whole list of reasons why this makes us excited…
    First, these products are just great. We know a thing or two at Logitech about what makes a gaming product stand out and these products deliver exceptional experiences. Don’t take our word for it – we’ve seen the Saitek fans on the forums.
    Second, simulation games are cool and getting cooler. Whether you’re into driving, flying or exploring space, there are fresh new titles available and more to come. Some of these titles are even VR enabled and we believe that dedicated controllers will stimulate and enhance the total VR experience.
    Last and most importantly, we’re excited to be a bigger part of the simulation community. We already make gaming wheels for the driving simulation market and this new line of products will provide an even more complete experience. We care about this space and want to do right by its fans. We have a vision that will take these products further, faster. Stay tuned for future updates, as we further integrate the Saitek products into our overall Logitech G portfolio.
    Tags: Logitech G, Saitek They tweeted the news here 
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  7. Calien added a post in a topic Hello from Australia   

    G'day LordSeb welcome to TA.  We have some other aussies here if you log in of an evening some of us even play games lol.
  8. Calien added a post in a topic Hello   

    Hello Poisedice,
    You certainly have some big ambitions in the game.  I have not heard of a dropship module for the carrack but one can hope.  The current drop ships are the Retaliator with Module, Redeemer and upcoming Vanguard variant.  You can sign up for missions as a single member with a ship or without and will be grouped up as required.  If you wish to use your own ship and select crew you will need to sign up as a ship and crew. 
    If you join us in team speak you will find the community very current on ships and modules.  They are also very keen to theory craft different in game solutions as you have done here. 
    It is far less confusing if your Forum handle and RSI handle and TS handle are all the same.  As you expressed a desire to be called Diabloooo I have adjusted your name here as it matches RSI and your desires.
    Welcome to Tactical Advance.
  9. Calien added a post in a topic Organisation Stream   

    awesome really glad we decided to do this it will be great sad ,y work will keep me out of the first episode but that is life.
  10. Calien added a post in a topic Organisation Stream   

    Funny Ben very funny
  11. Calien added a post in a topic Organisation Stream   

    We are looking for community involvement in this enterprise.  This is our chance to promote the organisation and it's members.  Here we can show we are hard core and organised.  We can discuss how those with hours a day or the odd Saturday afternoon will find us organised and inclusive. 
    We need a name for the show.  Some thing catchy and not to use the full name Tactical Advance.  TA or TAC would be better as it allows the community and Tactical Advance to remain separate personalities in the social media world.  Tac has worked hard to build his image so we need to respect his work and remain although linked not to heavily overlapped.
    So we are taking nominations for the next 2 days and will create a Poll of the best suggestions to take a vote before the weekends show.
    Any member can participate and is invited to request to be part of the broadcast.  You will not need a camera unless you feel pretty......just a microphone.   Let us know if you are available and want to chat Star citizen and TA on Gavin's channel as a variety of people will keep this podcast alive.
  12. Calien added a post in a topic Carrack!!   

    Sad we see another talent move on.
  13. Calien added a post in a topic $600 Budget Build   

    On that tight a budget you need to target price to performance.
    You would get more from AMD on your dollar cap.
    See this example.
    You could reuse your HDD's freeing money on that example to secure windows from for like 20USD.
    Shop around for GPU this build has a 960 but shortly used 980 and 970 will become available for the same price.  The extra vram they have will be nice.
    As you will be playing at 1080 for some time on your financial limits this option would get you gaming in your budget.
  14. Calien added a post in a topic Rebirth and Retribution   

    Glad you liked it Huniken
  15. Calien added a post in a topic Rebirth and Retribution   

    Have we ever formalised a ship prefix.  Could be a cool idea to put out to the community.