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  1. Friends and Foes... Spending over 2 years in this community i have had alot of memorable experiences.... i have dedicated a huge amount to the communtity in terms of my time and knowladge. I have been in a personal dilemma for nearly 12 months with my streaming aspirations and the organisation. My personal goals have been to make a serious commitment to becoming a full time streamer for Star Citizen and other popular titles in between. The drama that rose in TA whilst I was the community voice primarily around the mis-management of the HR division and the placement of immature and under stilled officers into HR to fill a perceived vacancy resulted in the development of alot of toxic vibes. The executives being largely MIA and the Directors not being empowered to act only compounded the situation. With the news that HR is being reformed again without adequate people to actually run it available outside those already filling divisional roles is terrifying. Not to mention the same underlying issues of missing executives and under empowered directors. It all made the voice a empty and powerless role inside the community. If you wonder why so many senior officers are moving on it has not been an easy decision as we have all committed so much energy and time to building a hard core organisation. Unfortunately it appears the leaders all feel the same way that the organisation is inevitably doomed to fail from the very top down. As often in many cases, a decision made by and for the community, gets stalled or stopped by various people. Therefore stopping growth and change were necessary. Those limits have created a monarchy that prevents the directors and councils from creating and adapting the tools and systems to actually manage the numbers of players in the organisation. The tower has always and continues to topple like Jenga the officers are just being worn down working to prop up the endlessly falling pieces. The other senior officers left without spelling out the reasons publically that would not adequately convey my feelings on this matter and I have drafted a more detailed response. I am by the way not heading for the same destination as the others. I wish everyone well on your own journey. If you wish to keep in contact that would be great! I am sorry it has come to this. Take Care o7
  2. Thank you dude! was super nervous to start! It was such an amazing experience! something i will never forget! The support from the Star Citizen Community is so amazing!
  3. They are Names of Members of Squadron42..... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5194726/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast "Captain Rachel Maclaren" is played by Gillian Anderson
  4. you cant even REC the 85X ... glad you got it sorted man
  5. but the 85X is in the 2.6 LIVE BUILD ?? Can you not REC one ?
  6. Have you not got a media account sorted yet ??
  7. https://twitter.com/TheBristolBoy88/status/816812879009771520
  8. ... You dont need cheats to do well in Star Marine... Star Marine Third Person Grenade QUAD KILL https://clips.twitch.tv/bristolboy88/CourageousCrocodileDansGame
  9. its not Cyco-Dude they are claiming is cheating.. its Zarnum... who fu*kin cares,, they should be banned straight up.... ban people early and set the bar... people will know not to cross the line
  10. JEEEES What the hell is that thing ??
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