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  1. That is really cool man! I wish I was half as talented as that!
  2. That is freaking great! I love this! haha
  3. Ulfric, this...this is beautiful....it is so beautiful *starts to cry* beautiful
  4. That looks really cool man! I can't wait to be able to really see it.
  5. Are you wanting to play ArmA III a little more “Hard Core?†Then you have come to the right place! VooDoo and SkySkull welcome you to “Hard Core†ArmA Saturdays! There is much to explain, so, please, grab your popcorn and beverage of choice, pick the comfiest seat you have, and enjoy the read! First off, we will be open to ALL levels of play, and we fully welcome new and inexperienced players. The game is meant to be fun, and that is what we hope to achieve, so fun will always come first. We want everyone to come and enjoy the game. What we are hoping is that a more structured and "realistic" game play system will enhance the fun. Drop-In and Drop-Out is a full possibility and will be utilized. Trolls, griefers, and butt heads are not welcome and will be kicked immediately, so please refrain from being one. Treat your fellow comrades how you want to be treated. We will be having Mods and Ranks for the events that we host on ArmA Saturdays. We are hopefully keeping the mods to a minimum, but there will be plenty of mods that will be used. And yes, they will be required to play. The ranks, however, will depict what roles you would be best suited for given your training, experience and leadership skills. A Private can still lead a squad with a Captain underneath him. Pilots and other specialist slots are not restricted to a minimum rank. When players load into a mission higher ranks will have priority over which slot they choose, a Captain will have first pick, a Cadet will have the last pick. We do not expect you to fill the slot linked to your rank every game, but it is just a suggestion that the more experienced players take the higher command roles. Ranks: CDT. (Cadet - New member currently in the training phase) We aren’t sure whether we actually will have this, but the Cadet role is primarily for those who have never played ArmA in their life. PVT (Private - Successfully passed the Cadet Operation) The name is pretty self-explanatory, but those with Private are the All-around soldiers, those with some experience, and are pretty much the guys who do the real work and are the real unsung heroes. CPL/SPC (Corporal- Specialist - Ranks such as Medics, AT Gunners, MGs etc.) Specialists are those with a little more specialized skill sets, they have shown skill in the areas of Machine Gunning (MG), Anti-Tank Weapons (AT), or anything of the sort. They allow the diversity that we need in order to take the fight to the enemy. Corporals are those that have shown good leadership qualities and are both willing and able to take on the role of a Sergeant. SGT (Sergeant - Squad Leader) Sergeants take command of the 5 to 8 man Squads. They give the orders to their squads and are responsible for the wellbeing of the squad. They are also responsible to delegate the squad resources. They also are responsible for keeping the Staff Sergeants in communication. SSGT (Staff Sergeant - Platoon Leader) Staff Sergeants are in charge of 2 to 4 squads that make up their Platoons. They give the orders to the Squad Leaders. They are responsible for keeping in communication with not only their Squad Leaders, but also the 1st Lieutenant to keep them up to date in the happenings of the Combat Zone. They play the most vital role in executing a smooth mission. WO (Warrant Officer – Pilot) Pretty self-explanatory, Pilots fly the Helicopters and Jets in the game. They have final say for their aircraft when they are endangered and could possibly lose it. They keep in constant communication with the Captain. Pilots, if we have too many, will have a rotation list that can be found further down the post. 1LT (1st Lieutenant – Company Command) The 1st Lieutenant’s job is to manage the two Platoons that form their Company as an effort to keep the Platoons in synch and allow the seamless flow of important information to the Captain. They have the responsibility to make important strategic decisions in the heat of the moment. CPT (Captain - Commander) The Captain’s job is not only to come up with a battle plan; they also must coordinate (if applicable) the many Company’s they command, but also must receive information to make informed decisions to pass on to the Pilots. Advancement through these ranks is relatively easy and available to anyone who has shown the skills and leadership qualities and has performed to the best of their ability. For example, if a SGT wishes to promote a member of his squad to SPC or CPL, he simply gathers the information from his squad, and decides, based upon the knowledge from the PVT’s squad mates. Simple enough, right? Mod List: The Mod List, which is constantly updated, will be here(tbd)! Pilot Rotation: This will only go into effect IF we have too many Pilots that we need! We will try to be as fair as we can, and hopefully the same people never fly twice in a row, but no promises! You can find the rotation here(tbd)! Mission Setup and Times: The way missions are going to work is pretty simple. Ulfric is kind enough to be allowing us to use his dedicated server for us to play on. The missions will be run at approximately 6:30 PM (1830) GMT (appox 1:30 PM (1330) EST, 12:30 PM (1230) CST). We are trying to make it as Euro Friendly as possible, while still being North American friendly as well. We ask that you appear on TeamSpeak 10-15 minutes early just so as we can get a headcount, and allow for the trouble shooting that is inevitable to be sorted out. The missions can run from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, hopefully not pushing too much past that. Whew, finally, all done! Not to bad a read! Well, that just about sums it up! We hope that you’re as excited as we are to be bringing you the best possible ArmA experience we can! Please, any questions, comments, concerns of yours or general interest in an event like this, please, feel free to post those below! Thank you for your time!
  6. That is beautiful....so beautiful I cried haha
  7. Dude, wow....how I am sorry...but...that is the definition of the PC master race!
  8. Aww thanks man! I shall allow you to be assimilated first and become an Unimatrix XD
  9. I plan on just having fun at whatever I do, because I think that the PU will be fun enough to be able to make anything enjoyable.
  10. I am way to jealous of this to post anything nice XD
  11. Can I please have that set up? Man that is a cool set up and I am extremely jealous of it.
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