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  1. Well getting to known, me just read some of the other post. Rank is I-III that is my rank and I don't have a prime- account so the country would be Russian because I have ter-3 tanks. It was just an idea I had, to play with other guys in a great game War Thunder. Any thing you want to know just ask. A five man team of Russian KV-2 with 152mm howitzer would be very cool. Zuk
  2. I am looking to put together a four member tank team in War Thunder. We would play on Saturday night say at 7:00 PM So let me know if interested. All skills welcome I have only played for like two weeks. Team speak welcome but not a must have. I have it. ZUK
  3. You can download a photo program from cnet.com called photoscape. Paste the pic in windows-paint save it then open it in the photo-scape crop the pic in that program and in-large it and save it under a different name it should be larger then. Hope this helps. ZUK
  4. A suit for every occasion. Now if that comes in a tuxedo they would have all bases covered. :evil: Very cool suits. ZUK
  5. Those will be few and far between. I was just using it as an example. Just make friends you will be good. :D We will fallow the Idris not the Idris fallowing us. :geek: ZUK
  6. I’m not saying that they will not let you organize a team of your friends or who-ever, but you might want till there is an exploration command position filed to make an official org team together under that position. That is why there is no Police teams yet. ZUK
  7. Sweet little fighter Maximum Crew: 1 Size- Mass (Empty): 20000 KG Cargo capacity: 200 KG Length: 15 Meters Width : 5 Meters Height: 2 Meters Beam: 12,7 Meters Upgrade Capacity: 4 Hull Construction: honeycomb structure [fiberclass] Engine- Modifiers: / Maximum Class: 4 Max Power Plant size: 4 ...
  8. Safety in numbers no matter where you go have escort or a gang of friends with you or an Idris and you will be fine. Even then back up should be just a TS away. ZUK
  9. Like humanevil said A simple back story. I would think is all we need for our org. since it is marked that we don't role-play but each to his own. Some kind of history or heritage or family-linage would make our characters stand out. ZUK
  10. The first ones that belong to TA will plaster it all over the forum. I sure of that. ZUK
  11. He will have to pay for the swat team called out and jail time. and all that because he lost the game and was mad. ZUK
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