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  1. I am wondering how much interest there is in this game. I am prepared to get us a private server if the interest in there. I propose I set it up at the minimum and link a paypal.me link in usd so users can contribute to the server. As the numbers increase the money increases and we can enlarge the server. What does everyone think?
  2. Many new fans and curious gamers venture towards Star Citizen. They come especially now at the end of the calendar year when Star citizen has so many demonstrations and sales. We also encounter many that are concerned that development is too slow and that the costs are too high. Some simple truths might help to calm those fears and offer gamers a slice of reality. Star Citizen was not the original goal of the 2012 Kickstarter. The soon to be realised Squadron 42 was. It is the deeply scripted and beautifully crafted single player space epic. We have seen several demonstrations and know some of the capture cast. It is an epic and will be with us soon. It was penned for a 2016 release and as we know that time has come and gone. Roberts space industries are sadly not being very forth coming on the new estimated release. It was not delayed for feature creep as many media outlets would like us to believe it simply needed more refinement. Tyler aka Zyloh-CIG mentioned in a RTV soon after he took on his current role in the community team that he had played all SQ42 missions as a QA tester. So we are waiting on those tools added over 2016 that effect both games. Content like the sound and lighting tools. There was also the updated ship textures and new motion capture for FPS and ship entry and exit. The delays will be slight in the scheme of things and will ensure the single player experience is all the better for it. Star Citizen is the distinctly separate and larger more ambitious project. It is the persistent survival MMO set in a first person space mission. This is not the game the kick starter was founded on but a huge demand of the community for more. In 2014 we could never have envisioned the scale that is being strived for today. The graphical demands of placing hundreds of highly detailed scale ships in a huge single instance is staggering. It is several shifts in gaming computers that has allowed RSI to grow the scope of the PU during its development. It has been the increased amount of multicore CPU’s and the greater GPU power offered by both the current and previous generations from AMD and Nvidia. Linked with the wide adoption of 64 Bit operating systems and we see the ability to create the most detailed and epic experience ever envisioned. We are seeing the development of a game capable of creating a space simulation involving EVE scale and truly amazing detail more like a cut scene that previously seen. That ambition would be a tall order for any establish game development company let alone a startup. Can we promise that RSI will complete Star Citizen. No we cannot. But as successful MMO can make unmatched levels of income post release it is highly unlikely that the project will fail. If the crowd funding should stall a game developer or some other group will undoubtedly see the opportunity of continuing a MMO that already has well over the million players. Commonly listed as required numbers for success. The time to create a fully featured MMO of this scale will not be fast. As gamers are used to not getting details of an upcoming new release games so early. SWTOR was in development for nearly 7 years. However we did not know anything unitl much closer to the release. It is traditionally not until a company begins testing that the public begins to know anything. I do not believe Star Citizen will take 7 years to release. However like most MMO and as RSI have said anything is possible however we will not have all intended features and game play mechanics at the first release. This game has unprecedented entertainment and immersive capabilities. We must first enjoy the meta game. What meta game why early access. We have so much content it is unbelievable. We have the endless discussions on the theoretical game mechanics. We have the ever so enjoyable and always creative mini game I call Bug Citizen. It has many great features like disconnect, crash to desktop and the endless loading screen as the main events.
  3. Some information that will help understand character and NPC plans https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/12879-Death-Of-A-Spaceman https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/13288-Multiple-Package-Clarification https://starcitizen.tools/Comm-Link:Chris_Roberts_on_Multiplayer,_Single_Player_and_Instancing https://starcitizen.tools/Comm-Link:Chris_Roberts_on_Multiplayer,_Single_Player_and_Instancing https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/7021628/#Comment_7021628 It always pays to take any information as subject to change. Some ideas have been floated and later adjusted or just never mentioned again. That is due to balance and game play needs. We are involved and our ideas and counter points in the forums are being read and considered.
  4. Lets be honest buying a starter package with squadron 42 is great value for two titles one a hugely detailed free to play MMO. The rest we buy for various insane reasons that have nothing to do with value for money. But they are so very pretty
  5. I have a broken Saitek x55. The software was never quite finished and the hardware specs are amazing but the quality control sucks. As is evident by the joystick death after only 15 months. At the price it should have been reliable for much longer. If nothing else the introduction of Logitech quality control and customer service is a huge win going forward.
