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  1. eliteNrG

    My Rig

    Updated my rig in anticipation of Alpha 2.0. New Specs (only made some changes) Case: NZXT H440 PSU: Corsair CX750M Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 CPU: Intel I7 3770K @ 3.5 GHZ cooled by CM Hyper 212 EVO RAM: PNY XLR8 16GB DDR3 Graphics card: 2x Zotac 980 GTX in SLI Sound card: Sound Blaster X-Fi Hard Drive(s): Samsung EVO 840 240gb WD 2TB black Monitor: LG 29in UltraWide monitor 5ms (GTG) Speakers: Klipsch 2.1 Sound System (160w) Joystick: Saitek X52 HOTAS Controller: XBOX360 Wireless Track IR Setup with Voice Attack for commands. Operating System: Win 10 Ultimate 64-bit
  2. Definitely interested in Pheonix, I have a connie for trading but I do have a 325a for fighter support is someone will need it.
  3. eliteNrG


    It's an app called Remote Flight, i downloaded the cockpit hd. You have to setup a server and link them over your wifi. It's really easy to do and makes it so much easier to monitor your gauges while flying. Add a DIY Track IR and a good controller and you are set ! : )
  4. eliteNrG


    Been out of the loop with star citizen for a while, got kinda stale before 1.1 for me since I am not that good in Arena commander. Now I am back into it and enjoying flying my loaner hornet and mustang alpha around with a few friends in free flight with bits of vanduul here and there. I have been consumed lately learning to fly and becoming a somewhat decent cessna pilot in Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. I constructed a DIY track IR that works perfectly and saved me over 100 dollars and I also picked up my first HOTAS, the x52. That combo mixed with tons if texture and plane addons in prepar3d makes for an amazing experience. Just curious to see if anyone else has been playing it, also I would recommend to at least check out youtube videos of it if you are into any kind of aspect of flight simulation. I am a rookie at it so I don't understand alot of the full immersion features on some of the planes but single props have been treating me well.
  5. eliteNrG

    My Rig

    Update: I ended up caving and purchasing a nice cooler master EVO cooler. I did not have any temp issues with the 3770k, but the cooler was on a newegg sale and could not pass it up. It looks awesome crammed inside my mediocre antec case.
  6. eliteNrG

    Free Ship Giveaway - 03/02/15 [CLOSED]

    Sign me up, thx!
  7. Just curious if anyone else is having an issue when trying to start a private match. Got my one friend to buy an Aurora anniversary package and I just want to be able to practice abit but every match I start is public? I have not really played around with 1.0 to much yet because of being busy over the holidays, just wondering if anyone else had this issue. Also, did they change the Hornet default loadout? My trainer that came with the Connie only has Lasers and no cannons anymore. The holo viewer table will not let me change any weapons out either. Bummer!
  8. eliteNrG

    Elite Dangerous - TA buddy list

    Count me in Rob, next time I see you are on lets private group at first to get a handle on it. I have only ever played solo or single open play. Just started getting into some heavy bounty hunting now that I have an upgraded cobra. I would love to take part in some Fed battles, I have seen videos of the Capital ships and they are beasts.
  9. eliteNrG

    GTA 5 pc crew

    I will be right with ya's, I can't wait for the PC release. First person mode looks awesome fun, I have only ever played it on a SexBox 360 :sweat:
  10. eliteNrG

    Running SC

    As much as I wish you could, USB Flash drives cannot be used as RAM.
  11. eliteNrG

    Should I Buy Elite Dangerous?

    I think ED is great for what it is. I really dove into trading commodities, finding your own routes is challenging. PVP is alittle annoying if you are not into fighting. It all boils down to what kind of gamer you are, there are fast paced battles that you can take part in, but it is not like AC in any form. The solo online option gives newer players a chance to make alot of credits and hone your combat skills.
  12. eliteNrG

    Aurora Anniversary Package

    WTF! I wanted to grab a few of those as gifts for my friends on the fence about becoming backers. I figured an Aurora would be like a drug dealer giving a crack head just a sample of his product. Keep 'em coming back for more :laugh: . So yeah, that sucks cause on the site it says something like 5000 units or so. No way that sold out in 1.8 seconds.
  13. What if the UEE Bank tries to repo the Javelin if we miss payments? Should we just salvage what we can from it then drive it into an Asteroid field and bail? These are the real questions we should be thinking about here :-)