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  1. zeus_anoxia added a post in a topic Banu Merchantman corridor art 2017   

    concept art.... yawn and snore. wake me up when we have in-engine screens of the BMM
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    CIG Production Schedule Report [20th of January]

    Below you will find the Current Milestone Schedule. These are the very same schedules we update daily and are circulated internally on our intra-studio hand-offs with a few exceptions: the individual developer names assigned to the tasks will be omitted (for obvious reasons), we’ll remove the JIRA details and we’ll modify the technical wording to make it readable for a wider audience, but otherwise, when something changes, slips or is completed, you will know.
    The following lists and charts show our progress towards releasing 2.6.1, with all remaining major tasks listed.
    2.6.1 is intended to be a bugfixing/polish patch rather than a larger content patch, with the main aim of improving the player experience and building upon the foundations for features we introduced in 2.6.0. Because of this, we’re aiming for a closer release date than for our larger patches since there are fewer features being worked on. What we have represented in the schedule below are the smaller improvements to improve the player experience, such as further balancing to ship speeds, improvements to grenades in Star Marine, and some new additions to the menus.
    2.6.1 OVERVIEW






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    Around the Verse - Pirate Swarm
    Transcript courtesy of Relay
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    Gabe Newell's Reddit AMA
    While Gabe did not confirm Half-Life 3 (in fact, he joked about the number "3" instead), he did confirm that new IP are on the way in regards to the Half-Life/Portal universe. Gabe did confirm that the previously announced Half-Life/Portal movies being directed by J.J. Abrams are still in the works. It is very possible that is what he is referring to, although the comment about the new IP and the movies were in separate comments.
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  8. zeus_anoxia added a topic in General Game Discussion   

    HTC Puts $10 Million On The Table To Inspire VR Developers To Better The World
    HTC announced it has another $10 million in developer funding up for grabs. The company is willing to fund the creation of experiences that “promote social change” towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals meant to eradicate poverty around the world, establish peace, provide prosperity, and protect our planet’s ecosystem and wildlife.
    HTC’s latest virtual reality (VR) development funding project is called VR for Impact, and it revolves around the idea that VR is a powerful medium to help promote empathy for others. VR allows you to experience things from another person’s perspective, and the theory holds that taking in someone else’s experience as your own broadens your perspective of the subject in question.

    The idea that VR can foster empathy for others isn’t new, and in fact, there is data to back up the idea. Documentary filmmaker Chris Milk talked about his experience creating and demonstrating his short 360-degree film, The Displaced, during a TED Talk presentation in 2015. The Displaced documents the lives of three children and their struggle for life in war-torn Syria, Ukraine, and South Sudan. The struggle these children face elicits a powerful emotional response from many who watch the film, which led Milk to dub VR “the ultimate empathy machine.”
    With the VR for Impact fund, HTC hopes to inspire more creators to make VR experiences and films that touch on important social topics that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals imitative. The Sustainable Development Goals are a set of targets that members of the UN committed to seeing through over the next decade and a half. The organization laid out guidelines to expand education, improve health care, and end hunger, along with a variety of other social-economic problems that have a broad impact on the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.
    If the VR for Impact initiative sounds familiar, you may be recalling the VR for Good initiative that Oculus launched in May. Oculus established the VR for Good project to inspire filmmakers and students to showcase important causes using VR as a delivery medium. Oculus doesn’t provide cash funding through VR for Good, though; it offers resources and training to creators.  HTC’s initiative puts cash in the hands of developers to use as they see fit.
    HTC is currently accepting funding applications through the VR for Impact initiative. The company said it will reveal the first “winning projects” on Earth Day – April 22, 2017. HTC didn’t say how many projects it plans to support in the first round, and it did not disclose the amount it would provide per project.
    If you have a project idea you wish to pitch for potential funding, you can sign up on the VR for Impact website.
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    Dear GOD
    RIP social life
  10. zeus_anoxia added a post in a topic Subscribers Town Hall - Persistent Universe   

    if you think january is bad, wait until summer hits. it's going to be a ghost town.....
    Now, if you think about it, we really haven't seen anything about 3.0 yet. I mean NOTHING. Item system 2.0?? planetary landings?? modular space stations?? star network?? cargo mechanics?? nothing has been shown. On top of that, it now seems there will be a 2.6.1 patch coming out, followed by a 2.7 patch and god knows how many other patches before 3.0. I'm telling you guys now you should expect 3.0 no earlier than the end of the year. And don't even think about SQ42 out this year either. As it stands, it will be another year of small, incremental updates and more ships until gamescom or later when we MIGHT get something resembling cargo. And IF i'm right about all this and this is the pace of development, 2017 might be the last year that I follow star citizens development closely. I won't do anything bat s**t crazy and get a refund, but I will no longer care about this game until people message me saying SC hit BETA stage.
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    Bugsmashers - Caterpillar Doors
    On this episode of Bugsmashers, Mark Abent tackles an issue with the Caterpillar cargo doors not properly opening. Discover how the complicated doors were designed with interior and exterior animations, and how the Player’s visibility of them was part of the problem.
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    Subscribers Town Hall - Persistent Universe
    Transcript courtesy of Relay.
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  13. zeus_anoxia added a post in a topic The Osiris: A mod for Star Citizen   

    Prometheus is the name of the ship in the movie, Osiris is what the guy wants his creation to be called in the star citizen universe.
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    The Osiris: A mod for Star Citizen

    edit: just noticed this thing is a year old... it flew by me unnoticed....
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    Welcome to Tactical Advance, @Reventlov!!