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  1. Because im always in discord no matter what computer im on i utilize the chat functionality of discord almost exclusively... Opening the RSI website and using chat in there is cumbersome and annoying so i dont join that. However, discord is much easier for text based chat and would utilize it as such.
  2. Anyone going to be at AWS RE:Invent this week?

  3. Just gonna quote it... feel it needs said twice
  4. Carrack has an ion power generator and solar panels.. Word around the verse is running out of fuel will likely not be an issue for the carrack. speculation of course
  5. Bye Bye Polaris... you ugly compared to this sweet beauty...
  6. I would also suggest starting your adventures till you upgrade recording in a downscaled format to about 720p... this will free up some resources. and also if your doing it for youtube 9/10 people do not watch youtube in full screen. They watch it in the little box so the smaller resolution will look fine.
  7. I do not believe your GPU is fast enough to support both playing the game and the video encoding. I would suggest encoding in x264. This will use your cpu instead of your gpu
  8. New ships no longer excite me... I am starting to understand the frustration of those before that i used to fight with when they would get upset about more and more sales... just took me longer.. i know its a multi faceted team and the people working on concept ships are not the same ones as delivering the core game... but damn so many broken promises its getting disheartening.. I have actually tuned out to the game... did we ever see the SQ42 demo we were promised at citizencon?
  9. I believe their goal is that if you are solo you will always be placed in a instance that is best suited to you. (lowest latency and pkt loss) however if you are in a group you will be placed in the best possible (cluster/servers/ec2's whatever they do) for all players in that group. They will try to bring the latency as close as possible to to your group members. Then the other players you see in that area will be in the same boat its the best server for them. A real issue arises is when you are chasing someone and you have to instance transfer. You can designate someone as a focus (this has
  10. I will try it later and get back to you. I have a 1080 i7-6700k and 32 gigs of ram. i have ran in 4k before but currently game at 2k with consistent frames at 60 or higher
  11. I was interested till i heard of the bugs and saw the current state of animations/graphics/ui. This one has been put on the back burner for me. With games like For Honor/Mass Effect/Ghost Recon coming up very soon i dont need to spend money on something in this state.
  12. Was only a matter of time. And with all the other hurdles CIG has to get through an Anti-cheat measure is going to be the last of their worries
  13. Amazon Web Services What it is is imagine thousands of servers all working together like one unit so if one fails its no biggy the others pick up the slack. Then companies buy "Servers" from Amazon. But they are really just virtual instances. So what happens is a company like CIG instead of having to buy internet from a carrier, then servers, and then pay rent to a data center they just pay amazon one bill and they get all that. They no longer have to worry about hardware costs and upkeep. They dont have to worry about bandwidth and getting it to their rack in a datacenter. Its not cheep but
  14. This is a good thing in the long run. i know it sounds like maybe more stuff and moving to something "New" may sew doubt with some but moving to an engine that is designed for cloud functionality will benefit us all in the long run. I am a Sr. Network Engineer for a company that offers a cloud based platform. We had acquired a company whose product was premise based and did a lift and shift to the cloud and while it worked there were many issues. A product that was designed from the ground up for the purpose of being cloud based will be great for the game in terms of performance and networking
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