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  1. vryoffbtdrummr

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    Yeah. It will take some time, but it do plan on finishing this mission. It should be a significant upgrade from what I quickly set up in Zeus.
  2. vryoffbtdrummr

    *NEW* Arma 3 MOD - EXILE

    For anyone that has Arma 3: Next week,for Arma Friday, we will find a server and group up.
  3. vryoffbtdrummr

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    ATTENTION: I am currently working on a mission for a group of 6 people to play. Im not sure when it will be done, as I am still in the early stages of creating the mission. (assigning loadouts and weapon drops, ect.) I need to know how many people have the Marksman DLC, as I would like to use it in the mission. If no one has the DLC, I will try to find a way to get around it using code, which could hold the mission over for a little longer.
  4. vryoffbtdrummr

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    6:30 PM GMT? Unfortunately, our events will be held at 7:30 PM EST, so 11:30 PM GMT.
  5. vryoffbtdrummr

    Project Cars

    what is your steam name?
  6. vryoffbtdrummr

    Project Cars

    Hm. Haven't really raced either. Been racing a lot with the LMP1 cars. Should try and do some racing against each other sometime.
  7. vryoffbtdrummr

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    How about the PvZeus mode? there are several missions where the players have to defend or attack an objective. Zeus spawns in the enemy units and commands them. He is limited in what he can place, so its fair.
  8. vryoffbtdrummr

    Arma 3 coming back

    See Post for more info:
  9. DUE to some schedule changed for both Aselwyn1 and Vry we are putting Arma friday on hold please come out to the Arma part after the next org meeting. Arma 3 Friday Format: The new Arma 3 Friday events will take place around 7:30 EST. If this time will not work, please contact me (vryoffbtdrummr) or Aselwyn1. Each week, we will host community made PVE or PVP missions. I will be making missions as well. This will give us the ability to work in small teams to accomplish a larger goal. As an organization, we have organized command structures. Each event, one or two members will be designated as the team leader for the mission. They will be the ones leading the mission. I will try to ensure that everyone is a team leader at some point. If you have a problem following commands, you can gladly not participate. Every now and then, we may decide to hop on a random Wasteland server. We would like to have the same rules/ mentality during these events as we do during our PVE or PVP sessions. If we have a limit on player size for a mission, player will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. (ex: if you are the 9th person in the channel for an 8 person mission, and you try to join the mission and take the 8th person's spot, you will be kicked to allow the 8th person to join) Rules: I, or the group as a whole, will appoint a team leader for the mission. If there is more than one team, each team will appoint team leaders.All tasks/ orders given by the team leader will be followed and no player should try to ruin the groups experience by attempting to do whatever they wantIf there are any complaints, try not to constantly voice them in the session, instead, talk to me or Aselwyn1 after the eventUpcoming Schedule: (this part will be updated weekly) September 11th: http://www.exilemod.com/ SEPTEMBER 19th: Meeting at 1:00 PM EST, to discuss possible changes to Arma Friday format . I look forward to rebuilding this part of the TA org, I cant wait to start. See you guys on the battlefield. Vryoffbtdrummr: http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/profile/1160-vryoffbtdrummr/ Aselwyn1: http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/profile/58-aselwyn1/
  10. vryoffbtdrummr

    Project Cars

    Im not sure how many of you guys have seen Project Cars. I recently got it and am wondering if anyone else has it and is interested in racing online.
  11. Hey guys, Until further notice, the Dynamic Campaign has been suspended. My schedule has changed a lot in the past few weeks and I have been unable to find time on Fridays for Arma.
  12. what do you mean sign up? Just join us in Teamspeak 3 on Fridays at 8:00 EST, and on the server. Details are listed in main post.
  13. Hey guys. Sorry about last week(April 17th). I had intended to host an event this week, but I had stuff to do. My schedule has been very busy as of late. I have pushed the next event back to 8:30 EST, one hour later than it used to be to accomidate to my new schedule. I will see you guys next week.
  14. That was last month. Not this month. This post is usually up to date, and the date in the title will be when the next event will be.
  15. vryoffbtdrummr

    Wargames: Red Dragon

    Do you have AirLand Battle? I havent bothered to buy Red Dragon, as it doesnt add enough, in my opinion