  6. Well today Logitech G has acquired Saitek from Madcats. It is too early to say what that means for the upcoming Star Citizen hotas many are awaiting. Here is a link to Logitech announcement. http://blog.logitech.com/2016/09/15/creating-immersive-gaming-experience-logitech-acquires-Saitek/ Creating a More Immersive Gaming Experience – Logitech Acquires SaitekPosted on September 15, 2016 by Ujesh Desai in PC Gaming with No Comments on Creating a More Immersive Gaming Experience – Logitech Acquires SaitekIt’s an exciting day for Logitech G. We just acquired the Saitek brand and the Saitek line of flight, farm and space simulation game controllers. They’re the go-to products for anyone into games like Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Farm Simulator. There’s a whole list of reasons why this makes us excited… First, these products are just great. We know a thing or two at Logitech about what makes a gaming product stand out and these products deliver exceptional experiences. Don’t take our word for it – we’ve seen the Saitek fans on the forums. Second, simulation games are cool and getting cooler. Whether you’re into driving, flying or exploring space, there are fresh new titles available and more to come. Some of these titles are even VR enabled and we believe that dedicated controllers will stimulate and enhance the total VR experience. Last and most importantly, we’re excited to be a bigger part of the simulation community. We already make gaming wheels for the driving simulation market and this new line of products will provide an even more complete experience. We care about this space and want to do right by its fans. We have a vision that will take these products further, faster. Stay tuned for future updates, as we further integrate the Saitek products into our overall Logitech G portfolio. Tags: Logitech G, Saitek They tweeted the news here
  7. awesome really glad we decided to do this it will be great sad ,y work will keep me out of the first episode but that is life.
  8. We are looking for community involvement in this enterprise. This is our chance to promote the organisation and it's members. Here we can show we are hard core and organised. We can discuss how those with hours a day or the odd Saturday afternoon will find us organised and inclusive. We need a name for the show. Some thing catchy and not to use the full name Tactical Advance. TA or TAC would be better as it allows the community and Tactical Advance to remain separate personalities in the social media world. Tac has worked hard to build his image so we need to respect his work and remain although linked not to heavily overlapped. So we are taking nominations for the next 2 days and will create a Poll of the best suggestions to take a vote before the weekends show. Any member can participate and is invited to request to be part of the broadcast. You will not need a camera unless you feel pretty......just a microphone. Let us know if you are available and want to chat Star citizen and TA on Gavin's channel as a variety of people will keep this podcast alive.
  9. Sad we see another talent move on.
  10. On that tight a budget you need to target price to performance. You would get more from AMD on your dollar cap. See this example. http://pcbuildsonabudget.com/best-gaming-computer-for-600-dollars-2016 You could reuse your HDD's freeing money on that example to secure windows from www.kinguin.com for like 20USD. Shop around for GPU this build has a 960 but shortly used 980 and 970 will become available for the same price. The extra vram they have will be nice. As you will be playing at 1080 for some time on your financial limits this option would get you gaming in your budget.
  11. Have we ever formalised a ship prefix. Could be a cool idea to put out to the community.
  12. I see where you are going with a USS or HMS (Her Majesty at this time lol) What is CTA standing for? We have never discussed a prefix. It would be nice if we had one for lore items if nothing else. Great idea.
  13. When you look at a star map you see places destinations. Before your eyes are the wonders of space. The sites and experiences you have been dreaming of all your life. I used to be just like you. Dreaming of seeing the universe. I joined the UEE as a special forces ranger. I saw the wonders saved a few and saw some destroyed. Life in the military can make you numb to the pain and loss of those ill prepared for war. The civilians thinking their little slice of the universe is somehow immune to the harsh reality of greed. Now I seek the places in between the destinations. Dark quiet places known to only a few. Here I await my prey. Here I have time all the time in the galaxy. I too had a little piece of the universe once. A small arms dealership in a frontier settlement. I sold guns and tours for hunters seeking adventure in the forests and jungles. Life was good. I met my beautiful wife on my way to that planet. Having just left the UEE she was a slice of innocence I needed. She had never known the total loss of a pirate raid or the senseless destruction of the Vanduul. My life was never better than when Maree was by my side. I am floating above one of those ‘in between’ places today. I am have locked my mag boots to a piece of debris whilst I float over a desolate wreck of an Idris called the Yamato once. She was breached by pirates. The fight was long and the price high but eventually the raiders took the ship and killed the crew. She would never fly again though. The last act of the ships engineer was to dampen the thrusters and over-ride the propulsion safeties. The result is as you would expect the ships thrusters were completely destroyed. The Tactical Advance Idris was a proud and mighty vessel once. With a long and prestigious record of service. She had a reputation for beating the odds. It was a Pirate named Dirk that led the raid that scuttled the proud ship. Here fighters were called to a nearby system to defend a Hull D. It was then Dirk descended. Alone she was vulnerable and as planned the twin raids separated unit and destroyed them both. Dirk sent the Yomato’s Transponder to the Tactical Advance regional station office. It was a clear warning to leave the system and interfere in the actions of Captain Dirk no longer. The result was a long series of battles in which neither side profited. In the end Tactical Advance pulled out of the system