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  1. Wow, that came a lot faster than I expected. Thanks a bunch, man! I'll try and do just that.
  2. Hey all, I literally just got Star Citizen. Bought a 325a, didn't much care for it as it was a little too fast for me to handle. As such I upgraded to the basic Hornet. Long story short, I was wondering if I needed to buy multiples of the same type of weapon in order to mount them on more than one spot. If this seems like a painfully noob-ish question, forgive me as like I said I've had the game for less than a day and don't want to spend more than I have to, purchasing multiples of anything if I don't have to. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for all the input, guys. Guess I'll go with my gut, which is saying to get a 325a and work my way towards a Hornet once PU is out and about. Should have my hands on a new motherboard and processor in the near future. Lookin' forward to roaming the stars with the lot of you.
  4. Hey all. Been inactive for far longer than I'd care to say. I'm working on getting some new bits for my PC so I can actually bloody run Star Citizen properly. I plan to apply for our security division once I've got it all sorted. Thing is, I'm torn between getting myself a Hornet, and a 325a. Without a doubt, Hornets got that edge in a drawn out dog fight, but the 325's got range for interdiction, and maybe even some escorting and bounty hunting. In the end it comes down to what TA as a whole needs, so I'd like some input on what I should get. Maybe from the boys over at our Security Division. Any and all help'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. So I recently got a new bit of ram to use in anticipation of star citizen. This is it here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... -_-Product Genius me had a friend pick it out as I pretty much know hardly anything about computer parts. Thing is it doesn't quite work with my motherboard, regardless of which slots I use. I've tried just about every combination. My motherboard is an old Inspiron 580. So I'm thinking it just isn't compatible. Would anyone be able to help me figure this out? If it's what I think it is, how would I go about finding a compatible motherboard? Cheaper the better in my opinion, so long as it works. I doubt anything you lot dig up would be worse than the one I have currently. Thanks for the help!
  6. Ah, wonderful. I'll apply to both for good measure once I'm up and running.
  7. Sounds EXACTLY like what I'd be interested in. I'm getting the 325a first because even though I know it isn't quite at strong a fighter as the Hornet, it does have a longer range which would be better for escorts. I do however intend to get a Hornet in the future, be it through the store, or in game. Same with an Avenger for bounty hunting if the cryo cells actually work. A question though. If I apply to Red Squadron, and am accepted, can I still join the official TA security division?
  8. Hmm, I might just do that. I've gotta update my RAM as well before I get any packages. This weekend I'm gonna get the RAM and the Packages. Got the money, just needa put it in the bank. After I get that sorted, I'm gonna apply to the TA Org proper, then hop in team speak and see how you're all doin'. Hopefully we'll be in the same sky soon.
  9. That's pretty much what I figured. With that said, the TA Org commercial/ad thingy pretty much says all there is to say. We're a lawful UEE trade corporation. Just look forward to shaping the Corps. 'lore' for the future once the PU is up n running.
  10. I'm a fan of story in games as well. If you guys wanted to put forward some ideas, I'd be happy to articulate it. The TA recruitment page portrays us as a by the book, lawful, altruistic trade corporation with a strong security presence. To get any lore official, I'm sure we'd need Tactical Advance's approval or at least guidance on what he'd like to see.
  11. Too right, mate. I'll have myself a 325a in the near future. Just gotta get the funds in order before I get my package and apply to TA proper. I, myself, plan to dabble in all things combat in Star Citizen. Be it escort missions, bounty hunting, or more martial mercenary assignments. If you need another gun, and another fighter, I'll be there so long as the pays worth while. ;)
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