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  1. Lumis Mansk

    Stealth Super Hornet

    glad to know how good it looks lol. This has been my plan from day one in regard to the super hornet. Although mine will still say M cuz i gots the milspec decals :twisted:
  2. Lumis Mansk

    First build help

    W8 for closer to game launch! :D
  3. Lumis Mansk

    Building a new PC, does this look ok?

    I will say this and tryin to not sound like a downer but.. looks good... for now. My 2 bits are to w8 for closer to launch. Stuff you get now will be outdated by then. Certainly playable but 1st think how much better it would be to wait and get a top of the line pc along with our top of the line game. just my opinion though :D
  4. Lumis Mansk

    So....what ship do you have?

    Constellation. Super Hornet Mil. Aurora LN.
  5. Lumis Mansk

    SC Interactive Map

    Thank you for this compilation! :D
  6. Lumis Mansk

    Sending in a gift to the devs?

    MoneyMan if you live close that would be perfect we could all send you what we decide on gifting (to a P.O.BOX if you wish) and you could consolidate and deliver the final package! would that be something you would be up for?