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  1. thanks for the kind words gang. that 3.0 schedule looks insane. but they cut A LOT of content out of 3.0 and moved it to later iterations. are there any rumblings on when we could possibly get a schedule report for sq42??
  2. Hey guys, I'm sorry that I went MIA with no warning a couple months back. My sister lost her fight with her disease and I lost her. It came suddenly and I had no time to prepare. Loosing my sister hit me hard as she was the last family I had left and it took me this long to start to think about getting my life back on track. I haven't seen or read anything about Star Citizen in this time so it'll take me a little to get back up to speed with everything. Hope everyone here is doing well. See you around.
  3. i call BS on that $700 price point. you can barely find a regular 1080 for that. this is a $1k+ card
  4. Gamers Nexus benches the AMD 1800X TL,DR: ties with Intel 7700K in gaming - AMD: $500 / Intel:$350 ties with Intel 6900K in video encoding - AMD: $500 / Intel: $1k
  5. Designers John Crewe and Andrew Nicholson from the UK Flight Balance Team join Community Manager Jared Huckaby as they answer questions from our Development Subscribers. TL,DR:
  6. that's awesome. i love the fact that TA doesn't rush to be the first guy to put out a video when a new ship is hangar ready or something. he takes his time and puts in the work. love your content boss. keep up the good work.
  7. the fact that basically ONE guy figured out procedural planets blew my fucking mind.
  8. 02:45 - what did you do before joining Foundry 42?? 03:42 - procedural planets was supposed to be an after release stretch goal. dafuq happened?? 12:00 - wassup with dat lumberyard?? 16:47 - what are you working on for star citizen?? 20:22 - gieb 3.0 or RIOT ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  9. the fact that, as a pilot, 2/3 of this ships firepower is out of my control, and firepower is all this ship really has, is a real turn off for me. turret gameplay is hot garbage
  10. What creature will YOU help create for Star Citizen? Character Art Director Josh Herman joins the Community Team to create a new creature for Star Citizen LIVE with help from the viewers on Twitch. There will be no TL,DR for this one.
  11. Please continue the discussion here: http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/6776-anvil-hurricane/
  12. oh snap. now that you said it.... that IS the first turret we've seen with 4 guns on it, isn't it.... the plot thickens
  13. you know what ship would be best in addition to a sabre?? a second sabre...
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