the losses from the region just too high for a profitable venture. In the last few months since they departed Dirk has been relatively quiet. I flex my aching joints being adrift in a EVA power suit for hours can be painful. Prolonged Zero-G loosens the joints making you several inches taller at the cost of localised swelling and pain. I have hunted this target for years a few more hours are of no concern. The cost to Tactical Advance at the loss to Dirk was such that they sort to prevent such a loss was never to again be lost to them again. It was then that I found my way to the Tactical Advance Organisation. I had been drinking my sorrows away in a rough bar having been the sole survivor of the raids upon my home. I was away hunting with a wealthy client when my home was raided. No one survived. My life was over and I sort to destroy any memories I had in the bottom of the bottle. In a dark corner of the bar a man sat alone. My old soldier’s instincts kept itching there was something off about him. He seemed to be of average height with broad shoulders. He was leaning back in his seat seeming to be contemplating the woes of the cosmos in his glass. His glass that was it he had not ordered a new drink in the hour I had been downing my drinks. My last client the hunter from home entered this very bar I had been holed up in. He was with his same companions. What were they still doing on the planet? My mind could not understand why they were still here. The man in the corner moved fluidly he stood and strode from his corner. He wore a medium combat suit and carried several large blasters. He calmly moved towards the entrance. He calmly walked past the men as they entered. He turned once past the sycophants and they died immediately. He levelled his blasters at my old client. I stood and had my rifle trained on the mercenary and yelled, “Freeze!” I could not I realised allow another to fall victim to the cruelty of raiders I would kill any and all who attempted such. I was having trouble standing steady the whisky was going to my head. I had drunk too much. The world turned black and I passed out. I awoke in a dark and cold room. From the vibrations in the floor I lay upon I was in a ship and it was moving. My movement activated the rooms motion sensors and the lights came on. I realised I was laying on the floor next to a bunk. I had obviously fallen off. I groaned as my head began to pound in time to my heartbeat. I pulled myself up to the bunk and sat there feeling sorry for myself. After several minutes the world began to seem less bright as my head began to calm into a dull ache of a hangover. The door opened and an officer in a TA military uniform is standing in the doorway. He smiles at my obvious discomfort and offers me a tray. “These ma help”. The tray contained a glass of water and a medic-spray. A soldier’s instant hangover cure. I take the offered items and the man leaves without another word. I attempt the door after he leaves and it is locked. I realise I am a prisoner of some sort. I decide if I must be a prisoner than I might as well be a well-rested one and I drift off to sleep on the bunk. I next awoke to find the ship had stopped and my door was open. I moved to the opening and a marine is standing on either side. “Soldier you are to follow me”, says one of them to me. “I am no longer a Soldier…….” I implore but he ignores my response. Turning about and heading down the corridor. We walk for several minutes at each opportunity we travel down lower in the decks as we move. I soon realise we are moving towards the rear sections as the sound of the power plants becomes apparent ahead. I can hear the screams of a man being tortured ahead and can only surmise that it is my fate also. We enter a cargo bay and before me is a Mercenary from the bar. He is torturing my old Client and again I am overcome with a desire to save the man from this pirate. I step toward the man and am laid low by my escort. A single blow to my head from his rifle butt. I lay upon the floor held in place by the Marine. The man calmly turns towards me. He is pure ice the controlled rage evident in his cold calculated movements. “Soldier after your interference upon Dalco IV I had to bring you with us. Leaving you there, unconscious having pulled your weapon in a public space would have meant a prison term.” “And what you expect me to be grateful that Pirate scum like you can attack and kidnap this tourist. He had to witness the aftermath of the most terrible and brutal raid on a settlement in this sector ever.” “No Soldier you are mistaken I have not kidnapped an innocent victim. Some poor unsuspecting tourist forced to endure the sight of the destruction upon your home. I have caught the raider tasked with removing the only retired Soldier from the town else you upset the plans and kill a pirate or two.” “Liar!” “You need not believe me you can remain there pinned to my deck whilst I complete this interrogation.” It took some time to break the man I now know was Named Simon. Such a common name nothing sinister there. He was a member of a raiding crew employed by Dirk a pirate known to operate in the region of space I lived. My village was his first raid upon a town. Ships being careful to travel under escort he had decided to turn to raiding towns to continue his income. Simon and his crew were tasked with removing me from the town so that no one was left with any combat training to oppose them. The raid was planned and executed in cold military precision. My mercenary it turned out was Calien leader of a Detail of Tactical Advance specialist known as the Blue Dragons. They were one of several units operating as Bounty Hunters seeking to destroy the pirate Dirk. So here I now float over the remains of an Idris once a proud flagship for the DoD. Here I await the ultimate prey. The Idris hanger door lights come on suddenly illuminating the debris I float amongst. A simple Cutlass drifts past me as it comes in to land. I hear the signal in my helmet time to move. I power up my titan suit and propel myself at the passing ship. I am not alone five other Blue Dragons also collide with the ship. We immediately lower our power again. Hitching a ride inside the skeleton of an Idris to hopefully find Dirk upon his throne. In his empire of misery and end the raids in this sector once and for all.
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