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  1. Hey guys, just had a chat with some people on TS and we came up with the idea of setting up a second clock on your gaming computer so we can always check time there to avoid timezone blunders. All you have to do is click on the clock on the toolbar and select "Change date and time settings..." and go to the second tab labeled "Additional Clocks". Click on "Show this clock" and select "(UTC) Co-ordinated Universal Time" and call it something like "TA Time". Then we all have our time and TA time available! Problem solved!
  2. Hey Tac I have one, do you want my acc. details? Im on TS now if you want it.
  3. Hey guys, thought I would just bring some light to a sale on for 24 hours! ARMA 3 just went on sale for £14.39 which is roughly $22. This is the cheapest it has ever been and will be the best price for at least 6 months. If you are interested in picking up the game, now is the time! Hope to see some of you getting into the game and maybe a restart of ARMA Fridays! http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/
  4. So I got a package through the mail from Muffin the other day, the picture below shows all the awesome stuff she got me! She also made me a Magikarp hat for my 21st birthday! This was the most awesome thing that has ever arrived in the mail so I just wanted to share this with everyone! Thanks again Muffin!
  5. Hey brother, congrats on setting the bar for a member awardee of the Kickin' Ass Award. Let me know if you need anything. 



  6. Hey guys! Thank you so much, I am happy to have had an influence on the Org and made a mark within the community! Next step is to work out how to use forums effectively, which is in progress! Thanks for the awesome model too, it looks great next to my Delta in hangar! (I will get on it Alpine, it might have slipped my mind!)
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